Saturday, November 18, 2017

HHC - 1996 : Smoothe Operator - Smoothe Da Hustler

From Hip-Hop Connection - May 1996 

E.C. ILLA - Seeds, Stems & Gems LP - 2017

CD / Tape - 2017 - Big Herc, Inc

The Chicago based emcee E.C. Illa is back with his last limited edition project "Seeds, Stems & Gems" released on CD and Cassette, containing tracks recorded between 1991 and 1996. 

"Hear an 18-23 year old Illa in the early stages of his career, repping the city of Chi to the fullest on the album's never-before-released tracks. Seeds, Stems & Gems also includes the brand new song "Golden Era Sh#t", featuring M.O.P.
As with all of EC's releases, the recording quality on this album is of the upmost quality, with solid 90's production by EC himself and Panik of The Molemen, among others.
The cover art was drawn by Hip-Hop Legend, Schoolly D and  each copy of Seeds, Stems & Gems will also come with a limited edition "Chicago Hip Hop & It Don't Stop" logo sticker, designed by Chicago Graf king, SLANG"

350 copies only (300 CDs & 50 Cassettes).
Pre-Orders only available at for 2 more weeks, then gone forever ... 
Don't Sleep Fellas !

(For Info : No additional shipping charges for International orders.)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Evidence - Weather or Not - 2018

LP - 2018 - Rhymesayers Ent. 

01 - The Factory
03 - Powder Cocaine feat. Slug & Catero
04 - Jim Dean
05 - Weather or Not
06 - Moving Too Fast feat. Catero
07 - Runners feat. Defari
08 - Bad Publicity feat. Krondon
09 - Rain Drops
10 - Sell Me This Pen feat. Alchemist & Mach Hommy
11 - Love Is A Funny Thing feat. Styles P, Rapsody, & Khrysis
12 - 10,000 Hours
13 - What I Need
14 - To Make A Long Story Longer feat. Jonwayne
15 - Wonderful World feat. Rakaa
16 - By My Side Too

"Evidence has returned to deliver his third solo album, Weather or Not, the final chapter in The Weatherman series before beginning the next saga. “As a writer and a rapper, I’ve been using the weather as a metaphor my whole career,” Evidence explains. “On the Dilated Peoples song “Guaranteed”, I had a line that said, ‘Some think I’m clever, others think I’m the one who makes too many references to weather… or not.’ Every time I would perform that song live, the crowd would always say the ‘or not’, so I knew I was on to something, and it would eventually be an album title.” 

For Weather or Not, Evidence tapped a stellar cast of producers to share duties with, including Alchemist, DJ Premier, Nottz, DJ Babu, Twiz The Beat Pro, Sam I Yam and Budgie. The album also features an all-star lineup of guests and friends, including Slug (Atmosphere), Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Alchemist, Styles P, Rapsody, Jonwayne, Defari, Krondon, Khrysis, Mach Hommy and Catero. 

“I made this album with loyalists in mind,” Evidence says. “There’s nothing that’s unintentional. There are no wasted words.” While the album predominantly highlights his talent as a rapper, Evidence is also a well known producer, photographer and videographer. But, for all of his non-stop, high-level productivity, Evidence is most notably modest, a quality fully captured on Weather Or Not. 

“Now that the album is finished, I can see clearly that every single song serves its own purpose. To me, it’s like a playlist, or a greatest hits collection…except that none of these songs existed before I made them.” "

Release Date : January 26th 2018
Pre-Orders : Vinyl / CD 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nitebreed - Volume 1 - 1993

12" - 1993 - Necks Hit Records 

Let's talk about this wax which was sold on ebay few days ago for a crazy price... 765 $...
Anyway, It was released on Necks Hit Records in 1993 by Nitebreed a.k.a Nitebreed The Prince Of Darkness. 

The 12" is composed of 3 tracks : "Beep Out Of The F-Words" which contains a sample of "Mysterious Traveller" performed by The Weather Report,  "22 Quick And Ez Ways To Cook A Homosexual" and "Hard 2 Kill". 
All the tracks were produced by Nitebreed himself with the help of Dj Blaspheme and Scott Tracy Taylor.

If you want to talk about the lyrics, the label had a clear-cut position :  "These Lyrics depict graphic reality from the grim perspective of a young black male in Amerikkka 1993 and may be considered offensive to homosexuals, feminists, Police officers, lesbians and caucasians in general. However, we at Necks Hit Records don’t really give a fuck. "

Microphone Check : Phase II - UMC's

From The Source - April 1994 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Stones Throw Presents Radio City Chaos, Vol. 1 - 1998

Cassette - 1998 - Stones Throw Records

Etienne from Til.Infinity Blog has recently dropped a Stones Throw Records cassette sampler with 28 minutes of snippets from Stones Throw 12'' singles catalogue.

Rasco - Intro
Lootpack - Likwit Fusion
The Turntablist - Super Duper Duck Break #1
Rasco - Suckas Don't Respect It
Persevere - Word Agression
Peanut Butter Wolf & Planet Asia - In Your Area

The Turntablist & J-Rocc - Super Duper Duck Break #2
Rasco - Heat Seeking
Fanatik- Amuzin
Persevere - Oblivion
Peanut Butter Wolf & Dave Dub - Necromancin
Lootpack - Episode #1

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Venom - Bomb Threats - 1997

12" - 1997 - Echo international 

From Billboard Magazine - February 1998

Innersoul - The Theory LP - 2018

LP - 2018 - Smoke On Records

Smoke On Records presents for the first time on vinyl Innersoul 's album "The Theory" originally released in 1996 on CD & Cassette, and including 2 bonus tracks. 

Limited to 500 copies.
Shipping Date : March 05th 2018