Wednesday, August 31, 2022

New Joint : Thrust OG x Edo G x Tone Spliff - OGs In This Game

Thrust OG, EDO.G and Tone Spliff  team up on this brand new Bofaat produced track "OGs In This Game", from the upcoming BoFaat album "Deadly Duos". Massive Props to Bofaat who allows me to stream the single exclusively on my blog ! 

The album features emcees such like Edo G., Denku, Fashawn, Bad Seed, G Fam Black, Young Zee, Krumbsnatcha, just to name a few... "Deadly Duos" will be officially released in October 2022 but it's now available to Pre-Order (Limited to 200 copies :100 Yellow Green A-B Side Vinyl & 100 Splatter Vinyl).

Pirate Radio w/Marley Marl & DJ L.E.S. 105.9 WNWK - Jan 28, 1995


" DJ  L.E.S. joins Marley on this episode of Pirate Radio. After LL's "No Airplay", L.E.S. jumps right into a blend mix of instrumentals and acapellas along with the latest music. Guests in the place are Queens' own Kamakaze (KL & Kyron) (16:49) and The Grand P.O. aka Blaq Poet (18:13). After their freestyles L.E.S. goes back into the mix with more blends and new music" - courtesy of DJ Eclipse

Pirate Radio Intro

LL Cool J - No Airplay

Talk Break with DJ L.E.S & Kamakaze

Blend - Method Man - Release Yo’ Delf / Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Part 2 Instrumental

Channel Live Feat KRS One - Mad Izm (Buckwild Remix)

Funkdoobiest - Rock On (Buckwild Remix)

Kamakaze Freestyle

Talk Break

Grand P.O. (Blaq Poet) Freestyle

Blend - Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Part 2 / Kamakaze - Bridge ’95 Instrumental 

Redman - Can’t Wait

Talk Break with DJ L.E.S

Showbiz & AG - Under Pressure

Da Youngsta’s - Mad Props Remix #2

Blend - Artifacts - C'mon Wit Da Get Down / Notorious Big - Big Poppa Instrumental

M.O.P -  To The Death

Talk Break with DJ L.E.S & Kamakaze

Sah-B - Merciless (Remix ?)

Instrumental ? 

O.C. - Born 2 Live (Eclipse Remix)


Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Check The Trax - Rap Sheet, Dec 1996

From Rap Sheet - December 1996 

Fatsock Nickels - Died In Vain - 1999


Here is a track recently uploaded by Indie Cratez on his youtube Channel. This song was released on 12" with the help of Hed Bangin' Records (not Hed Ballin' as written on Discogs) in 1999. The production of the track is handled by Louie G and the emcee is named Fatsock Nickels from East New York, Brooklyn.

Pete Rock & Fatsock Nickels - Photo courtesy of Fatsock Nickels

Fatsock Nickels dedicated this song to all who returned to the essence, especially Ian "Elo" Moore, 17 and Tyrone "Dizzy" Sinkler, 16 who were shot to death on February 26, 1992 by Khalil Sumpter, 15 in the second-floor hallway of Thomas Jefferson High School, a red-brick fortress in East New York, one of the city's most violent neighborhoods at that time.

About the 12", the other tracks are also from Fatsock Nickels. The second track on the B-side entitled "Young Bukz" is produced by the Heatmakerz, who also produced "What We Call Home" on the A-side. I've never listened to the other tracks but "Died In Vain" is a good reason to buy this 12".

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - ?-?-1991 - WKCR


Here is a short episode of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show aired in 1991, which was originally uploaded by Steve (Weevie) Covello. No date for this show (without Bobbito who was in Florida) but It was maybe aired in late February or early March, because they talked about a party at The Building for the release of BDP's album "Live Hardcore Worldwide", which was officially dropped on March 12, 1991. This show also contains EPMD's Rampage demo.

LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out 

EPMD - I’m Mad (Red Man Mix)

EPMD feat LL Cool J- Rampage Remix

EPMD feat LL Cool J- Rampage Demo

O.G. Style - Catch ‘Em Slippin

T La Rock - It's Yours (Remix)

Slick Rick - I Shouldn't Have Done It

Marley Marl - No Bullshit Demo

De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

Queen Latifah & The Original Flavor Unit - Flavor Unit Assassination Squad Remix

The 45 King & Lakim Shabazz - When A Wise Man Speaks 

Freshco & Miz - Ain't U Freshco

Grand Daddy I.U. - Something New

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - I Got To Have It

Brand Nubian - Slow Down

Main Source - Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball

EPMD - Manslaughter

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - Life of A Kid In The Ghetto Instrumental

Talk Break

Lord Alibaski - Lyrics In Motion

Check the Stretch&Bobbito Archives for more shows !

Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Invisible Men & Powerule - '95 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle - WKCR

Here is the freestyle session from October 12, 1995 dropped on The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show by Powerule (Prince Power, DJ Ax, E.Vill) and The Invisible Men. 

Remix : Benny the Butcher x BSF - Times is Rough - Cookin Soul Remix

The famous Spanish producer Cookin Soul delivers a remix version of "Times is Rough", recently released by the Buffalo-based emcee Benny The Butcher and BSF. 

DJ Too Tuff - Lost Archives Part Too - 2022

CD - 2022 - HHE  

"After the breakup of Tuff Crew, DJ Too Tuff opened a studio at No 7 West Girard Ave in an area known now as Northern Liberties. Through hand to hand flyers, street team promotions and mixtape sales DJ Too Tuff was able to create his own underground collective and discover new talent that would later be in this lost archives collection. Many of the songs that were made ended up being used as Rest In Peace and dedication songs by drug posses during the 80's and 90's drug wars. All of this production was made exclusively on 2 Technics 1200s / Numark Mixer / Akai MPC 60 / Multiverb / Tascam 488 purchased by Sound One Talent by Philip Voluck Esq. and John The Investor." - courtesy of Hip-Hop Enterprise

01 - Murder 4 Hire (Intro) - Ice Dog & DJ Too Tuff

02 - Stick Up - Straight Binness

03 - Badman - Straight Binness

04 - Watcha Gonna Do - Straight Binness Feat. Ice Dog & Jackal Da Bear

05 - Backwoods - Class B aka Spreewell

06 - Faded Memory (Instrumental)

07 - Wicked Now Mon (Instrumental) Feat. Jackal Da Bear

08 - Still Taking Losses Feat. Jackal Da Bear

09 - Straight Binness Theme - Straight Binness

10 - Live @ Mahorn’s Feat. Emcee Mechanism & Ice Dog

11 - 211 Is An Art - Project Ni**az (E-Dog & Mad Dog)

300 copies only (Shipping Date: September 9th, 2022).
A vinyl version will be dropped around November ... 

Video : Estee Nack & Al Divino - I RAK - 2022

Visuals for "I RAK", single released by Estee Nack and Al Divino, with the Production handled by DJ Mastamind.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

The Fab 5 - '95 Stretch & Bobbito Interview & Freestyle - WKCR


On October 12th 1995, Rock, Ruck (RIP), Starang Wondah, Louieville Sluggah, Top Dog and Dru Ha were invited by Stretch & Bobbito for the release of the Fab 5's debut single "Blah b/w Leflah" on Priority Records. Here are the interview and the freestyle aired that night.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Check The Wax - Rap Sheet, Dec 1996

From Rap Sheet - December 1996 

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #454


Here is the latest episode of the Trackside Burners Radio Show (Episode #454) hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM on August 21st, 2022. This show is dedicated to the legendary Fatbeats record label. 

FULL VINYL | CRATES DIGGAZ set | 90's 00's Hiphop | DJ SEIJI (S.P.C)



DIONNE WARWICKE / My First Night Alone Without You [1972]

THE LOX / Recognize [2000]

AHMAD JAMAL / Whisper Not [1965]

SIR MENELIK / Let’s Build For A Sec [2005]

PRINCE / The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker [1987]

LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND / Flow On (Pete Rock Remix) [1994]

BUSTER WILLIAMS / Vibrations [1976]

BIG L / Put It On [1995]

R. KELLY / Your Body’s Callin’ [1993]

THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. / Unbelievable [1994]

RARE EARTH / I Just Want To Celebrate [1971]

GHOSTFACE KILLAH / We Celebrate [2007]

OHIO PLAYERS / Pride And Vanity [1972]

BUMPY KNUCKLES / Bumpy Knuckles Baby [2000]

TEN WHEEL DRIVE with GENYA RAVAN / How Long Before I’m Gone [1970]

CYPRESS HILL / Latin Thugs [2004]



SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS / Pick It Up Lay It In The Cut [2002]


RHYMEFEST feat. KANYE WEST / Brand New [2005]

JEAN KNIGHT / Take Him (You Can Have My Man) [1971]

CHARLI BALTIMORE / Everybody Wanna Know [1999]


9TH WONDER feat. MOS DEF, JEAN GRAE, MEMPHIS BLEEK & DJ PREMIER / Brooklyn In My Mind (Crooklyn Dodgers 3) [2006]

CURTIS MAYFIELD / Love To Keep You In My Mind [1971]

THE REFLECTIONS / One Into One [1975]

TERMANOLOGY / Watch How It Go Down [2006]

NINA SIMONE / Sinnerman [1962]

TALIB KWELI / Get By [2002]

THE SYLVERS / Stay Away From Me [1973]


JOHN KLEMMER / Free Soul [1969]

NALEDGE / Clothes, Hoes N Liquer [2006]

LONNIE YOUNGBLOOD / Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again [1977]

GANG STARR / The Ownerz [2003]

DOC SEVERINSEN / Wanna Be With You [1976]

CAMP LO / Black Hollywood [2007]

ARTHUR VEROCAI / Na Boca Do Sol [1972]

POLYRHYTHM ADDICTS / Zonin’ Out [2007]

CELIA / En La Boca Del Sol [1972]

POLYRHYTHM ADDICTS / Zonin’ Out (Remix) [2007]

(song is blocked. full set is on mixcloud)

YVONNE FAIR / Let Your Hair Down [1975]

LADY OF RAGE / Unfucwitable [2002]

HUBERT LAWS / Undecided [1976]

FOREIGN LEGiON / Feel The Music [2003]


THOW BELL ORCHESTRA feat. DOC SEVERINSEN / A Theme For L.A.’s Team [1979]

PHYLLIS HYMAN / Magic Mona [1979]


CREATIVE SOURCE / i’d Find You Anywhere [1973]

THE GAME feat. KANYE WEST / Wouldn’t Get Far [2006]

KLYMAXX / Offer I Can’t Refuse [1982]

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY feat. 3LW / Get Up & Get It [2002]

NANCY WILSON / I’m In Love [1978]

ERYKAH BADU / Honey [2008]

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Brother Arthur ‎- What You Gonna Do / The Year Of The 9 - 1994


12" - 1994 - C-Ya Ent. 

Here is the first and only 12" released by Brother Arthur from Mount Vernon on C-Ya Entertainment in 1994. It contains 2 singles entitled "What You Gonna Do" and "The Year Of The 9", produced by Brother Arthur and the legendary Chuck Chillout who also managed C-Ya Entertainment. It was also co-produced by Ramon "Bro Sham" and Lionel "Big Geno" McKee for Bald Nation Production.

The main samples used for the production of "What You Gonna Do" come from the songs "Sho'nuff Must Be Luv" performed by Heatwave and "It's a New Day" performed by Skull Snaps. 
For the production of "Year of the 9", you will have recognized the same sample used by DJ Premier for Jeru the Damaja's joint "Come Clean", which comes from the song "Infinity" performed by Shelly Manne. 

KRS One & Brother Arthur - On The Flipsyde Magazine Cover

There isn't a lot of material related to Brother Arthur released at that time. Everything I know is that his first appearance was on the single "Hip-Hop Against Apartheid - Ndodemnyama (Free South Africa)" released on 12" on Warlock Records 
in 1989when he was known under the name of Arthur X. 

Brother Arthur a.k.a Brother Arthur Muhammad is a lifelong resident of the city of Mount Vernon. He is a member of the Nation of Islam and he is the assistant Minister of the Historic Mosque #7 in Harlem. 

Brother Arthur & Tupac Shakur leaving court in wheelchair after shooting - 12.01.1994 - Photo courtesy of Andrea Renault (Globe Photos,Inc)

Brother Muhammad who graduated from Iona College in 1987 with a BA degree, is the former Director of the Mount Vernon Re-Entry program for the City of Mount Vernon where he helped dozens of young men and women re-establish themselves back into the community after years of incarceration. He is the former Program Director for the SNUG Program ("Guns" spelled backwards), where he worked with gang members to attain employment, seek higher education and de-escalate violence in the Mount Vernon community. He is also a DJ in his spare time, known under the name of DJ I-Slam.

If you're looking for a dose of 90s conscious hip-hop, you should try to grab this record... mos def a must have !!

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - August 19th 2022


Almost 2 Hours of 90s indie hip-hop joints selected and mixed by Rug  & SampleMind. Here is the latest episode of No TV Raps Radio Show aired on August 19th on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany).

Friday, August 19, 2022

Evidence - Nothing Stays In Las Vegas 7" - 2022

Evidence is back with a brand new single pressed on 7". The Track is entitled "Nothing Stays In Las Vegas" and is produced by The Alchemist. If you want to grab a copy of this limited vinyl (White & Black Vinyl, instrumental version on b side - 500 copies only), check the Store !

DJ Shon - Take A Ride - 2022


LP - 2022 - Kick It Records / Qrates  

DJ Shon, Beatmaker and founder of Kick It Records (Independent Hip Hop Music Label from Ukraine, Lviv since 2009), drops his latest instrumental project entitled "Take A Ride". 

 Limited Vinyl Edition available at Qrates, 100 copies only... Pre-Order  . If you're looking for the tape version, cop it Here !

Video : TrueMendous Feat. MysDiggi - Talkk - 2022


Female emcee TrueMendous from Birmingham, UK returns with "Talkk" featuring MysDiggi , the first slice of new music since her acclaimed debut LP "Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson" dropped last year on High Focus Records. The joint is produced by Forest DLG.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Rec Center - Lonely People - 2022

2xLP - 2022 - 90's Tapes / HHV  

"Hailing from Elgin, Illinois, the Rec Center is a collective composed of six MC’s with impeccable gifts of gab and a DJ blessed with the art of spinning. From the humbled beginnings of countless basement ciphers in the early 90’s a niche was crafted, a mission was charted and a journey to Reveal Eternal Creation was embarked upon. Originally consisting of nine MC’s, Rec Center released their first full-length album "Lonely People" on CD only in the fall of 1999 which made them a household name in the Chicago underground scene. " - courtesy of 90's Tapes

Available on black vinyl 2xLP in gatefold sleeve (500 copies), CD ( digipak & jewel case, 150 copies each) and Cassette (100 copies). 


Video : Stylistic Murder - Represent The Real Feat AZ, O​.​C. & KRS​-​ONE - 2022

I've already blogged the joint a few days ago but here are the visuals for "Represent The Real" featuring AZ, O.C. & KRS-ONE. It is produced by Wax100 with cuts by DJ Flip, and available on 7" via Stylistic Murder . Video directed by Nathan Sheridan

Mix : NASKO Presents Underground Hip-Hop Nineties Mixtape

Here is a Nasko's vinyl selection including joints from Mental Prizm, Black Maddness, Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf, Cella Dwellas, Shanow, Evil Twins, Madchild feat DJ Q Bert, Nautilus, Chun-Li, Jigmastas, Homeliss Derilex... just to name a few.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Video : ETO & FUTUREWAVE - Poetry Is Dead (Reel)

"Poetry Is Dead" is the first sample available from Eto & Futurewave's brand new project entitled "Dead Poets" which will be released soon on the German record label FXCK RXP .

Lewis Parker - Frequency of Perception 2xLP - 2022


2xLP - 2022 - KU  

The album "Frequency of Perception" originally released by Lewis Parker in 2021 is now available on vinyl format (Double vinyl) via King Underground. The album features emcees such like Planet Asia, John Robinson, Lil Dap, Eastkoast... and more...

Available on Natural White vinyl (150 copies) and on Black vinyl (350 copies)


Whiskeyman - Only Built 4 Fusin' Drinx - 2022


UK Beatmaker Whiskeyman drops his latest project entitled "Only Built 4 Fusin' Drinx", a 10-track EP featuring Killah Priest, Ras Kass, Josiah The Gift, Tragedy Khadafi, Inspectah Deck, Keith Murray and more ... 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Khaos & DBA - Honey Glazed Skin EP - 1992

EP - 1992 - Stay Tuned Records  

 Tracks from the "Honey Glazed Skin EP" are the kind of stuff you can find on 90s Hip-Hop Japanese mixtapes... I think that's how I first discovered this group. 
This rare and very hard to find EP was released by a duo consisting of Omar Allen a.k.a Khaos and David Harris a.k.a DBA which stands for Dope Beatz Always, hailing from Baltimore, MD (Khaos is from Randallstown and DBA is from Yale Heights). 

The wax came out on the NY-based label Stay Tuned Records in 1992, and is not really easy to catch for a very good price. It consists of 7 tracks entitled "Honey-Glazed Skins", "Filthy Cute", "Funky Sensation","Bonus Beats Time", "Analyze The Style (I)", "Dope Beat Always Time" and "Analyze The Style (II)" fully produced by DBA. 

DBA : " Khaos was in high school here in Baltimore… in a group called the DDR Society (Def Dose of Reality)… being produced by local producer Mark Shaw.  Mark wanted me to come to the session.. he was more into producing R&B than hip-hop… so Mark had me step in and produce a track for the group. I became their main producer after that… and produced for them until they got out of high school.  After high school.. DDR parted ways… around early 1990... and Khaos and I decided to do some demos together. 

After Khaos graduated from high school and we recorded a few tracks… Omar decided to move from Baltimore to the Bronx NYC.  I forget how they met… but Khaos met Attorney Stanley J. Fidel… Stan and Khaos shopped our demos to major and indie labels. The demos drew a lot of interest… we had a lot of meetings… but no deals offered ! So Stan (Khaos called him ‘Stay Fi’) started Stay Tuned Records for us.  Khaos ran the label out of the Bronx NY as I still lived in Baltimore."

The track "Analyze the Style Pt I " features another emcee named Kodad from Park Heights. Khaos & Kodad eventually formed a group called Sound Providers around 1994-1995.

Sound Providers (Khaos & KODAD) - Photo courtesy of DBA 

DBA : " K.O.D.A.D… which stood for ‘King of Dissing and Dismissing’… another emcee that I produced for back in the early 90's… from here in Baltimore.. Park Heights. He's younger than Khaos and I. He was still in high school I believe at the time. He met Khaos through me… and they had a good chemistry together. They later formed a group called Sound Providers, a few years after the Honey Glazed Skinz EP. KODAD won a local radio contest 5 weeks in a row I believe.. if given the chance would have done well... had a lot of drive and persistence

Emcees in "Analyze the Style Pt II" were Khaos, Krash Nice (part of the group B.L.A.K Swing from Govans, who were signed to MBR Records), KODAD, Amp from the Circle of Native Vibes, and an emcee known as Bamboo.

B.L.A.K Swing (Brothers.Living.Among.Konfusion) - 1992 - Photo courtesy of DBA

The Honey Glazed Skin EP was the first and only official Khaos & DBA's release. Khaos fell into some legal trouble soon after the EP dropped. No more info about him but he's still around on social media. 

If you're looking for more info about DBA, you need to know that he has been producing since the late 80s. He started out with Diz a.k.a Diz-One Emcee.

Photo courtesy of DBA

DBA also worked closely with Moe a.k.a Beatmaster Mozes of the Baltimore-based crew Numarx which was signed to MBR Records in the late 80s/early 90s. 

As a producer, DBA's hip-hop influences were Marley Marl ("number one always !!"), Large Professor, DJ Premier, Howie Tee, Pumpkin, Ced Gee, DITC.. and Pete Rock. He is still in the game and he is now a Record Dealer and a Label owner (Official Crate Music). If you missed this, DBA also dropped some material featuring Conway the Machine, Planet Asia, J Scienide, Recognize Ali and Born Unique a few years ago. 

Mad Props to DBA, thanks for your time.