Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Mix : It's All Indie Rare - Vol 3 "Best Before '94"

Some rare tracks released between 1988 and 1993 in this nice hip-hop vinyl selection mixed by It's All Indie Rare.  Enjoy !

Melanin 9 - Amulets (Remastered Edition) - 2021

Tape - 2021 - Blunted Astronaut

"Amulets" remastered edition is now available on cassette via Blunted Astronaut (75 copies only). It includes two previously unreleased instrumentals by The Summit from August 2013 Amulets demo sessions.


DJ Premier - So Wassup? Episode 16


DJ Premier presents the episode 16 of 'So Wassup?', dedicated to the story of the track "ALONGWAYTOGO". 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Big E. Smalls & Ant-Live - Da' Sure Shots! - 1993


When this 12" was dropped in 1993, Big E. Smalls & Ant-Live were respectively 18 and 20 years old (Not to be confused with Ant-Live from New York, who was Eric B's brother... RIP). The third member of the group was Don, 22, their DJ. Don and Ant-Live grew up together in North Philadelphia at 17th and Jefferson streets and started out together. Big E. Smalls, another solo MC met at school, teamed up with Ant-Live after that.

In a Philadelphia Tribune article from May 7, 1993 written by Monica McCollum, the group members described themselves as "Hardcore and Real" and said that "they were the sure shots of rap". Ant-Live said "We are on the positive level but we are real. We don't cuss.We don't try to be something that we're not. It's about being real, and putting philly on the map, we represent our city."

2 tracks are pressed on this wax : "Da' Sure Shots!" on the A-side which is the lead single, and "Is It Rough Enough" on the B-side which is considered as "a party-oriented sound" by Big E. Smalls. Both tracks are produced by Ant-Live (Anthony Bryant) and Ron Woods who was an engineer at Third Story Studio.

It seems that "Da' Sure Shots!" got some airplay on several radio stations at the time, like Q102 (WIOQ), Power 99 (WUSL) and WKDU's Hip-Hop Sunday program (Drexel University's student radio station)... In 1993, Big E. Smalls and Ant-Live were also in negotiations with CEB and Rags To Riches Records for the release of an album which was in the works, but it has never seen the light of day unfortunately. At least we know that a couple of unreleased joints exist somewhere. 

Miggs Son Daddy - The Miggstape Vol. 3 - 2021


CD - 2021 - F.E.B

Miggs Son Daddy drops the 3rd volume of his Miggstape series, featuring productions from DJ Babu, Daringer, No I.D., The Alchemist and more... 

Order your copy HERE  

Video : Daniel Son - Change Of Pace - 2021

New music video dropped by the Toronto-based emcee Daniel Son. "Change of Pace" is produced by Wino Willy and the video is directed by NSTY.

Funkin' Lessons Ep #17 : December 22, 1993


Funkin' Lessons was a hip-hop Radio Show hosted by DJ Blaze and Dr. Phibes, aired on 2MBS (102.5 FM) from 1993 to 1996 and based in Sydney, Australia. Here is the Show #17 from December 22, 1993. 

Talkin' Loud by M.C. Tee & Lord Tasheem
Freakit (Remix) by Das EFX
The 900 Number (Vocal) by The 45 King Featuring Lakim Shabazz
I'm Not Playing by Ultimate Force
Carry The Way (Along Time) by Digital Underground
Phonkie Melodia by Tha Mexakinz
Uptown *hit by Kurious Featuring The Constipated Monkeys
Unknown by Vitamin D
Itz Da Joint by Joint Ventures 
Swung It, Blunted, Brung It by Daddy-O
Way Wit Words by Original Flavor
Pistolgrip-Pump by Volume 10 ‎
L.I. Groove by Hard 2 Obtain
Busted Loop by Yaggfu Front
Rampage/Outta Control by Raw Breed Featuring Godfather Don, Grandmaster Mel & Kool Keith
Greatest Man Alive by Three Times Dope
Ride The Crossfade by Jewel T
Spoonin Rap (Live) by Spoonie Gee ‎
Butterfly Style (It's Yours 93) by Funkmaster Flex Featuring T La Rock
Tha Other Side by Anttex
Streets Of The Ghetto by Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs
Down With The King (Cool Breeze Mix) by Run-DMC
Tuff Is In The House by Tuff Crew
Street Life by Intelligent Hoodlum
Sticky Fingers by Coolio ‎
Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow by Fūgees (Tranzlator Crew)
From The Bridge Of London by Points Proven Featuring M.A.D.
Mindflip by Paradox
Hate by Giant Size C
Ill Funk Freaker by Express
Lyrical Content by MC Toro
Chris Missed The Point by Def Wish Cast
Danger Rush by JC-001

RIP Robert Sacchinelli

Eto Paranoia - Know Now! - 2021


Boom Bap instrumentals dropped on 7" by the Russian beatmaker Eto Paranoia. 30 copies are only available !


Video : Teflon (feat. DJ Premier) - Life in the FEDS - 2021

 New TEFLON video "Life In The FEDS" featuring DJ Premier on the cuts. The track is produced by Jazimoto from Washington Heights, NYC, off Teflon's forthcoming LP  "Two Sides to Every Story" produced by both Jazimoto and DJ Premier. 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Five Steez & SonoTWS - Quietude - 2021

 São Paolo, Brazil-based producer SonoTWS teams up with Five Steez from Kingston, Jamaica to drop the 11-track Project entitled "Quietude". The album features MCs like Tha God Fahim, Nomad Carlos and The Sickest Drama from The Council of The Gods. 

Video : Maticulous - Take Heed feat. Breeze Brewin, Al Skratch & DJ Jon Doe - 2021

Video of "Take Heed", 3rd single featuring Breeze Brewin, Al Skratch & DJ Jon Doe, off the album "No Caps" released by the Brooklyn-based producer Maticulous, which features Kev Brown, Uptown XO, yU, Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson, just to name a few... the project is available on Red Transparent vinyl (100 copies). 

Video : Wish Master x Illinformed - Cold Harbour Tales ft Tacaveli - 2021

Another video dropped by WISH MASTER & Illinformed, off their collaborative album "Cold Harbour Tales" still available to pre-order on Official Recordings . 

Ramzee x Blaq Poet - Deadly As Ever - 2021

7-track EP dropped by the Australien producer Ramzee and the legendary Queens-based emcee Blaq Poet.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Dungeon Squad - Flammable Material / Beware - 1998


12" - 1998 - Blunttown Recordings 

In 1998, this 12" was released by Dungeon Squad, a group consisting of Too Fly Eli, O-Bee, Tha God Rakeem, D-Love & Seviin. 2 Joints produced by Seviin are available on this wax, the first one is entitled "Flammable Material" available in its Left Clean, Instrumental and Right Clean Mix versions and the second one entitled "Beware". It came out on Blunttown Recordings, an indie record label owned and managed by O-Bee, Too Fly Eli and Blocko.

O-Bee : "The members of Dungeon Squad were Myself Original O-Bee and Too Fly Eli from Strong Island, NY... Tha God Rakeem from the Bronx, D-Love from Queens... and Seviin from Oakland.

Eli is my physical brotha... We met Rakeem and D in Tampa, Florida and we met Sev when we moved to Cali through Shock G (of Digital Underground) RIP... He kinda put us together.

When Shock G would do shows w/o the whole team, he would get me and D-Love to assist him when Humpty Dance dropped... we were Digital Underground dancers a couple of times.

We met Shock G in Tampa, Fl in the late 80's through a cat named Kenny K who ran an undaground radio show on 88.5 in Tampa. We were called PBC back then... Posse Beyond Control."

PBC - Photo courtesy of O-Bee

For your info, Posse Beyond Control a.k.a Puffin Blunts Constantly a.k.a Pure Black Control a.k.a Positive Black Composers released a single "Crazy Whack Funky" in 1991 and a self-titled album "Positive Black Composers" in 1992, both dropped on the LA-based label Evejim Records. A copy of the 12" is still really easy to catch online but the album became very hard to find. 

LP - 1992 - Evejim Records - Photo & Snippets courtesy of Alex Degardin

PBC - Photo courtesy of O-Bee

O-Bee : "We changed up in '91, '92 and became Dungeon Squad... because we relocated to LA and got a deal with Hollywood Basic... PBC had already been in Gang life for a minute...We wanted no affiliation with that movement. While working on the album of course money became an issue. We were open to tha independent route but just didn’t have the revenue to put it out properly. It's still stashed away while dudes started getting into other things... but maybe I’ll release it one day on the right platform, I still have all the masters locked away !"

There is a hope to see all this Dungeon Squad's unreleased material coming out one day, fingers crossed ! Mad Props to O-Bee, thanks for your time. Big Thanks to Alex Degardin for the PBC snippets. 

DJ Premier - So Wassup? Episode 15


 DJ Premier presents the episode 14 of 'So Wassup?', dedicated to the story of the track "1,2 Pass It" by D&D All-Stars.

Monday, November 22, 2021

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #416


Here is the latest episode of the Trackside Burners Radio Show (Episode #416) hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM on November 21, 2021. This episode is a Golden Era special dedicated to the hidden joints from the Nineties.


From Caught In The Middle Magazine - Vol.1 Issue #2

Video : Pique Roscoe - Gotta Stay Away from You - 2021

Manchester-based emcee Pique Roscoe drops the first single "Gotta Stay Away from You" from his forthcoming LP entitled "The Cruel Tutelage of Pique Roscoe". The 17-track album is fully produced by Kuartz and is available to pre-order on limited edition pink vinyl (100 copies ) and black vinyl (200 copies) via Village Live Records.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Architects Entertainment - The Foundation Vol. 1 - 1997-2021


CD - 2021 - Most Wanted Records  

Architects Entertainment - The Foundation Vol. 1 was originally released in 1997 on tape in a very limited quantity.  24 years later, this classic is now available on CD (Remastered) with the help of Most Wanted Records... Vinyl also coming soon, stay tuned !!


Saturday, November 20, 2021

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - November 19th 2021


Here is the latest episode of No TV Raps Radio Show aired on November 19, 2021 on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany), with SampleMind & Rug on set. The tracklist features artists like Ten Thieves, Munk Wit Da Funk, R Rated, Othorized Fam, Soho Crew, Big Kwam, Yasheen & The Murder-1 Squad, P.N.B, Ghetto Dwellas, just to name a few... Enjoy !

Friday, November 19, 2021

Abdominal - Ab Flex 2xLP - 2021


2xLP - 2021 - HHE 

"Back in 1998 Abdominal released his debut album "Ab Flex" on tape only. He sold most of his tapes out of his knapsack back then as you did in the 90's, true backpack rap! This was where it all started for Ab, who became known as one of the best rappers and freestylers ever to come out of Canada and often collaborated with DJ Format in the years to come.

A while ago Ab found 63 original tapes in his dad's basement and headz jumped on those like crazy. Now HHE is extremely proud to announce our collabo with Ab to bring you this amazing piece of work on both CD and Vinyl as well.

Not only will you get the original 9 tracks, no... we will add 6 more previously unreleased bonus tracks from these sessions! To make it even more special we have included an insert with extra info AND we hooked up with known local Toronto illustrator and artist Kagan McLeod (a personal friend of Abdominal) who updated the front cover entirely making this not only an album but a limited piece of art as well!" - courtesy of Hip Hop Enterprise 

A1 - My Name Is Abdominal

A2 - Head Games II

A3 - Urban Hermit

A4 - Panic Attack

A5 - While You Sleep

B1 - Train Of Thought Feat. Obe-One

B2 - Outta Left Field

B3 - Elixir

B4 - Head Games

Bonus Tracks:

C1 - Phonetrix

C2 - Sink Into the Rhythm

 C3 - Wax For Trax 

D1 - Power Moves 

D2 - Head Games II (Bomb Mix) 

D3 - Urban Hermit (OG Version) Feat. Mic Recka  

Available on CD (350 copies) and on Vinyl (300 copies (100 copies on Yellow Opaque Vinyl Marbled W/ Light Green, 100 copies on Black Vinyl and 100 copies on Turqoise Opaque Vinyl Marbled W/ Yellow (HHV Exclusive... coming soon)))

Video : HeiR Feat Planet Asia - House Of Pain - 2021


The Alameda,CA-based emcee HeiR drops the visual for "House of Pain" featuring Planet Asia, off his forthcoming 10-Track project "Urban Birthmark".

Mattic & Parental (de Kalhex) - Down In The Rabbit Hole - 2021

2xLP - 2021 - HHV / Akromegalie Records

Mattic & Parental drop their collaborative album entitled "Down In The Rabbit Hole", a project fully produced by Parental (de Kalhex) (except Track 2 by Alcynoos, Haken Besik & Parental). The album also features artists like Alcynoos, Haken Besik, YagoMeans and Green T of ASM. If you like hip-hop with Soul & Jazzy Flavors, this album is for you!

300 copies only...
Release Date : January 14th 2022
Listen to the snippets and Pre-order your copy HERE  

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Prospa & CASHno - Motherless Melbourne - 2021


LP - 2021 - Dusty Disciples 

The Record label Dusty Disciples from Melbourne Australia is back with "Motherless Melbourne", a brand new album dropped on vinyl by Prospa & CASHno.

"MOTHERLESS MELBOURNE from hometown MC Prospa and producer Cashno captures an ephemeral vision of the beauty and the ugly to a cityscape through the film Motherless Brooklyn (2019) entering a unique and cinematic approach to Australian hip-hop. Produced entirely by Cashno, all beats sampled on Motherless Melbourne were taken from the vinyl of the original motion picture soundtrack to the 2019 film Motherless Brooklyn. The film’s story pushes an urban narrative that suited the MC/producer duo in outlying their concept behind the album; subjects dealing with all aspects of any big city drama. The collaborative success on the album is found through the balance of Prospa’s razor sharp lyrical onslaught fitting within the framework of Cashno’s direction in which he took the production." - courtesy of Dusty Disciples


Jamil Honesty & Mickey Factz feat. Dj Grazzhoppa - Radar - 2021


New Jamil Honesty's single produced by JSoul featuring Mickey Factz and DJ Grazzhoppa, off his upcoming LP " The Greatest Dope "

Main Source - Breaking Atoms 2xLP - 2021

2xLP - 2021- 90's Tapes / HHV

90's Tapes are back once again with Main Source's classic debut "Breaking Atoms" from 1991. It comes with additional "Records Revisited" inlay sheet.

A1 - Snake Eyes

A2 - Just Hangin’ Out

A3 - Looking At The Front door

A4 - Large Professor

B1 - Just A friendly Game Of Baseball

B2 - Scratch & Kut

B3 - Peace Is Not The Word To Play

B4 - Vamos A Rapiar

C1 - He Got So Much Cool (He Don’t Need No Music)

C2 - Live At the Barbeque Feat Nas , Joe Fatal & Akinyele

C3 - Watch Roger Do His Thang

D1 - Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Remix For Our Friends In A Tribe Called Quest)

D2 - Time

D3 - Fakin’ The Funk

D4 - Peace Is Not The Word To Play (Remix)

"With "Breaking Atoms", the trio comprised of K-Cut, Sir Scratch and Large Professor delivered a timeless classic in Hip Hop history. The album features cameos by a young Nasty Nas, Joe Fatal and Akinyele as well as a co-production by Pete Rock. Setting standards with its »crunchy digitized drums, choppy segmented samples, and murky filtered basslines«, as Ben Detrick wrote in the Village Voice, the album received 4.5 mics in the Source that later on in 2002 were revised to 5 mics." - courtesy of 90's Tapes

From The Source - May 1991 - Scan courtesy of Slurgd

Order your copy :  2xLP / CD / Cassette

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Mix : Serch4beatz Presents Oh I'm Feeling This In 2021


Serch4beatz is back with a new indie hip-hop vinyl selection... featuring Perservere, Slum Brothers, Misphitz, Stezo, Godfather Don, The Speedknotz, E.N.E.M.Y Mindz, M-Slash, Big Rob & Lil Sprout, Blaakarme just to name a few... Enjoy !

J​.​PERIOD Presents The Live Mixtape: Blastmaster Edition (KRS​-​One Tribute)


Here is the Broadcast version of the Live Mixtape : Blastmaster Edition (KRS​-​One Tribute) dropped by J. Period. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Video : Rasheed Chappell & Xp The Marxman - Toss the Metal ft. Jay Royale


Video of the latest single dropped by Rasheed Chappell & XP The Marxman, off their brand new full length album "RX", available now on CD via Perfect Time Music Group. The track is produced by Roc Marciano and features Jay Royale. 

Video : Evidence - Start The Day With A Beat - 2021


Visual for the track "Start The Day With A Beat" taken from Evidence's latest album "Unlearning Vol.1". The video is directed by Jason Goldwatch. 

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #415


Here is the latest episode of the Trackside Burners Radio Show (Episode #415) hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM on November 14, 2021.

DJ Premier - So Wassup? Episode 14


DJ Premier presents the brand new series: 'So Wassup?' a salute to the floppy disk. Throughout this series, DJ Premier explores his most classic productions, and how the technology of the time influenced the sound. Here is the episode 14 about the process of how the Royce Da 5'9" track "Boom" was created. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Mix : Bobby Corridor Presents Raw To The Floor

Stanzoid- Jump Sexy

Kooley C- Watchin My Style

Ligit- Let's Get Busy

Puetroroc Posse- Tuma La Casa

Top Billin'- Straight From The Soul

The Bizzie Boyz- Brainstorm

Marvelous JC & The Unique Force- Get Real

MC Player- Rhyming Rampage

MC Shy D- DJ Man Cuts It Up Pt.2

DJ Chuck Chillout- Hip Hop On Wax

DJ D Zire- Bad Place To Get Hit

Maestro Fresh Wes- The Maestro

ESP- We Got It

Todd 1- Give 'Em Something Radical

Kid N Play- Do This My Way

James Brown- Can't Get Any Harder

Ice Dog- Shootin' Deuces

Supreme Nyborn- What If I Was Serious

Tuff Crew- What You Don't Know

Rated X- Swift Lift Vocalist

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd- It Gets No Deeper (remix)

Silky B- I'm Dangerous

Ministers Of Black- One Of A Kind

The Chosen Ones- Enter The Lord

Cash Crew- Ghetto Circumstances

Laquan- Swing Blue, Sweat Black (remix)

The Nonce- Get On Up From Inna