Sunday, January 31, 2021

RIP Double K


Here is a PUTS tribute mixed by my man Phuncky Doyen and aired on Monday 18th January 2020 on Hip-Hop Syndrome radio show. The west coast legend Double K, one half of the Los Angeles hip-hop duo People Under the Stairs passed away recently... Rest In Peace.

Jazz Spastiks - Camera of Sound - 2021


LP - 2021 - Jazz Spastiks 

"Camera of Sound" is the brand new project from Jazz Spastiks aka the Slipmat Brothers. The album features groups or emcees like Artifacts, Count Bass D and DJ Pocket, C-Rayz-Walz, Kool Keith, Phill Most Chill, The Procussions, Soundsci and Wee Bee Foolish (Yeshua DaPoEd and Ken Boogaloo). 

Available on Vinyl, Cassette & CD (Digipack) - Shipping Date : February 22nd 2021


Altered Channel - Instrumental Vol I​.​II​.​III.


The Instrumentals from the Altered Channel remix series vol.I (Altered Channel), vol.II (Unlockers), & vol.III (Operation Lockdown) produced by Venom, Kyo Itachi, Jehli & Azaia are now available digitally on Brain Connection 1978 Bandcamp. 

The Wicked Takeover Ep#003 - WRAPfm


Bay Area DJ Wicked is back with the third episode of The Wicked Takeover aired on January 29th 2021 on WRAPfm


Intro with Wicked
Hulk Hodn & Hubert Daviz – Boykott (Instrumental)
Exile (feat. Blu) – When Nothings Left
Fatnice (feat. Charlie K) – Babies
Starvin B (feat. Timeless Truth) – High Power
Shaz Illyork (feat. Sean Price) – Power Pieces
Timeless Truth – Power Pieces
Clear Soul Forces – Remain Raw
George Fields & Glad2Mecha (feat. Realistic) – Feel Like That
Teknical Development.IS – Natural Devices
Flofilz (feat. Ivan Ave) – Shinethru
La Base & Tru Comers – Originoo Comin Tru
Warpath – Medium Rare
Full Circle – The Season
A.G. & DJ Crucial – The Struggle (Grap Luva Remix)
Rebels To The Grain & Jazz Spastiks – Pass It
Jazz Spastiks & Mello Soul Black – Midnight Mode 
Fredfades & Sun Raw (feat. Planet Asia & Waz) – Mobbin For A Hobby
Beneficence (feat. Estee Knack of Tragic Allies) – Each One Teach One 
Mirage & Concept – Worldwide (Evil Ed Remix)
Retrogott & Motion Man (feat. DJ Kutmasta Kurt) – Swoop
Loopwhole Beats & EastKoast – The Heart Of New York
Brous One – Nightwalking (Instrumental)
Outro with Wicked
Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle Session with Mad Skillz & Q-Tip ( 04/14/1994)

Friday, January 29, 2021

Ghetto Chilldren - 90s Unreleased, Demos & Rare Tracks - 2021

2xLP - 2021 - B2DS

"Sup y'all ?! Proud to announce we are back with the Tribal Music Fam ! Do The Math, Untranslated Prescriptions, Narcotik, its all the same Collective and it was time to put out some Ghetto Chilldren 90's unreleased songs with B Self & Vitamin D. We had to bring you more of this Emerald City Heat ! 206 hidden Gems no question ! This project contains 11 songs (90's Unreleased ones, rare tracks mostly from their first tape, + demo tapes material). Despite of the dusty sound quality for some of them (old dusty tapes or demo tapes, no miracle you know the deal) we did our best in order to bring you the best audio quality in the studio with the restoration because those songs deserved it ! More than 53 minutes of Pure Positive Vibes ! If you liked Do The Math or Untranslated Prescriptions this one is for you ! You will notice some imperfections here and there but we are sure you gonna dig the main Vibes ! This Music heals the Soul. Incredible Original Jazzy Conscious Soulful Boom Bap Hip Hop productions by the Tallhomey AKA Vitamin D ! Poet-tree in motion thats what you gonna feel when you will listen to the G.C (B Self & Vita) Verbal Alchemy on those melodic loops of Love. Timeless Music . The 2LP comes with a DOPE Tribal Music insert" - Bee Lapointe - Back2DaSource Records

Pre-Order : Bundle / 2xLP / CD / Merch

Bored Stiff - When Worse Comes To Shove - 2021


The group Bored Stiff from San Francisco is back with a brand new album. If you're looking for a physical copy, you can order the CD version on their bandcamp.

Oblique Strategies - Raw Pastiche - 2020


LP - 2020 - We Stay True

Mr Brown teams up with the Nottingham-based emcee Cappo to form Oblique Strategies and present to you their album "Raw Pastiche", available on limited edition 12" vinyl (250 copies). 


Unsigned Hype : C4

From The Source - February 1996

12" - 1996 - Amenta Rkrds 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Unspoken Heard - Contemporary Wisdom


From Elemental Magazine - Issue #28 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton

Brothers of The Same Mind - Brothers of The Same Mind - 2021

LP - 2021 - Crane City Music

"Early ’90s Seattle hip-hop group Brothers Of The Same Mind reached such heights that NYC-based The Source magazine featured them in their October 1990 issue, as the “Unsigned Hype” group for that month, declaring them to be the next big thing in rap.

The Source shouted out the group’s “excellent street-wise production, unlike anything we’ve heard from the Emerald City,” while adding that “the Brothers can hang with many popular NYC rappers at their best.”

In 1991, on the strength of local and national praise, the group released their acclaimed debut, a seven-song, self-titled cassette. This album is a Northwest classic, full of hometown pride: The cover photo was shot in the Central District at East Portal Viewpoint, and the music video for their hit single, “Cool Drink,” was filmed at Seattle’s Gas Works Park. The video found regular rotation on BET, and the Brothers appeared in The Source a second time later that year.

Thirty years have now passed and the BOTSM cassette is long sold out. Indeed, it has become one of the most sought after (and valuable) artifacts in the history of Seattle hip-hop. Until Now!

Today, on the 30th anniversary of this remarkable Seattle hip-hop release, golden era rap label Ever Rap/P.I.G. Records is proud to reissue Brothers Of The Same Mind for the first time on vinyl. This deluxe edition contains all the songs from the original cassette, remastered from the original DAT by Jack Endino. The cover includes liner notes by Novocaine 132.

Here’s a record that is insistent and relentless, comforting the afflicted while afflicting the comfortable. It was delivered straight to the streets of Seattle, by five local legends—MC Class, DJ Swift, B-Max (aka Nerdy B!), Mellow Touch, and Sin-Q.

They combine the persuasive messages of empowerment (inspired by Public Enemy, whose lyrics gave the group their name) with choppy sample-based production (akin to Gang Starr), together reaching a heightened creative plateau, “unlike anything we’ve heard from the Emerald City.” " courtesy of Crane City Music


Shipping Date : February 1st 2021

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Wicked Takeover Ep#001 - WRAPfm


Bay Area DJ Wicked is back with the first episode of The Wicked Takeover aired on January 15th 2021 on WRAPfm. 


Intro with Wicked
Boora – Soundogolism (Instrumental)
Clever 1 – War Against The White Ninjaz
Wais P (feat. Nems) – No Rules
Jay Royale (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa) – Reefer Clouds
Moar (feat. Dirt Platoon) – Dirty Bomb
The Four Owls (feat. Roc Marciano) – Dark Days
R.A. The Rugged Man (feat. DJ Stylewarz) – Legendary Loser
R.A. The Rugged Man – Life Of The Party
Blu & Exile – Blue As I Can Be
Kid Abstrakt & Emapea (feat. DJ Million Faces) – Raw.Lofi
The Shelter – Zero Fucks
Real Bad Man (feat. Flee Lord & Boldy James) – Flashback
The Starting 5ive – Wutitis
Jamo Gang (feat. DJ Premier)  Highway
Propo’88 x Wildelux  Certified Craftsmen
Apollo Brown x Che’Noir – ‘94
Demotapez – Tru Steelo (Instrumental)
Outro with Wicked
Tha Alkaholiks (feat. The Lootpack & Declaime) – WLIX

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #374


Here is the latest episode of the Track Side Burners Radio Show hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM.

Jamil Honesty feat. Rim DaVillan x P.U.R.E - Pam Grier - 2021

The Baltimore-based MC Jamil Honesty drops the first single "Pam Grier" from his upcoming project "The Greatest Dope!" featuring RIM DaVillin & P.U.R.E and produced by Jsoul.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Thunder Jam Alliance

First time I've heard about Thunder Jam was when the snippets of the Demo tape were uploaded by Sneak Tipp on his youtube channel in 2015. All the artists featuring on that compilation album were totally unknown to me... but all the tracks were dope so I was curious to get more info about the various MCs featuring on that tape.

After a long investigation and no need to say that it was a little bit difficult, I can tell you that Thunder Jam a.k.a Thunder Jam Alliance was a collective of DJs, Rappers, Singers, Dancers, Musicians, Engineers, Producers and Promoters from all over the U.S.

T.J.A. was separated in 2 different sections, a R'n'B section and a Hip-Hop section. The Hip-Hop section was managed by Producer/DJ Shaggy C who was originally from New Jersey. He was the core member of the collective. He put together a coalition of artists from all over the US due to a lot of them met while they were stationed at the Air Force and Army base in Tacoma Washington near Seattle.

"The Thunder Jam Alliance is an appropriate name for this coalition of talent from various cities ranging from Los Angeles to New York currently making the Earth shudder with it’s thunderous beats and lightning rhymes.

Thunderjam prevail. The best of the best young and new talent uncreasingly rise up to join forces with them, eager to be affiliated with this faction that is currently storming the country. Thunderjam Alliance is unquestionably one of the best new acts to emerge on the scene, and will undoubtedly continue to prevail and dominate their ever increasing hip-hop arena.

Thunderjam, founded, fronted, and led by producer/DJ Shaggy C, for when it comes to making people move to slammin groove he is no new jack. With 15 years of experience as a hip-hop and club DJ, he has come to represent a new precedent of rap music in the Pacific Northwest. TJA (The Thunderjam Alliance) is curently heading the most elite clubs in Seattle, and together with the momentum gained by the rising allegiance of their new found following, it won’t be long before their tempestuous energies come to bear-dominating the rap scene. Shaggy is an accomplished writer, producer, performer, and publisher (BMI) having established his own publishing company -Thunderjam Publishing which is also prospering, Shag has written songs for television as well as for many artists, performers, television and commercials.

The Thunderjam Alliance is currently back in the studios working on new tracks for the six Rap groups and three R'n'B groups of which it consists. With slammin’ tracks from DJ Shaggy C, and his hand picked production staff including Terrance Crutch spearheading the R'n'B side of the house, the Thuderjam Alliance is currently soliciting interests from selected agencies for world wide conquest. The most intriguing thing about Shaggy C, and his formidable army of talent is the infectious nature of his funky grooves which seem to drive all who hear them into a feverish pitch. Have no doubts, Shaggy C, and the Thunderjam Alliance will achieve the success and longevity of heavyweight R'n'B and Rap acts of this decade." - T.J.A. Press Kit 

Many Rap groups and solo artists were incorporated in Thunder Jam Alliance, around 30 members according to Shaggy C. The names of the artists or groups featuring on this demo tape are Brothas Of The Lost Tribe, Dem Kidz, S.K.I (The Street Kid Intellect), Red Dawn, Bionic, & Magnum Black. 

Brothas of the Lost Tribe consisted of The Lyrical Wajid, Qaadir & Majid. All I know from this group is Wajid's interest in rap began at the age of thirteen, when a friend and himself began writing poetry and songs to impress young women in school. The duo later went on to form a group known as MEGAFORCE, which disbanded after his parents decided to relocate.
Finding that there were young men who shared his same interests in his new school, Wajid joined other groups, who appeared in and won high school as well as local talent shows.
His rap career was momentarily placed on hold when he enlisted in the Army. During his tour in the Army he met Qaadir and Majid forming The Brothas of the Lost Tribe. 

S.K.I. a.k.a the Street Kid Intellect isn't an unsung artist, first time I've listened to one of his song was on the excellent Pacific Northwest compilation named Classic Elements. The name of the song  is "From Bullets To Poetics" and is produced by Shaggy C. DJ Shaggy C was also known at that time for his work with the Tacoma-based group Black Anger.  

That's all the info I can give you about the Thunder Jam Alliance... I wish I could give you more but it seems all the artists involved in this collective have got another life now and everything is behind them... but at least I can give you some Thunder Jam Alliance's unreleased material, courtesy of DJ Shaggy C especially for the blog ... Enjoy ! 

Mad Props to DJ Shaggy C and Big Up to my man Madhuman.

Remix Session : Da Youngsta's - I'll Make You Famous (Mike Flips remix)


The Cambridge,UK-based DJ/Producer Mike Flips is back with a brand new remix of  "I'll Make You Famous" released by Da Youngsta's in 1995. Nice work ! 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Documentary : The Battle - Casual x Saafir - A Shomari Smith Short Film

 From The Source - March 1995 - Scan courtesy of Vincent Lopez

Here is a short documentary of the legendary mid 90s rap battle between Saafir of Hobo Junction and Casual of Hieroglyphics, aired on November 18th 1994 on the Wake Up Show hosted by Sway & Tech. The Documentary is produced by Shomari Smith 

Edo.G x Drunken Monks - Destiny - 2021


2xLP - 2021 - HHV  

Strictly limited edition on black vinyl including all instrumental versions... 300 copies only 

Orders : Vinyl / CD   

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Kid Abstrakt - Slow It Down - 2021


The LA-based emcee Kid Abstrakt is back with a new joint produced by Leo Low Pass (Mix & Mastered by Emapea). 

"In todays world, everything moves so fast and we hardly take time to reflect and appreciate the moment. I know many of us are dealing with anxiety and stress. We’re unsure of what’s going to happen next and we all want the answers. Just know that all of the things you are experiencing will make you stronger and I believe good things are going to happen to you. Take your time and enjoy the ride. Slow it down." - Kid Abstract 

Awon & Phoniks - Nothing Less - 2021

Brand new single off the new Awon & Phoniks album coming next month.


Record Report - Elemental Magazine Issue #20


From Elemental Magazine - Issue 20 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

The Hip Hop Spot w/ Wildman Steve - March 23rd 1992 - WBAU


? - WBAU Promo

Public Enemy - Can’t Truss It Instrumental

Talk Break

Public Enemy - Can’t Truss It Instrumental

Original Flavor - Grip Da Mic Tight

The Poetess - Love Hurts feat Kool G Rap, Almight T & Def Jef

A Tribe Called Quest - Butter 

Showbiz & AG - Party Groove (Bass Mix)

2 Pac - If My Homie Calls

Sister Souljah - 360 Degrees Of Power

The K & Rock The M.C. - Brooklyn Zone

Talk Break

Heavy D & The Boyz - You Can’t See What I Can See

























Thursday, January 21, 2021

The General SEKWAN - Lickin Off - 1994


12" - 1994 - Fugitive Records  

The General Sekwan... that's a name you should know if you've ever listened to the excellent Fugitive Records 1995 Preview Sampler compilation released on vinyl & CD in 1995. This comp produced by D. Wilson, Bink Dog and J. Mitchell features various artists from Virginia Beach, VA like the female emcee Szuga, Nutbuster: Lord Sha, Dreadlock and Da Koffenmaka.

The General Sekwan's debut 12" came out in 1994 and is the only official vinyl released by Fugitive Records in addition to the compilation. On the A-side of that wax you can listen to the lead single "Lickin Off" featuring Ghetto Blaster & Mr. X, which is also on the comp. "Thanks For Nothin" and "The Madd Chokers" are the tracks on the B-side. All the tracks are produced by Crime Lab Productions.

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - November 3rd 1994 - WKCR



Mr Eon - WKCR Promo

Talk Break

Keith Murray - How's That ft. Erick Sermon & Redman

Medina Green & UTD - My Kung Fu instrumental 

O.C - Ga head (Alternate Mix)

Cella Dwellas - We Got It Hemmed 

Funkdoobiest - Rock On

Funkdoobiest - Rock On Remix

Group Home - Supa Star

Lords Of The Underground - Neva Faded

Big Joe Krash (KRS One) - Break The Chain

Soho - Rhymin' Outa Turn

Artifacts - Notty Headed Nigguhz

The Beatnuts - Get Funky Remix

Nine - Whutcha Want ?

Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Take You There Remix 

Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt 2

Jeru The Damaja - Can't Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)

Tha Alkaholiks - Daaam! E-Swift Mix

321 - Rock The Ruff Rapps

Method Man - Meth Vs Chef feat Raekwon

Talk Break

O.C - WKCR Promo

O.C - Born 2 Live Remix

Mr Eon - WKCR Promo

Juggaknots - Clear Blue Sky

J-Treds - Piece Of Mind 

The Sacred Order - The Sacred Order - 2021

K7 - 2021 - Icy Palms Records 

Here is the debut album released by The Sacred Order from Phoenix, Arizona. The group consists of DoneOne, CashTue, Judgement, Species The L.O.W, Terminator Tragic, Runlike, MykrFiendX and AxiomNONSENSE. Their project is available on exclusive tape via Icy Palms Records.

25 copies only... Don't Sleep ! 


Jazz Spastiks - By All Means Feat Artifacts - 2021


First single dropped by Jazz Spastiks off their forthcoming album "Camera of Sound". Stay tuned !

Monday, January 18, 2021

Dilated Peoples - Wide Open


From Elemental Magazine - Issue #35 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

The Fix (DJ Grazzhoppa & Jamil Honesty) - This Is War LP - 2021

 LP - 2020/2021 - HHE 

"The Fix consist of two long time collaborators Jamil Honesty and Dj Grazzhoppa. They came together to give you their debut album "This Is War" featuring elite emcees like Ill Conscious, Josiah The Gift, Supreme Cerebral, Codenine and a few others. The LP is pretty straight forward raw beats and rhymes with Dj Grazzhoppa not only producing majority of the project he also provides that Raw Hip Hop feel with his signature scratching."

01 - The Strategy (Intro) 

02 - Brain Cell 

03 - Mechanikal Movements Featuring Code Nine

04 - The Lesson Featuring Cayoz & Ill Conscious 

05 - Real Sh!t 

06 - Pain Featuring Monique Harcum 

07 - On The Corner 

08 - Chamber Music Featuring Ace Cannons 

09 - Freestyle 2020 Featuring Supreme Cerebral 

10 - Reagan Era Featuring Revalation & Substance810 

11 - Sayin’ Nothing 

12 - Major Featuring Josiah The Gift 

13 - Word2Mother (The Fix Remix) *CD Bonus Track 

14 - Real Shit (The Majestic Remix) *CD Bonus Track 

Available on Red Opaque vinyl (100 copies), on Black vinyl (150 copies) and on CD (150 copies with Bonus Tracks)

Orders : Vinyl / CD