Friday, June 28, 2024

Video : Common x Pete Rock - All Kind Of Ideas - 2024


Visuals for "All Kind Of Ideas", 3rd single taken from Pete Rock & Common's upcoming album project "The Auditorium Vol.1" which is available to pre-order on vinyl.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Mck2 & Shorty Raw - The Art of Reflective Evolution - 2024


CD / K7 - 2024 - Mad Good Records 

Mad Good Records are back with a reissue of Mck2 & Shorty Raw’s album "The Art of Reflective Evolution" that was originally released in 2000 on CD.

Available on limited edition Cassette (100 copies) and limited edition CD/ Cassette Bundle (10 copies)

Benny The Butcher x BSF - Times Is Rough (DJ M-1 REMIX)

DJ M-1 delivers a remix version of "Times is Rough", released by the Buffalo-based emcee Benny The Butcher and Black Soprano Family.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Legacy Echo Presents Low End Marauders - 2024


K7 - 2024 - Legacy Echo  

The Manchester-based record label Legacy Echo delivers a beat tape paying homage to A Tribe Called Quest featuring beat makers from all over the world : Kista, Ripes, Alien Loop, Chilla Ninja, DJ Madhandz... and many more. 

60 copies only

Friday, June 21, 2024

IBMCs: Azaia/George Fields - Worldwide Remixes 5 - 2024


7" - 2024 - IBMCs 

"IBMCs 7 inch 5 is the final record in a series of 7 inches, the first one coming out over a decade ago. The tracks are part of the IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project, an enormous undertaking where all the tracks are remixes with the same title, ‘Worldwide’. 

On this record we have remixes of tracks by the legendary UK group Phi Life Cypher and Boston icon Edo G. The Phi Life remix is by French producer Azaia and includes cuts from his co-conspirator Venom, and the Edo G remix is by longtime collaborator George Fields (UK) with cuts from everyone’s favourite DJ, the inimitable Mr Thing. 

IBMCs 7 inch 5 is limited to 200 copies on transparent blue vinyl and as with the other records in the series, a lot of care has been taken to ensure it’s a great product sonically and conceptually giving you both the rough and the smooth. . " - courtesy of IBMCs

Video : Rakim x Kurupt x Masta Killa - BE ILL - 2024


Visuals for the first single "Be Ill", taken from Rakim's upcoming album "G.O.D.'s - THE REB7RTH".

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Greer - Ill Visions - 2024

2xLP - 2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV 

"Greer's debut "Ill Visions" originally dropped via Wildlife Records in 1998 in very limited amounts on CD, cassette and a 12" single accompanying the album. It soon became an insider tip amongst heads worldwide, but it never saw a full vinyl release until now. Give it up for some heavy late 90's underground vibes representing Virginia, US." - courtesy of 90's Tapes

Available in a limited run on 2LP (300 copies), CD in jewel case (300 copies) & Cassette (100 copies)


Sunday, June 16, 2024

Video : Mathematik - Patterns - 2024


Hugh Walkes (WLKS) presents the visuals for Mathematik's single "Patterns", taken from Mathematik latest album "Mathuniversal". The production is managed by Lex (de Kalhex).

Friday, June 14, 2024

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - June 07th 2024

Latest episode of No! TV Raps radio show aired on June 07th 2024 on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany). Mixed by T!k and Playdead. 


Video : Daniel Son x Futurewave - No Man's Land - 2024

Visuals for the first single "No Man's Land" taken from the forthcoming album "Bushman Bodega", fully produced by Futurewave.

Karbine - Midtown Nights - 2024


NY-based beatmaker Karbine is back with a brand new project entitled "Midtown Nights".

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Album Review : J Rawls - The Essence of​.​.​. J Rawls - 2001

From Elemental Magazine - 2001

Video : Blu - Lost Angel - 2024


The fifth release from Evidence's "Slide Film Series" on Bigger Picture Recordings featuring Blu, coming soon on 7" ... stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Evidence x Thelonious Coltrane - Weather Report - 2024


Thelonious Coltrane delivers a brand new Bootleg Mixtape entitled "Weather Report", which is dedicated to the LA-based MC Evidence.  

Video : Ty Farris - Alchemy In The Trenches - 2024

First single taken from "Enigma With An Attitude", the new Ty Farris 's album which will be dropped on June 14th. The production is managed by Futurewave.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

New Joint : Truth By Design - Out For Domination - 2024


Toronto, Canada-based group Truth By Design is back with a a brand new single titled "Out For Domination". The productions are handled by Mizery and DTKS, with scratches by DJ Lupan. 

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Nick Wiz - Cellar Sounds vol. 1 + 2 + 3 CD Reissue Bundle

Originally released between 2008-2011 and now super hard-to-find, Cellar Sounds vol. 1-3 revealed Nick Wiz's incredible archives of mid-90s hip hop. Featuring well-known names like Rakim, Cella Dwellas alongside underrated artists like Ran Reed, Shadowz in da Dark, Nautilus and many more, these three 2CDs provide an amazing soundtrack to the NJ/NY hip hop scene circa 1992-98. 

In collaboration with Nick Wiz and No Sleep Recordings, CD reissues of Cellar Sounds vols 1-3 are out now! Whether you want to update your old copies, fill in holes in your wantlist or are just recently discovering Nick's catalog, you may not want to sleep on this. A bundle of all three 2CDs is available featuring a bonus megamix CD of tracks taken from the whole Cellar series.

All CDs are pressed and shipping now, available HERE

1. Nautilus - Untitled

2. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Original Man

3. LSD - The Ism

4. Ran Reed - That Ain't Right

5. The 12 Block - The Presentation

6. Tross - Another Classic

7. Nick Wiz - Equilibrium

8. Ran Reed - Ran Reed Representing

9. Black Star - Comin' Thru

10. LSD - Parkside Madness

11. Imperial - Mine Is Mine

12. Shadowz in da Dark - Shadow Boxing (Echo Pass)

13. Miilkbone - Ghetto Biz (Original Version)

14. Nick Wiz - Fall Back

15. Ran Reed - Boot In The Door

16. LSD - Cash Money

17. Martyse - This is for the…

18. Pudgee - Sex (Ghetto Style)

19. Nick Wiz - Xylophone

20. Ran Reed - Old School New School

21. Darc Mind - Femme Fatale (Alternate)

22. Chubb Rock - Soon Come

23. Nick Wiz - The Mind (Instrumental)

24. Ran Reed - Whutcha Want

25. Unknown Artist - Slicing With A Vocal

26. Emskee - How I Get Down

27. Pudgee - Get Down

28. Ran Reed - Just a Verse

29. Black Sun - Journey Thru

30. Nick Wiz - King Of NY (Instrumental)

31. Tross - Still Low

32. Ran Reed - Makin' Power Moves

33. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Styles Upon Styles

34. Imperial - Sho Ya Right

35. Pudgee - You Know What

36. Emskee - Any Rapper

37. Ran Reed - Respect the Architect

38. Darc Mind - We In This

39. Cella Dwellas - We Got It Hemmed (Original)

40. Nautilus - Something To Listen To

41. Shadowz in da Dark - Bright Lights

42. Pudgee - Whatcha Gon Do?

43. Nick Wiz - Hermano

44. Emskee - Remember

45. Ran Reed - While You Were Away

46. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Great Paper Chase

47. Shadowz in da Dark - Enslavement

48. 195 - Hands In the Air

49. Pudgee - The Everyday Routine

50. N-Tyce - Flip Side

51. Gauge - Mark Of The Beast (Demo Version)

52. Cella Dwellas - Ready For War

53. Emskee - Run It

54. Shadowz in da Dark - Break Fool

55. Miilkbone - This One Or That One

56. Pudgee - On the Regular (Unreleased Mix)

57. Hardwe're - The Bricks

58. Emskee - My Skills

59. Ran Reed - Schemes

60. Nick Wiz - The Melody

61. Pudgee w Wild Child - Guns In Da Air

62. UG feat DV Alias Khrist - What U Want

63. Ill Mentality - So Amazing

64. Ran Reed - Never Knew Me Then

65. LSD - Rowdy At the Party

66. Ran Reed w Cella Dwellas - The Definition

Video : Rome Streetz & Wavy Da Ghawd - Saliva - 2024

NYC-based emcee Rome Streetz drops the video for his latest single "Saliva", off of his brand new 6-Track EP entitled "Buck 50" fully produced by Wavy Da Ghawd, which is now available to pre-order on vinyl via RRC Music Co

Sounds Like My Life (Bored Stiff Documentary) - Official Trailer

"Sounds Like My Life" is an upcoming documentary about the Bay Area underground hip-hop group Bored Stiff and their story of survival through music.