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M.U.D.K.I.D.S. - Dirty & Dusty Vinyl EP - 2019


A1 - Dirty
A2 - Whatudo
A3 - Ghost
B1 - True
B2 - Checks
B3 - Corners feat. Fiasco

"NOTE: This is NOT the Mudkids from Indiana, we hail from Washington, DC, USA, banded together in 1995 as M.U.D.K.I.D.S., dropped 'The D.U.S.T. Prophecy' in 1998. We have communicated with the other Mudkids back in the 90's via email but we are NOT them, they're dope but we have our own sound. Thank you for listening, PEACE!

Who Are The MUDKIDS:
M.U.D.K.I.D.S. (Men Under Divine Kause In Desperate Situations) Eros (aka Challz Brown), Super Fresh, Stryfe aka Wiz One, 4Eyez The Ugly Professor, Fiasco The Ghetto Embryo, Savage Beast, Colossus (& affiliate Baby Jewels who is not featured on the LP)
About the M.U.D.K.I.D.S. Mudkids is a collective of MC's hailing from the Washington DC region. For years they took to the streets with a pure, uncut sound that preached unrelenting realness and complex wordplay all while being steadfast in their belief that real, gritty, hardcore lyrics and skills were the only thing acceptable.
The M.U.D.K.I.D.S. (Men Under Divine Kause In Desperate Situations) pooled their resources to create The D.U.S.T. Prophecy (Desolate Underground Street Truths) to become what many consider a classic masterpiece but somehow it was lost to most outside of the area and even had very little internet presence aside from a European music lover finding one copy of the their 2 sided single 'Dirty' and posting it on YouTube. So for the annals of posterity we have dusted off 'The DUST Prophecy' and uploaded for true lovers of pure hip hop, unintended for commercial dissemination, just for the love of the art.. we present it in entirety. There is alot of back story which will all be told in time... but for now... enjoy the sound!" - CLBMG 

100 Copies only ...

Release Date : June 2019

Scott Free - Don't Fight the Flavor EP - 2019

EP - 2019 - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

"Here we go with the very first recordings Noiseman produced back in 1993! In the early days Noiseman teamed up with Scott Free and they rocked many shows all over the US. Opening up for names like Naughty by Nature, Das Efx, C-Funk, House of Pain, Gravediggaz, Lighter Shade of Brown, Goodie Mob, Lord Digga, Paris, Lord Finesse, Masta Ace, Assassin, MC Breed, Mystic, Total Devastation, DJ Quick and many more.
Being in an area where G-Funk reigned supreme they never got the props they deserved and it was an uphill battle trying to get their name and music out to the public. Prepare to be blown away because what you will hear is nothing but top notch 1993 hip-hop!" - Hip-Hop Enterprise 

A1 - Don't Fight The Flavor (Reece Mix) 
A2 - Don't Fight The Flavor (Original Mix) 
A3 - Don't Fight The Flavor (Midnight Mix) 
A4 - Don't Fight The Flavor (Original Mental) 
A5 - Don't Fight The Flavor (Midnight Mental)
B1 - I Hear Em Coming (Vocal Mix) 
B2 - I Hear Em Coming (Original Mental) 
B3 - Ill School Grammar (Vocal Mix) 
B4 - Coming Ruff (Vocal Mix) 
B5 - What I'm About (Vocal Mix)

Pre-Orders : Coloured Vinyl (200 Copies) / Black Vinyl (100 copies) / CD (300 Copies)

Release Date : April 22nd 2019

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About 2 Blow : Mudkids

CD - 1998 - Surf Records

From Rap Pages - October 1998 - Scan courtesy of Tim Burton 

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen - Jan 22nd 1994 - WNWK

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen 105.9 WNWK January 22, 1994

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Promo
A-Plus - That’s How It Is Pt.2
Intelligent Hoodlum - Streetlife (what version is it ?)
Bahamadia - Total Wreck
A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics To Go
Jodeci feat Redman - You Got It 
YG’Z - Street N***a
Down South - Southern Comfort
Empty Pocketz - Struggles From The Days Of Old
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - You’re In The Shambles
Snoop Doggy Dogg - The Shiznit Live
Brand Nubian - Lick Dem Muthaphuckas
Talk Break
Artifacts Interview 
Talk Break with Madstyle
Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean Remix
Ghetto Concept - Certified
Ready Ta Roll - The Real Hip-Hop
Mr Voodoo - Come Off Hard Remix
Talk Break
Artifacts Freestyle
Wu-Tang Clan - Shame On a N***a
The UMC’s - Staten Island Comes First

Props to DJ Eclipse for the upload 

DJ Shige ‎- Fulltune 6 - Mid 90's The Underworld Mix

1. K-Supreme / Intro
2. Positive Terrorists / Nuff Pride
3. K-Mack / Do Or Die
4. Ruff Draf / Rounda (Middle Finger Mix)
5. Ghetto Chronicle Daily feat Money Boss Players / Death Of A Salesman
6. Probable Cause / War On The Industry
7. Massive Staff / So Demandin
8. DJ Shige / Back To The 95'
9. Cage 1 & York Deez / The Underworld
10. Da Henchmen / Flippin With Da Henchmen
11. Asphalt Poetry / Tactics
12. Da Nabahood Threat / Coming From Da Dirt
13. Da Nabahood Threat / Off Witcha Head
14. Ram Squad / Ramboom
15. Massive Staff / Situations
16. Nitebreed / Beep Out The F-Words
17. Skemen / Under Pressure
18. Un. Da Dawgz / I Roc Dis
19. Twist It Mines / Who Can Mess With A Pro (Hard Mix)
20. Big Tabb / Brothers In Da Hood
21. Draztik Mezurz / Pass The Gravy (Original Recipe Mix)
22. Bound E! Hunters / Whatz-Happinin
23. Rubberoom / Beneath The Surface
24. Ready Ta Roll Vs. East Of The Rock / Taste The Flavor (DJ Shige Remix)
25. Reign Of Terror / 99 And Beyond
26. Dangerous Ill Stuntmen / You Never Know
27. Dangerous Ill Stuntmen / Bust Da Style
28. Massive Staff / Suspect
29. Massive Staff / Nasty Newark Air
30. Massive Staff / Last Breath (Ya Smel'At ?)
31. Big Sha Of Zig Zag Zig / Reload The Clip
32. The Nonce / Crew Jam
33. Mad Drauma / Filp Personality
34. Mad Drauma / Blow Up Da Spot
35. Doz Funky Baztard'z / Who Stole Da Funk
36. King Ra-Sean / Powerful Impact (Only For Da'Blunted Remix)
37. The Lords Of Lyrics / Hands In The Air
38. Ill Breed Militia / What's An I-Eleven ?

Props to DJ MP45 for the Upload 

Mix : Debonair Blends 18 ('95-'97 Hip Hip Megamix)

01. Sticken Moov & Guru - Life
02. Capone-N-Noreaga - Channel 10
03. G-Dep - Head Over Wheels
04. Children Of The Corn - Harlem Usa (Harlem Version)
05. True Foundation - Heavily Armed
06. Foul Play - Nightfall
07. Da Enfantry - This World
08. Down To Erf - Insertion Of Thought
09. Scientifik - Official
10. Black Demon - Rotten Apple
11. Kukoo - Sleeping On The Enemy
12. Nine - La Rasss
13. Mop - Freestyle
14. Lower Level - Maintain
15. Street Poets - Ease Off
16. Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya - No Style
17. Brainsick - I Thank God
18. Nonchalant - 5 O'clock (K-Def Remix)
19. Myschief - Anticipation
20. Az - Your World Don't Stop (Remix)
21. Crime Fam - Table For Two
22. Raekwon - Firewater
23. Mass Kunfusion - I Do My Dirt
24. Da Legendary Villain - Memoirs Of A Villain
25. Ns - Insomniack Musick
26. Oc & Showbiz - Showtime
27. T-Max - The Rhyme
28. Finsta Bundy - Feel The High
29. Chris Styles - Piece Of The Pie
30. Almighty Arrogant - Lay Tight
31. Raw Breed - Riderz
32. Afiliashun - Tell Me If You Open
33. Keiyon - So Glad You Chose Me
34. E-Life - I Thought You'd Understand
35. Adagio - Music
36. Ran Reed - Whutcha Want?
37. X-Clan - We Represent…
38. Blind Mice - How Many?
39. Omniscence - We Lust For The Papes
40. Growin' Pains - Growin' Pains
41. Darksyde - Pretender
42. S.L.I.M. Rockwell - Selectah
43. Big Kwam - I Don't Give A Whut
44. Das Efx & Mobb Deep - Microphone Master (Frankenstein Remix)
45. Splattahouse - Hell Hole
46. Jam - Soul Search'n
47. Original - Hey Mr Mc (Remix)
48. Starvin' Art Clique - Charm City
49. Science Of Sound - No Diggidy
50. Drama Klub - Rolla Coasta Ride
51. Rick De Ville - You & Me
52. Percee P - Nowhere Near Simple
53. Heavy Sedation - What's Da Deal
54. Cipher - Peeps (The Sequel)
55. Mic Rippa - Bad Vibes
56. Shadowz In Da Dark - Fatigez
57. All City - Basic Training
58. Fort Greene Assasins - Money Makin' Time
59. Sleestackz - Bulletproof Shoutouts
60. Major Stress - Cook Dat
61. Onyx W/ Smoothe & Trigga - Purse Snatchers Pt 2
62. Da Henchmen - Stressfield Days
63. Rascalz - Solitaire

Cop It ! 
Props to Debonair P 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Kyo Itachi & Milez Grimez - Carnage - 2019

CD - 2019 - Shinigamie Records 

Again and again ... you can't stop him ! The extra prolific French beatmaker Kyo Itachi is back with a brand new album in collaboration with the Rhode Island-based emcee Miles Grimez, and featuring Benny The Butcher, Ruste Juxx, Skanks, Swann Notty, Dj Mekalek... ready for the Carnage ? ... Enjoy 

Release Date : March 27th 2019

Sean Peng & Illinformed - Trips To The Medicine Cabinet - 2019

LP - 2019 - Lost Scroll Records 

1. Danka Sean Ft DJ Buzzword
2. Elixir
3. Cryostasis
4. Continuum Ft NLP
5. Bug House
6. Dr. Doctor
7. Green God Ft People Without Shoes & Eric The Red
8. Bitter Sweet Ft Life Mc & DJ Merk
9. Third Eye
10. Full Moon
11. Deranged Halfwits Ft O.A.B
12. Humming Ft Datkid
13. Too Many Lines
14. Rotten Seeds Ft Scott Lark & Mothman
15. Paradigm Ft DJ Merk

Available on Vinyl & CD 

Release Date : May 1st 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes - Here We Go Again - 2019

EP - 2019 - Dope Folks Records 

Dope Folks Records is back again with old materials recorded by 5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes between 1997-1999.  "Here We Go again" EP contains 3 tracks from the rare 'Believe in the Five' 12" and 3 previously unreleased tracks.

Limited to 300 vinyl copies (50 color, 250 black)
Pre-Orders : Color / Black  

SicknessMP - Namaste - 2019

LP - 2019 - Postpartum Records 

The German label Postpartum Records is back soon with the "Namaste" album released by the Indonesian beatmaker named SicknessMP. It will be available on limited marbled vinyl (250 copies) and limited black vinyl (150 copies). Dropping March 31st 2019... Stay tuned !

Split Prophets - The Forecast - 2019

EP - 2019 - Split Prophets Records 

The Hip Hop collective from Bristol, UK named Split Prophets are back with a brand new project named "The Forecast". This is a 8-Track EP available on a limited edition 12" white vinyl. Check the Video !

60 copies only...

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Big Rob / Lil Sprout ‎- Treason - 1996.

12" - 1996 - Uprising Records  

In 1996 came out this wax released by the duo composed of Big Rob and Lil Sprout. If you don't know them, you need to know that Big Rob was the producer and Lil Sprout was the Emcee. This is their second 12" and it was released on Uprising Records. It was composed of 4 tracks, "Treason" in its original and remix version, "Mental Stress" and "Hard Core". Another good indie 12" which should be part of your record collection !

Recently I was lucky to talk with Lil Sprout and he gave me more info about their duo : 

Lil Sprout : « I was doing open mics in Baltimore at these freestyle events. And being from NY my flow was winning all these events... I went to Morgan State, but, just started selling mad weed and dropped out of school. A mutual friend introduced me to Big Rob, he had mad beats and a studio, and he was the financial backing behind that project. He was from Baltimore and we hit the studio and started doing songs. We went down to Jack the Rapper in Atlanta one year. Trying to get recognized I was all freestyle back then... not much written rhymes. I was a comedian more than a rapper. But Rob was on top of me to master my craft and focus on songs. 
Big Rob and his father managed Uprising Records, they financed and created this record label. They took me in and robs family really looked out for me. His dad was a reggae artist from the Bob Marley era, and he really had a good Jamaican singing group that was pretty good. »

Unfortunately this wax was their last release and the duo stopped after that...But unreleased materials exist and it seems Big Rob has got all this stuff in his stash...

Lil Sprout : « Life kept getting in the way...  I got arrested and ended up going back to New York and the focus changed. The buzz and the marketing wasent going well. We didn’t have the right marketing plan. Unreleased tracks were fire man... I wish we had a better platform cause our stuff was better than lots of shit that was out then. »

 Mad Props to Lil Sprout. 
Vinyl rip courtesy of 90's Hip-Hop Blog 

Album Review : Schooly D - Am I Black Enough For You ? - 1989

LP - 1989 - Schooly D Records / Jive  

From HHC - September 1989 - Scan courtesy of Repo136  

D Abuz System - Vinyl Pack Collector

Here is something from the French Hip-Hop Golden Era... From the mid to the late 90s, the duo formed by the emcee Abuz and the Beatmaker Mysta D a.k.a D Abuz System released a lot of good materials. 

A crowdfunding project has been created by Mysta D to reissue the full discography of the group, so if you want to help them here is the link : 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - Jan 4th 1996 - WKCR

Akinyele - WKCR Promo
Talk Break with Technical Difficulties
Mic Geronimo - The Natural Remix
Group Home - Suspended in Time
Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
Fugees - How Many Mics
LA the Darkman - I Want It All
Camp Lo - Coolie High
Dj Krush feat CL Smooth - Only The Strong Survive
Triflicts - Don’t Make Me Try
Saukrates - Hate Runs Deep
Mytee G Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness
Chill Rob G - Know Your Place
J-Live - Braggin Writes
Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
Mobb Deep feat L.E.S & ACD - Street Life
Mic Geronimo - Masta I.C
One & One - Phenomenon
World (Ill Distracxion) - Lock Shit Down
Ill Distracxion - Calm With Datrom 
Kool G Rap - '95 S&B Freestyle
Ghostface Killah - Winter Warz
Akinyele - WKCR Promo
The Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka
MOP - Raise Hell
Lord Finesse - Brainstorm
Erick Sermon - Man Above
Das EFX feat Mobb Deep - Microphone Master
Sunz Of Man - No Love Without Hate
Kukoo Da Bag-A-Bonez - '96 S&B Freestyle
Mic Geronimo - Lifecheck Stretch Armstrong Remix
Blahzay Blahzay feat Smoothe Da Hustler & LA The Darkman- Danger Pt 2
Jamal - The Game
Erick Sermon - Maintain
GZA - 4th Chamber
Chill Rob G - Let Me Know
Rubbabandz - Purple Rain
Company Flow - Corners '94
Pitch Black - Hold It Down
Group Home - Up Against The Wall (Getaway Car Mix)
CNN feat Tragedy & Mobb Deep -  LA LA Remix
Big Noyd feat Prodigy - Recognize & Realize Pt 1
Perverted Rym Throwwa - Can We Get It On
True Master - What’s the Truest
Shyheim feat Rubbabandz & Smoothe Da Hustler - What Makes The World Go Round
Real Live - Real Live Shit 
Talk Break
Lord Finesse feat Diamond D - Do Your Thing Kid 
Cypress Hill - Throw Your Hands In The Air
Special Ed - Freak Flow Remix
Talk Break
Jamal - Fades Them All Remix

Props to DJ Eclipse for the upload 

DJ Enyoutee Presents...Zagnif Nori - Blood & Iron EP - 2019

CD - 2019 

DJ Enyoutee Presents...Zagnif Nori, "Blood & Iron"EP produced by Schrowdah_Mental¥zst, Crucial The Guillotine, Supreme Da Almighty, DLP, Tone Spliff, Seth Silensir and featuring King Author, Bad Seed and Milano Constantine. All cuts done by DJ Enyoutee except for track 5 done by Tone Spliff.