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Raw Breed - Killa Instinct - 2017

CD - 2017 - Dust & Dope Recordings 

01 - Welcome To My World feat Ice T & Tim Dog
02 - Killa Instinct
03 - Lock Shit Down
04 - U My Nigga (Skit)
05 - That feat The Army Of Darkness
06 - Everyday Tactics feat 45 & Jimmy James
07 - Carlitos Intro
08 - Carlitos Way feat SLJ
09 - Syndicate Love Interlude
10 - Mouth Of Madness feat The Army Of Darkness & Thug Stars
11 - Ghetto Life
12 - Jungle Creed (Skit) feat Ice T
13 - Real Life
14 - Phone Interlude
15 - LA LA All Day
16 - Tricks Are For Boys, Games Are For Men
17 - Bronx Bombers Interlude
18 - Doin' This For Days feat 8-Off & Godfather Don
19 - It's On Intro feat SLJ
20 - It’s on
21 - Petro

From Rap Pages - October 1996 - Original Scan by Max The Keeper  

Dust & Dope Recordings is back with the Raw Breed's banned album "Killa Instint" from 1996. It was scheduled for release 21 years ago on Warner Bros but was tragically shelved due to its hardcore content. 

It's now available on CD , 300 copies only ... 
Don't sleep !!!!

Shipping Date : May 2017
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For Info , Killa Instinct 2xLP Gatefold is coming soon (May) on Back2DaSource Records ... Stay tuned !!!!!

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen - June 18th 1994 - 105.9 WNWK

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen 105.9 WNWK June 18, 1994

Gravediggaz - Blood Brothers
Olori Rock - Ruff -N- Tuff
Shyheim - Lick a Shot
Extra Prolific - In 20 minutes
Papa Chuk - Nigguz Will Be Nigguz
Ill Al Skratch - This is for my Homiez Remix
? Murdergram  ?
Erule - Listen Up
Nas - It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Wisdom Remix)
Talk Break
Gravediggaz - Freak The Sorceress
Talk Break
Gravediggaz Interview
The Fugees - Nappy Heads Remix
Talk Break
Gravediggaz Freestyle
Talk Break
TroubleNeck Brothers - Back To The Hip-Hop

Props to Dj Eclipse  

Mixtape : Dr. Peter Hempman - Ectoplasm Tape - 2017

Tape - 2017 - TheBeatljuice 

(Killerwatt Intro)
Kombo mc - I dont stop
Dungeon squad - flammable material
Flowmastaz Click feat Dres, J-ro - dirty money
M-slash - feel it!
Mental Illness feat Bleek Bleek Boyz - nigga noiz
Mystidious Misfitss - i be (lord digga rmx)
Architects of Intellect - ballad of a flexible bullet
Nick wiz & Ran Reed - army with a handgun
Invisible - a journey
The Madness - wont be around this year
427 - what it is
(Judgementday Skit)
Crimson Fridge & Dj Dangerous - flowbusters vol 5 interlude

(Dickless Intro)
Lastrawze - ghostland
Bee why - reality
Will Vill - dreams of getting murdered
Lord v.i. & big cheeze - glow
Big Yang - blow up da spot
Mischievous LQ & the Mad Mischief Crew - battery strategy
DSA - unholy
Wastelanz - no love
Brainsick Enterprize - playin for keeps
N.o.n.-e.quation - n.o.n.-e.quation II
Brass tacks - inside out
X-flame & Dj Fine - ectoplasm exclusive
(Shut It Off Outro)

Shipping Date : May 15th 2017
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Mix : Legendary Lessons 202 - Pride of the South Side

Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Fair Weathered Friends
Slipmat Brothers & Penpals - New Fiyah
Propo’88 & Blabbermouf - Storytellin' Tip
Beastie Boys - Shadrach
Emskee - I’m Out Again
Big Tabb - Nuff Respect
Charisma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Devotion
Decipher - Body Catcher
Main Source - Just a Friendly Game of Baseball
Rubberoom - Bouncin’ Off the Walls
Endangered Elements - Landodalos
Zigg Zagg - In Ya Mind
Mind Space - Life is Foul (No I.D. Night Remix)
J.U.I.C.E. - The Only Place for Me
Basically Relyntless - Illist Form
Spalaney's - Universal Language
Earatik Statik - Stop Playin ft. Rise & Shine
Infinito 2017 - Never Artificial
Large Pro - After School
Beneficence - Smooth Hardcore ft. A.G. (K-Def Remix)
Big Tabb - High School Daze
Pugz Atomz - Go City

Props to Surge HandsofTime 

Def Defiance - Hazardous 2LP - 2017

2xLP - 2017 - B-Line Recordings  

1) Hazardous 
2) Chemical Attack 
3) I Don't Burn 
3) Breakout (From the DD shack)
1) Come into my realm 
2) Blow on it 
3) 6000ft Underground 
4) Drop It Jay
1) Perpertratin Frauds 
2) Definitely Def 
3) When The Skys Black Feat Plan B 
4) Check Dis One
1) Kimberley The Kat 
2) Whos The Abuser? 
3) Poetically Lyricin 
4) Jolly Ginger 
5) Critical Point Booster

The Brit-core scene is Back ! 
The Def Defiance's album "Hazardous" was originally released on limited tape in 1992. Britcore Rawmance & B-Line Recordings bring you a re-mastered double LP with gatefold sleeve.

40 Copies Only !
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Mad Skillz - Golden Virginian - HHC 1995

From Hip Hop Connection - December 1995

Interview : The House List Ep #33 - Mr Voodoo (Natural Elements)

"Back with another very special episode of The House List, here we sat down with Brooklyn's own Mr Voodoo - yes, that Mr Voodoo (aka Agu Obiakor) of Natural Elements. We track the history from childhood to present day. Canvasing a NYC of another era, where Agu, became the 'poet laureate' of beloved late night radio show 'The Underground Railroad'. Hosted by J-Smooth on the revered WBAI 99.5, Agu honed his craft from intern to co-host, all the while developing what come to be one of the 'underground' hip-hop era's most respected voices. With only a few physical releases to speak of, Voodoo's notoriety grew across the globe through the 90's as demos and never-released songs made their way to NY radio and on cassettes copied and traded the world over. Voo's work as a soloist, with Natural Elements and for the imprint Fortress Records are sought after pieces of art on wax. For the fans and heads - this will be a treat and for those who many only come to know of his this very moment, we hope it'll lead you down a path of discovery" Peter Agoston 

Dope90 & Setting-Up Present Real Hip​-​Hop Connection - Limited Tape

Tape - 2017 - Setting-Up

A1. Bones The Beat Head - Boiling Point
A2. Zone - Sometimes
A3. Devaℓoop - Swimming in bits
A4. Sloop Tha Loop - More
A5. LSP-One - Black Cat
A6. Jatos - My Design
A7. AlwaysBlunted - Rawfunk
A8. Knowz - Mad Props
A9. Qamar - Mortal Serum
B1. LaGuarida131 - Smooth Jazzy
B2. Otto - Hoodcrazy
B3. KASETA - Jazz for 7.30AM
B4. FOXX. Vos - 3rd Eye
B5. L.L - Late Nite Vibe
B6. DaSoulBapper - Through Changes
B7. Le Neewyedz - Rugged Selektah
B8. Diza XL - Like That
B9. MAARTN - Fonky Fool 

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Les X a.k.a X-Men - Jeunes Coupables Et Libres - RE 2017

2xLP - Reissue 2017 (Originally released in 1998)

01 - Intro
02 - Dieu a béni mon clan (Ménilmontant XXème)
03 -Score
04 - One One One (Rien pour l’héroïne)
05 - Bla bla bla 
06 - Jeunes, coupables et libres
07 - Même Les Meufs Escroquent
08 - Casse la baraque
09 - Laisse les bons briller
10 - Presque plus de larmes 
11 - Tu veux savoir c’qu’on a
12 - Oublie le come back
13 - Style de vie

100 copies only !
Shipping Date : July 2017 

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Video : Strategy - Fadin' to Grey - 2017

Video of the new single "Fadin' To Grey" produced by BBZ Darney, off the Limitless EP dropping mid-June. 

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Who The Hell Is Vakill ?

"Vakill (born Donald Mason, March 21, 1975) is rapper from Chicago, Illinois. Vakill is known through his association with Chicago Hip Hop collective The Molemen, and for his literate, witty, punch line-filled lyricism and detailed story-telling.
Vakill debuted as a solo artist in 1995, with the release of a cassette titled "Who's Afraid?". He remained on the local scene throughout the late '90s, making numerous collaborations, and releasing a number of singles, most notably 1996's "Keep the Fame", a collaboration with veteran emcee Percee P and future Chicago Hip Hop star Rhymefest. In following years, Vakill contributed tracks to subsequent releases by the Molemen, with "Final Thought" appearing on the 1997 EP "Below the Ground", "Know the Bidness" appearing on the 1998 EP "Buried Alive", "Urban Legend" appearing on the 2001 album "Chicago City Limits, Vol. 1", and "The Equinox" and "Face Down" appearing on the 2001 album "Ritual of the Molemen". 2001 saw the release of a Vakill compilation titled "Kill Em All", featuring all the tracks from "Who's Afraid?", as well as a number of songs and freestyles recorded throughout the '90s.
Vakill released his long-awaited debut album, "The Darkest Cloud", in 2003 on Molemen Records. The album was produced by Molemen members Panik and Memo, DJ Contakt and Mixx Massacre, and featured the single "End of Days". The album's sharp lyrics and dark production made it a hit with underground fans, and gave the rapper the most exposure of his career. While acclaimed, the album did not reach past rap's underground scene, and failed to produce a significant amount of sales. The rapper returned three years later with his second album, "Worst Fears Confirmed", released in early 2006. The album featured production from the Molemen, as well as appearances from acclaimed lyricists Ras Kass and Royce Da 5'9". The album gave the rapper wider media exposure, leading to features in XXL Magazine and on Vakill was also featured in the Phat Tape section of the November 2006 issue of The Source Magazine, and in its Off The Radar section in the July issue."
Tha Midwest 

Tape - 1995 - Molemen - Photo courtesy of Hakan Dougpark

Tape - 1995 - Molemen - Photo courtesy of Hakan Dougpark

A1 - Amen (Remix)
A2 - Who's Afraid?
A3 - Am I Dope?
B1 - Amen
B2 - Check Me Out
B3 - Somethin' Terrible

From Chicago Reader - January 27th 2006

12" - 2000 - Bronx Science Recordings  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Skell - Icebergs - 1998

Logan S.Washington A.K.A Skell was born in Parkslope Brooklyn, New York City and then landed in Charlotte, NC early 92 his influence in HipHop was A Tribe Called Quest. At Age 10 he starting writing, rhyming and describing the world he lived in, before the Inner city grabbed a hold of him, his mom moved the family to Charlotte North Carolina where he studied his craft Killing cyphers in School making a name for himself. It was then when he meant his mentor and producer Brian Dunovant at the age of 17 he dropped his East Side Cult Classic "Icebergs". 

Album Review : Illegal - The Untold Truth - 1993

 LP - 1993 - Rowdy Records 

From 4080 Magazine - Issue #11 - November 1993 

DJ Koco A.k.a. Shimokita ‎- Hydra: Underground's Finest

Mixed CD - 2010 - Octave 

1 Mobb Deep - On The Real Featuring – Cormega, Kamakazee
2 Kamakazee - Spread It (Remix) 
3 Screwball -You Love To Hear The Stories Featuring – Mc Shan
4 The Unsociables - Queens Side 
5 A Kid Called Roots- Cycles 
6 The High & Mighty - The Conflict 
7 Slade Savage - War Stories 
8 E-Boogie - And You Don't Stop 
9 Godfather Don - Executive Technology 
10 Godfather Don - Connections 
11 Dennis Kellman - The Games 
12 Mike Heron - Pseudo Roots 
13 Screwball - Communications Featuring – Prince A.D.
14 Kamakazee - Takin' All Bets Featuring – Offdamental
15 Godfather Don - Mc Assault 
16 Hostyle - Live From New York Featuring – Quik
17 K. Fanat - Zoo York 
18 The Beatnuts - Homo Victim 
19 Nick Wiz - Black Path 
20 Mike Heron - Adam's Summer Camp 
21 Big Meal - Put It On 'Em 
22 DJ Fusion - Live 
23 DJ Fusion - For Good & Forever 
24 Powerule - Dawn To Dusk 
25 Ghetto Professionals - The Hutchison Joint