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The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - Nov 13th 1997 - WKCR

The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show w/DJ Eclipse & DJ Daze - 89.9 WKCR - Nov 13th 1997

Third Sight - Rhymes Like A Scientist Instrumental 
Dj Eclipse Talks
Third Sight - Rhymes Like A Scientist
Bobbito Talks
Mass Influence  - Space Cases
The Boulevard Connection Feat Clappy & Company Flow - Jonny Rookie Card
J-Treds - Make It Happen
Arsonists - Flashback
Infectious Organisms - Tears Demo (ID by HecticEclectic)
Busta Rhymes - It’s All Good
Soma - You Ain't Ready Remix (ID by Serch4beatz)
Non Phixion - Promo
IG Off & Hazadous - Hip Hop Till I Die
Rawcotiks - Magic Chef 
Kess ‎– Against The Law
Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard
The Unspoken Heard - It’s about Time
Bobbito & Lord Sear
The Unspoken Heard Freestyle
Showbiz & AG - Raw As Ever
Diamond D - Flowin’
Godfather Don - On The Other Side
Necro - Get on Your Knees
Fatal Hussein feat Tame One - Ghetto Star
Frankenstein - Agony & Ecstasy
Organized Konfuzion feat attica blues - Tender (Organized Konfusion Remix)
God Sunz - 1-718
Rakim - The Saga Begins
The High & Mighty - The Meaning
DITC  (Show & AG Feat Big L, Lord Finesse & OC ) - Dignified Soldiers Remix
L Fudge - Show Me Your Gratitude
Shabaam Sahdeeq - ?
Bobbito & Dj Eclipse
KMD - F With Ya Head
Dj Daze Mix Session 
MC EZ & Troup - Get Retarded
Ultimate Force - I’m Not Playin’
Bizzie Boyz - Droppin’ It
K-Solo - Fugitive (Super Extended Remix)
X-Clan - Verbal Milk
Freshco - Ain’t You Freshco?
King Tee feat Ice Cube - Funky Piano
Low Profile - That’s Y They Do It
Masta Ace feat EyceURokk - Go Where I Send Thee
Stezo - To the Max
LL Cool J - Jack the Ripper
JVC Force - Stop N Listen
Markey Fresh - The Mack of Rap
YZ - Thinking of a Master Plan
Chill Rob G - Let Me Show You (Prince Paul Remix)
Eric B & Rakim - The R Remix
Positive K - Step Up Front
Main Source - Watch Roger Do His Thing
MC Shan - I Pioneered This
Deuces Wild - Five Times the Rhymer
Dismasters - Small Time Hustler
991 Volts - Champion of Love
Brand Nubian - Concerto in X Minor
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Super Casanova
Stezo - Freak the Funk
Masters of Ceremony - Dynamite
Lord Finesse  feat Percee P - Kickin’ Flava Wit’ My Man
Steady B - Let the Hustlers Play
Stetasonic - Faye
Masta Ace - Brooklyn Battles
Bobbito Talks
MF Doom - Greenbacks
The Lordz feat O.C & Lord Finesse - Lake of Fire
Diamond D - The Hiatus Remix Instrumental
Dj Daze Talks
Diamond D feat Cru - The Hiatus Remix
Common - Invocation
Shadowz In Tha Dark - Fatigez
Kool DJ EQ feat Xzibit , Casual & Del -  Three Emcees
Pumpkinhead - Dynamic
Redfoo & Dre Kroon feat Evidence - The Freshest
Ra The Rugged Man feat 8-Off - Till my Heart Stops
DJ Babu, DJ Rhettmatic & Fanatik - Ill Skill Beat
INI - To Each is Own
Adagio - The Upper Hand Instrumental
Lord Sear & Dj Eclipse
Adagio - The Upper Hand Instrumental

Props to Dj Eclipse  

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