Saturday, April 30, 2016

Damu The Fudgemunk - Untitled V1 - 2016

7" - 2016 - Redefinition Records  

A: Beat Goes On, 45 Mix  
 B: 1993 Pete, 45 Mix

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Nick Wiz - Cellar Selections 6 - 2xLP - 2016

2xLP - 2016 - GRR 

1. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Cellar Intro 
2. Cella Dwellas - Bring It On Back (1998) 
3. Shadowz in da Dark - Enslavement (1996) 
4. Emskee - Any Rapper… (1993) 
5. N-Tyce - I Know You Want It (1993) 
6. Nautilus - Bassline (1994) 
7. Chino XL f/ Baybe - Coming On Too Strong (1997) 
8. Dizaster - Infiltrate (1995) 
9. Pudgee - You Know What (1995) 
10. Tross - You're A Winner (1998) 
11. The Federation - The Federation (1997) 
12. Gauge - Walk In New York (2000) 
13. Ran Reed - Just a Verse (1996) 
14. Pudgee - Whatcha Gon Do? (1994) 
15. Hardwe're - The Pressure (1996) 
16. Unknown - Keep Steppin' (1992) 
17. Vee O - Ghetto Star (1994) 
18. Shadowz In Da Dark - The Sequel (1996) 
19. Ran Reed - Doin' Ya Wrong (1994) 
20. Nautilus - Hennessy (1994) 
21. LSD - We Got Our Skills Up (1994) 
22. Phantasm - Games Females Play (1997)

All tracks produced by Nick Wiz from 1992-1998.
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Colour 2LP vinyl  (100 copies only) : 1 disc is clear purple and the other disc is clear gold/orange. 
Black 2LP vinyl (200 copies only)

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Boogie & The Barber w/DJ Premier Hot 97 - Dec 21st 1997

Boogie & The Barber w/DJ Premier Hot 97 WQHT December 21, 1997

MOP - Handle Ur Bizness (Primo Remix)
Xperado - Paradox
Royal Flush feat Mic Geronimo - Illiodic Shines
Third Degree - Uprising 
I.G. Off & Hazadous - Street Serenade
Talk Break
Medina Green feat Mos Def - Crosstown Beef
24/7 - 24/7 
Defari - People’s Choice
Onyx feat Wu-Tang - The Worst 
Brand Nubian – Keep It Bubblin’
Talk Break
Sporty Thievz – Street Cinema
Strong Peoples – It Ain’t Safe
Noreaga feat NaS & Nature – Blood Money Part II
Neek the Exotic – Exotic’s Raw
Rascalz – Northern Touch
Brainsick Enterprize – Mixmaster U.S.A.
Talk Break
Mike Zoot feat Tek – Midnite Run 
Diamond D feat Sadat X – Never 
X-Ecutioners feat E. Bros – Raida’s Theme
Ghettolandz - Ginuwine Thoughtz
No I.D Feat Dug Infinite & Syndicate - Fate Or Destiny
Pitch Black - Analyze The Program
Talk Break 
Neek the Exotic – Exotic’s Raw
Talk Break

Props to Dj Eclipse  

Complete Jazz Jousters Season One


The complete Jazz Jousters Season One is available for Free .
"In season one of the Jousters sessions we did tributes to some of the Jazz greats and released a whole album every two weeks. Yes that's right, every fourteen days we made a brand new album while all of the group used the same sample to experiment with and then listen to each others different approaches to beat making and the various ways of using a sample. Hear for yourself below."
Millennium Jazz Music

Demo Tape : Lethal

I'm still looking for any info about LETHAL , a crew from Far Rockaway Queens. 
These 2 Demos were from two different Stretch & Bobbito Shows in 1995 . I've asked Bobbito
but he doesn't remember this Demo tape . If you've got any info or owned this rare demo tape, 
please get me in touch.   Peace

Album Review : Double X Possee - Ruff, Rugged & Raw - 1995

LP - 1995 - Big Beat  

From The Source - June 1995 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle  

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Doxxmen - Spontaneous Combustion - 1997

Sure Shot Singles : Casual - That's How It Is - 1993

From The Source - June 1993 - Original Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

12" - 1993 - Jive  

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 68 - Class of 1991 with MC Serch

Hosted by veterans DJ Toast & Paul Nice and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast & Paul bring you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.
This is Episode 68 - Class of 1991 with MC Serch - originally aired on April 24, 2016

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs “I Got To Have It”
(Paul Nice set)
Chubb Rock “Just the Two of Us”
Biz Markie “T.S.R. (Toilet Stool Rap)”
Geto Boys “Minds Playing Tricks On Me”
MC Lyte “Poor Georgie”
Gang Starr “Step In the Arena”
Brand Nubian “All For One”
A Tribe Called Quest “Check the Rhime”
A Tribe Called Quest “Buggin’ Out”
Main Source “Looking Out the Front Door”
(DJ Toast set)
Del the Funky Homosapien “Mistadobalina”
MC Breed “Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin’”
Big Daddy Kane f. Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes “Come On Down”
Downtown Science “This Is A Visit”
Gang Starr “Just To Get A Rep”
Geto Boys “Ain’t With Being Broke”
Terminator X f. Juvenile Delinquintz “Juvenile Delinquintz”
Public Enemy “Can’t Truss It”
KMD “Boogie Man!”
Nice & Smooth “Hip Hop Junkies”
Nice & Smooth “Hip Hop Junkies (Spanish Fly Mix)”
Cypress Hill “How I Could Just Kill A Man”
Terminator X f. Bonnie & Clyde “Homie Don’t Play Dat”
The Genius “Life Of A Drug Dealer”
Ice Cube “Givin’ Up the Nappy Dug Out”
3rd Bass f. KMD “Ace In the Hole”
Ice-T “O.G. Original Gangsta”
Big Daddy Kane f. DJ Mister Cee “DJ’s Get No Credit”
Kid Capri “Jokes On You Jack (Remix)”
Slick Rick “Top Cat”
Powerule f. Large Professor “Gots Ta Get This”
The UMC’s “Any Way the Wind Blows”
A Tribe Called Quest f. Diamond D “Show Business”
Organized Konfusion f. O.C. “Fudge Pudge”
Nice & Smooth “Down the Line”
Cutty Ranks “The Stopper (Main Attraction Remix)”
Public Enemy “Shut ‘Em Down” 
Naughty By Nature f. Apache & Lakim Shabazz “1, 2, 3”
Fu-Schnickens “Ring the Alarm”

Monday, April 25, 2016

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Scans Courtesy of Max The Keeper 

Unreleased : Triple Darkness - Dear Orchid

Unreleased track from Triple Darkness - Darker than black LP 
Produced by RingzOvSatur , Cutz by Evil Ed.

Odweeyne of So Cracked Lab Presents The Blacklist - 2016

THE BLACKLIST project is a monthly serie, 100% produced by Odweeyne of SO CRACKED LAB, relying on a plain and simple concept: raw beat, raw rhymes, for a grimey track every 30 days !

All the series volumes are available for streaming on Odweeyne’s bandcamp & Audiomack and will be released on a special bundle CD & vinyl format in Limited edition at the end of every Year.

New Volume coming coon .. stay tuned  !

Heavy Links - The Tear Up 7" - 2016

7" - 2016 - B-Line Recordings 

A - The Tear Up Feat. Scorzayzee 
B - And What

Friday, April 22, 2016

Mix : A Different Kind of Dope: 90's Baltimore Random Rap Mix Vol. 1 & 2

1) Ring Side - Precise & The Boys ft. Marty Cash
2) Chocolate Dip - Labtekwon
3) Sunshine - The Runaway Slaves
4) Penz n Needlez - Pen Powz
5) Competition Catch Speed Knots - Constant Deviants
6) Physics - Sparrow
7) Remember the Days - Trifwound
8) The Shop - The Arx
9) Final Analysis - KRB
10) Coptic Jihad - Labtekwon
11) Class is in Session - DJ Class
12) Just Gee'n - Junie Jam
13) I Don't Think You're Gonna Make It - Precise & The Boys ft. Marty Cash
14) Analyze The Style - Khaos & DBA

1) Wordflow (9MM Version) - 2HP
2) Gimme Dat - Tru 2 Lyfe
3) The Low Ride Song - C.A.T.
4) Honey-Glazed Skins - Khaos & DBA
5) Just Chill - Trick E. Tea
6) Take The World By Storm - Twice As Nice
7) Rockin' Rhythms - Vital Signs
8) Blue Lights and Blunts - L.
9) The Jay - Major League
10) Madd Syco - Madd Syco
11) Dope Beat Always Time - Khaos & DBA
12) Kick It Over Here - Three Steps From Nowhere
13) Mr. Phat (80 oz. Mix) - Blaksam
14) Tast of Blood - Wicked Minds
15) Senselezz Murderz - Mr. Ruckuz

Props to my man Drasar and his excellent 
"HipHopBattlefield" Blog for putting me on this mixes . 

Shouts to Secret Weapon Dave  

News & Views by Bobbito - Rap Pages 1994

From Rap Pages - February 1994 - Scan Courtesy of Frederic Thecle  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ded Tebiase - Seventy Five - 2016

LP - 2016 - Village Live Records  

01. Intro
02. Plan Connection 
03. Interlude
04. Plush Ft. Iron Braydz (Da Flyy Hooligan)
05. Begin War 
06. Seventy Five
07. The Corner (MST)
08. Side B Intro
09. Worldwide Ft. MNSR Frites
10. Good As Gone
11. Interlude
12. Mystery
13. I Know Ft. Dee Green, Hozay & Patl
14. The Water Ft. Risskant
15. *BONUS* Worldwide (Instrumental)

300 Copies Only 

Tape (50 Copies) also available Here  

Finsta Bundy - Bushwick to Shin-Juku (CD) - 2016

CD - 2016 - Chopped Herring Records  

Bushwick To Shin-Juku
State Of Emergency
One Life To Live
Love & Hate (4-Track Mix)
Game's So Crazy
What You Gonna Do
Via FB
Who Wanna Rock (4-Track Mix)
One For The Money feat Greg Nice
Sunnyside (Rough Version)
Evil Dee feat Finsta Bundy - You're Nobody [Bonus Track]
Killa Kid Times Remix [Bonus Track]

B Flatt & Tyranny - Back To Basics (CD) - 1996

CD-R (ReIssue)  - 2016 - Big Noise Radio

"Originally released in 1996, 2016 brings about the 20 year anniversary for B Flatt "Back To Basics". The 20 year re-up! This vintage hip-hop project was originally released on Cassette Tape and CD. 42 minutes of hip-hop music, it has been re-mastered and will be soon available, in limited edition, on Vinyl Record, CD and USB Media Pack (containing pictures and bonus tracks). 

The B Flatt "Back To Basics" EP was an independent release from the Big Noise camp that defined a new level of quality, soul and organic music as folks from the Bay Area built their catalog. It was a call to the community to stay balanced as commercial radio began to misrepresent Hip Hop Culture. With radio play and interviews from collage stations, as well as performing with names like Rasco (from Cali Agents), B-Flatt and Tyranny brought you that authentic hip-hop feeling. As a testament to this selections are still in rotation today on Big Noise Radio generating positive fan feedback! In 2016 we just shipped a VIP package out to Estonia in Europe, via special request. Fan's are still feeling the B Flatt "Back To Basics" EP worldwide. 

In 1995 the project was produced by Noiseman on an Akai S1100 and sequenced in Cu-Base, then mixed on a Soundcraft 24 track mixer. Vocals were recorded on a Tascam MS16 1" tape recorder. This was the first authentic hip-hop album produced by Noiseman, after releasing a Break-Beat album via Upstairs Records. Peanut Butter Wolfe, founder of Stones Throw records was a label-mate at the time. The album is a classic hip-hop collectors item. B-Flatt aka B Malik from Oakland, CA can also be heard hosting shows on Big Noise Radio. "

01 - MC's MC's MC's
02 - Back To Basics
03 - Now The Purpose
04 - Much Respect
05 - Like This
06 - What Can U Doo
07 - Best Of Success
08 - Type Of Place To Raise Kids
09 - Niggas Know I Drop
10 -Mind State
11 - To The Beat
12 - Crushed By Your Dreams
13 -One Fo The Money
14 - Gonna Miss Me
15 - Words Untold

Limited edition "Back To Basics" EP on Compact Disk. Full size clear Jewel Case. High quality CDR, silk-screen print. Red Book format. Black and White artwork, 32lbs matte stock. Nostalgic CD's, same as originally released in 1996. 
250 Copies Only . 

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