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Puppets Of Chaos - Tru Dat / New & Improved - 1995 .

12" - 1995 - Pro-Amp Entertainment 

If you're looking for a good vinyl from the mid 90s for your record collection, here is the 12" released by the NYC-based group Puppets Of Chaos ! 
For the story if you don't know this group, in July 1992 they appeared in the unsigned hype section of the Source magazine when they dropped their demo tape. At that time Puppets Of Chaos consisted of 3 members, Skribe from Brooklyn, Sckala from Harlem and 7 Zark 7 from Queens.

In 1995 the group who became a duo only formed by Skribe & Sckala, dropped their debut 12"The wax came out on Pro-Amp Entertainment and consisted of the tracks "Tru Dat" on the A-side (Tru side) and "New & Improved" on the B-side (New side), which were both produced by Randy Nkonoki-Ward and DJ 3D, with cuts by Rob Swift on "New & Improved".

Randy Nkonoki-Ward : "I was listening to Stretch & Bobbito while I was sleeping. They played their demo "Make You Wanna Smack Your Mama", and it woke me from my sleep. I worked at Rush management at the time, and Bobbito worked upstairs at Def Jam, so I asked him if I could get their contact info. So he had them contact me. This was before mobile phones... 1992. 3D a.k.a André Bagley was a friend of mine who was a dope producer. He made the music for both songs on the single, I just polished things up."

Pro-Amp Entertainment was a record label managed by Randy Nkonoki-Ward and Mark Kotlinski. I don't know if these names talk to you but it should reminds you something... 

Randy Nkonoki-Ward & Mark Kotlinski

"Call them the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck of Net Radio. Childhood chums Mark Kotlinski, 27 and Randy Nkonoki-Ward, 28 are fast becoming the crown kings of hip-hop culture on the web, as co-creators and executive producers of, a national online web show devoted to hip-hop culture.

Originally next door neighbors from New Britain, Connecticut, Kotlinski and Nkonoki-Ward have been best friends since elementary school. After High School, Nkonoki-Ward moved to New York to work for a recording studio and break into the music business, while Kotlinski went on to college. But It didn’t take long before the two reunited. 

Shortly after graduating college, Kotlinski moved to New York to team up with Nkonoki-Ward and start Pro-Amp, a record label focused on up-and-coming hip-hop artists. Then in late 1995, they got the idea to start a service that would promote the hip-hop community, 88hiphop started as a 900 phone line from Randy Nkonoki-Ward’s Brooklyn bedroom in January 1996."

Randy Nkonoki-Ward : "The challenges to promote that record led us to creating what would become A streaming Hip-Hop show that started in my Brooklyn bedroom that we partnered with Pseudo one of the first online streaming networks in 1996. 88HIPHOP started to take off in a big way, and we never looked to do another record. At some point I brought Skribe on to be the host of our MC battle segment, MIC Wars."

Mad Props to Randy Nkonoki-Ward, thanks for your time. 

Video : Jay Holly X Prime - Back In '86 - 2020

Video of the new single "Back In '86" dropped by the NY-based emcees Jay Holly & Prime, produced by Vitto_Himself with Cuts by the legendary DJ JS-1. 


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N.C.S. ‎- Real Shaolin - 1996

EP - 1996 - Black Prince Records  

N.C.S. a.k.a Nappy Crumb Snatchers was a group formed in 1993, born from a Brooklyn and a Staten Island connection, originated from Benjamin Grinch a.k.a Ben Green one of the core member of the group.

The group consisted of Napps from Port Richmond, Staten Island, Dingie Dust Kicker a.k.a Dingee Drinx from Killa Hill Projects, Staten Island, Crumb Unit 8 from Brooklyn and Benjamin Grinch a.k.a Ben Green from West Brighton, Staten Island but originally from Marcy Projects, Brooklyn.

The wax came out in 1996 on Black Prince Records, composed of the tracks "Black Rain", "Mentals Of The Mind", "Crumbsnatchers From The Slums","Facks", "Zero 8" and "Lump Sums", all produced by Johnell Hill a.k.a Napps. 

Ben Green : " N.C.S. ... I came up with the concept in January 1993. The way we were living at that time, in NYC, during the crack era with the world who flipped upside down... I lived in a house which had roaches all the time ... Crumbsnatchers...well a Crumbsnatcher is basically get what you can take and take what you can get ... and we considered ourselves Roaches... when you look at a roach, they are usually black and brown, so we were coming with the concept we represented the streets, the hoods, the projects and mainly in those areas you only see black and brown people, and we are all out here to take what we can get... that's how I start originally forming the whole concept. 

But we came up with different concepts, we also said we were from the 8 zone. The 8 zone is basically the twisted cypher, like how we felt, we were reversed to the earth... everything everybody was doing, we were doing the exact being like what I said, be reversed to the earth. We were just so high one day that we've taken that zero and twisted it into a 8, that's the twisted cypher... We were so fuckin' high and twisted that day, we were spitting lyrics back and forth with each other, so when we got high we used to say I'm about to drop to the 8 zone... that was usually just us spitting lyrics at each other, during a mad 4 or 5 hours spitting and writing lyrics.

I knew Napps, we were both from different hoods on Staten Island a.k.a Shaolin at the time, we went to the same High School, and like in the early 90s, we were just straight battling always on the back of the bus and everywhere. As we were from different hoods, we had different clicks, everybody had their own squadron at that time...

I knew Crumb Unit 8 from Brooklyn, I had got ties in Brooklyn and the whole NYC and I had heard of Dingee because if you were wicked with it, your name was ringing bell in the street... Dingee lived in the neighborhood opposite of me and Napps as well. I talked to Crumb one night when I was in Brooklyn and I was in Shaolin the next day, I was walking one way and Napps was coming the opposite direction ... there was a low friction from a battle, like a month before, we directly had beef due to the battle and that shit was about to get physical... Anyway I stopped and said " Yo my G, let me highlight you for a second man, about the bullshit that went down... I respect your style and skill !", the feeling was mutual, I brought down the concept to him and he was feeling this shit... he said "I've got my man Dingee from Killa Hill, he's nice, he would be perfect!", so I said "Dingee would be perfect, check it out, I've got my man Crumb Unit 8 from Brooklyn"... from here and a hand check, we agreed to that !!

At that time, me and Crumb had a ritual... everyday, a Monday to Friday ritual.. after he got off from work, we were writing all the fuckin' night. It wasn't easy to access to instrumentals so we were just flowing over beats and words, trying to build our shit up. We were sat there from 5pm to 11pm maybe midnight, spitting at each other... 

Our first recording ever as a group was a joint titled "Hoodie Men" and we were known under the name of the Hoodie Men Click, a collective of emcees from Staten Island, consisted of me, Napps, Crumb Unit 8, Dingee, Neph aka the Last American B-Boy, the Madface Poet, P-Love and Shortstack. That was a big thing at that time because Shaolin was separated by hoods, and this hood could go to that hood, and that hood could go to this hood... and if you wanted to go this hood you better had props !! That was the first time that you had dudes from different Neighborhoods from Staten Island...we represented Shaolin to the fullest ... the WU came out with "Proteck Ya Neck" at the same time and we were also 7 members... "Hoody Men" was platinum in the street but none of us has a copy of that shit unfortunately... 

We didn't know nothing about business, we were angry niggaz, we were about 19, 20, 21 years old at the time, we were angry for everything... Napps knew a dude from Port Richmond, Keith Cormier aka Big Poppa. He was feeling what we were doing at the time, he heard a couple of joints we did and he was down with it. 

We originated in 1993 and started to record an album/demo at the beginning of 1996. Actually that was a good recording process at Unique Studios in Staten Island. At that time we had the pleasure of being in the studio A and the WU was in the studio B recording the Wu-Tang forever album. 

In July 1996 the album/demo was completed. Contacts have been made with labels like Def Jam, Bad Boy, Arista ... there was also another label, Keith Cormier had a brother who was in the game, his name was Roy Cormier, he worked for the independent label but I forgot the name of the label... But due to politic business all the deals from the labels were declined... we wanted to keep our shit to the essence ... From there Big Poppa had the money and we decided to go independent...Black Prince Records... that's how it was formed ! 

The wax was played on College Underground Radio Station on 105.9FM aired on Saturday nights and I believe it was played on Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR 89.9FM. We did college tour (upstate NY) and we also opened up for the WU one night I believe it was in The Arena... 

For the Story, we performed that "Hoodie Men" joint that night... everybody got on stage hooded up and when you were dropping your verses you had to take your hoodie off, so everybody could see who you really were... my man Shortstack, the white boy who was the third on that joint... Eminem before Eminem, Miilkbone before Miilkbone... as he took his hoodie off, I guess ODB didn't like white people, but he bum-rushed in the stage and grabbed the mic from Shortstack... ODB was drunk so there was some frictions and all the Wu warriors stepped on stage... so they emptied out the stage and emptied out half the club because of this shit..."

Mad Props to Benjamin Grinch, thanks for your time. 

Radio Show : The 3PM Experience Mix

Here are a few 20 min weekly mixes from in the early 90s of the 3PM (Increase The Peace) Hip Hop Show, aired on Galaxy Radio 97.2 (Bristol, UK) . Big Up to DJ Lynx. 

Mix : De La Soul - A Jazz Spastiks Mix


VA - Dutch Gems Vol​.​2 - 2020


EP - 2020 - Dutch Gems Records 

Compilation vinyl album curated by Chriz 'The Wiz' including 6 exclusive Dutch Hip Hop tracks from dusty Demo tapes and obscure releases by D.O.P.E. Posse, Two Out Of Millions, Spyte, Funky Tribe, Skate The Great & DJ Knowhow and Mellow MC's. Including a 20+ page A5 magazine with interviews and background knowledge with artwork by AZHQone and design by Remko Koopman.

A1 - D.O.P.E. Posse - Runaway

A2 - Two Out Of Millions - Drastic' (original)

A3 - Spyte - No Pop

B1 - Funky Tribe - Metaphore Mountain

B2 - Skate The Great & Dj Knowhow - Buckle Yo'Ass With Skills

B3 - Mellow Mc's - It's Kicking

Available in Deluxe Red vinyl (100 copies) or Classic White vinyl (100 copies)


Rasco in Elemental Magazine

From Elemental Magzine - Issue #22 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Da Ruff Mobb - Si T'es Down - 2020


12" - 2020 - Diggers Factory / 7FA7 Wrecordz 

Da Ruff Mobb is a French hip-hop crew formed by Hakim Norbert, Vyda, Amers, Olda, DJ Joker & DJ Nawashigeri. Their latest 12-inch "Si T'es Down" is now available for pre-orders on Diggers Factory... 

200 copies only ... 

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Crystal Lake ‎- This Is Our Sh#! - 1999


12" - 1999 - Crystal Lake Ent.

Here is the second 12" released by Crystal Lake, a crew from New Jersey consisted of C-Vorheez aka Coz, Master Poet, Sludge Champ, Les Jah, Teflon, Big-Slo aka Slo Flo, Flex-Man and Warlock. 

The wax came out in 1999 on Crystal Lake Entertainment, a record label managed by C-Vorheez. The 3 tracks pressed on the 12-inch are titled "This is our Sh#!", "Crystal Lake Anthem" and "Blowin' Out Ya Speakers", all produced by C-Vorheez and featuring the emcees FlexMan, Big-Slo.

C Vorheez - FlexMan & Big Slo - Photo courtesy of Ozone Crew

Mix : The Boom Bap Show - First Ladies Meet Preemo


TBBS - Intro

Bahamadia - Rugged Ruff

The Lady Of Rage - Some Shit

Queen Latifah - Wrath Of My Madness

Charli Baltimore - Everybody Wanna Know

Sonja Blade - Look 4 The Name

Rah Digga - Lessons Of Today

Macy Grae, Mos Def & Guru - I've Committed Murder (Gang Starr Remix)

Heather B - Steady Rockin

Heather Hunter - Freak Like Me

Laura Izibor - From My Heart To Yours (DJ Premier Remix)

Byata - Byata Is The Illest

MC Lyte & Shabeeno - Wonder Years

Dynasty - Epic Dynasty

Lion Babe - Wonder Woman (DJ Premier Remix)

Yuna - Places To Go

Torii Wolf - Big Big Trouble

Armani Caesar & Benny The Butcher - Simply Done

Mz Boom Bap - Very Best Of 2014 - 2020


The Edinburgh-based label Dusty Basement Records present a mix of the very best instrumentals released by Mz Boom Bap from 2014 to 2020, everything mixed by DJ P. 

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Gavin Sucked ! But the Bay is doper than ever ...

From Elemental Magazine - Issue #17 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 


Video : Verbz, Luso & Allic - Never Knew - 2020


Video of the latest Mr Slipz's production featuring Verbz, Luso & Allic, off the Team Dreebs Advent Calendar Vol. 2 vinyl available now for preorder via Yogocop Records. 200 copies only...

Mic Geronimo - The Natural 1995 Electronic Press Kit (E.P.K.)


Andyman187 is back with the Mic Geronimo's Electronic Press Kit for his 1995 Debut Album The Natural, with interviews of Royal Flush, O.C., Beatminerz, Chyskillz, Buckwild, DJ Irv and more... 

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KA & Mr Voodoo - '94 S&B interview & Freestyle - WKCR 1994


KA & Mr Voodoo - WKCR Studio - Photo courtesy of Jay Smooth 

On January 20, 1994, Jay Smooth (of The Underground Railroad on WBAI 99.5), the Brownsville-based emcee KA who was a Natural Elements member at that time, and the legendary Mr Voodoo were invited by Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR. Here is the freestyle session aired that night. 


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Select Personnel ‎- Emcees Nowadays / I Doubt That You're Ready - 1998

Select Personnel was a crew from Netherlands consisted of DJ Mass & LaQuatal who both formed the duo Two Outta Millions, Brainpower, Cee Major, Couzin Steve, Rescue & Skate The Great.

In 1998, they released this 12" composed of the tracks "Emcees Nowadays" performed by Two Outta Millions on the A-side and "I Doubt That You're Ready" performed by Rescue on the B-side. The wax came out on CMC Records / Soul Relation, a hip-hop label based in Haarlem (North Holland), Netherlands. 

Mix : S4BZ Presents Just Some Shit

01 - Pete Flux & Parental - Foreplay 

02 - Camp Lo - Crystals & Istols

03 - Aboriginals - The Joint

04 - Instrumental ?

05 - Da Lowly Ones - All Night

06 - Instrumental ?

07 - Lord V.I - Not Tonight

08 - Revolutionary Suicide - Revelation

09 - Jazz Spastiks & People Without Shoes - Ruff Rap

10 - ?

11 - Instrumental ?

12 - Gee Rock & Da CND Coalition - Constant Elevation 

13 - Instrumental ?

14 - Dirty Science Crew - They Be Loving Me 

15 - Homeliss Derilex - Explanations

16 - The Kismet - Think Twice

17 - Sparrow - Rhyme Impotence

18 - Raw Footage - Stay Tuned 

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Grown Man Rap Show - Ep #259 - "Substitution" Spotlight (part 2)

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop. 
This is Episode 259 - "Substitution" Spotlight (part 2) - DJ Toast - originally aired on December 20, 2020

The Almighty RSO “One in the Chamba” (1992)

Wu-Tang Clan “Method Man (Skunk Mix)” (1993)

Pete Rock & CL Smooth “For Pete’s Sake” (1992)

Guru f. N’Dea Davenport “Trust Me” (1993)

Ol’ Dirty Bastard “Cuttin’ Headz” (1995)

Tony D. “Adam’s Nightmare” (1989)

Jackson 5 x Paul Nice “ABC (Paulie’s Potown Reflip)”

Naughty By Nature “O.P.P.” (1991)

MC Shan “Don’t Call It a Comeback” (1993)

Public Enemy “Don’t Believe the Hype” (1988)

Leaders of the New School “Bass is Loaded” (1993)

Too Poetic “God Made Me Funky” (1989)

Chris Rock “Your Mother’s Got a Big Head” (1991)

Def Jef “Black to the Future” (1989)

En Vogue “Hold On (Hip Hop Remix)” (1990)

Gang Starr f. Nice & Smooth “Dwyck” (1994)

Three Times Dope “Funky Dividends” (1989)

Three Times Dope “Funky Dividends (Goin’ For Broke Remix)” (1989)

YG’z “Sumthin’ 4 Da Head” (1993)

Nice & Smooth “Hip Hop Junkies (Spanish Fly Mix)” (1991)

Beenie Man f. Wyclef Jean “Love Me Now” (2000)

Schoolly D “Saturday Night” (1986)

Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Sexual Healing”

Strickly Roots “South Bronx (Uptown)” (1993)

The UMC’s “Any Way the Wind Blows” (1991)

Tara Kemp “Hold You Tight (Sisters Gonna Work It Out Mix)” (1990)

Ultramagnetic MC’s “Pluckin’ Cards” (1992)

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud “It’s On You” (1993)

EPMD “Scratch Bring It Back (Part 2-Mic Doc)” (1992)

Ice-T “O.G. Original Gangsta” (1991)

Big Daddy Kane “Looks Like a Job For” (1992)

Percee P & Ekim “Now They Wanna See Me” (1992)

Zhigge “Toss It Up” (1992)

Public Enemy “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” (1990)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “Jazzy’s Groove” (1989)

Kings of Swing “Go Cocoa!” (1990)

Naughty By Nature “The Only Ones” (1993)

Ultramagnetic MC’s “Watch Me Now” (1988)

Paris “Scarface Groove” (1990)

Slick Rick “Venus” (1991

Phoniks - The Quarantine Tape - 2020


The Portland-based producer Phoniks is back with a new remix project titled "The Quarantine Tape", a collection of remixes from 2020 produced on sp-1200, mpc 2000xl & maschine, vinyl samples mixed with live instruments. 

kick a dope verse! Present the Abstract Era Vol. 4 - 2020


K7 - 2020 - kadv!  

New volume of the Abstract Era series featuring Don Dose, Rotes, Kixnare, Mook, Tape Flip, Dj str, Trend Major, ido33, nezahr, Seize, Mike Flips, Lowqua & Nowædays, is now available on tape via Kick A Dope Verse!

100 copies only ..

Remix Session : Das EFX feat Krs One - Represent The Real Hip Hop (K i a b i t s REMIX)


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Tasc 4ource - Takin' No Shorts No More / Time Ta Shine

Tasc 4ource - Photo courtesy of Son Of Jan

Formed in 1989, the Philly-based group Tasc 4ource consisted of Sonni Blak, Eyse Da Superstar, Russ Cool a.k.a The Brown Rambo a.k.a Son Of Jan, and DJ Kid Kaos. The members grew up in the same neighborhood in South West Philadelphia, except DJ Kid Kaos who was from West Philly.

Between 1993 and 1998, they dropped 6 releases on vinyl, tape or CD. I could talk about their full discography but I think the most interesting releases are the first tape & 12inch "Takin' No Shorts No More" released in 1993 and the tape "Time To Shine" released in 1995.

"Takin' No Shorts No More" came out on Charlie Mack Records and was produced by the legendary Sha'dasious. The track "Sound In Your Ears" on the B-side was produced by Destro. The connection between Sha'dasious and Tasc 4ource happened when Sha'dasious wanted to start a Philly squad, he asked to meet them and get together, being a squad with other philly-based artists like Ram Squad.

Charlie Mack (Top left), Craig Mack & Tasc 4ource - Photo courtesy of Son Of Jan 

One year later, the group switched of record label and got signed by Tuff Break Records. They dropped 2 songs titled "Watch Out" and "My Home Town" on the Tuff Break promotional album "Sip The Juice, We Got Enough To Go Around", both still produced by Sha'dasious.

Tuff Break was A&M Records rap music imprint. The association was dissolved in February 1995, A&M would close Tuff Break department because it was "disappointed with the label's inability to generate the same kind of success A&M has with its pop and alternative acts.", that's why the group turned independent and joined All Star Entertainment, a record label managed by Troy Carter a.k.a Lil' Troy.Their first release on All Star Ent. is a 7-Track tape titled "Time Ta Shine".

Tape - 1995 - All Star Entertainment 

The tracks "Time To Shine", "War" and "Homicide" are produced by King Kloak who is Son Of Jan's cousin. The tracks "Hood Life" and "Dats Whats Up" are produced by Miles Lewis a.k.a C4 who is DJ Kid Kaos 's brother, and the last one "Dane Digg" is produced by Armique Wyche a.k.a Jazz, a friend who they grew up with, better known for being a member of the group 2 Too Many with Troy Carter and Ant Live. 

It will be followed by a few other releases on All Star Entertainment between 1995 and 1998. In 1999 the group switched to N.A.A.M. Brigade, moving on to a new era. The group is still in the game nowadays !

N.A.A.M. Brigade - Photo courtesy of Son Of Jan

Mad Props to Son Of Jan

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Ill Treats & Charade - Opening Theory LP - 2020

LP - 2020 - HHV 

"Opening Theory" is the new collaborative project released by Ill Treats & Charade. All tracks produced by Ill Treats. 

A1 - Opening Theory

A2 - Two in the Chamber

A3 - O and S

A4 - Style

A5 - Zwischenzug

A6 - Pipik Feat. A.F.R.O.

A7 - Marshland

B1 - Main Line

B2 - Jazz Death Dialogue

B3 - Flute (Skit)

B4 - Cruel Winds

B5 - The Lectern Feat. One Be Lo & Wordsworth

B6 -Endgame (Eft2soons)

Strictly limited edition of 300 copies on black vinyl, coming out on February 19, 2021.