Friday, July 31, 2020

Godfather Don - On & On / Involuntary Excellence 7" & Read The Lines / Hazardous 7" - 2020

7" - 2020 - DWG 

"Godfather Don needs no introduction from us. His debut LP 'Hazardous' remains one of the finest examples of golden era hip-hop you are likely to come across, whilst at the same time being criminally under-appreciated upon initial release. 'On & On' was slated to be the first single from that album but it never materialised, maybe Select were too preoccupied pushing Kid N Play and Chubb Rock at the time. As a side-note 'On & On' is also Mr Krum's favourite cut on the LP, as if we needed another reason to give it the long overdue single treatment. On the flipside you'll find another banger from the Hazardous LP, the aptly named 'Involuntary Excellence'. What more could you ask for on 7"s of wax... essential!" - DWG

7" - 2020 - DWG

"Godfather Don needs no introduction from us. His debut LP 'Hazardous' remains one of the finest examples of golden era hip-hop you are likely to come across, whilst at the same time being criminally under-appreciated upon initial release. Picking tracks from the LP to release on a 7" is fraught with danger, everyone will have their favourites, there are no weak tracks on that album. We went with these two because we like them a lot, simple as that, we hope you do too!" - DWG 

If you don't own it yet ...  a "Godfather Don - Hazardous" A1 lithographic poster print ( Lithograph print on 135gsm stock.  Dimensions: A1 (594mm x 840mm)) is also available via Mr Krum's Bigcartel ... Don't sleep ! 

Lonnie O - Mr Dynamite/Instrumental 7" & Dream On/More Things Than One 7" - 2020

7" - 2020 - DWG 

"Y'all know the deal with this one... we first brought this rare Lonnie O 12" to the attention of the masses on our 2008 Lungbutters mix (shout out to Format and Sureshot La Rock). Now, arguably long overdue, we have it on a 7" for those who haven't been lucky enough to find an OG for a price that won't leave your kids hungry... we've had the audio professionally remastered and these sound great... essential!" - DWG

7" - 2020 - DWG 

"Lonnie O's other rare 12" on Hot Comb Hits has of course had the 12" reissue treatment previously on the peerless Stones Throw label. The original B-side live routine is far too long for a 7" and doesn't really add much value so instead we've taken the 'Mr Dynamite' B-side, 'More Things Than One' to create a monster double-sided 45 from this CT legend... another essential cop!" - DWG


KING TEE - Tha Triflin’ Album Vinyl LP - 2020

LP - 2020 - IteM Records 

"Taha and JTLM records in association with IteM Records are very proud to present you for the first time on picture cover the third album of the Compton legend King Tee from the world famous Likwit Crew. The album has two sides a “drunk” side and a “sober” side, showing us what’s goin’ on in L.A. and Compton.
Tha Triflin’ Album, with its mixture of raucous black and blue party humor and harrowing depictions of sexploitation and violence, is a reality sandwich from the streets of South Central L.A. Ice cube makes a guest appearance on “KIng Tee’s Beer Stand”, an actual St. Ides commercial that became the #1 most-requested recording on the L.A. radio station K-DAY. He also featured on “Hoe B-4 Tha Homie” with Deadly Threat.
Tee unleashes Tha Alkaholiks, J-Ro and Tash whose lyrical styles add serious strength and versatility to the album. Writing and recording over a period of eight months, King Tee coproduced Tha Triflin’ Album with his redoutable crew – DJ Pooh, Broadway, DJ Aladdin and his DJ, E-Swift from Tha Alkaholiks. Last but not least, legendary east coast producers Marley Marl and DJ Bobcat helped him to add the hardcore NY vibe. The beats are mean and lean, the raps are razor-sharp and the music is def and dope. A must-have for any Hip Hop lovers!!" - IteM Records

Orders : 

Young Lo - Do The Knowledge - 2020

Young Lo aka Emilio Lopez from Hartford, CT and the L.A-based DJ Tone Spliff drop the single "Do The Knowledge". More stuff coming soon ... 

Kick A Dope Verse! Presents Jazzy Village Vol. 4 - 2020

K7 - 2020 - KADV! 

The Russian record label kick a dope verse! is back with the fourth part of his Jazzy Village beat tape series, featuring 26 beatmakers from all over the world like karmawin, petrovich, ill'j, konse84, jaz93, smoothkid, ruckus, nuttkase, hardkick... just to name a few !

Limited edition Cassette , 75 copies only ... 
Shipping Date : August 17th 2020

K-Mack UnLimited Colored Vinyl Edition / Silouette Chocolate Malibu Colored Vinyl Edition - 2020

The German record label 90's Tape is back with 2 new classic indie albums originally recorded in 1996 & 1997 by K-Mack and Silouette from the Baltimore-based crew the Annexx Click and fully produced by DJ Concrete. Both albums are now available on 2LP vinyl, Tape & CD.  

2xLP - 2020 - 90's Tape / HHV 

A1 - The Intro 
A2 - Tryin 2 Blow 
A3 - Neva Hog Day Mic 
A4 - Speak Da Clout 
B1 - Quiet Az Kept 
B2 - Golden Material 
B3 - Spot Frontin MC's 
C1 - UnLimited ft. Silouette 
C2 - In Baltimore 
C3 - Me Him & Him ft. JD, Jay Funk
C4 - Bogus 
D1 - In Baltimore (Remix) 
D2 - On The Streetz 
D3 - Niggaz Change (Bonus Track)

Order : 2xLP (300 copies) / Tape (100 copies) / CD (300 copies)

2xLP - 2020 - 90's Tape / HHV  

A1 - Chocolate Malibu
A2 - Stylez I Bring
A3 - Sunny Days
A4 - By Any Means ft. Lyric
B1 - Rated R ft. China
B2 - The Happinins
B3 - Unlimited Remix ft. K-Mack
B4 - Fast Lane Pt. 2 
C1 - No Trespassing 
C2 - No Question 
C3 -  We Be Da Shit ft. K-Mack
C4 - Back 2 Back ft. Mr. Wilson
C5 - 7 Ways 7 Angles
D1- Rude Girlz (Bonus Track) 
D2 - Tru 2 What We Do (Bonus Track) 
D3 - Africentricity (Bonus Track) 
D4 - The Storm (Bonus Track)

Order : 2xLP (300 copies) / Tape (100 copies) / CD (300 copies)

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Record Report - The Source May 1996

From The Source May 1996 - Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Saafir - Boxcar Sessions Demo - 2020

LP - 2020 - Dope Folks Records 

"Our 100th release is from Bay Area Legend Saafir!!! Reggie Gibson, better known as Saafir, is an MC, producer and actor from Oakland California and a member of the rap group "Golden State Project" (formerly known as Golden State Warriors) with Ras Kass and Xzibit. Born in Oakland, California, Saafir lived with 2Pac and became a dancer for Digital Underground. Saafir made his recording debut on several cuts on Digital Underground's The Body-Hat Syndrome in 1993, followed by an appearance on Casual's Fear Itself in early 1994. He appeared in the film Menace II Society as Harold Lawson, and was featured on the film's soundtrack. With a deal from Qwest Records, Saafir recruited the Hobo Junction production team (J Groove, J.Z., Rational, Big Nose, and Poke Martian) for his debut, Boxcar Sessions (1994). Saafir is an Underground legend known for his abstract style.
We are happy to bring together unreleased tracks from the Boxcar Sessions, and a few more rare cuts from Saafir's vaults to make up the Saafir "Boxcar Sessions Demo" LP!!! " - Dope Folks Records 

 350 copies only ... (100 Colored Copies & 250 Standard Black copies) 

Mix : S4BZ - Nighttime Vibes

01 - Butta - Snake Eyes
02 - Blank Fasiz - Futuristic Rymes
03 - People Without Shoes - Nappyhead Assasin (Loud Mouth Dread)
04 - Mutha Goose Militia - Aint No Change
05 - Lord Finesse - Skyline Soul
06 - Kaotic Style - Hip Hop Jazz
07 - Kankick - The Ear Clear Vision
08 - Lateef the Truth Speaker - The Wreckoning
10 - Adagio! - The Break
11 - 30:34 ?
12 - The Prunes feat YB - Theme Pt.2 (Funk Of 40,000 Years)
13 - 36:04 ?
14 - George Fields - Below The Surface
15 - 12 Block - 4 Everybody
16 - 46:14 ?

Batch of New Videos !

Friday, July 17, 2020

Mix : Debonair P · Debonair P - Limited Vinyl Megamix (Part 2)

1. Godfather Don - 8 Million Stories
2. Sleestackz - Kings of Kaos
3. L-Fly - F What U Heard
4. Lord VI - Not Tonight
5. DNA - My Thing Iz Tight
6. Mister Voodoo - New York Straight Talk
7. The Legion - Straight Flow
8. Amp Boogie - 19 9000
9. Jam DOT - Off to the Races
10. Nick Wiz - Parkside Madness (Instrumental)
11. Doz Funky Bastards - Master Plan
12. Camp Lo - Coolie High (DJ Iron Remix)
13. Bushwick Clique - J-Sills Joint
14. Ran Reed - Boot In The Door
15. OC - Master Ya High
16. Emskee - I Get Down (Like This)
17. J-Force - Hit the Untrue
18. Reggie Capers - Full Metal Jacket
19. True Foundation - Complex Forms & Fashions
20. Mischievous LQ - Representing
21. Sparrow - Complex
22. Martyse - This is For The…
23. Example - 7-26-96
24. Down To Erf - Rhyme Training
25. World Renown - Long Gev
26. Raw Breed - Real Life
27. Litta Buggz - Trials and Tribulations
28. Mood - Mr Everything
29. Imperial - Sho Ya Right
30. L The Head Toucha - Rock On
31. Millenium - Hustler's Etiquette
32. Lower Level - I Can Break It Down
33. Malik Turner - Hip Hop Homicide*
34. 12 Block - 4 Everybody
35. T-Max - We
36. Dan-E-O - Constipated
37. Sic Sense - Conscious Abduction
38. Deep In Da Circle - Provolone
39. New Testament - Let It Rain
40. Capone-n-Noreaga - Half A Mill
41. Laster - Elbow Room
42. Omniscence - Total Domination
43. Sons of Light - Luv Life
44. Minds of Sol - Ill Type
45. Terror Green - Dub
46. Black Prince & Aziatic - Lifestyles of a Rude Boy
47. Citizen Kane - Livin'
48. Hez - Mortals
49. Dyce - Vibe
50. Junior Mafia - Steal & Rob
51. Mytee G Poetic - Radio
52. Nomaads - We Be Gunnin'
53. Empty Pocketz - Ghetto Beat '96
54. Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz - Hustle Trap
55. Sons of Sam - It's Like That
56. Dungeon Lordz - The Cake Maker
57. S.L.I.M. Rockwell - What He Say
58. Speedknotz - Remember Me
59. Stezo - Shining Star
60. Mental Dimension - This Is How We Do (When We Ride)
61.Trends of Culture - What I'm Feeling
62. CDS - Ready for War
63. Mutha Goose Milita - Price of Fame
64. The Massive - A L L A H

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Ruste Juxx & Amadeus 360 the Beat King - James Brown Of Tha Underground - 2020

"James Brown Of Tha Underground" is the title of the new project recently dropped digitally by the Brooklyn-based MC Ruste Juxx and fully produced by Amadeus 360 the Beat King. 

Nowaah The Flood & Stu Bangas - Respectfully - 2020

LP - 2020 - Brutal Music

Here is the 10-Track LP released by Nowaah The Flood from Dallas,Tx with Stu Bangas from Boston on the productions. 

Available on Limited edition clear vinyl (100 Copies), Limited edition Black Vinyl (200 copies) and limited CD Digipack Edition (50 Copies). Shipping Date : Around September 10th

Orders : Clear Vinyl / Black Vinyl / CD 

Funkin' Lessons - Ep #42 - February 15th 1995

Funkin' Lessons was a hip-hop Radio Show hosted by DJ Blaze and Dr. Phibes, aired on 2MBS (102.5 FM) from 1993 to 1996 and based in Sydney, Australia. 

 Here is the Show #42 from February 15, 1995

1- The Time Has Come by U.N.K.L.E. Vs. The Major Force Orchestra
2- World Premiere by Vybz
3- Timz N Hood Chek by Smif-N-Wessun
4- Overnite Gangsta by Scientifik
5- Suicide by Tung Twista With InfaRed
6- Jungle Music by Jeru The Damaja
7- Nuttin But Flavor by Funkmaster Flex And The Ghetto Celebs Featuring Biz Markie, Charlie Brown & Old Dirty Bastard
8- Give It To Ya Raw by Ol' Dirty Bastard
9- Geechie Squaw by Da Phlayva ‎
10- Dig On That by Ground Floor ‎Featuring Lord Finesse
11- Bring The Pain (Remix) by Method Man
12- ? Vs. Rahzel by The Roots
13- Dedication To Bambaataa (Beatnuts Mix) by Justice System
14- Nigga Noiz by Mental Illness Featuring The Bleek Bleek Boyz
15- Mad Props (Remix #1) by Da Youngsta's
16- Hey What's Your Sign, What's Your Name, What's On Your Mind by Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic Romantic Five
17- It's A Street Fight by The B.U.M.S. (Brothas Unda Madness)
18- Central J Parlay by Tony D
19- Now Born Soldiers by Now Born Click
20- Scary Thoughts by Shazam X
21- What You Gonna Do by Brother Arthur
22- Oh Suzanna by Mr. Freeze And The Homewreckers Featuring Grand Puba
23- Set It (Radio Version) (Cut Short) by Phd Featuring Havoc, K-L, Kamikaze, Reecey & Solo
24- Taste The Flavor (Radio Mix) by Ready Ta Roll
25- Maintaining by Common Sense
26- Crowd Around by Brooklyn Slumlordz
27- Hardcore Hip-Hop by Mantronix
28- Bite It by UTFO
29- On A Mission by White Boys

Tracklist courtesy of Robert Sacchinelli

Demotapez - Da Blockz Are Breathin - 2020

K7 - 2020 - FNKC Records   

The English beatmaker Demotapez based in Portsmouth,UK drops his new instrumental project titled "Da Blockz Are Breathin". This is a limited edition cassette, available in Black & Yellow Color.

60 copies only ...

Record Report - The Source April 1996

From The Source - April 1996 - Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Kid Abstrakt & Emapea - Jazzy Vibes LP - 2020

LP - 2020 - Qrates 

New 10-track project titled "Jazzy Vibes" dropped by the Polish beatmaker Emapea and Kid Abstrakt, member of the group Revolutionary Rhythm from Los Angeles, CA with Predominance & DJ Million Faces. 
This album is a throwback to '90s Golden Era hip-hop updated with a 2020 spin, with mellow, jazz- infused production and boom bap style rhymes. All cuts & scratches by DJ Million Faces.

Out July 24th 2020