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From The Source - November 1991 - Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Uptown Assassins - On The Rise - 1995

12" - 1995 - Fort Knox Records  


Here is the first and only 12" released in 1995 by the group Uptown Assassins (U.A.) from NYC. The crew was formed around 1992-1993, and the original members were BRK, Poe a.k.a Bo Gamble, L a.k.a LCE and the DJ/Producer Face a.k.a 2Feezy.

Their 12" came out on Fort Knox Records and consists of 2 tracks entitled "On The Rise" on the A-side which is the lead single, and "Live From Da Swamps" on the B-side. Nothing written about the productions on the labels but it seems that both tracks produced by Face were recorded at D&D Studios and engineered by Joe Quinde. Around 12-15 tracks produced by Face were recorded there at that time. 

Neither Gimmicks nor metaphors here... BRK declared in a video that they rhymed for people in the streets about regular life shit...Streets, Money and Blocks... all the hood elements. 

Uptown Assassins manager was the hip-hop producer Christopher "Cat" Tucker a.k.a Cat Lion. An Uptown Assassins promo tape came out before the official release of the wax, that's how Cat based in Virginia discovered the group. Cat was originally from Crown Heights, Brooklyn, then moved to Lynchburg,VA in the early 90s. He became the executive producer for groups or artists from Virginia like Profits Of Rage or Starr Nyce, whose the album "Forever" was dropped on Hip-Hop Enterprise in 2021. 

I don't know exactly the story of Uptown Assassins after this 12", but years later some group members formed NMOB (Notorious Mobsterz) with other cats from NYC. 

Friday, June 2, 2023

Record Report : The Source - November 1991


From The Source - November 1991 - Scans courtesy of Fred Thecle 

Mix : Delaware Hip Hop History Mix Vol. 1

Five years ago, DJ Slade The Grenade (a.k.a Marchitect of the Outfit) delivered a Mix dedicated to the Delaware Hip-Hop History. Enjoy !

01. Fred Gee and DJ F3 - Keep on Dancin

02. Cage 1 - Straight Outta Cage

03. 3rd Dynasty - Gotsa Get Funky

04. Unlimited Soul - Silence Of The Scams

05. Mc Isaiah - Riverside Bucket 26

06. Sons of Sam - Charisma

07. Doc D and DJ Cut Wiz - This Is How It Should Be Done

08. Disco Beave - Im Servin em

09. Cipha - Scared to Die

10. Marchitect- Dead In Your Trax

11. The Outfit - 3 Mics 2 Marks and One Jas

12 Cipha - Rock Rock on

13. Hez- Featuring Keziah - Rock The Mic Right

14. The Outfit - Rise and Shine

15. *Bonus Track - Unlimited Soul - Verbs of The Suburbs

Thursday, June 1, 2023

M.I. & Steve Colossal - CHRYME​/​Silva Foxx - 2023


7" - 2023 - The Inner Realmz 

Californian producer JVISION teams up with M.I. of Constant Deviants and Steve Colossal (Global Platoon) to drop on 7" two singles "CHRYME​ /​ Silva Foxx" which were originally recorded in 2014.

100 copies only ...

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Hades - The Face Of A New Revolution - 1997

12" - 1997 - Millenium 2000 

"The Face Of A New Revolution" is a very rare record released in 1997 by the Florida-based MC named HADES (pronounced "HAYDS"). I don't have much info about him except that his real name is Vic Moreno. He was a dude from South Dade, Miami and wasn't affiliated with any groups as far as I know. He had a partner named Black Mexico, an aspiring producer who was tight with him and who also features on the 12".

The EP consists of 4 tracks entitled "Unstable Positions", "Krazy World", "Superstar" and "Dice Of Life". The productions were handled by DJ Slice, except "Superstar" which was produced by Black Mexico and which is, I have to say, the weakest track of the record... 

About DJ Slice, he was part of a group formed in the late 90s called The Mic-Row-Phonists, comprised of DJ Slice, J-Pure & Draz. He is also known for his productions for artists like Society and Mother Superia. The connection between Hades and him happened when he was a staff engineer at Ocean Drive Recording Studios on South Beach. Hades and his peeps came in to book studio time. After he found that DJ Slice was the producer for "Yes 'N Deed", he wanted beats from him and also to record there...

By the way... about Millenium 2000, it was a small indie record label managed by Hades's brother Mario. That's all I know ! Peace 

Mix : S4BZ - Rough Mix


Serch4beatz is back with a new indie hip-hop vinyl selection... including joints from Brass Tacks, Lil' Joon, Natural Resource, Mathematik, Stezo, Da Great Deity Dah...just to name a few.