Thursday, May 30, 2019

MP & Vokab Feat. Masta Ace - What Comes To Mind - 2019

Here is the second single titled "What Comes To Mind" released by the Seattle-based artists MP & Vokab from their upcoming album "Nineteen Ninety Won". The track is featuring Masta Ace and is produced by Anno Domini. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mix : Serch4beatz Presents Wu-Related

Rubbabandz - Purple Rain
Pop Da Brown Hornet - Can You Wu-Wu-Wu
King Just - Warrior's Drum Instrumental
KGB - Yeah You
Camouflage Large - Hitmen Holdin' Steel
Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black On Black Crime
La the Darkman ft. Raekwon- As The World Turnz 
Remedy - Seen It All
Othorized Fam - Othorized Bloodline
Camouflage Large - Heavy Hitters
Da Last Future - Evil Lulla Bye
Shabazz The Disciple - Crime Saga Remix
King Just - No Flows On The Rodeo
Double Action, Warchild & Renegayd - Shaolin Style

Monday, May 27, 2019

Strictly Business - Company Flow

From Hip-Hop Connection - September 1997

Che Noir feat. Termanology - Kiss The Ring - 2019

The Buffalo-based emcee Che Noir is back with her last single "Kiss The Ring" featuring Termanology, taken from her upcoming full-length project titled Thrill of the Hunt 2 which is fully produced by 38 Spesh. 

Lyrical Lounger - Mos Def

From Hip-Hop Connection - Winter 1997 

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 215 - Genuine for '89

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.  

This is Episode 215 - Genuine for '89 - DJ Toast - originally aired on May 26, 2019

Big Daddy Kane “Smooth Operator”
Tone-Loc “Cheeba Cheeba”
The D.O.C. “It’s Funky Enough”
MC Lyte “Cha Cha Cha”
Lord Alibaski “Lyrics in Motion”
Special Ed “Think About It”
Sir Mix-a-Lot “My Hooptie”
Tony D “Back to the Lab”
MC Lyte “Cappucino”
Heavy D & The Boyz “Gyrlz, They Love Me”
Special Ed “I Got It Made”
Stezo “To the Max”
Boogie Down Productions “Why is That?”
Gang Starr “Manifest”
Kid Capri “Something in the Way You Make Me Feel (Blend from Oct 1989 mixtape)”
Nice & Smooth “More & More Hits”
LL Cool J “Big Ole Butt”
Three Times Dope “Funky Dividends”
Ice-T “You Played Yourself”
De La Soul f. Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip “Buddy”
Queen Latifah f. the 45 King “A King and Queen Creation”
3rd Bass “Product of the Environment”
Antoinette “A is for Antoinette”
MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D “Knock ‘Em Out Sugar Ray (45 King Remix)”
Too Poetic “God Made Me Funky”
Def Jef “Black to the Future”
Nice & Smooth “Funky For You”
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo “Road to the Riches”
Jungle Brothers “Straight Out the Jungle”
EPMD “So Wat Cha Sayin’”
Beastie Boys “Hey Ladies”
Markey Fresh “The Mack of Rap”
Jungle Brothers “JBeez Comin Thru”
3rd Bass “Steppin’ to the AM”
EPMD “The Big Payback”
Jamose “The Rhymthologist”
Uptown “Dope on Plastic”
Brand Nubian “Feels So Good”
Stezo “It’s My Turn”
King Sun “It’s a Heat Up”
Biz Markie “Spring Again”
Sir Ibu of Divine Force “I’m the Peacemaker”
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo “Poison”
Public Enemy “Fight the Power”
Queen Latifah f. Monie Love “Ladies First”
Chubb Rock “Ya Bad Chubbs”
Boogie Down Productions “You Must Learn”
Divine Styler “Ain’t Sayin’ Nothing”
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo “Men at Work”
DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip “I’m Large”

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Show - August 19th 1995 - WNWK

My man MadHuman has recently bought a nice batch of Tapes of Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Radio Show from Kevin Keith's personal collection. Here is the first rip and the radio show is from August 19th 1995 ... enjoy Fellas !
Mad Props to Bo Nedelchev for the rip and the upload, Thanks for sharing bro !

? - Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Show Promo
Lord Finesse Feat KRS One - No Gimmicks
J-Force - Bull’s Eye (DJ Mike Smooth Remix)
Masta Ace Inc - Ya Hardcore
Smooth Da Hustler feat Trigga The Gambler- Broken Language
Blunt Headz - Ain't Nothing Happenin Here 
Point Black - No Competition
O.C. & Page The Hand Grenade - Weak Ideas
Scrapmental - Kevin Keith & The Dirty Dozen Show Promo
Talk Break
40:26  ?
D&D Allstars - 1,2 Pass It (Dj Premier Remix)
Mc War Flattop & Mc Trouble Dee - Seven Days Of Armageddon
45 King - Get Dough 
Talk Break
Mytee G Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness

Def Rhythm Productions ‎- Back To The Lab - 2019

CD - 2019 - HipHop Enterprise 

"After a bad departure from Payroll Records, former in-house producer and Bizzie Boyz member Andreao Heard was furious and a man on mission. He decided to hook up with the hungriest new producer in the camp, a cat from NC named Mark Sparks...
Mark Sparks had a raw and dirty style in contrary to Heard's style which more clean and commercial. Heard and T.R. Raynor came up with a plan to release a compilation album, with Andreao Heard producing one side and Marks Sparks producing the other side to attract a wide range of hip-hop fans. On top of that this would also be the first time Heard would get the chance to work with a new promising rapper named Omniscience!
Once the material was completed they sadly were unable to get the record out to the masses and missed a chance in getting radio play and reaching considerable sales. Shortly after the compilation was released Andreao Heard and Mark Sparks went their own way and became very succesful names in the industry. Andreao Heard went on to produce for the likes of Michael Jackson, Will Smith, The Notorious B.I.G, Ma$e, Lil Kim, Anthony Hamilton and more. Mark Sparks went on to produce the underground classic, Kakalaka Raw and did work for Special Ed, Grand Puba, Redhead Kingpin, Salt N Pepa, Mary J Blige and many more." - HipHop Enterprise

01 - Kevin K & DJ Timex - The Man With Soul 
02 - D-Mack & MC Dizzy Dee - You Know The Flavour 
03 - Prince Shahem BelovedIn The Ghetto 
04 - KSB Fresh - I'm Groovin 
05 - MC Romeo - The Lyricist 
06 - Def Rhythm Productions - Bring In The Dope Beat 
07 - Omniscience - Lost In The Music 
08 - Mind Over Matter - Invisible Enemy 
09 - MC Romeo - Listen To It 
10 - Prince Shahem Beloved - I Can Go Freestyle 
11 - Def Rhythm Productions - The Jewel

300 copies only !

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Buddah Bazz ‎- Quote It - 1997

12" - 1997 - Phatt Pocket Ent.

Buddah Bazz - Photo courtesy of Malik Williams 

Buddah Bazz was a hip-hop duo hailing from Flowtown (Florence, South Carolina) and consisted of Malik and Buddah Ratt. The wax came out in 1997 on Phatt Pocket Entertainement, a record label managed by Victor D Newton a.k.a Bigg Vic. It is composed of 3 tracks "Quote It", "Live In Frankfort" and "Buddah Bazz Meets Black Reign" produced by Bigg Vic and DJ Mark Ellavenson

Video : Midnite Society - 1983 - 2019

New video from the group Midnite Society, hailing from Strong Island and who consists of SHOZAE who produced the track, QS, PETE, Super Vic, Ace Who?, Dunny Cold-Facts, Gleek and Y2The3rd.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Demo Tape : Phanatik Conception

Etienne via his dope Til.Infinity Blog has recently posted a very interesting Demo Tape (12 tracks) recorded by the Bay Area producer Fanatik, around 1996. 
The B-Side contains unreleased tracks (studio sessions) featuring Grand The Visitor a.k.a 50 Grand of Homeliss Derilex... The tape also features Encore, Dave Dub & Persevere of Sub Contents.  Enjoy fellas ... and big thanks to Etienne for sharing this ! 

Album Review : Ice Cube - Lethal Injection - 1993

LP - 1993 - Priority Records 

From The Source - February 1994 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Interview : Ghostface Killah in Pound Magazine

From Pound Magazine - December 2001 / January 2002 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton

Monday, May 20, 2019

Surge - HandsOfTime Presents The Butcher Brody Mix Tape - 2019

Surge HandsOfTime is back with a new mixtape named The Butcher Brody Mix Tape. As usual no mainstream here ... Surge's selection is only made of new classic joints for real hip-hop headz... enjoy fellas !

"This one here is made for the True Heads. Like you, Abdullah The Butcher and Bruiser Brody lived by the code of originality. Butcher Brody is an embodiment of their sacrifice. Embrace the cover and bear witness to two of the most revered warriors of their era to ever enter the squared circle. Very few men have risen to their level. Most have fallen" - Surge HandsOfTime

Contact : Surge-HandsOfTime  

Skemen - Under Pressure - 1995

12" - 1995 - Skemen Records 

Let's talk about this very good 12" which isn't really hard to find but is a must have in your collection, released by the duo named Skemen who consisted of KC and Gab hailing from Chelsea Projects in Brownsville, Brooklyn. 

Gab & KC - Photo courtesy of KC a.k.a Mystere Jones

KC : "In 93 we officially formed the group Skemen. Back then we used to wear ski mask and ski coats with baggy Guess jeans lol. Ske (Ski) - Men (2 of us) = Skemen...

The wax is composed of 2 tracks, "Under Pressure" on the A-Side which is the lead single of the record produced solely by KC, and "Size 'Em Up Play 'Em" on the B-Side produced by FMS and featuring other Brooklyn-based artists like Rock The MC a.k.a Roc Da Guard, Tone, Unraveltry. The 12" came out on Skemen Records  in 1995, a record label managed by KC. 

KC : "The connection with Rock The MC, Tone and Unraveltry happened through a local barbershop in Brownsville Brooklyn that they would frequent and shared the same interest in NYC Hip Hop, then decided to collaborate on some music.
FMS which was short for "Foreign Mix Sounds", consisted of two brothers from Brooklyn named D Sorce & Dirty OxTheir family is from Honduras, hence where we get the "Foreign" in FMS... The Barbershop is what connected us all..."

 For those who don't know yet ... after that 12", Roc Da Guard and KC founded the Group called 'Da Noe Doe Network' and released a few 12" singles and EP in 1996 and 1997. 

Photo courtesy of KC a.k.a Mystere Jones

KC : "I guess we never expected the record would have such an impact. After that we focused more on Noe Doe group projects, but there was a Skemen's album in the works tho..."

As I know that most of Skemen tracks were produced by KC, we could expect that the unreleased album could see the light of day soon ... fingers crossed !

Mad props to Mystere Jones, thanks for your time. 

Pharcyde - HHC 1997

From Hip Hop Connection - October 1997 

Vic Monroe - Soul Of Kaiju - 2019

Last project named "Soul Of Kaiju" released by the Chicago-based emcee Vic Monroe, mostly produced by The SOULution except "Earth Quake" produced by Sqreeb  and "Expresso Machines" produced by Kool Mat, and all the scratches done by DJ Grazz Hoppa. 

New Batch of Videos

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - May 10th 1998 - WQHT

 Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Hot 97 WQHT May 10, 1998

Hot97 Promo
Gang Starr - You Know My Steez (Three Men & A Lady Remix)
Buc Fifty - Dead End Street 
Rasheed & Ill Advised - Red Hott
Jay-Z  A Million and One Questions (Dj Premier Remix)
Gang starr feat M.O.P -  B.I vs Friendship
Defari - Never Loose Touch
Defari - People’s Choice
Talk Break
Defari - Freestyle & Interview
Lord Digga - My Flows is Tight
Street Smartz - F-It-Less
Dilated Peoples - The Main Event
Cappadonna  Milk the Cow
Promos / Adverts
Sauce Money & Big Jaz - What time Is It ?
Street Smartz - Don’t trust Anyone Remix
All City - Priceless
Talk Break
All City - Interview & Freestyle
All City - The Actual
Xzibit - 3 Card Molly
The Korp - We Comin’
Paula Perry feat Jesse West - Down to Die for This
Buc Fifty - Still Breathin’ 
?? Infa Red - Hold On ??
Cuban Link - Toe 2 Toe
Gang Starr - Itz A Set Up
Mad Skillz - The Conceited Bastard
Dynasty - Wildcat
Promos /  Adverts

Props to DJ Eclipse for the Upload 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Damu The Fudgemunk & MF DOOM - Coco Mango Diced 7" - 2019

7" - 2019 - R3DEF 

01 - Coco Mango Sliced - MF DOOM - (Power Outage Remix Vocal Version)
02 -  Coco Mango Sliced - MF DOOM - (Power Outage Remix Instrumental) 
03 -  Coco Mango Diced - MF DOOM - (Boy Scout Remix ft Insight)

"In 2011, Paris based production duo the Union collaborated with Doom for their album, Analogtronics on the single, "Coco Mango". This track would be remixed by DC's, Damu the Fudgemunk for a limited 7" that sold out in two weeks and became an underground smash in it's own right. Being a DOOM and Madvillain fan, Damu took to the opportunity to lay 2 remixes both inspired specifically by Madvillain's track "Rhinestone Cowboy".
The results are commonly dubbed "CoCo Mango Sliced" (power outage mix) and "Coco Mango Diced" (boyscout mix). Coco Mango Sliced enlisted a sharp guest verse from Boston's Insight the Truncator. Fun fact: While producing the remixes, Damu lost power in his studio literally after recording a demo of the the first mix and lost the unsaved be in his MPC. That 2 track demo would become what was published, hence the (power outage mix). Instead of recreating the exact same beat he lost, Damu took the same sample and put a different swing on it, giving us remix number 2 (boyscout mix).
Since its original release, these remixes have become known as "the DOOM record you've never heard" due to it's short shelf life. Though a repress would've made perfect sense in 2011, it's now 2019 and these tracks are finally getting a proper reissue. The cover art was handled by well known artist Joe Buck of De La Soul fame and pays homage to DOOM using his signature hand drawn technique accenting a classic masked photo of Damu the Fudgemunk. Everything about this record screams high quality hip hop." - Redefinition Records

Orange 7" vinyl limited to 500 copies
Shipping Date : July 19th 2019


The BodySnatchers !

I like unreleased demos and I'm glad people are still sharing rare gems from their vaults online. We can thank Trekan for these unreleased materials from the Silent Ones Family ... some very good stuff from his crib recorded in 1993-1994 by a group hailing from the Bronx named The BodySnatchers. The crew consisted of Ptah, Prop, J Sample and QuickBone. 

"We came to this Planet a little over 7000 years ago. 
We hit the soil and pushed deep into the earth on the east, in a part of the planet that later became known as The Bronx, New York.
A rumbling ground breaking sound coming from the Speakers of A King called Disco Mario in Bronxdale projects unearthed the pods and awoken a situation bound to take over the ears of all humanity. And in 1973, The invasion began. 
A creature calling itself Ptah created a Path built on 808 kicks and James Brown loops that would cause the people in the area to submit undeniable vocal frequencies.
The Primary Prop would then surf  the audio arrangements vocally taking over the thoughts of the population.  This caused the take over to grow 2 arms that would Cut, Scratch, and Dig into the Body and Bones of the people. 
Left  Arm, J Sample would cut deep into the Body and memories of mankind, and Right Arm Quick Bone would scratch his way into the Bones and thoughts of all who caught contact.
Our Mentor and Ship’s Captain and Director Trekan would distribute the captured frequencies world wide to make sure we would dominate musically." - Courtesy of Ptah

The BodySnatchers were also known under the name of Funky Edition. The only difference with the BodySnatchas is Trekan produced on some of their records and Pitch Black rhymed on a lot of the songs. Also the name change from Funky Edition to Tha BodySnatchers came after the group changed their sound to make it more "Street". 

Mad Props to my man Trekan and the Silent 1z