Sunday, January 29, 2012


Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito on WKCR – 10/26/1995

DJ Stretch Armstrong Show featuring Bobbito the Barber on WKCR Feat DJ ROC RAIDA – 10/26/1995

AZ Feat Nas – Gimme Yours
Method Man Feat Redman – How High [Original Version]
KRS One Feat Das EFX – Represent The Real Hip Hop
Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
Mic Geronimo – Lifecheck
WU – Ice Cream
[Bobb intros Roc Raida]…
Sadat X & Akinyele – Loud Hangover
? – Freestyle [MC on his lunch-break?]
KRS1 – Rappaz R N Danja
Show & AG – Medicine
Junior Mafia – Get Money

Non-Phixion, Serch, Sabac, Goretex and Necro et cet [Live/ Freestyles]
Rakim & Eric B – Eric B for President
Superlover Cee – Girls I Got Em Locked
Run DMC – Peter Piper
Group Home – Livin Proof [Instrumental]
Necro, Sabac, Serch, Goretex [Freestyles]
OC – Ozone
Crime Fam – Scotch On The Rocks
Biggie – Dead Wrong
Dr. Octagon – Biology 101

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Saturday, January 28, 2012


SBX - Holding Down Tradition

Featuring Show & AG, Lord Finesse, Percee P, Party Arty ( RIP ), D-Flow

DIRECTOR: Jun Okhi aka Zunbug Turskee
PRODUCERS: Jun Ohki, Kohji Maruyama & Andre Barnes


A1 AG - Inspiration
A2 D-Flow - Don't Know Me
A3 Party Arty - Everyday
A4 The Ghetto Dwellas - Ghetto Dwellas
B1 Lord Finesse Vs Percee P - 2003 Rematch
B2 Lord Finesse Vs Percee P - 2003 Rematch (Instrumental)
B3 AG - Little Big Man