Saturday, October 12, 2019

Documentary : The Untold Story of STEZO

"Steven STEZO Williams was the Hip-hop Dancer for Super group EPMD back in 1988. Stezo created a dance , wrote and produced a song called the "The Steve Martin" that was on the classic Epmd Album " Strictly Business" The dance caught on took over hip-hop Culture. STEZO parted ways with EPMD and signed to the same label " Sleeping Bag/Fresh Records" and put out his own hit record called " It's My Turn". This documentary chronicles his career and impact on hip-hop culture. Written, Directed and Produced by James " Kraze" Billings for King of Content Productions."

Watch the full documentary HERE  

Friday, October 11, 2019

Kollage Graduate

From Hip-Hop Connection - June 1996 

Video : O The Great Feat. XP The Marxman - World Series - 2019

Music video of "World Series" released by O The Great featuring XP The Marxman, produced by Shadow Magnetic and Directed by Alphabetic. 

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Show - Dec 17th 1994 - WNWK

? - Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Show Promo
Jemini the Gifted One - Funk Soul Sensation 
Tha Alkaholiks - All The Way Live
Magic Juan - You Don't Gotta Clue
? - Damn It 
Group Home - Supa Star Intro
Talk Break
ABU Nation Interview 
ABU Nation - Black Panther Style
ABU Nation Interview 
Talk Break
Black Sheep - Freak Y'All
J-Force - Bull's Eye 
The Legion - Legion Groove Instrumental
Talk Break
People Without Shoes Interview 
People Without Shoes - Evil For Eternity Remix
People Without Shoes Interview
People Without Shoes Freestyle
Talk Break
Rahzel - Beatbox Session
Talk Break /  Promos
The East Flatbush Project - A Mad Man's Dream

Props to Bo Nedelchev for the rip of the tape and the upload. 

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Showbiz & AG - Full Scale LP - 2019

LP - 2019 - D.I.T.C 

 "In 2002 a CD version titled Full Scale LP (using the same artwork) was released with 10 additional tracks which had originally been released on various 12" singles and projects in the late 1990s. The project had never been released on vinyl in its entirety – until now.  Production on Full Scale was handled by Showbiz and A.G. except for "Time To Get This Money" which was produced by long-time collaborator Ahmed, and "Hold Mines" and "Hidden Crates" which were produced by DJ Greyboy.   The assortment of guest features doesn’t detract from A.G., a masterful emcee with a no-nonsense style that is simple but impactful. Full Scale follows the tried and true blueprint from Show & AG’s earlier classics cementing its place in hip hop history." - HHV

A1 - Themes, Schemes & Dreams
A2 - Drop It Heavy
A3 - Q & A
A4 - Full Scale
B1 - Spit
B2 - Time To Get This Money 
B3 - Who's The Dirtiest
B4 - Dignified Soldiers 
C1 - Put It In Your System
C2 - Raw As Ever
C3 - Dignified Soldiers Remix
C4 - Spit Remix
D1 - Hidden Crates 
D2 - Hold Mines 
D3 - Get Dirty

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D.I.T.C. Studios Vol 2

Here is the second volume of the DITC Studios series fully produced by Showbiz and featuring OC, Lil Fame, David Bars, Milano, Cory gunz, Papoose & AG. 

1 - Jugganots (Featuring OC and Lil Fame)
2 - Fly Paper (Featuring Milano)
3 - Change (Featuring David Bars)
4 - Frequencies (Featuring OC)
5 - No Promises (Featuring Cory Gunz)
6 - Closed Casket (Featuring David Bars)
7 - Everything To Gain (Featuring Papoose and AG)
8 - Don't Mean Nothin (Featuring AG)
9 - Open Up (Featuring AG)
10 - Speak Ya Mind (Featuring OC)

Release Date : November 22nd 2019
Pre-Orders : Red vinyl / Black vinyl / CD