Sunday, August 28, 2022

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - ?-?-1991 - WKCR


Here is a short episode of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show aired in 1991, which was originally uploaded by Steve (Weevie) Covello. No date for this show (without Bobbito who was in Florida) but It was maybe aired in late February or early March, because they talked about a party at The Building for the release of BDP's album "Live Hardcore Worldwide", which was officially dropped on March 12, 1991. This show also contains EPMD's Rampage demo.

LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out 

EPMD - I’m Mad (Red Man Mix)

EPMD feat LL Cool J- Rampage Remix

EPMD feat LL Cool J- Rampage Demo

O.G. Style - Catch ‘Em Slippin

T La Rock - It's Yours (Remix)

Slick Rick - I Shouldn't Have Done It

Marley Marl - No Bullshit Demo

De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

Queen Latifah & The Original Flavor Unit - Flavor Unit Assassination Squad Remix

The 45 King & Lakim Shabazz - When A Wise Man Speaks 

Freshco & Miz - Ain't U Freshco

Grand Daddy I.U. - Something New

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - I Got To Have It

Brand Nubian - Slow Down

Main Source - Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball

EPMD - Manslaughter

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs - Life of A Kid In The Ghetto Instrumental

Talk Break

Lord Alibaski - Lyrics In Motion

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  1. The unidentified track after Slick Rick is the original 1989 demo version of Marley Marl's "No Bullshit." And yup, that's Marley on the mic!