Friday, April 29, 2022

Special Ed (Ed O.G) - HHC 1991


From Hip-Hop Connection #29 - Jun 1991 - Scans courtesy of Repo136 (Ageing B-Boys Unite!)

Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - April 14th 1996 - WQHT

Here is another episode of Boogie & The Barber with Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito uploaded by Dailey Maddawg 76. The show was aired on April 14th 1996 on Hot.97 WQHT.

Nine - Lyin’ King

Jiggmastas - Beyond Real

Xzibit - Paparazzi

Mobb Deep - Back At You

Artifacts - Art Of Facts 

Akinyele - In The World

Redman feat Erick Sermon - Funkorama Remix

Natural Elements - Shine 

Talk Break with Paula Perry 

Paula Perry & Que 45 Freestyle

Talk Break with Paula Perry 

Mister Cee Freestyle

Talk Break with Masta Ace

Paula Perry - Paula’s Jam

CNN - Boogie & The Barber Promo

Jay-Z - I Shot Ya Freestyle

Busta Rhymes - Boogie & The Barber Promo

Sadat X & Grand Puba - The Next Stop 

Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black On Black Crime

Paul Nice - Fists of the White Lotus

Camp Lo - Coolie high (Paradise Remix)

Mandigga (Lord Digga) - Man Digga Comin’ Thru

Trigga Da Gambler feat DV Allias Christ - Hitman 4 Hire

Saukrates - Father Time

CNN feat Mobb Deep & Tragedy Khadafi - LA LA (Kuwait Mix)

Talk Break with Large Professor

Large Professor - Freestyle

Talk Break with Large Professor

Les Sages Poètes de la Rue - Le Meilleur des Trésors Enfouis - 2022

LP - 2022 - Diggers Factory 

Here is a wax which came out for the French RSD via Diggers Factory, "Le Meilleur des Trésors Enfouis", which includes some of the best unreleased 90s tracks of the French hip-hop trio Les Sages Poètes de la Rue. Nothing new here except the bonus track because those tracks were already included in Trésors Enfouis Vol.1 and Vol.2  released in 2005 and 2008.

The Doppelgangaz - White Label Singles - 2022

The Doppelgangaz are back with "White Labels Singles", a brand new project which consists of 6 tracks + Instrumentals. Digital format only for now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

DJ Premier - So Wassup? Episode 33


DJ Premier presents the episode #33 of 'So Wassup?', dedicated to the process of how "Ya Playin Yaself" from Jeru The Damaja was created.

Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - May 05th 1996 - WQHT

Here is another episode of Boogie & The Barber with Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito uploaded by Dailey Maddawg 76. The show was aired on May 05th 1996 on Hot.97 WQHT.

Ghostface Killah feat RZA - Who’s The Champion

Heltah Skeltah - Da Wiggy

Rakim - Livin’ For The City

PMD feat Das EFX - Rugged-N-Raw

Mobb Deep feat L.E.S. & ACD - Street Life

Natural Elements - Shine 

CNN - Boogie& The Barber Promo

Akinyele - Freaky

Talk Break

Lace Da Booms - Cut That Weak Shit Remix

The Roots - Section

Sadat X - Stages & Lights

CNN - Stick You

Kool G Rap feat Nas - Fast Life (Norfside Mix)

Money Boss Players - Games

Othorized F.A.M - Boogie & The Barber Promo

Talk Break

Percee P - Nowhere Near Simple

Talk Break with Saukrates

Saukrates Freestyle

Talk Break with Saukrates

CNN feat Mobb Deep - Illegal Life

Large Pro & Pete Rock - The Rap world

Al’ Tariq - Do Ya Thang

Heltah Skeltah - Operation Lockdown

Akinyele - In the World

Tragedy Khadafi - Judas Theory

Talk Break

AK Skills over Saukrates - Father Time Instrumental 

Video : Sean Links feat Jamil Honesty - Army of Two - 2022

Here is the video of the second single "Army Of Two" from the album "BOLO YEUNG" released by Sean Links from North Carolina and fully produced by the Baltimore-based emcee/producer Jamil Honesty. 

Shadez Ov Blac - Comprehension - 2022


LP - 2022 - 90's Tapes / HHV  

Different Shades of Black a.k.a Shadez Ov Blac from Winnipeg, Canada consisted of Chris Taylor (Mista Christy aka Chris Stylez), Leonard Bowen (Scuskotch Tha Ill Lyrasis), Michael Syms (Marvelous aka Mike Marvel). 
Their debut album "Next School Pioneer" produced by Rod Bailey a.k.a Mcenroe was originally released on tape in 1995 on his own label Peanuts & Corn RecordsTheir second album "Comprehension" came out in 1999, originally released on CD on Different Shades Of Black Entertainment. This album is now available on vinyl with the help of 90's Tapes !!

Available on Vinyl (500 copies) / CD (300 copies - 150 Jewel Case & 150 Digipack) and Cassette (100 copies)


Monday, April 25, 2022

Lackadaisical - Shameless Self Promotion - 2022


EP - 2022 - Vulgar 

It 's time to listen to some good 90s hip-hop from the South Bay Area fellas !!! 

"Shameless Self Promotion" is the first and only album originally released as a demo tape in 1995 by the San Jose-based group Lackadaisical. Those demos definitely deserved a proper release on vinyl, now it's done with the help of Etienne and his Record Label Vulgar.

If you don't know Lackadaisical you need to know that the group consisted of Demone Carter a.k.a Dem One, Sultan Banks a.k.a Sultan (pronounced Soo-Tahn) later known as Traxamillion (RIP) who unfortunately passed away earlier this year, and Jesse Jones (RIP), rapper and graffiti artist who was shot in the back and killed by the Police in Banning, Ca in June 2006... In the early 90s, Lackadaisical, The Dereliks and Aeropause formed the crew called Phameph a.k.a Family Effort.

Lackadaisical @Andrew Hill variety show - Photo courtesy of Vulgar

"Shameless Self Promotion" is a 9-Track EP produced by Dem One, Sultan Banks and Hen Boogie of The Dereliks. In 2012, Dem One wrote on his Lifeafterhiphop Blog that "These songs are literally the first things we ever recorded in a real recording studio. This is straight ahead backpack boom bap 90’s hip-hop. Our energy was raw but thanks to our rap mentors The Dereliks, this project came out sounding really polished considering it was made by teenagers."

It includes a 4-pages booklet with various photographs commented by Dem One and liner notes by David Ma. Front drawing by Z-Man. Layout & label drawings by Rimrimrim.

120 copies only ... Don't Sleep !
Shipping Date : April 30th 2022



Sunday, April 24, 2022

Step By Step - HHC 1990


From Hip-Hop Connection #22 - Nov 1990 - Scans courtesy of Repo136 (Ageing B-Boys Unite!)

SmooVth - Young SmooVth 1 & 2 - 2022


2xLP - 2022 - Copenhagen Crates  

A1. Shimmery

A2. Don Dada

A3. Play The Game

A4. Walkin' Down The Hall

A5. Strawberries

A6. The Pledge

A7. Water

B1. Trapese

B2. Voices

B3. Reminice

B4. Procession

B5. Feelings

B6. There She Goes

B7. Dirk Diggler 

C1. Holds Me Back

C2. Wish

C3. Natural Element

C4. Candy Man

C5. One Of Those Nights

C6. Deep Shadows

C7. So What's Your Vibe

D1. Life

D2. Box A Chocolates

D3. The Pleasures

D4. Blockablow

D5. Gone

D6. Talk To Me

225 copies only (190 Beer & Electric Blue 12" Vinyl and 35 OBI Beer & Electric Blue 12" Vinyl) ...


CD versions available here : Vol.1 / Vol.2 

Altered Crates Presents DOOM STARR - 2022


In an altered hip-hop universe... MF DOOM & DJ Premier, mixed and arranged by Altered Crates. 

01 - Straight Up Great Day
02 - Operation Opportunity Knocks
03 - Suspended In Grind
04 - Figuro In Brooklyn
05 - Werdz From the Metalface
06 - No Wonder

Free Download  

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #436


Here is the latest episode of the Trackside Burners Radio Show (Episode #436) hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM on April 17, 2022.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Back !

Sorry for not updating the blog these last 10 days but I was on vacation in Florida and was totally disconnected from the hip-hop music world. Back to real life now, here is a quick recap of the best releases, mixes and videos that I missed during this time...

"Ever since" is the brand new project released by the prolific Brighton-based producer Mr Slipz and the newest member of the High Focus Records family, Australian rapper Nelson Dialect.

Available on Vinyl, CD & Casssette

"Listen to the Masters" is a 10-track EP released by DK and Ghettosocks on Black Buffalo Records. The album features MCs such like CL Smooth, El Da Sensei, O.C., Moka Only, Skyzoo and more. 

31st episode of The Wicked Takeover aired on April 15, 2022 on WRAPfm and hosted by DJ Wicked.

"The Wicked Takeover brings you deep into the Vinyl crates of Wicked. Expect to hear everything from album cuts to b-sides, remixes, white labels, bootlegs, etc. You'll also hear Hip-Hop from the Golden Era of 1988 to the Mid-90's all the way to current times. A large focus will be on 2k Hip-Hop, especially 2010 to current. Fridays 9pm EST | 6pm PST"


 A few copies of the Mixtape "Ruggedmind Session Vol.1" , 2x45 minutes of underground rap records mixed by Rug & SampleMind on four turntables, are still available ... don't sleep ! 

MindsOne & DJ Iron "This Water is Life" EP is now available on limited 12inch vinyl (150 Copies/Hand-Numbered) via Fort Lowell Records. (you need to know that the B-side is indie rock music !)


Monday, April 11, 2022

Dirty Science Crew - They Be Loving Me - 1996


12" - 1996 - Mad Noize Muzic 

Dirty Science Crew was a group consisting of Freak, Alcatraz, Brainstorm the Alien (also known under the name Freestyle The Alien), Exotic and AP (Asiatic Puerto Rican).
Brainstorm the Alien was the core member of the group. He came to Maryland from the Dominican Republic in 84. All I know about the connection between all the group members is that Brainstorm met Freak in high school freshmen year in 85-86 and Alcatraz who was from Yonkers in another high school in 89. After that, he met AP who was from Brooklyn in 91 through a mutual friend and Exotic who was from the Bronx in 95 via his cousin. He introduced them to each others and the rest is history !

Brainstorm The Alien - 1996
 - Photo courtesy of Brainstorm 

Their debut 12" came out in 1996 on Mad Noize Music, a small indie record label managed by Patrick "P.S.K." Ammah who Brainstorm The Alien met through a friend back in 92. 
Their wax is composed of two singles. The first one on the A-side is titled "They Be Loving Me" produced by Freestyle the Alien and Pafu which was misspelled Pufu on the label, a guy from Texas who moved to Maryland. The second one on the B-side is titled "I Rock The Mic Bay-Bay" produced by Freestyle the Alien. Both singles are available in their Original, Radio Edit and Instrumental versions.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Spalaney's - Spaghetti & Biscuits - The 1992-1995 Demos EP - 2022

The Demos recorded between 1992 and 1995 by the Chicago-based group Spalaney's (Riff-Raff, Snap & DJ Chill) are now available on vinyl with the help of Chopped Herring Records. CD version available soon via Dust & Dope Recordings... Stay tuned!


265 copies only ...


Godfather Don - Hazardous - 2022

LP - 2022 - 90's Tapes / HHV 

90's Tapes are back with a the reissue of the very hard to find debut album "Hazardous" originally released by the legendary Godfather Don on Select Records in 1991. Grab this masterpiece asap... don't sleep !!

Available in a limited run on colored and regular black 2LP (750 copies each), CD in digipak as well as jewel case (250 copies each) and cassette (100 copies only). 


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Triflicts - Genuine / Don't Make Me Try - 1996

12" - 1996 - Hydra Entertainment

Here is the debut single "Genuine / Don't Make Me Try" released by Triflicts on Hydra Ent. in 1996. This wax is really affordable and is definitely a must have.

Triflicts was a group consisting of Gab Gotcha, Creech a.k.a Creature and Buc Live hailing from Queens, NY.  More precisely Creature and Gab are from Corona, Queens and Buck is from Flushing/ Fresh Meadows. 

Creature : " We formed the crew in 1991. Me and Buck Live went to High School together. After I dropped out I went to GED School and met Gab Gotcha. I introduced them to each other and we became a group. "

Between 1993 and 1994, Triflicts recorded a few demos produced by JuJu of the Beatnuts who was from the same area and by James Data a.k.a Jam DOT from Flushing, Queens. Those demos were sent to Island Records and got them a deal. They signed to 4th & Broadway - Island Records and "I'm Terror" produced by Jam DOT was supposed to be the official single but it didn't come out unfortunately...

Creature : " They didn't want to clear the samples or something ... This is 1994, almost 30 years ago... I mean it wasn't a million-dollar deal... lol ... only a single with an option for an album. We were young and we made mistakes. Things like that happen but I am very happy to be able to experience it though."

But their manager had a relationship with Hydra Entertainment so they decided to drop a single with them. That's how their debut single "Genuine / Don't Make Me Try" produced by JuJu of the Beatnuts was born.

On January 11th 1996, they were invited by Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR. Here is the interview & Freestyle aired that night.

Unfortunately it was their first and only official single ... After that Gab Gotcha was incarcerated ... and Buck Live quit music so that kind of brought the group to an end. The demos that got them signed to Island got put out a few years ago on the French label Sergent Records.

For the info, Creature is still in the game under the name of Creaturenomics. He dropped a bunch of solo stuff through the years and he has recently released his latest EP entitled "Hunt for the Future" on Vinyl & CD, with the help of Chopped Herring Records.

Mad Props to Creature. thanks for your time.