Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Knucklehedz - Strickly Savage Vinyl 25th Anniversary Edition - 2018

LP - 2018 - Smoke On Records 

A1 - Hed Rush 
A2 - Savages 
A3 - Wuntz Upon A Time 
A4 - Party Wrecka 
A5 - Uglee Pictures 
A6 - Girlies Keep Screamin'
B1 - All She Wanted 
B2 - Trouble Makas 
B3 - 5 Hoods In A 4 Door 
B4 - Who Called Da Cops 
B5 - Joy Ridin' 
B6 - Merlin

Available on Neon Yellow Transparent vinyl (250 copies) or Neon Violet vinyl (250 copies)


Alps Cru - All Alone / Just Can't Explain 7" - 2018

7" - 2018 - F5 Records 

F5 Records is back with a brand new 7" composed of 2 tracks from the third EP of the Alps Cru, originally released on Blue Concept Records in 1996. It is pressed on limited edition silver colored 7" (stickered sleeve). Both tracks are produced  by Dj Alejan. 

A - All Alone 
B - Just Can't Explain

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tape : Soulmade - Backyard Flava Tape Vol​.​1 - 2018

"Backyard Flava Tape Vol.1" is the new instrumental project from the german producer Soulmade. It is composed of 14 Joints full of raw Hip Hop Instrumentals. 

70 copies only ...

Shipping Date : December 29th 2018

Demo Tape : New Blood

An other Demo Tape from Da Cream Hunter 's collection ... that one was recorded circa '95/'96 by a group named New Blood hailing from Virginia ... it's the only info we've got about the group. Check the 2 demos uploaded on his channel... this is mad dope ! Of course feel free to leave a comment if you've got any info about this group, thanks in advance. 

Interview : Masta Ace in Pound Magazine - 2012

From Pound Magazine - May / June 2012 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Tape : Rise - The Best Of... Vol 1

K7 - 2018 - Yetiville 

Side A :
A1 - Evolution 
A2 - Do You Know Him? 
A3 - Memories - Featuring Wordsworth 
A4 - The Wickedest Flow 
A5 - BKNY 
A6 - I Know 
A7 - After The Show - Featuring Wordsworth, Punchline, Jedi, A.L. (All Lyrics) 
A8 - Eddie Ill & D.L. Freestyle - Featuring Apathy, Gaston,
Wiseguy, Wordsworth, Punchline

Side B :
B1 - Mek And Unknown Freestyle - Featuring Apathy, Wiseguy, Gaston 
B2 - Every Emcee - Featuring Apathy 
B3 - Take A Look (Demo) - Featuring Su-Kram 
B4 - Nothings Changed - Featuring Mr Complex, Eddie Brock 
B5 - Turn Me Off (Unreleased Demo) 
B6 - The Smackdown - Featuring Apathy , C-Rayz Walz, Celph Titled 
B7 - Mek and Unknown Freestyle - Featuring Akrobatik, Eddie Brock 
B8 - Arrogant - Featuring DJ JS-1, Substantial, Pack FM, Tonedeff
Bonus Tracks :
B9 - Sam The Sleezbag & DJ Mekalek Freestyle 
B10 - The Wickedest Flow - Premier Remix

Originally released on CD in 2002, MC Rise's comp "The Best Of... Vol 1" is now avalaible for the first time on limited edition cassette with the help of Rise and Yetiville.


Bigg Vic - Fortune And Fame LP - 1996-1997

LP - 2018 - Chopped Herring Records  

Everyone was waiting for that one .... and Chopped Herring Records did it !
"Bam here it is – the final joint of 2018. This is a serious lost classic from 1996-7. This previously cassette-only release was criminally slept on and never made it to vinyl back in the day – but here it is in all its glory, transferred and remastered from the original studio DATS by mc and producer Victor “Bigg Vic” Newton who, like The Skinny Boys, hailed from Bridgeport, CT. Vic recorded his very first demo in 1990 at a small studio in Mechanicsville, SC. and plied his trade in the biz at So So Def Recordings. This is a truly great record and artwork is by our trusty artist Mark 563." - Bob Lipitch 

350 copies only ... Don't sleep Fellas ! 
(First 120 on Clear & Blue coloured vinyl and 230 on traditional black vinyl)

Shipping Date : Mid-January 

Friday, December 7, 2018

3rd Degree - Nobody´s Bizness / Travel Through The Darkness - 1998

12" - 1998 - Mars Ent.

In 1998 , this 12" was released by a hip-hop trio named 3rd Degree  from Piscataway New Jersey, about an hour outside of New York City. The group consisted of Terrence Eldridge a.k.a Ill-Technique, Scott Mack a.k.a Macadon and Randy Sconiers a.k.a UCZ (pronounced Uceez). The 12" is composed of 2 tracks named "Nobody's Bizness" and "Travel Through The Darkness" available in their Radio, Street and Instrumental versions. 
If you want to dig this, you need to know that the wax is really hard to find online for a descent price and I've never seen one in a record store...

UCZ : "Tek and Mac are cousins that grew up together. I met both just walking to school around the age of 13 as I was new to the town. They were already doing music and I was already doing music so it was an instant connection. We were all creatives with a love for Hip-Hop Culture and it just started ! The 3 of us formed the group and the rest is history. We have so much music together as we recorded everything ourselves. Mars Entertainment was our label that we created. It was under that umbrella that all of our work was released.

UCZ :"We definitely had intentions on putting out the album and had so much material but we started doing side projects, producing for other artist, and it never materialized until we released an album called 'Mars Stars', which was a Mix Tape album with 3rd Degree and our artist. There was so much fire on that but we just didn’t push it enough. We’re thinking about releasing it on I-tunes cause it’s such a dope album. All produced by us.
Ill-Tek and I have produced for Scienz of Life. Tek actually did a few joints with them and it’s on their Best of Scienz of Life album as a producer. 

UCZ :"We grew up with JR, ID, so it’s dope to see JR still doing great work. We mainly did stuff for local artist out here. Born, B-Rock, L-Wyze, Naypalm, and some other local talent including singers as well. Our studio was also a business so we always had artist coming through for beats. We were selling beats/studio time back then with our ASR-10 Keyboard...that was our foundation.
We used to do Beat Battles and Showcases out here in Jersey so that was dope to showcase ourselves as producers as well. We were similar to the Beatnuts in that regard... 3 man team of MCs and Producers."

In 2016, Kyle Lilly uploaded a video recorded in 1998 with a full interview of 3rd Degree and a Showcase performance with 2 unreleased songs from the album. The video comes from a show called 'Video Explosion'. For those who don't know it,  it was a Hip Hop/R&B/Soul/Reggae and Pop video program produced and directed by Haywood "Hollywood" Oakman. The program debuted in Queens, NY in 1991 and was shot in all boroughs of NYC, and New Jersey. 

UCZ : "At that time we just did everything through word of mouth. We put up stickers and sent the 12" to Stretch & Bobbito and they played it and some other stations locally played it as well. It still getting posted on YouTube. We see people talking about it which is cool. We definitely wished we would have worked it more!"

Unreleased tracks coming soon on the blog... stay tuned ! 
Mad Props to Randy NewSteps Sconiers ... thanks for your time Bro.