Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Stretch & Bobbito Show w/DJ Eclipse - December 5th 1996 - WKCR

Siah And Yeshua Dapo ED - A Day Like Any Other
Indelible MCs - Fire in Which
Arsonists - Geembo's Theme (Demo Version)
Juggaknots & Tony Bones - Luvmaxin
Dujeous - Cinematics
Ras Kass - Soul on Ice (Remix)
Choclair - Just a Second
Juggaknots - I Got's Mine (Demo Version)
Talk Break Introducing DJ Eclipse
Non Phixion - Four W's
Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
Mobb Deep - Get Dealt With
Company Flow - Population Control
Redman - Soopaman Luva 3
7 Universal - Talk That Talk
De La Soul - Sweet Dreams
Ras Kass - Soul on Ice (Remix)
Street Smartz - Metal Thangz ft. O.C. & Pharoahe Monch
AK Skills - East Ta West
AK Skills - '96 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle
Talk Break
AK Skills - '96 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle
Talk Break
The High & Mighty - It's All For You (Instrumental)
MF Grimm - Emotions Ft. B-1
Non Phixion ‎- 5 Boros
Grav - The Battle
AK Skills ‎- One Life Ta Live
Sleestack'z ‎- Crystal Clear
Frankenstein ‎- The Rain Is Gone
Wisdom - All Star Jam Feat Breezly Brewin & Adagio!
The High & Mighty - Hands On Experience
The Roots - Respond/React
Jaz-O - Foundation Ft. Jay-Z
Keith Murray - Rhymin Wit Kel Ft. Kel-Vicious
Mic Geronimo - Unstoppable
Fugees - Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes
Jeru The Damaja - Revenge Of The Prophet Part 5
Onyx - Purse Snatchers Pt. 2 Ft, D.V. Alias Khrist, Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler
Ghostface Killah - Poisonous Darts
Siah And Yeshua Dapo ED - Visualz
Camp Lo - Luchini
Street Smartz ‎- Problemz
Company Flow - Infokill
PMD - Nuttin Move Ft. Das EFX
Dark Skinned Assassin - Unholy
Jungle Brothers - If You Want It We Got It (Native Tongues Remix)

Props to DJ Eclipse for the upload

Album Review : Rasco - Time Waits For No Man - 1998

2xLP - 1998 - Stones Throw Records

From Rap Pages - January 1999 - Scan courtesy of Tim Burton

Citizen Kane - Black Rain 7" - 2019

7" - 2019 - Tree House Records 

A - Black Rain
B - Black Rain Instrumental 

Originally released on the first Citizen Kane's single in 1996,  the song "Black Rain" produced by ERF Productions is now available on Limited Edition 7" via Treehouse Records at 

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

About 2 Blow : Mountain Brothers

From Rap Pages - March 1999 - Scan courtesy of Tim Burton

Mola - Why Not - 1999

12" - 1999 - Braxton Records

To be honest, this wax which came out on Braxton Records and produced by Ron Carpenter in 1999 isn't really my cup of tea, but I have to admit that the song "Why Not" which is the best track of the 12", deserves to be listen. I didn't know this song until it was selected by Serch4beatz in one of his mixes. Mola was a hip-hop duo formed by Shorty Moe aka While Moet aka Mi$$ Moe from Mont Vernon, NY and Dala from Jamaica Queens, NY. Of course the name of Shorty Moe should talk to you because she released her first singles "The Blue Print" featuring C.L Smooth and "The Bad Seed" featuring K.Fanat, on the first 12" released by Da Hoodz Uv Mizbhavya in 1994. 

Monday, January 28, 2019

Disgusted With Reality - 1999

From Rap Pages - March 1999 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Altered St8s Of Consciousness - Lyfe & Tymes / Pathfinda - 1997

"Originally released in 1997 *(or maybe it was 98??). This is the first time that this cassette single has been available in a digital format! Me and Amene used to sell this tape everywhere ! The lyrics are personal and the production is pretty unique if I do say so myself. This wasn't the first time we *(Altered St8s) put music out, but this tape got our friends at Sondoo Recordings *(NY) and F5 Records (STL) to take us seriously. Peace to my brother D-Ex for the scratches and the STL legend Hype Dawg for lots of help in the studio. This is the beginning a long journey that hasn't ended yet. If you dig it then share it and look out for my new stuff with SomethingWonderful records and beyond." - Lyfestile 

"Track #2 on the lyfe n times cassette single! Amene X lyfestile7 with cuts from (Da fly) D-Ex. Late ninties Hip Hop alchemy that still sounds good now! Check the lyrics on this one!" - Lyfestile 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Swift - The Ruff Shitt - 1994

12" - 1994 - JABA Records 

Let's talk about this indie rap artist named Swift who dropped his first single "The Ruff Shitt" on JABA Records in 1994. Many people think that Swift was from New Jersey but in fact he was originally from Arkansas and moved to Oakland / Richmond, California in 1993. 

Swift : "I graduated and went to Cali bay area in 93 to get away from the gang lifestyle I grew up in, where I made lots of noise in the music scene whilst being a aviation machinist, until getting kicked out for a gun incident.I got the attention of various people and built a big fanbase."

The 12" was composed of six versions of the song 'The Ruff Shitt' and was fully produced by the well-known beatmaker Mashoo Damole aka Noiseman M.D ... the producer of the excellent album "Back to Basics" released by B-Flatt & Tyranny in 1996 and recently reissued on vinyl on Back 2 Da Source Records. 'The Ruff Shitt' was also released on Cassette and CD format. 

Swift : "I met. M.D thru a guy who was my manager at the time, he was extremely talented as a producer so him and I clicked from the start. JABA was a independent label in the bay area, I signed because I got bigger return on sales as opposed to major upfront money. J.A.B.A which stands for (Jamming Another Bay Area Artist) at the time distributed by I.L.C. which was headed by multi platinum grammy award winner Jay King of Club Neauvo. The Ruff Shitt was a whole album but the single was the main focus they were trying to land a bigger distribution deal from a major."

I knew Swift was a solo artist but I wondered who was the other person with him on the CD cover and CD insert ? 

Swift : "That was my cousin Gift a.k.a Raymond Brown (RIP) my dancer, hypeman and background guy. I was trying to escape my gang roots by doin music so I mostly rolled with minimum people at that time. Too many people in your crew in the beginning can take away from your art. Gift was from Arkansas too and came with me to Cali to have a chance at a better life. We were great dancers and artist just all around Hip-Hop B-Boys"

According to Swift,  5,000-10,000 copies were pressed (a % was for promo use). It's really rare to see a copy for sale online and when you're lucky to see the original 12" for sale on ebay ... it is sold a few hundreds of dollars... 

Swift : "Wow really ? No didnt know... I just knew long ago it kick started my career that has been long and exciting and although I still haven't achieved my deserved stardom everyone hears my music is infected and eventually I will have my art appreciated around the world. I'm currently doin a comeback project guaranteed to resinate with all true hip-hop heads, no pencil pants and mumble mouth genocidal madness. I box in Kimbo Slice type FIGHT clubs, I still write and records 5 to 6 songs a week. Music is embedded in my soul and I won't stop until I can be heard. Lend me your ears and I'll give you food for thought,  I have a very deep and intriguing story that the world should hear and an eloquent way of expressing it thru linguistics. So i think maybe god is finally shinning the light in my dark corner of the universe. I been with various labels since then mostly independently owned, the art if hip-hop is alive and thriving for artist of all ages. If you have talent and fire then the world wants to hear ya. I'm just glad they still listening.  God bless"

If you like rough rugged and raw shit ... this 12" is for you !
 And can't say more about it but Swift's unreleased tracks are coming soon via a famous indie hip-hop label ... stay tuned Fellas !!! 

Mad Props to Swift, thanks for your time and your help. 

Friday, January 25, 2019

Album Review : Tha Alkaholiks - Likwidation - 1997

LP - 1997 - Loud  

From Rap Pages - November 1997 - Scan courtesy of Tim Burton 

Producer's Profile : Pete Rock

From The Source - October 1991 - Scan courtesy of CR@ZY WIZDUMB MASTER$

Video : Legitimate x Rex Seshunz - Chains ft. Lay Low - 2019

Produced by Rex Seshunz, Cuts by Lando, from Legitimate and Rex Seshunz forthcoming album "Only Built For Human Beings". 

The Legion - Three The Bronx Way - 2019

LP - 2019 - Legion 

"Hailing from hip-hop’s birthplace, The Bronx, NY, The Legion are back to solidify their already-storied legacy. Molecules, Dice Man and Chucky Smash once again combine forces to deliver their BX slick talk over Cules’ gritty tracks. They enlist the help of fellow artist Dres (Black Sheep) as well as Sadat X (Brand Nubian) and embark on a journey to further uphold the sound that the BX made popular some 40 something years ago. Traditional sounds with beats and cuts included."

A1 - Intro 
A2 - Word Feat Sadat X
A3 - 1980 Something
A4 - Joy
A5 - Fresh
 A6 - Sour Break
B1 - Drop The Beat
B2 - Make It Hot Feat Beneficence and Dres
B3 - Heard We Quit Feat Droopy Dog
B4 - Three The Bronx Way
B5 - Outro

Release Date : February 01st 2019
Pre-Order : HHV / Vinyl Digital  / Juno / Fatbeats  

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Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats - The Return 2xLP - 2019

2xLP - 2019 - HHV  

"Here's the long-awaited follow up to "Hello", the first collaborative effort by MC Glad2Mecha and producer Ill Treats. "The Return" features guest spost by the likes of Grand Puba of Brand Nubian fame, Psycho Les of Beatnuts fame, ScienZe and Realistic. Very dope Jazz Rap for fans of Guru's Jazzmatazz, Jazz Liberatorz or Slum Village." - HHV 

500 copies only ...

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Bazooka Joe Presents EP#13B - Fresh Produce - (Large Professor: The Extra P Era)

"Picking up where I left off the 1st part of the ‘Fresh Produce’ series, this one is numero dos….still all about Large Pro productions once again but focused on the mid/late90’s and beyond including a lot of his solo material post Main Source as well as some of the less obvious productions he’s done over the years. I could have easily made 3 or 4 volumes of this because he has so much classic material but if you like what you hear do some research on his solo projects and so on… if you know…Got some mean features/tracks/verses from folks like Tragedy, Havoc, Pete Rock, Nas, Lord The Arkitec, Mad Skillz, Common, Ghostface, Raekwon, Roc Marciano, Busta Rhymes, Slick Rick, The U.N., X-Ecutioners, Grand Puba, Killa Sha, Fashawn, Styles P, AZ, Jeru Tha Damaja, Keith Murray, DJ Koss, Powerule, Mic Geronimo, Reks, Timeless Truth, Neek The Exotic, Black Rob, Cormega & Senor Kaos ft. P.So…rockwiddit!" - Bazooka Joe 

Video : Rasheed Chappell - First Brick

Produced by Kenny Dope. 
The EP "First Brick" is still available on CD & Vinyl via his Bandcamp

Mix : Surge-HandsOfTime - Most Chillin - 2019

Check the brand new mix done by Surge HandsOfTime. More than an hour of mix with a nice tracks selection. This is "Most Chillin"... Enjoy ! 

 "MOST CHILLIN is now available. I kick this one off with a track called Adidor I stole from Don Hall aka Don Da Godson, aka Don The Rock Muraco. Full disclosure, I didn't let Don Hall clean up the track. It's nice and dirty.  I keep this whole mix nice and chill from backpack - boom bap. The Diceman's new album The Power of Now is laced throughout mix. The new T-Max single from 3rd Rail's got tossed in along with tracks from Kyo Itachi, Venom-Vigilante Marvelrecords, Chopped Herring Records, Da Steez Brothaz, Judge The Disciple & DJ Daredevil Benjamin Smith, and so much more." - Surge HandsOfTime