Monday, July 6, 2020

Brooklyn Zoo - Masters Of Zooniverse - 1995

12" - 1995 - Brooblyn Zoo Records  

Here is an other classic wax ..."Masters Of Zooniverse" released by Brooklyn Zoo in 1995... This record was on heavy rotation when it came out... Brooklyn Zoo was a crew originally founded in the early 90s. In 1995 the crew consisted of Paulie Zance, Meknuklez, Rog-A-Rab (RIP), Phytrunka, Guddalo, Basha, Elite & Sire-Spit Fire.

Photo courtesy of Tony T

This wax is their third 12" released on Brooklyn Zoo Records and distributed by Cold Chillin', and composed of the tracks "Masters Of Zooniverse" & "Original Brooklyn Zoo", both tracks fully produced by Tony T for Jus Flava Production Inc.

On November 9th 1995, Brooklyn Zoo members were invited by Mister Cee on 91.5 Skillz FM New York for the promo of their 12", here is the interview from that show :

For the Story ... in 2015, Paulie Zance and Rog-A-Rab were convicted at trial in federal court in Brooklyn and faced mandatory minimum sentences of life in prison... Rog-A-Rab died of synthetic marijuana overdose in federal prison on February 28th 2016, he was 40 ...  R.I.P 

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  1. Anthony Salamone aka Tony T told me once he has an entire album of Brooklyn Zoo. I would love to see it released some day.