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Black Moon - Men In The Moon

From Rap Pages - June 1999 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton  

Midnight Fusion

Recently I've blogged a Demo Tape from Da Cream Hunter 's collection which was recorded circa '95/'96 by a group hailing from Virginia ... 

With the help of Phil Watter ,we know now that the name of the group isn't New Blood but Midnight Fusion. In fact, New Blood is the name of the Record Label. Midnight Fusion released a 12" in 1995, composed of 2 tracks "Stroke Of Midnight" and "Injection" which was also on the demo tape. Both tracks were produced by Midnight Fusion. 

12" - 1995 - New Blood Records  

Hus Kingpin - The Wave Flex [Project] - 2018

EP - 2018 

Hus Kingpin of Tha Connection is back for the end of the year 2018 with his last project named "The Wave Flex". The project is composed of 8 tracks produced by Budamunk, Zain & Dani, Coyote, Big Ghost and Agor and featuring Smoovth, Willie Da Kid, Chris Crack, Left Lane Didon and Vic Spencer. 

A few copies of the EP are available on Vinyl and CD. 
Vinyl Shipping Date : February 21st 2019


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Gee Bag & Downstroke - Heavy Baggage EP - 2019

EP - 2019 - Revorg Records 

A1. Roll To The Rock 
A2. Ooh My My My 
A3. Oh No
 A4. Stones Throw Away 
B1. Roll To The Rock Instrumental 
B2. Ooh My My My Instrumental 
B3. Oh No Instrumental 
B4. Stones Throw Away Instrumental

"Heavy Baggage" EP  dropping on Revorg Records, January 11th 2019 on 12" Vinyl, Ltd Cassette, CD & Digital.

Notes From The Underground - Sept 1995

From Vibe Magazine - September 1995 

Remix Session : Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Combat (Izm Remix)

Contact : Mista Izm  

Monday, December 24, 2018

Combined Operation - Sessions EP - 1998

EP - 1998 - Not On Label 

Here is another slice of Chicago Hip-Hop History and I dedicate it to my man Bee Lapointe because I know how much he was waiting for it !
As many people, I've been deeply looking for some info about that rare 6-Track EP named "Sessions", released in 1998 by a group called Combined Operation and fully produced by a cat named Drift... but unfortunately no trace of Drift and no info about him or the group members online... 

One day, after the review and interview of the Chicago based group T.S.P, one of the member named Vince Eckles contacted me and told me he knew Drift ... 

Vince Eckles : "Drift is from Chi, I met him when he had a studio in his crib up north on Irving Park in like 1993. Lost touch with him until 1999 when I ran into him again and he had Made in Heaven studios over by the Brickyard mall off Fullerton."

Vince is no longer in contact with him but he told me that the other person who might be able to help me was Alberto Espinosa a.k.a Mixx Massacre of the Molemen.

Alberto Espinosa : "Drift’s cousin was a pioneer of Chicago house music back in the early 80’s. Music runs deep in his family. I ended up purchasing their studio equipment. That equipment helped record a lot of Chicago hip hop classics like Juices 'Freestyle or Written.' "

So with the help of Mixx Massacre, I've learned that Drift a.k.a Rocko a.k.a Richard Colon was at that time a member of a group named Dilagents. Besides the tracks "Feel Remix" and "Feel Instrumental" from their album "Feel.." released on OZ Records in 1994, were produced by the Molemen.    

2xLP - 1994 - OZ Records 

Mixx Massacre is not anymore in contact with Drift too, but according to him, OZ a.k.a OZ Green who managed OZ Records could help me to find the group members. That's how the connection was made with Drift's Nephew named Reinaldo a.k.a Stimulis, member of Combined Operation also known as Co-Op, and of course the connection with Drift happened after that. 

Stimulis : "Combined Operation consisted of DashMeloPolarisMagek and Skeyo. Drift, Dash and I are from the Albany Park neighborhood in Chicago. We were called Co-Ops because we were in 2 separate groups initially. Drift, Dash and I were in one group called Dilagents and Magek, Melo, Polaris and Skeyo were in another called the Safarians. I came to the studio one day and Dash and Drift told me that we're going to do an album and we're bringing another group into it. I'm sure they met out at parties... After that we all met each other, got along very well and started working on the album. See, I was the youngest in the group. I was 16 when the Co-Op album came out. I wasn't on the Dilagents album but I gave them the name of that group tho. Lol."

Drift : "We all live north of West side of Chicago. For me it all started  back then when breakdancing and hip-hop was hard back in the 93, my cousin used to be a famous DJ named Jesse Velez. He got me into the music production, we made a track messing around, it was called 'Girls Out on the Floor Just Move that Ass' and from there the crew hanging around in the streets doing bad things and I figured it was time to do change. All the boys used to hang out just freestyling all the time and I came up with the concept to start a little mini studio in a little group to put our skills to do something then better than hanging out. I always love making music... So I decided to get a new group together to combine operations and to hit them hard that's the reason why we call it combine, it was a mixed group of guys of different skills."

Melo / Stimulis / Polaris - Bottom Left to Right : Skeyo / Majek / Dash

The wax is very hard to find !  Only 500 copies were made in '98 ... No need to say that it's very difficult to catch a copy online nowadays ... and of course don't think about digging it at your local record store ...   

Mad Props to Drift, Stimulis, Vince Eckles, Oz Green and Mixx Massacre

Interview : Common - Upgrading Self

From Rap Pages - December 1997 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton  

Tape : Tha Freak Mode - Funk Up Da Room - 2018

K7 - 2018 - settinguptapes 

Moscow underground producer Tha Freak Mode presents the "Funk Up Da Room" beat-tape. Enjoy! 


Friday, December 21, 2018


2xLP - 2019 - B2DS Records  

1 - Intro T.H.C. 
2 - Main Attraction - Phat Mob 
3 - Sho Sum Respect - Sho Nuff 
4 - Traffic - Sinsemilla 
5 - Eye Listen - B Self 
6 - Who's Listening - The Ghetto Chilldren 
7 - Earth Girlz R EZ Chile & Vitamin D 
8 - The Truth Hurts - Infinite feat Los 
9 - Interlube - T-Dog & D-Uneek 
10 - N's don't L - The Ghetto Chilldren 
11 - Rap Capsule - The Crew Clockwise 
12 - Do The Math - Topspin, B-Self, Samson S, Poetry,Vitamin D, H-Bomb, Truth, Shahrazad, Blak, Infinite & E Wreck
13 - Interlucifer - Infinite & C-Note 
14 - What's It Worth - Union Of Opposites 
15 - Wrong Numbers - Phat Mob 
16 - Solider Intro - Rob Brewer & Samson S 
17 - Solider - Samson S feat H-Bomb 
18 - Temporary Insanity - T.H.C. 
19 - Game Of Checkers - Narcotik 
20 - Game Show - Shahrazad 
21 - The Shining - Wordsayer & Blah 
22 - Schoolin' Em - Infinite 
23 - Sinsebility - H-Bomb 
24 - Equilibrium - The Ghetto Chilldren

Pre-Orders : 2xLP Gatefold (300 copies) / CD (300 Copies)
Shipping Date : Mid January 2019

Biz Markie - Second Childhood

From Pound Magazine #21 - December 2003 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Cookin Soul - DOOM XMAS (MF Doom Remixes) - 2018

LP - 2018 - qrates  

The Spanish beatmaker Cooking Soul is back for Christmas with a new crowdfunding project called "DOOM XMAS". The Album is the result of blending acapellas from the super villain MF Doom with some exclusive Cookin Soul Xmas-inspired instrumentals sampling and chopping classics ... This is a Coloured Picture Vinyl with Instrumentals and Bonus tracks. 

The Halftime Show w/DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse 89.1 WNYU March 18, 1998

The Halftime Show w/DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse 89.1 WNYU March 18, 1998

Big Kwam - Verbalise Remix 
Dilated Peoples - Work The Angles
Gang Starr - Work
Dynasty - Wildcat
Show & AG feat KRS One & Big Pun - Drop It Heavy
Mood - Karma
Night Breed - Long Time Coming
Dilated Peoples - The Main Event
Show & AG - Raw As Ever 
Fatal Hussein and Tame One  - Ghetto Star Instrumental
Talk Break
All Natural - It's O.K
Das EFX feat MOP & Teflon - No Doubt
Laster - Searching 4 Meaning
Smut Peddlers - The Hole Repertoire
Numskullz - If It Ain't Raw
Talk Break
Missin' Linx Freestyle
Black Attack - Rep Da R.I
Dj Honda feat De La Soul - Trouble In The Water
Dj Honda feat Rawcotiks - For Every Day That Goes By 
Dj Honda feat Black Attack - 5 Seconds 
Dj Honda feat Syndicate - Every Now & Then 
Dj Honda feat Krs One & Doe-V - Team Players
Talk Break
Thrust - Emcee
X-Ecutioners - Raida's Theme remix
Jigmastas - Keep On Rockin'
 Canibus - Second Round K.O
Network Reps feat Tru Persona - Simplistic
Consequence - Rock'N'Roll (Jay Dee Mix)
Natural Elements - Tri-Boro
Raidermen - Top Dollar 
Siah & Yeshua DapoED - Directions
Eminem - Just Don't Give a F**K Remix
Juice - Freestyle or Written Instrumental
Talk Break with Stex (Raidermen)

Props to DJ Eclipse 

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About 2 Blow : Barbershop MCs

From Rap Pages - July 1999 - Scan courtesy of Tim Burton  

DJ 3rd Rail Presents T-Max - Tell Me What The Truth Is - 2018

12" - 2018 - Subway Hip-Hop Records 

DJ 3rd Rail and Subway Hip Hop Records present their fifth 12" single featuring the Boston emcee T-Max. New 12" single "Tell Me What The Truth Is / Bless The Apparatus" dropping in early January 2019. It features 2 remixes for each song and instrumental versions for all vocals, with productions done by the Freestyle Professors, DJ Tren of Street Wyze, DJ Diamond Kut of Chicago, DJ 3rd Rail & Padawan

"We will be updating the website soon. We have the records already but are going to wait until after the holidays and to give everyone a chance to own their copy. We don't do pre-sales." - DJ 3rd Rail

Stay tuned, available soon on Subway Hip-Hop 

Interview : The House List Ep. 101 - The Legion (Dice Man + Molecules)

"In this episode I travel back up to the Bronx to catch up with Dice Man Cee Lo and Molecules from The Legion. Dice just released a brand new album called 'The Power of Now', which we discuss. We also just dig our heels into some real Bronx talk. Growing up, context and perspectives. It's another great one. Don't forget to subscribe and help spread the word." - Peter Agoston 

Album Review : Double X - Ruff Rugged & Raw - 1995

Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle  

LP - 1995 - Big Beat  

From The Source - June 1995 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle  

From Hip-Hop Connection - July 1995 

Scan courtesy of Steph Freshnews