Sunday, January 10, 2021

Cru Thik - Iron Kurtin Network - 1999

Iron Kurtin Network a.k.a Cru Thik was a crew from Virginia (Hampton, Newport & Norfolk) formed in the early 90s by various solo artists and by groups like NOVA (Niggas Outa VA), Sacred Order & Third Reich. The full crew consisted of Tyrant Da Kruel Rula, Kamaal, Plex a.k.a Hatchett, Remedy, Cheops (Ratt), Roulette, Jacpot, Felon (RIP), Germ, Rhyme Feind, Creamation, Troy, P.A.T (P.hysical A.bsolute T.orture), Depp, Evil Lenz, Dainja & Manfear who both formed the duo Third Reich, Chilli (RIP), Bloody Red (RIP) and Snake Eyes (RIP). 

The first time I've heard about them was with the help of the T.R.O.Y blog, when the song "Lost Art (Die-Nasty Raidaz)" appeared in one of their East Coast Rarities compilations. 

This track featuring Kamaal & Rapture and produced by Plex (for 720) is available on their Iron Kurtin Network EP released in 1999. It's the only official record you can find from this group online... but you need to know that an official album exists. A full project composed of 18 tracks recorded between 1994 and 1999 came out on CD in 1999, produced by Felon, Jacpot and Plex who produced most of the tracks. 

Here are the best tracks of the album for me (with "Lost Art" of course) : "Da Gimmick's Ova" featuring Ketch & Bloody Red (RIP), recorded in 1995 and produced by Plex, and "Mic Strangers" featuring Kamaal, Felon, Cremation, Rapture and Depp, recorded in 1997 and produced by Plex. 

Honestly I'm not a big fan of all their stuff recorded after 1997, but at least you can still try to find this very very rare album for the tracks recorded before that... Good luck !

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