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Noggin Nodders - Demo Tape 1993​-​94


LP - 2022 - Threshold Recordings  

KutMasta Kurt presents the Noggin Nodders Demo Tape recorded between 1993 and 1994. Noggin Nodders was a duo comprised of KutMasta Kurt and Motion Man a.k.a Patternologyst. Their 8 demos were first released on tape in 2019, 40 copies only. Here is now the official release on Vinyl, limited edition of 200 Hand Numbered Blue & Orange "Smash" Vinyl.

Tape (40 copies), Vinyl (200 copies) and Vinyl Test Pressing (10 copies) are available... 

U.S : Threshold Recordings / Fatbeats 

E.U/ U.K : HHV (coming soon...)

Japan :  Jet Set Records 

Funky DL - Jazzmatic 3 (Funky DL Remixes Nas) - 2022


Legendary London-based producer/emcee Funky DL is back with the third volume of his NaS Remix Series. 

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - July 23rd 1998 - WKCR


Here is an episode of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show uploaded by Maddawg 76. The show was aired on July 23, 1998 on WKCR. The guests that night were Click Tha Supah Latin,Diezzle Don, The Govna, Roz Noble (Redman's sister), Scratch, Black Thought and Mr Eon.

Noreaga, Maze & Musolini - Thugged Out

M.O.P. - Down 4 Whateva

Sauce Money & Big Jaz - What Time Is It ?

Heltah Skeltah - Worldwide (Rock The World)

Def Squad - Check' N Me Out

Pharoahe Monch - Queens

Kid Capri feat Big Pun & Noreaga - Block Party

Kid Capri feat Brand Nubian & Diamond D - Hot This Year

Black Star feat Common - Respiration

A Tribe Called Quest feat Noreaga- Give Me 

Sauce Money feat Jay-Z - Pre Game 

Fat Joe feat Big Punisher, Jadikiss, Nas & Raekwon - John Blaze

Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian

Heltah Skeltah - Caca Gosa Vixen

Dynasty - Freak Love

Talk Break

The Bad Seed - Dem Grits

Delinquent Habits feat Big Punisher & Juju - Western Ways II

Talk Break with Click Tha Supah Latin

MC Shan feat Imam Thug & Tragedy Khadafi - The Bridge 2000

Barron Ricks - Harlem River Drive

Ras Kass - H20 Proof

Mike Zoot ft. Tek - Midnite Run

Talk Break

Diezzle Don, The Govna, Roz Noble & Misaknott - '98 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle

Talk Break

Ghostface Killah - Cobra Clutch

D.I.T.C. - Dignified Soldiers

Paula Perry - Extra Extra

Wu-Tang Clan - Reunited

Noreaga - The Assignment

Street Smartz - Don't Trust Anyone (Remix)

Talk Break

Scratch & Black Thought - '98 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle

Talk Break

Mr. Eon - '98 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle

High & Mighty - Hands on Experience II (Original Mix)

Noreaga feat NaS - Body in the Trunk


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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Video : B$F - Times Is Rough - 2022

Visual for "Times Is Rough", new single released by the Black Soprano Family (Benny The Butcher, Heem & Rick Hyde) and produced by DJ Premier. 

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - ?-?-1991 - WKCR

Here is an episode of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show aired in 1991 on WKCR, but no official date unfortunately. It was originally uploaded and blogged by my man Craig Ellis Leckie (Random Rap Radio) with the help of Steve (Weevie) Covello. Easy Moe Bee was in the studio that night, check the interview. 

Gangstarr - Who's Gonna Take The Weight

Chubb Rock - Organizer

Double XX Posse - Executive Class

Master Ace - Movin On (Remix)

Kool G Rap - Bad to the Bone

EPMD - I'm Mad

Stetsasonic - Hip Hop Band

Talk Break with Kurious & Bobbito

Bolaji - Massive Material

991 Volts - Champion Of Love Scratch And Hip-Hop Mix

Funkmaster Flex & Nine Double M - F.A.L.L.I.N.

Leaders Of The New School - Where Do We Go From Here?

Run DMC - Together Forever (Krush Groove 4)

Lakim Shabazz - Need Some Lovin'

Big Daddy Kane - Mr Pitiful

Lifers Group - Real Deal

Talk Break

Easy Moe Bee Interview

Gangstarr - Take a Rest

North Side Production$ - Asalamalakum

Stepin Strong - Rhymes Different From The Others

? - Bust How I Handle It

Public Enemy - Rebel/ LL - Mama Said Blend

LL - Mama Said Knock You Out

Rappin Is Fundamental - Rapping Is Fundamental (Original Version)

Three Times Dope - I Ain't Try'n 2 Hear It

Check the Stretch&Bobbito Archives for more shows !

Khrysis & Elzhi are Jericho Jackson - 2022

LP - 2022 - Copenhaguen Crates 


4 years ago, Elzhi (Slum Village) teamed up with Khrysis (Justus League) to form the duo called Jericho Jackson. They dropped their collaborative project on 9th Wonder's record label Jamla. This Project is now available on vinyl with the help of Copenhagen Crates. It contains 2 unreleased remixes from Khrysis of "Listen" & "Cuffin’ Season", and a bonus track entitled "Machine x Mcqueen" featuring Conway. 

Available on Black Vinyl (150 copies), Ultra-Clear vinyl (125 copies), Red vinyl (100 copies), Marbled Smoke vinyl (75 copies) and OBI Marbled Smoke vinyl (50 copies).


Mix : Dj Droppa - Keep It Movin' 42

Side A 

1. Dj Droppa - Intro (beat by Spaze Windu) 

2. Ghettosocks & DK feat CL Smooth & El Da Sensei - The Masters 

3. Hus Kingpin & Wun Two - Just One Of Those Days 

4. Kyo Itachi feat Faf Larage - Plus Un Geste

5. Shabaam Sahdeeq & Nick Wiz feat Phantasm - Masterpieces

6. C Shreve The Professor & DRUGS Beats - Johnny Utah

7. Tone Luv - Summer Keys

8. Skanks The Rap Martyr & Half A Mill - KCH

9. Terror Van Poo feat Leanah Cane & Tone Spliff - Extra Clips

10. Speak the Rebel - Riley Reid For President

11. Real Bad Man & Smoke DZA - Run It

12. DJ CSP & G-Box Da Smoke - Wild Life

13. Snowgoons feat Ty Farris & Rasheed Chappell - GOD

14. Destruct feat Moka Only & dj Zole - Sharpshooters

15. Poe Mack feat Minnix, Van Gunz & Tone Spliff - Off The Cuff

16. Crown feat Murdoc, Jamil Honesty, Supreme The Eloheem, Wildelux & Dinokun Nawashigerii - Poisoned Chalice

17. The Good People - The Fat Lacing

18. Jay Love & The Avid Record Collector feat Swigga - Pedigree 

19. Napoleon Da Legend feat Akhenaton & dj Stresh - Indy 500

20. Stu Bangas & Goon Union - Filthy

21. Vic Monroe & Tone Spliff - As We Proceed

22. B Leafs feat Reks & Rasheed Chappell - Looking back

23. Marco Polo - Crap Sandwiches

Side B

24. Da Flyy Hooligan - Da Nyycest

25. Harbor Kidz feat Doza The Drum Dealer - Subway Series

26. Boldy James & Real Bad Man - All The Way Out

27. Freddie Black & Ras Beats - Peyote Cookies

28. Sites feat Kurt Scott & Ruste Juxx - Tae Kwon Doe

29. All The Smoke feat Crotona P, M Doc Diego - Street da Villan

30. Iron Man Match feat Spit Gemz & dj Rob Swift - Sofa King

31. Styles P & Havoc - 21 Gun Salute

32. C- Lance feat Blaq Poet, Reef The Lost Cauze & dj Eclipse - Bring The Terror

33. Novatore & Am Early Morning feat Lord Goat & Recognize Ali - Circle of Goats

34. Planet Asia & Jay-Ef - Waterfront

35. Ace Cannons & Mightyhealty feat Substance810, Jamil Honesty & Cappadonna - Hive

36. Nas - The Truth

37. Paula Perry feat Da Inphamus Amadeuz & Grand Daddy IU - Trust Me

38. M-Dot feat Celph Titled, Big Shug, Esoteric & DZ The Unkown - Thunder Slap

39. Vitamin D & Libretto feat Planet Asia - Smokey Robinson's Hands 

40. FFB - Da Game

41. Heavy Drummers - Flora's Dream

42. Boogaloop Boy - Rotten Onions

43. Jazz Spastiks - Anka Banka

44. Black Star - The Main Thing is to Keep the main Thing the Main Thing

NugLife ft. The Musalini, Vel Nine & Planet Asia - Shimmy Shimmy Za

The LA-based producer Nuglife teams up with tha Musalini, Vel Nine and Planet Asia to drop this smooth joint entitled "Shimmy Shimmy Za" especially for your Summer playlist.


Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - September 21st 1995 - WKCR


Here is the episode of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show aired on September 21, 1995 on WKCR.

Pumpkinhead - WKCR Promo

Kid Capri Ft. Biz Markie - You Know My Style

Eric B & Rakim - Let The Rhythm Hit Em

Ultramagnetic Mc's - Poppa Large

Main Source - Peace Is Not The Word To Play

Diamond D Ft. The Psychotic Neurotics - Freestyle (Yo, That's That Shit)

Anttex & The Clik - As The World Turns

Kool G Rap Ft Nas - Fast Life

Big L - Street Struck

Smoothe Da Hustler Ft Trigga Da Gambler - Broken Language

GZA - Labels

Mad Skillz - Skillz in '95

Talk Break with DJ Jab

Punchline, Wordsworth & Red Hot Lover Tone - Demo

AZ - Uncut Raw

The Kismet - Da Cypher

The Dereliks - The Phrase That Pays

Danja Mowf - Questions

Company Flow - Silence

DJ Clear ft. OC & Poops - A Clear Day

Da Grassroots - Drama

Kool G. Rap – For Da Brothaz

AZ Ft Nas - Mo Money, Mo Murder, Mo Homicide

Das EFX - Hardcore Rap Act

Company Flow - Vital Nerve

Omniscence - Touch Y'all

Das EFX Ft KRS One - Represent The Real Hip-Hop

Above the Law – The Last Song

Jungle Brothers - Promo No. 2

The Dismasters - Small Time Hustler

Uptown – Dope On Plastic

Talk Break

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Jed Dust ‎- Strictly Kings & Better - 1997

12" - 1997 - On Point Ent. 

Here is the wax dropped by On Point Entertainment in 1997, a record label owned by a guy named Kool Suen One.
The A-side of the 12" also called the East Side, contains the track "Two Of A Kind" performed by Souljerz of Fortune, a duo consisted of Horra-Kill and Yaseen. The production is done by All The Kingz Men.   The best track of the 12" is pressed on the B-Side also called West Side, "Strictly Kings & Better" performed by the solo emcee Jed Dust with the production handled by the Bay Area-based producer Don Lo

Photo courtesy of Don Lo

Don Lo : " Me and Jed are originally from San Francisco. We met a decade prior writing graffiti as kids. Eventually we made a 3 man crew. The third person in our crew was Erase, who was his original producer and who taught me the ropes in this music thing. 

Jed relocated to the Bronx in 1994 but we continued to work on tracks. So I produced the "Strictly Kings & Better" single here in SF and flew out to NYC with DJ Zatch to record at Unique Studios. What better place to record than the Mecca !!! When we made this particular record, all I wanted was for DJ Premier to hear it. Preemo ended up using it twice on two of his records. One of them being for a Afu Ra record (Afu Ra - Defeat) and the other for the Blade 2 soundtrack (GangStarr feat. M.O.P. - 1/2 & 1/2) ... Mission accomplished ! "


That's the only joint they released on vinyl unfortunately... Don Lo released another Jed Joint entitled "The Formulate" on his first LP... but there is no Jed Dust album. Grab this 12" if you don't have it in your collection yet, it's a good one !

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - June 1st 1995 - WKCR


Here is an episode of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show aired on June 1, 1995 on WKCR. This show was uploaded by DJ Nes. 

" Pause edit special from summer 1995. The tape starts with Raekwon, and then Stretch plays 'Hey Mr. Mr.' (an unreleased track from Kool G Rap), which ended up getting him suspended from the station the following week. For those unfamiliar, the track was a T-Ray production that G Rap used for a really grimy track about beating up his (fictional) girlfriend. It was recorded during the 4,5,6 sessions. pretty sure Stretch pressed up the white label.

Following that there's a lengthy freestyle session with Phantasm from Cella Dwellas along with Craig G, over maybe 5 different instrumentals. The tape caught the entire krunch time session until the show ended, with Lord Sear and Benni B also in the studio." - DJ Nes 

Raekwon feat Ghostface Killah - Criminology

Kool G Rap - Hey Mr. Mr. (unreleased)

Talk Break 

Phantasm (Cella Dwellas) & Craig G - ’95 S&B Freestyle

Talk Break

Mobb Deep - Keepin It Real Demo

Cella Dwellas - Cella Dwellas

Rakim - I Get Visual

AZ - Your World Don’t Stop Buckwild Remix

Heltah Skeltah - Letha Brainz Blo

GZA - Labels

Mobb Deep - Survival Of The Fittest Remix

Company Flow - Definitive

Lords Of The Underground feat. Keith Murray - What I'm After (K-DEF remix)

Talk Break 


Check the Stretch&Bobbito Archives for more shows !

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Uptown - They Better Recognise / Percee P - Beatsin - 2022


7" - 2022 - BeatsinProgress 

Two Golden Era Giants caught here on this 7" vinyl outing from Beats in Progress with Tuf Kut on production and cuts these legendary MCs both have their sides to shine. 

Uptown, whose classic "Dope on Plastic" and seminal releases with Buckshot LeFonque stamps his lyrical mark with the same tone and prowess as ever. Blessing Dope verses here for you. 

Percee P, the Legendary Lyricist, is here with his unforgiving verbal assault. With driving dexterity in a never ending verse that brings to to the lyrical climax only for MrVincent to take over the pounding BBoy dancer that ears yearn for. From "Lung Collapsing Lyrics", "Don't Cum Strapped" and a list of features as long as your arm from Lord Finesse, J5, Madlib, Edan, Koushik, BigDaddyKane and the Heliocentrics." - courtesy of BeatsinProgress


200 copies only...


Radio Show : Break North Radio - Episode #262 - July 30th 2022

Here is the latest episode of the Break North Radio Show (Episode 262), aired on July 30th 2022.

Saturday Nights 10pm EST on Radio Western (radiowestern.ca) and WRAP.fm (wrap.fm). Mondays at 12pm EST on WRAP.fm, 8pm EST on RAPstation (RSTVAPP.com) & 11pm CST on CKUW (ckuw.ca), Tuesdays at 8am EST on RAPstation, Wednesdays at 10am EST and 10pm EST on RAPstation, Thursdays at 8am EST on RAPstation, Thursdays at 11pm EST on SVP Radio (svpradio.com).

Video : Jay Royale ft Kool G Rap - Carlito And Kleinfeld - 2022

Visuals for "Carlito And Kleinfeld", the latest single dropped by Jay Royale featuring Kool G Rap. The production is handled by Ray Sosa from Baltimore, MD. 

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Establishment Presents: The Natural Order Of Things - 1998

The Establishment - circa 1997 - Photo courtesy of Bear One

The Establishment was a crew from Richmond,VA comprised of Bear One, Kleph Dollaz (RIP) of Ill Biskits and a couple of friends. They founded the small indie label called Establishment Records, which released this compilation album entitled "The Natural Order Of Things" exclusively on tape in 1998. I believe the tape was only distributed in Richmond, DC and Fatbeats NYC.

Tape - 1998 - Establishment Records 

This comp features hip-hop groups or solo emcees from Virginia named Rahstar Karizma, Rockski, A Chosen Few, Gee (female MC), K-Sha (female MC), Syntax, Lazarus, Caliko and Triflin' Spot (Duo), with productions handled by Bear One, Kleph Dollaz and Tony L.

 Exclusively for the Blog, here are the snippets ripped from the original cassette by my man SamazOnprime.

No info online about those emcees. All I know is that A Chosen Few was a group formed by Bear One (DJ) and Kleph Dollaz (MC) around 1996 shortly after Ill Biskits (Kleph Dollaz & Deeda) left Atlantic Records. Then Kleph Dollaz started focusing more on beats and they decided to form a production team called The Control Freaks. They produced the track "Legacy" featuring Rahstar Karizma and Kleph Dollaz which features in this compilation album. 

About Rahstar Karizma a.k.a Raheim who passed away in 2014 (Rest In Peace), he had already dropped a debut 12" entitled "Life After Hip-Hop" in 1997 on Khari Entertainement, which included the tracks "Surface" and "Time Flies". This record label was owned and managed by Cam Walker, which also released the first Ill Biskits vinyl record "God Bless Your Life" in 1994. 

If you're looking for more info about Raheim, here is his official Biography : 

"Rahstar Kariz or Rahstar Karizma and formally known as the artist Raheim was born a native of Monticello, NY Rahstar spent much of his youth back and forth between Petersburg, VA and Jersey City, NJ. 

Before graduating from Petersburg High in 1992 young Rah was a local street dancer which later turned into a short term career as a backup dancer for many groups such as Beyond The Ghetto, and IDU (Intelligent Deadly Unique). During these 5 years Rahstar would have performed at many talent shows and venues; The Apollo being one of those venues in which the group won over the heckling crowd and won twice in a row and runner up the 3rd. 

Once returning to Petersburg in 1990 Rahstar began to tap into his true passion of MCing. Shortly after writing his own material the young rapper discovered his talent for producing his own tracks. From there a star was born! 

In 1993 Rahstar had dealings with a local radio host Cameron Walker who aspired to own his own record label, Khari Entertainment, which would later sign and produce artists such as Triflin Spot, Ill Biskits, Original Gods, and “Raheim.” In the years prior who was known as Rahstar Karizma was changed to Raheim based on an executive decision by Walker. With this name a P&D contract was made with Atlantic Records who would soon distribute Raheim’s first vinyl record entitled Life After Hip Hop which featured songs such as Life After Hip Hop, Surface, and Time Flies ft. Triflin Spot. However, due to failed negotiations and creative differences between Rahstar and Khari Entertainment the artist was dropped and a completed album was never finished."  

All the "Natural Order Of Things" album is mad dope and definitely needs a proper reissue !! I hope Bear One will work on it one day, fingers crossed ...

RIP Raheim, Kleph Dollaz & Syntax
Mad Props to SamazOnprime. 

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Represent 12" Reviews / Album Reviews - 1995


From Represent Magazine #07 - April / May 1995

Mix : S4BZ Presents Mushroom Jazz Vibes


S4BZ presents this Mix inspired by Mark Farinas "Mushroom Jazz" mixtape series. His selection includes joints from Jam Dot, The Beatnuts, Thrust, Frankenstein, Derrick Rebel, Da Funk... and many more...

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Earthquake - 9.9 Richter Scale LP - 2022

LP - 2022 - Taha Records  

Taha Records are back with the debut Earthquake's album "9.9 Richter Scale" originally dropped on CD & Tape format in 1994 on Greymont Records and now released for the first time on vinyl. It includes the bonus track "Only For The Wicked (Remix)". 

A1 - Skit

A2 - Q

A3 - My Business

A4 - Unfadable

A6 - Go And Gettcha Gat

B1 - Only For The Wicked

B2 - Fear Itself

B3 - Watcha Step

B4 - Suspect

B5 - Unfadable (Remix)

B6 - Only For The Wicked (Remix)


Pre-Order : Taha Records (coming soon) / HHE / Juno 

Shipping Date : August 5th, 2022

New Joint : King Magnetic - Respect The Name - 2022


Brand new single dropped by the Allentown-based MC King Magnetic and producer/DJ Tone Spliff. 

Video : YoungLordz - In the Trenches - 2022

Here is the video for the single "In The Trenches" dropped by The YoungLordz (J.Dot & KnowledgeMedina). The track is produced by Rei Elem.