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Jed Dust ‎- Strictly Kings & Better - 1997

12" - 1997 - On Point Ent. 

Here is the wax dropped by On Point Entertainment in 1997, a record label owned by a guy named Kool Suen One.
The A-side of the 12" also called the East Side, contains the track "Two Of A Kind" performed by Souljerz of Fortune, a duo consisted of Horra-Kill and Yaseen. The production is done by All The Kingz Men.   The best track of the 12" is pressed on the B-Side also called West Side, "Strictly Kings & Better" performed by the solo emcee Jed Dust with the production handled by the Bay Area-based producer Don Lo

Photo courtesy of Don Lo

Don Lo : " Me and Jed are originally from San Francisco. We met a decade prior writing graffiti as kids. Eventually we made a 3 man crew. The third person in our crew was Erase, who was his original producer and who taught me the ropes in this music thing. 

Jed relocated to the Bronx in 1994 but we continued to work on tracks. So I produced the "Strictly Kings & Better" single here in SF and flew out to NYC with DJ Zatch to record at Unique Studios. What better place to record than the Mecca !!! When we made this particular record, all I wanted was for DJ Premier to hear it. Preemo ended up using it twice on two of his records. One of them being for a Afu Ra record (Afu Ra - Defeat) and the other for the Blade 2 soundtrack (GangStarr feat. M.O.P. - 1/2 & 1/2) ... Mission accomplished ! "


That's the only joint they released on vinyl unfortunately... Don Lo released another Jed Joint entitled "The Formulate" on his first LP... but there is no Jed Dust album. Grab this 12" if you don't have it in your collection yet, it's a good one !

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