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Hieroglyphics in Rap Pages - 1993

From Rap Pages - July 1993 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Polecat - R.I.P. / Make The Paper - 1996

12" - 1996 - Ruckus Records

This 12" came out in 1996 and was released by Casey Staton aka Polecat of the original Street Poets from Boston, better known as Brick Casey nowadays.

According to his Biography, in 1992 he was signed to Polygram/Mercury Records, where he worked with prominent A&R hit man, Bruce Carbone. He recorded his hit "Smooth", which was remixed by the prominent club and remix DJ, Kenny Diaz, a.k.a. "Kenny Dope." This ultimately led to a production deal with Peer Music, Ltd. in conjunction with Underground Productions, Inc.
In 1995, the DBK Label chose four of Casey’s titles for Street Poets album – "Out Ta Flip", "209A", "Neighborhood" and "What Cha Need". At the time, he went by the name Polecat, and his songs received heavy airplay in college radio and international record pools. 

The wax is composed of 2 tracks titled "R.I.P." which is available in 2 different versions (Wu-Doo Mix and LP Mix) and "Make The Paper". It was released on Ruckus Records and was mostly produced by Brad Young and Dow Brain, except R.I.P LP Mix version produced by Killa C. More info about the producers Brad Young & Dow Brain can be find into Mickey Hess’s book "Hip Hop In America: A Regional Guide Vol. 1" :

"During this period, rap music production was booming in Boston. Two Berklee College of music graduates, Dow Brain and Brad Young, formed Underground Productions and were getting regular production work by the mid-1990s. A veteran of Newbury Studios, Brad had already made a name for himself working with artists like RSO. In the mid 90s, Dow and Brad met MC Casey "Polecat" Staton through Brad's contacts at Newbury Studios. In 1995 , this team would produce the Punch/Polecat split 12" LP on DBK Records featuring the classic Boston underground tracks "Mindless" and " Out Ta Flip". Brad and Dow would also work with Dorchester rapper Todd "T-Max" Keith Maxwell, on the blunted urban classic 12" single "Relax Your Mind/Execution Style" (1996)."

Sunday, December 29, 2019

De La Soul in Elements Magazine - 1996

From Elements - Issue #6, May/June 1996 - Scans courtesy of UBC 

Mix : Smooth & Hard 90's Underground Hip Hop Compilation

01. Godfather Don - Do My Thing 
02. Big Tabb - Laid Back
03. Da Henchmen - Stressfield Days Feat. Big Jam, True Da Grynch, Tank & Murda One
04. Citizen Kane - Elements Of Mind (Black Rain Remix) Feat. Down To Erf
05. Street Smartz  - Metal Thangz (Remix)
06. D.N.A. (Devon Noah Allah) - Paper Chase
07. Foundation & Rezidue - Boogie Down's Got The Flavor
08. Shortie No Mass - Like This
09. J-Force - Pink Chicken ('98 Original Recipe)
10. Godfather Don - For Your Ear
11. Brick City Kids - What What
12. Flying Pupa - Werdz Feat. Choclair,  Kardinal Offishall & Saukrates
13. L The Head Toucha - It's All Over
14. Kurious - Uptown Shit
15.  U.S. - Red Eye
16. The Candy Store - Second 2 None Feat. Willie Littles, Lifty Ad
17. Citizen Kane - Lost Angels
18. Shortie No Mass - U Like My Style
19. Basemet Khemists - Everybody (L I F E )
20. Brother Arthur - What U Gonna Do VHS
21. Black Dick - Mizzy Thoughts Feat. Birdie Fly
22. The Outfit - Day In Night Out 
23. The Candy Store - Memories Feat. Lifty, Me'Nage
24. Ready Ta Roll - Drug Game
25. K-Solo - Who's Killin' Who
26. Two Outta Millions - Land Of Lyricism
27. Punk Barbarians - The Struggle Feat. Donald Byrd
28. Alphabet Soup - Take A Ride
29. The Outfit - Rise & Shine
30. L The Head Toucha - Sesame Street Hood
31. Finsta Bundy - Bushwick To Shin-Juku

Kick A Dope Verse! Present The Abstract Era Vol. 3 - 2019

Tape - 2019 - KADV! 


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The Nobodies - Fables LP - 2019

2xLP - 2019 - Back2DaSource Records 

"Sup y'all ? Its been a min since the last drop but we are back at it with the Heat : The Nobodies XXL Conglomerate - Fables 2XLP Album from 1997 is finally on wax for the first time after almost 23 years, and the cd album needed to be reissued as well so now its manifested!
The Nobodies, hailing from North Carolina are the group comprising of Equinox & Apocalypse and The Conglomerate. North Carolina & New York are in the house as part of the album was recorded in New York with the Conglomerate, productions by EagleMan, Phatboy and Babyhead. The album contains 19 tracks, nothing but DOPE boom bap, you're definitely gonna dig it! The 2xLP album comes with an insert and the album has been remastered for the best audio experience possible. Very specifically done for the ultimate outcome." - Bee Lapointe (Back2DaSource Records)

Limited edition of 300 copies each for both formats...
Pre-orders : Vinyl / CD / Bundle 

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Gang Starr - Love From Zoo York

From Rap Pages - June 1994 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Jazz One - 1995 - 2019

The young Sydney-based producer Jazz One is back with a brand new beat tape composed of 6 instrumentals and a Beatnuts remix. 

Illect Recordings Presents Memory Serves - 2019

Last single dropped by the Seattle-based label Illect Recordings produced by Terem featuring  Sivion, Sareem Poems, Change, Sojourn, Rel McCoy.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Mix : Jazz Spastiks Present Moka Only Martian Xmas - 2019

To celebrate the festive season Jazz Spastiks made a mix of some of their favourite dusty and jazzy tracks from Moka Only's annual release Martian Xmas. 

New Jax : Big Ken - 1993

LP - 1992 - 4th & Broadway 

From Rap Pages - July 1993 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton

Monday, December 23, 2019

Doomsday Project ‎- Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest - 1993

12" - 1993 - Tet Offensive Recordings  

This 12" comes from Camden, NJ and was released in 1993 by a group named Doomsday Project, consisted of Frederic El aka 7 Shot Annihilator and Jason Archie aka Jahee El Assassin. 
Jason was a DJ/Producer for a couple of groups in Camden NJ and the connection between the two emcees happened with mutual friends, they formed the duo around 88 or 89.  

The wax is composed of 2 tracks "Bodycatchers At Da Bullet Fest" and "Step Up Front", both produced by Jahee. It came out on Tet Offensive Recordings, a record label managed by Jahee, 7 Shot, Daoud Bey, Al Woods and Scott Shanklin.  

It was the first and last 12" released by the duo... 

Jahee : "Seven and I had a falling out and I left the group. He and Tet Offensive continued with Seven forming a group called Danger-I 5000 and I continued solo.  Then teamed up with Dave Raynolds to form Da Nuthouse. After our release on Fondle'Em, I stayed solo and produced and engineered for several groups, including in-house releases on Good Vibe Recordings. 
"Very Vocabulary" was the track that got Bobbito to give us the deal. That was one of my solo tracks, that and "A Luv Supream" got the Good Vibe deal."

If you want to listen more Doomsday Project's material, a full demo tape recorded in the early 90s was uploaded on soundcloud by hidingplaceplace.

Mad Props to Jason Archie

Kausion - South Central Los Skanless EP - 2019

EP - 2019 - Blocwire Ent. 

For those who aren't familliar with this group, Kausion's debut album was originally released in 1995 on Lench Mob Records. The album composed of 17 tracks was only available on K7 and CD. 

"The westcoast classic Kausion "South Central Los Skanless" is released on 12" vinyl! This rare limited edition piece includes hits "What You Wanna Do?" featuring Ice Cube, also the hood favorite "Bounce Rock Skate" plus 16 Times , SuperSperm featuring K-Dee along with the classic "What That South Central Like" featuring B-Real and many more." - Blocwire Ent. 

100 copies only... 

Ras Beats - And I Say (feat. John Jigg​$​) 7" - 2019

7" - 2019 - Dope Cut Records  

A - And I Say (Vocal Version)
B - And I Say (Instrumental)

200 hand-numbered copies available, only 190 for sale. (95 Gold 7" Vinyl / 95 Black 7" Vinyl / 4 Test Pressings)


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Pitch Black - '98 Interview & Freestyle - WKCR

12" - 1998 - Travio Ent.  

On July 30, 1998, the five members of Pitch Black (Zakee, D.G., Devious, Fast Kid & G.O.D) were invited by Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR for the promo of their third single "Show & Prove" produced by Lord Finesse and released on Travio Entertainment.  

Here is the interview and the Freestyle from that night hosted by Stretch and Lord Sear ... enjoy!  

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Album Review : Artifacts - That's Them - 1997

2xLP - 1997 - Big Beat / Atlantic  

From Rap Pages - June 1997 

Video : Astro Vandalist feat Rec Ali - Make Way - 2019

"Make Way" featuring Rec Ali is the new single dropped by the French DJ/Producer Astro Vandalist, off his forthcoming album titled "Background Radiation". The Project will feature PaceWon, Craig G, Comet, WyldBunch, Ill Bill, Rec Ali just to name a few... and will be released in 2020 on Mad Men Entertainment. 

Mix : rastaRoss420 presents 'Last Of Da Decade' Mix - 2019

01. Scientists Of Sound - The End Of The Age
02. Main One - Whip Appeal
03. Walkin Large - Vibes
04. Sherlock - Swamps Of Corruption
05. Mr Low Kash N Da Shady Bunch - Recognize The Low -*-Danase & Tru Comers - Drama (Instrumental)
06. The Extremities - Like This feat. D Sisive, Guilty Simpson & DJ Grouch -*- Adlib Swayze - Creature
07. Mad Pack - Brainstorm -*- Godfather Don - Ill Funk Freaker
08. Full Circle - Aurum
09. Cipher - How It Go feat. Natural Skills
10. Brothaz Bent - Scorn To Be Blue
11. Absent Minded - Whatever
12. Datbu - Right On
13. Kay LC & DCReal67 - Music Takes My Mind feat. Redzone
14. Phat Pockets - No Tears For Fears
15. Phalo Pantoja - Dramatic Affair feat. MCM -*- MZ Boom Bap - Don't Shut Down On A Playa (Instrumental)

Contact :  rastaRoss420 

Thursday, December 19, 2019

DJ Buzz & Mono:Massive - Play - 2019

LP - 2019 - Radio Juicy 

"Radio Juicy proudly presents PLAY LP, the collab album between the Austrian producers Mono:Massive and DJ Buzz. With a very urban atmosphere "Play" takes us for a walk on the streets and introduce us to this future classic style that came out of the joint minds of the two producers from Vienna.
The project has a very nice old school boombap feeling to it and comes on vinyl as a very unique and desirable piece for your collection, thanks to the awesome art by Jim Spendlove and the mastering beautifully done by DJ Buzz." - Radio Juicy

1. Introduction 
2. Beyond The Hills 
3. Ocean Breeze
4. Coloured Condinuum 
5. Keep It Drama 
6. Broken Clouds 
7. Mix The Funk
8. Zero G
9. Greater Things
10. Blurred Memories
11. Bookake
12. Sepulveda Boulevard
13. Tape Saturation
14. Daily Ops 
15. Take It Back
16. Outroduction


DAS EFX in Elements Magazine - 1995

From Elements - Issue #3, Sept/Oct 1995 - Scans courtesy of UBC

Undagawds - Undagawds 2xLP - 2019

2xLP - 2019 - Sichtexot Records 

"Undagawds – consisting of rapper Peter Manns & beatmaker Thelonious Coltrane – an American/Russian MC and Producer team with their chosen home Frankfurt am Main (Germany). 
Peter Manns came from Cambridge (Massachusetts) to the German banking capital . There he met Thelonious Coltrane, who was about to flood the market across the city limits with a myriad of beat tapes long ago. It clicked between those two directly and, as a result, they created an absolute new school boombap-masterpiece."

"The beats from Coltrane vary from soulful grooves and jazz samples (“Looking for Words“ and “Cognac“) to classic headnod-bangers (jump up). Peter Manns adds his thoughtful lyrics being permanently performed with an unlimited amount of coolness to a perfect mix. 

"Devil on my back, but i stay on track" 

Friends left behind and newly won in the old and new home, phases of childhood and youth or simply the life itself – Peter Manns drags the listener into the hustle coming along with being a young immigrant from America trying to find his way in a foreign country and city. Of course, there are the girls, the funk, the partys and the weed as well... but foremost, each song those two present delivers the message: despite all difficulties and irregularities, it is the music, which makes it all void and, ultimately, puts together all the scattered pieces! " - Sichtexot

500 handnumbered copies available...