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FDC - Star Tyme / Things Aint Easy - 1996

12" - 1996 - Aggravated Ent. 

In 1996, this 12" came out on Aggravated Entertainement. It was released by FDC a.k.a Foundation Click, a group from an area in New Haven, CT called The Ville short for Newhallville. The group was composed of Binky B, Royal Madness and Zulu the Dirty Hood.
Both tracks "Star tyme" and "Things Aint Easy" were produced by Patrick 'A.C Smooth' McMillan.
A.C Smooth : "I knew Bink B from early on we went to the same elementary and jr high school but it wasn’t till I started Djing on college radio station 88.7 WNHU that we would hook up to do music, at that time he was putting out mixtapes"

A.C Smooth founded Aggravated Entertainement in 1994 and also signed other artists like Lonnie O. Two unreleased tracks of FDC also came out with the help of Chopped Herring Records in 2014, on The Aggravated Vaults '93 - '95 EP.

Mad Props to A.C Smooth 

Album Review : Main Source - Breaking Atoms - 1991

LP - 1991 - Wild Pitch Records

From The Source - May 1991 - Scan courtesy of Slurgd

From Hip Hop Connection - March 1991 - Scan courtesy of Underground United  

L’Indépendance En Action 2 - 2018

CD - 2018 - Larchiviste Records

This double Digipack CD is the last project released by the french Label Larchiviste Records. This comp represents different groups from the actual indy Hip-Hop scene from France (CD1) and from Switzerland (CD2).

CD France : 
01 Dj Pkur - Intro (Prod Jack-H) 
02 Le Bon Nob - Exutoire 4 (Prod Nanar) 
03 Pops'In - Seul Contre Tous (Prod Fonky B) 
04 Moax - Dans Le Coup (Prod Dj Lumi) 
05 Fizzi Pizzi - Poser (Prod Fonky B)
06 Hakim Norbert - Tellement Loin (Prod Vyda) 
07 Senisa - Hors Des Tendances (Prod Dj Lambda) 
08 Illustre - Partage (Prod Thatkidgoran) 
09 Artcore State Of Mind - La Réalité En Face (Prod Niack) 
10 Les Rodeurs - Vous Etes Avertis (Prod Fonky B) 
11 Krom - Tu Racontes Que De La Merde (Prod Krom) 
12 Dooz Kawa - Les Fleurs Poussent En Decembre (Prod Art Aknid) 
13 7FA7 Posse - Bloqué (Prod Vyda) 
14 Medouze - Nation Boom Bap (Prod Medouze) 
15 Meraxx et Tonto Noiza (Meratont) - Prédateurs (Prod Inzu) 
16 Bot Fess Clan - La Relève (Prod Shar Analog Bastard) 

CD Suisse :
01 OTR DJ Crew - Intro (Prod Jack-H) 
02 2P Feat Low Position & Zero Absolu - Dead Man (Prod Skeezo) 
03 La Brèche - Reste Dans La Marche (Prod Jack-H) 
04 Supra & Nisma - Mauvaise Herbe (Prod Tru Comers) 
05 Hid'N - Borderline (Prod A2cro) 
06 La Corde - Apparence Trompeuse (Prod Ardi Beatz) 
07 Supreme War Click (SWC) - Dans Le Tas (Prod Dj Eagle) 
08 Dok Bad Feat. Gingle Jo - Courant Est Australien (Prod Ardi Beatz) 
09 Debit Brut - Self Mad Man (Prod 1docile) 
10 Prof Ill Baah - Crime Passionnel (Prod Façavie) 
11 Doom Spirit - Esprits Condamnés (Prod Psychotic Voodoo & Dj Eagle) 
12 Skeezo - Après Le Beau Temps Vient L'Orage (Prod Dj Eagle) 
13 Troisième Type - Sombre Face (Prod. Ardi Beatz) 
14 Tha Gunzerkerz - Dangereux (Prod Le Cramè & Dj Eagle) 
15 Dissipé feat.l'Albatros - Barricade Musique (Prod Mig-L) 
16 Akaustik & Set9 - Résurrection (Prod Ardi Beatz) 

Release Date : May 30, 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Double Life - Revolutions - 1997

12" - 1997 - Raw Elements Records

Hailing from the Bay Area, Double Life was a rap duo formed by L*Roneous and Gennessee. They started recording their first material in 1996. 

L*Roneous :" The group Double Life was actually Gennessee and the homie Shinobi One.. but when me and Gen connected something just clicked and we started writing/recording tracks on my old 4 track.. from there everything kinda fell into place as us 2 rhyming together.. Shinobi played the background hella supporting tho.. he is the guy who is directly responsible for most of the samples we used.. that was roughly 1996. I met Gennessee through a mutual friend, Dj Wisdom (back then he was Dj Winnie B) one day and we were pretty much inseparable for years to come.."

Gennessee : "I was introduced to L by DJ Wisdom. L taught me the ropes of starting our own labels and releasing our own music, performing, booking etc..."

L*Roneous & Gennessee - Photo courtesy of Gennessee

They released their first 12" on Raw Elements Records in 1997, a record label founded by Gennessee, L*Roneous and Aaron Gretzinger.
Gennessee : "We did everything ourselves. We handled all day to day operations, manufacturing, distribution... Super grass roots." 

Three tracks are available on this rare and dope 12-inches, all as good as each other. "Revolutions" produced by Animation and cuts done by Raw B. This track was put in rotation many times by Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR that year.  On the B-Side "No Limitations" and "Regiments", both produced by DJ Zeph. Zeph was originally from Santa Cruz and began to concentrate on his skills as a DJ after being under the wing of Kut Masta Kurt. 

L*Roneous : "Actually, I’m the only one from the bay... from the east bay originally, born in Oakland, raised in Alameda, but i truly grew up in San Francisco (my musical home), Gennessee is from Brooklyn, and Raw B is from Nevada. For the sake of argument tho, Double Life was born in Marin, CA via late night blunt and freestyle sessions at Gen’s crib... and brought to life in San Francisco where we made our name. 
Back in the day the bay was flooded with upstart everything: Djs, rappers, engineers, promoters, etc... being around other rappers irritated me, so i gravitated towards the Dj homies (via Dj Wisdom). Raw B did a radio show with Wisdom, Animation is the homie from Wisdom’s home town (Poughkeepsie, NY), and Zeph was the young cat that could do almost anything every other Dj could only hope to do... I figured the best Dj should mess with the best emcee (he and I worked together on my first solo album, Imaginarium)"

Gennessee : "Zeph and Raw B were my roommates. I met Zeph through L and Raw B through DJ Wisdom at Beatsause radio (KUSF). Paul Nice, who mentored me and taught me how to make beats, introduced me to Animation. Paul Nice and Animation followed DJ Wisdom to Cali." 

DJ Zeph : "L Ron and I were already working together, and did an album. Gennessee was tight with L and they would kick it and rhyme a lot. Freestyle, write, etc... Gen was a monster at freestyling. Like real freestyling off the top. And L had a more cerebral kind of vibe so they were a good contrasting complement, East / West as well.
Animation ... I only met him a few times. Cool kid... we were kids then ! He was dope but we never collabed. Raw B was my man though. We did so much cool shit together, gigs on 4 turntables, digging, DJ tracks, mixtapes, beats. We lived together in more than one place. Great DJ, and really cool. He was smart and got out of the Bay Area a few years ago. He did the legendary college radio show 'Beatsauce' on KUSF before that got sold."

L*Roneous & Gennessee - Photo courtesy of DJ Wisdom

One question is till remaining ... why is there no Double Life's album after the 12" ? 

Gennessee : "Good question. We have 2 full Double Life albums recorded in that era sitting on my hard drives. I started Street Reportas shortly after, and founded Noble House shortly after that. L was focusing on pushing his solo album, and I started making beats around that time too. 
We spent all our time performing and never put the energy it takes to mix, master, market and promote a full length album. I was doing my solo stuff with Paul Nice too and 'Definition Of Nice' was taking off. "

L*Roneous : "Solo interests outshined a group project... we had always had intentions of releasing an album... even have lots of songs recorded, just never pushed the ‘GO’ button on the project... but who knows what the future will hold ? "

Mad Props to Gennessee, L*Roneous and DJ Zeph 

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Mix : Jazz Spastiks - White Mix - 2018

Dark Skinned Assassin - Gotta Get The Creme
Mental Dimension - Soul Of Warmth
Scott Lark Da Sensei - Natural Bliss
Main Source - What You Need
Omniscence - Lost in the Music 
Artifacts - Lower Da Boom
Cipha - Rock Rock On
Black Sheep - Everyway Always
L.O.T.U.G - What I'm After (I Know You) Remix
Sun Risers - Real Off The Block
Dungeon Lordz - Told Ya
Mental Dimension - Represent your Residence
Sun Risers - Represent 
S.O.S (Science Of Sound) - Untitled Demo
The Funk Family - Neva
Mental Dimension - Put 2 Rest
Tha Lowa - Never Give Up Remix
Black Prince & Aziatic - Watch Blak Bake Em'
Shyheim Feat. Down Low Recka , Pop The Brown Hornet & Rubbabandz - Pass It Off
Tha Lowa - Don't Cross Over
Black Sheep - Still In The Ghetto
Main Source - Where We're Coming From 
Tragedy - Funk Mode
Dungeon Lordz - Coming From The Dungeon
Shyheim - The B Side (Bring The Drama)
The Jaz - Doped Up
The Funk Family - Manifest'n Thoughts 
Schoolly D - It's Like Dope

Sure Shot Singles : Black Moon - Who Got The Props / Fuck It Up - 1993

12" - 1992 - Nervous Records

From The Source - February 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

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Dirty Nasko Presents Mix up! 90's Bring Da Rap Boom Bap part 37

Grassroots - No matter (LP)
Evil Twins - You don't stop
Mental Illness - Amazin's hot playin' 
Smooth Da Hustler - Hustlin'
MF 911 - Fair play (EP)
The Madness - Rain storms (EP)
Artifacts - Flexi wit da tech
Kaotic Style - Get in where you fit in
The Nonce - Tuning it out (EP)
Black Attack - My crown 
Delik - Take it to your head
Fab 5 - Blah
Stikken Moov - Beware
Sandinistas - Madd luv (remix) (EP)
Rawcotiks - Live your life
Rock La Flow - Illwaukee
Strickly Roots - Strickly Roots flava
The Basement Khemist - Everybody
Dead Poets Society - Seize the day
Troubleneck Brothers - Pure
Ruthless Bastards - Murder she wrote
Pop Da Brown Hornet - GP Connection
Network Reps - Revolution
KGB - Heads on
Das EFX - THe sewer (remix)
Beat Wizardry - The Prophet
Jeru The Damaja - Can't stop the prophet
Godfather Don - Devils and Demons (EP)

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Reissue : Mobb Deep - Juvenile Hell LP - 2018

LP - 2018 - Island Records

Juvenile Hell is the debut album by the hip hop duo Mobb Deep. It was recorded when they were still in their late teens and released on April 13, 1993 by 4th B'way. The album was originally released on CD, Cassette and limited edition promo-only vinyl LP, produced by Havoc, Dale Hogan, Keith Spencer, Kerwin "Sleek" Young, Large Pro, Prodigy, Paul Shabazz and Dj Premier. Here is the official reissue on vinyl !

A1. Intro
A2. Me & My Crew
A3. Locked in Spofford
A4. Peer Pressure
A5. Skit #1
A6. Hold Down the Fort
A7. Bitch Ass Nigga
B1. Hit It from the Back
B2. Skit #2
B3. Stomp Em Out (Ft. Big Noyd)
B4. Skit #3
B5. Peer Pressure (The Large Professor Remix)
B6. Project Hallways
B7. Flavor for the Non Believes

Release Date : July 6, 2018

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Unsigned Hype : Artifacts

From The Source - April 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Philaflava Presents Take It Personal (Ep 27: The Reunion Show)

1. King Just - Warrior's Drum
2. Private Investigators - Mash Up The Mic (Remix)
3. Trendz of Culture - Off & On
4. Now Born Click - Mad Sick
5. Da King & I - Krak Da Weazel
6. Poor Righteous Teachers - Nobody Move
7. M.O.P. - How About Some Hardcore
8. Nas - One Time 4 Your Mind
9. Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy) - Grand Groove (Remix)
10. Kurious - I'm Kurious
11. LL Cool J - Pink Cookies In A Plastic Bag Getting Crushed By Buildings
12. Ill Al Skratch - Where My Homiez
13. Leaders of The New School - What's Next
14. A Tribe Called Quest - God Lives Through
15. World Renown - How Nice I Am
16. The Beatnuts - Get Funky
17. Outkast - Ain't No Thang
18. Big Mike - Havin' Thangs feat. Pimp C
19. UGK - Ridin' Dirty
20. Showbiz & A.G. - Next Level
21. Cash Money Click - 4 My Click feat. Mic Geronimo
22. Frankie Cutlass - Pay Ya Dues feat. Keith Murray, Busta Rhymes & Smif-N-Wessun
23. Busta Rhymes - Woo-Hah!! (DJ 360 Remix)
24. Organized Konfusion - Black Sunday
25. Gravediggaz - Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
26. Boogiemonsters - Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress
27. Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want (DJ Muggs Remix) feat. B-Real
28. The Roots - What Goes On Pt. 7
29. Souls of Mischief - Disseshowedo
30. KMD - What A Niggy Know?
31. Lord of The Underground - Funky Child
32. Ultramagnetic MC's - One Two, One Two
33. Onyx - Last Dayz

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Album Review : Akinyele - Vagina Diner - 1993

LP - 1993 - Interscope Records 

From The Source - September 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Advertisements :

Future Flavas w/Marley Marl & Pete Rock - January 1996 (2 Hour Special)

Monica feat Grap Luva - Get Down Remix
Pete Rock Freestyle
Talk Break
Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu
Erick Sermon - Maintain
Cypress Hill - Illusions Remix
Large Professor - The Mad Scientist
Group Home - Suspended in Time
Talk Break
Jamal - Fades 'Em All (Pete Rock Remix)
Talk Break
Renegade - ?  
Jamal - Keep It Real
Ghostface Killah feat Raekwon - Motherless Child
Bahamadia - True Honey Buns (Dat Freak Sh*T)
D'Angelo feat AZ - Lady (Just Tha Beat Mix)
INI - Fakin' Jax
Talk Break
Lost Boyz - Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz Remix
25 To Life - LA LA
Special Ed - Freaky Flow Remix
Group Home - Tha Realness
Jay-Z - Dead Presidents
INI - Center Of Attention
Grand Puba - Keep On
AZ - Gimme yours
Mic Geronimo - Life Check
Talk Break
Rakim - Rugged ID
Shadez Of Brooklyn - Everyday Livin'
Dark Sun Riders feat. Brother J - Dark Sun Riders (Ultra Jazz Mix) 
 Group Home - So Called Friends
Large Professor - Spacey
Omniscence - Touch Y'All
Positive K - It's All Gravy Remix 
Talk Break with Grap Luva 

Props to DJ Nes for the Upload

Crooked - Analize - 1997

12" - 1997 - Yay Son Ent.  

I don't have a lot of info about the Baltimore based emcee named Crooked and his 12-Inches released on Yay Son Entertainment in 1997. "Analize" is the lead single of the 12", available in its Street version, Radio version and Remix version. The track is dope and  produced by Roots for 'Know Body Knows Productions', except the remix which was produced by Crooked himself. He also produced the bonus track "Zoning" available on the B-Side and featuring the female singer C. Hawkes. 

Microphone Check : Atak Of Da Bald Hedz - ONYX

From The Source - April 1993 - Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle