Friday, December 15, 2017

C.A.M - The First Move - 2017

CD - 2017 - C.A.M 

"The First Move" is the debut EP released on November 30th 2017 by the London based emcee C.A.M. 9 tracks produced by Wickstarr and Chro. 
"Listening to 'The First Move' is not a superficial experience but one which pulls the listener deeper into C.A.M's mind state. Through out the project he explores themes of spiritualism, existentialism, and his reflection on life, death, pain and joy. Each track has a part of his mind and soul that touches the listener introspectively."

1 - Cosmos Atum Man
2 - Cold Soul
3 - The Vice Grip
4 - 1st Epiphany
5 - Twin Beacons feat Parallax
6 - Self-reflections
7 - Lazarus
8 - 2nd Epiphany
9 - Gazing out the window feat CW Jones


Contact : C.A.M 

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