Sunday, April 30, 2023

Video : LAB79SOUNDS - SALT - 2023

Dope Posse Cut dropped by the London-based crew LAB79. The track features Conflix, Apex Zero, Menace Mendoza, Skirmish, Reain, Fidel Cutstro and Manage who also handles the production. Check the video !

Video : Staxx - Jewels From Kings feat ILL Conscious & Jamil Honesty

Visuals for Staxx's second single "Jewels From Kings" featuring ILL Conscious & Jamil Honesty from his debut LP  entitled "La llegada".  The track is produced by Jamil Honesty.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - April 23rd 2023


Latest episode of the No TV Raps Radio Show aired on April 23rd 2023 on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany) and hosted by Rug & SampleMind.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Video : BudaMunk & ILL Conscious - Fuk Yu Mean?! - 2023


Tokyo-based producer BudaMunk and Baltimore-based MC ILL Conscious drop the first single "Fuk Yu Mean?!", from their collaborative EP  entitled "Sakanoue" which will be available soon on CDs , Cassettes and Vinyl. The EP features Snook Da Crook , Supreme Cerebral, DJ TMB and Vega7 The Ronin... Stay tuned !

DJ 3rd Rail Presents Broadway Junction - 2023

Here is the latest release dropped by Chicago-based DJ 3rd Rail and his label Subway Hip-Hop Records. The EP features emcees such as Finsta, Nejma, Nefertiti, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Napoleon Da Legend, with Productions handled by DJ Tren, DJ Direk, TherapyBeats, DJ 3rd Rail and Padawan. "Broadway Junction is one of the major transfer stations in Brooklyn on the NYC Subway and Elevated lines. All the MC"s on this project are from Brooklyn. Since this is another addition to the "Subway Hip Hop" Iconic legacy, it's only fitting that this is the name for this EP." - courtesy of DJ 3rd Rail 

A1 - Napoleon Da Legend & Nejma Nefertiti - Knife Play
A2 - Finsta - Dwell In Da Dark Streets
A3 - Nejma Nefertiti - Queen of Royal Badness
B1 - Shabaam Sahdeeq - Don’t Get Your Spot Blown Up
B2 - Napoleon Da Legend - The Muscle Is Still Here
B3 - Nejma Nefertiti - Queen of Royal Badness (Remix)


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Video : V Knuckles - Longevity ft. Edo. G & Reks - 2023


 V Knuckles drops the video for his latest single "Longevity" featuring Edo.G and Reks, taken from his upcoming debut album "The Next Chapter" fully produced by Phoniks... stay tuned fellas ! 

Monday, April 17, 2023

O.C. - Word...Life 2xLP / Jewelz 2xLP - 2023

2xLP - 2023 - 90's Tapes / HHV 

"Here's a double drop of two iconic releases in rap, O.C.'s debut "Word...Life" from 1994 and his sophomore album "Jewelz" from 1997. Both albums are true classics in Hip Hop history and easily stand the test of time decades after the original release." - courtesy of 90's Tapes 

 Each album is available on 2LP including bonus 7" (750 copies), cassette (100 copies) and CD (Jewel Case - 300 copies) .


Life After Death - KMD in The Source, June 1994


From The Source, June 1994 - Scans courtesy of Cr@zy Wizdumb Master$

Mix : Crooklyn Cuts Tribute - 90's East Coast Hip-hop vol.1


"Sup' fam' ? Today I comin' with a tribute to DJ Premier who made the series of "crooklyn cuts" mixtapes in 1997. The idea is to make a new version with selections of songs that are a little different but which include the artists present in his legendary mixtapes and unreleased blends. Even if they are called "Crooklyn" the artists are not all from brooklyn (Dj Premier had even added Outkast in his tracklist), I prefer to clarify before someone falls on me in the comments. Peace..." - courtesy of Militant Vinylist

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn

Hillfiguz - Break It On Down

The Roots - Section

Al' Tariq - Spectacular

Nine - Wutcha Want (Special Blend)

Da Youngsta's - Mad Props (MV Remix)

Trybal Men - Watch Me Blow

Heather B - All Glocks Down

Science of Sound - For What Reason 

Money Boss Players - Walk With The Limp

Rezidue - Inner City Blues

Finsta Bundy - Feel The High Pt. 2

Wu-Tang - CREAM (MV Remix)

Ghostface Killah - Camay

Verbal Hoodz - I'll Be Damned

Notorious BIG - Ready To Die (OG Version)

Mama Mystique - Tremendous

Brain Sick Mob - Mixmaster USA

Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change

Nas - Life's a Bitch ( MV Remix)

Jay-z - Dead Presidents II

EDO G - Acting

Brainwash 2000 - Break It Down

Herb Mc Gruff - Harlem Kidz (Special Blend)

Street Smarz - Metal Thangz (Special Blend)

Nonchalant - 5 O'clock

T-Max - Fantasay Island

MOP - Illside of Town

Smoothe Da Hustler - Broken Language

Fugees - How Many Mics

Adagio! - Boy & Girl Tale

Blackmajik - 5+4=Nine

Kidd Called Quest x L​-​Biz - FOG (Fear Of God) (MiLKCRATE Remix)


R.I.P. Ahmad Jamal

It is announced that the jazz giant Ahmad Jamal died yesterday at the age of 92. Here is a tribute to this legendary piano player and his iconic masterpiece "The Awakening" released in 1970 on Impulse! .  Rest In Peace. 

1. Ahmad Jamal Trio - I Love Music 
2. Chris Read - Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
3. T La Rock & Jazzy Jay - It's Yours 
4. Nas - The World Is Yours
5. Jeru The Damaja - Me of the Papes
6. O.C - Time's Up (Remix)
7. Ahmad Jamal Trio - Dolphin Dance
8. Nice & Smooth - No Delayin'
9. Common - Resurrection
10. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - It's On You
11. Ahmad Jamal Trio - The Awakening
12. Ahmad Jamal Trio - You're My Everything
13. All Natural - Renaissance
14. Ahmad Jamal Trio - Stolen Moments
15. O.C - Word... Life (Remix)
16. Ahmad Jamal Trio - Wave
17. DJ Krush feat CL Smooth - Only the Strong Survive (7th Samurai Mix)

Sunday, April 16, 2023

12 Jewels - Foolish Mentality / Outside World - 1997

12" - 1997 - P-Jays 

Here is the debut 12" released by the San Diego-based group 12 Jewels in 1997. The crew was comprised of D-Black a.k.a Divine Black, Shatim a.k.a Shadula, Hesu Allah, NMZ a.k.a Big NMZ, Ray (Pac) and DJ Rson.

D-Black, Hesu Allah, Shadula & NMZ - Photo courtesy of Sha Dula

This wax came out on P-Jays, a record label managed by DJ Greyboy a.k.a Greymadduh and Rob Dyrdek. Between 1000 and 1500 copies were pressed. DJ Greyboy produced both tracks of the record entitled "Foolish Mentality" and "Outside World" which are available in their street, radio and instrumental versions.

If you're looking for some info about this crew, first of all you need to know that the group's name comes from the 5% Book of Life! …part of the lessons/degrees…12 Jewels or 12 pillars of Islam. ( (1) Knowledge (2) Wisdom (3) Understanding (4) Freedom (5) Justice (6) Equality (7) Food (8) Clothes (9) Shelter (10) Love (11) Peace (12) Happiness).  

The connection between all the members first happened around 1993-1996 at city college where they all had a music class together, and learned that they all had the same passion / love for the music…as well as a love and belief in Islam one thing led to another.. then boom!! 12 Jewels was formed.

At the same time, they were also part of a crew called The Insomniacs which consisted of 3 producers, 2 Djs and a slew of emcees. The original members were TOS the teacher, Evan the Director, Big Nmz, DJ Rson, Shadula, Hesu Allah, Erect the Builder, Killah K, Philly Blunt, RIP Asia, and Chauncey the Phenom. The name of the crew is due to the fact that they all were nocturnal at the time, just staying up to see who could outlast each other as far as coming up with concepts, beats and rhymes. They were a large group and eventually they formed other groups from the main one.

The Insomniacs Crew - 1996 - Photo courtesy of Big NMZ 

The connection with Producer/DJ Greyboy happened while doing a lot of shows and venues at that time. One night they did a show at a spot DJ Greyboy was spinning at. He liked their sound and what they were bringing as a group and invited them over to his studio... the rest is history... he introduced them to Rob Dyrdek and they became investors/executive producers for label PJays Record.

DJ Rson & Big NMZ - Photo courtesy of Big NMZ

If you want to grab more material released by 12 Jewels, 3 others records are available : the first one is the 12" Shadow Of Death / Crystalize, the second one is the 12" Gunlow / Crystalize, and the last one is the famous compilation album DJ Greyboy Presents P-Jays Unda-Pendent Hip Hop volume 1 . All those records were released in 1998 on P-Jays Records. 

About the compilation album "P-Jays Unda-Pendent Hip Hop volume 1" which features Wu-Tang affiliated artists such as Hell Razah, Dreddy Kruger, Timbo King, Armel, Prodigal Sunn, but also the legendary Bronx-based emcee A.G. (of Showbiz & A.G) a.k.a The Giant, you need to know that the connection between DJ Greyboy and those artists took place through Sha Dula who was in touch with those MCs, being knowing them since the 5% Parliament Day... According to Sha Dula, at the time they had a movement that was evolving so it was a natural progression to get them to do music with them.

If you don't own those records in your collection, you can find them easily for sale and usually for a very good price, excepted for the 12" (Foolish Mentality / Outside World) which is more expensive.

Mad Props to Sha Dula, thanks for you time. 

Bloodmasta Cut x Rakymcfly - Boombap Syndrome - 2023

"Boombap Syndrome" is the new instrumental project dropped on Kick A Dope Verse! by the beatmakers Bloodmasta Cut from Russia and Raky McFly from Germany. Boom Bap instrumentals with Melancholic and Dark atmospheres are at the menu. Listen to It !

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Keith Murray in The Source , Dec 1996


From The Source - December 1996

Built To Last Mix : EL JAZZY CHAVO - BTL Mix


New Built To Last Mix dedicated to the beatmaker El Jazzy Chavo a.k.a Choppin' Mastah from Athens, Greece. 

01/ Artifacts "C'mon Wit Da Git Down" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

02/ Channel Live "Reprogram" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

03/ Cypress Hill ft Fugees "Boom Biddy Bye Bye" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

04/ OC "Born 2 Live" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

05/ INI ft Pete Rock "Fakin' Jax" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

06/ Nine ft Smoothe Da Hustler "Make Or Take" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

07/ Nas "One Love" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

08/ Raekwon ft Ghostface Killah "Criminology" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

09/ Brother Arthur "What You Gonna Do" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

10/ Ready Ta Roll "Drug Game" (Choppin Mastah Remix) 

11/ Mobb Deep ft Big Noyd & Rakim "Hoodlum" (Choppin Mastah Remix)

Mix : DJ PSYCHO MIX Vol. 110


DJ Psycho from Lille, France drops the 110th episode of his DJ Psycho Mix Series ... If you 're looking for good new material, his selection is for you. Enjoy !

1. The Game " One Time "

2. Substance810 " Concierges in Negril "

3. Skanks The Rap Martyr & Ill Dose " What's that Sound "

4. Kool G Rap " Official "

5. Skyzoo & The Other Guys " Panther & Powder "

6. Kingdom Kome & Onaje Jordan " Land in O'hare "

7. Mad1ne & Blazy Green " Madman of the Opera "

8. Ralphiie Reese & Claver 1 " Redd Hot "

9. Dookie Bros " SupercalifragalisticewialaDopeShit "

10. Phries & Guily Simpson " Reality "

11. Estee Nack & Giallo Point " Tokyo Retail "

12. Supreme Cerebral " Street Visions "

13. Eddie Kaine " Warm it Up "

14. Allah Preme & Dirty Joker & CapJac " Big Disrespect "

15. HWY 308 " The Commmission "

16. CaSablanca " Stone Majesty "

17. Pappy Natson & Power Black " Eminent Danger "

18. Chayna Ashley & Im'PRERETIV & Dutch Brown " Dear Lord "

19. Willie The Kid & V Don " Triple Double "

20. Daytona Chavez " Yosemite Sam "

21. Whata Mess " Exist "

22. John JiggS " Soil "

23. Tru Mentillz & Aida " Don't Judge Me "

24. Pro Dillinger & UFO FEV " Aver Maria "

Joint Effort - Far Left / Da Sho' Shot 7" - 2023


"Dope 1996 previously tape-only release outta Birmingham, Alabama, produced by previous-Herring release artist, Supreme The Rude Boy. Joint Effort consisted of Mike Akbar (The Lyrical Dee Lite), Big Steve The Griot and producer Supreme The Rude Boy. All three met while attending University of Montevallo, AL, in the 90s" - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records

Pre-Order : Black Vinyl (300 copies) / Black Label (50 copies)

Monday, April 10, 2023

Ill Mentals - Ill Mentals EP - 2000

EP - 2000 - Not On Label 

Here is something I dug at Marché Dauphine, Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris last weekend. This is a compilation EP entitled "Ill Mentals" coming straight from Montreal, Québec, Canada. It was released on wax and CD in 2000.

Scans courtesy of PQuest PQ 

The wax consists of 8 tracks : 4 tracks on the A-side entitled "Ronin" produced by DJ Choice featuring Chilán a.k.a Noman, Chance One and Unknown (of Agent Orange), "Ghetto Youth" produced by Dave One featuring Mr. Len Sosa and Manchilde (of The Butta Babees), "365" produced by DJ Choice (of Dubmatique) featuring Chilán and the female emcee Dee (of Atach Tatuq) who spits in French, and "Raise The Stakes" produced by Hadji & LMO featuring DJ Storm (of Shades Of Culture) and DJ Devious on the Scratches/Cuts. The B-side contains the instrumental versions and one accapella.

For the info, all those artists were originally from Montreal, Canada except LMO who was originally from Maryland (USA) and was part of a crew named Third Eye Movement which was comprised of MCs, Producers and Musicians. LMO moved to Canada, met Hadji and formed the duo Hadji & LMOHadji was murdered in a Montreal night club in the early/mid 2000s and LMO passed away a few years ago... Rest in Peace. DJ Storm and DJ Choice are still in the music industry, but I don't know about the others.

Trauma Squad - Mad Evil 7" - 2023


7" - 2023 - Chopped Herring Records 

"MC's Chem and Jah, from Washington Heights (NY) formed Trauma Squad when they were hooked up with a young producer named Om'Mas Keith by Raw Breed's business manager and co-producer Ariel Caban. Caban was in high school with the rappers and later went on to work in the A&R department of RCA Records at the same time as the 16 year old Keith was interning there. Caban told me "I introduced them to Om'Mas because both had unique styles. Trauma with their off the wall eclectic style and Om' Mas with his musical genius who can play every instrument. They hit it off well right from the jump and created the demo tape." 


There was some interest prior to making their demo, from Profile and Sleeping Bag Records but nothing firm. Most of the demos weren't in great condition but 2 have been resurrected from the old demo tape for a little taster 7" of what this crew might've become. Recorded in 95, Herring presents 2 ill tracks from  this unknown group's unknown catalogue. Enjoy yo!!" - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records 

Pre-Order : Black vinyl (300 copies) / Black Label (50 copies)

DJ Emskee - Pen Joints Show #311 - April 07th 2023


This is the Pen Joints Show #311 aired on Bushwick Radio and on . The Show can be heard every Friday evening for the Rush Hour from 5PM to 6PM, where DJ Emskee plays the best in raw, underground/independant Hip-Hop.

Video : Benjamin Epps - Bienvenue à B'Hell Vue - 2023


Visuals for the latest single dropped by Benjamin Epps and produced by DJ Stresh, taken from his album entitled "La Grande Désillusion" available to order on CD & Cassette Here.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Ill Biskits - Chronicle Of Two Losers LP - 2023


LP - 2023 - Real Gone Music  

Originally released on CD in 1995 on Atlantic Records, Ill Biskits's debut album "Chronicle Of Two Losers" is now available on vinyl with the help of Real Gone Music. It's a great album which should have deserved an official high quality 2LP pressing... but it's better than nothing... 

"By popular demand, this lost classic from the Golden Age of Hip Hop is finally getting a vinyl release! And when we say lost, we mean really lost; 1995’s Chronicle of Two Losers barely even saw a legit release before being deleted, which explains why even CD copies go for triple figures (this is its first legit release on LP). Ill Biskits was a one-and-done, German-born, Virginia-based duo composed of Deeda and Kleph Dollaz (R.I.P.) whose undeniable abilities on the mic and introspective, deep rhymes were mixed into hypnotic beats courtesy of D.I.T.C. producer superstars Buckwild and Lord Finesse.  This album captures hip hop really coming of age as an art form; Chronicle of Two Losers has lyrical and sonic layers that unfold with repeated spins. Highly, highly recommended…so grab our coke bottle clear vinyl pressing while you can. It’s limited to 1000 copies, and includes an inner sleeve displaying the original CD booklet’s dreamy artwork." - courtesy of Real Gone Music

A1. Chronicle I (Intro)

A2. Exclusive Debut

A3. Chill Factor

A4. A Better Day

A5. Chronicle II (Interlude)

A6. Broker Than Ever

A7. Illustrations

A8. God Bless Your Life

B1. Let ‘Em Know

B2. Chronicle III (Interlude)

B3. Bare Essentials

B4. Place to Be

B5. Escape the Funk

B6. Recognize

Shipping Date : June 02, 2023