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The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1 - 1995

12" - 1995 - Skunk Ent. Inc 

Here is the comp "The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1" which was released in 1995 on Skunk Entertainment Inc, a record label based in the Bronx, NY and owned by Andy Landers (RIP) and Master Dee (member of the legendary group Jazzy 5 MC). 
On the A-side of the wax, you can listen to 4 tracks performed by various groups from NYC like Props, Pashun 'N ' Da Loonatik, 3rd Degree and B Supa, and fully produced by Edgardo Vargas aka DJ E-Man. The flip side is the instrumental side. 

E-Man : "There were 4 songs on it. "Props (Bring It On)" performed by Props. Props was B.Original and Storm... Storm passed away in 96, but me and B.Original stayed in touch, he's living in ATL now. "Lyrical High" performed by Pashun 'N ' Da Loonatik... they don't rap no more. "Many Styles" performed by 3rd Degree, a duo consisted of Sinister Cee and Stonewall. Stonewall passed away 3 years ago. Me and Sinister Cee stayed in touch, he's in Virginia now. "Destined" performed by B Supa, who was a kid from Queens, NY .. I ain't heard from him since 96 and I dont know nothing bout him...
We did these songs in my home studio, then we went to like three studios to mix them down, finally after 3 months we got em mix at Chung King Studios in NYC ...We were working on volume 2 but it did not happen... everybody went their ways ..."

The Original SKUNK SQUAD - 1995 (Master Dee (Jazzy Five),  Rennetta, Andy Landers (RIP), Storm, Marlon, B.Original, DJ Eman, Sinista Cee...) at Powerplay Studio - Long Island City, NY

Mad Props to E-Man 

Demotapez - Da World Iz a Mad Place - 2020

Tape - 2020 - KADV! 

The Russian label kick a dope verse! is back with a brand new project released by the Lithuanian beatmaker Demotapez, produced with Akai MPC2000XL, Akai S900 and Yamaha TX16W. 

75 copies only ... don't sleep ! 

Shipping Date : around February 7th 2020

The Eaze Up Show Presents - A Tribute To DITC Pt.1 - Diamond D

"If you are a true head then you shouldn’t even have to ask who DITC and Diamond D are but if you need a quick history lesson, here we go…
Diamond D (born Joseph Kirkland) is one of Hip-Hop’s greatest triple threats, this Bronx legend can rip mics & has a distinctive voice and flow, D Squizzy makes truly fat and head nodding beats (often with famous breaks used before other beat makers), rumbling bass lines, dusty Jazz & Soul etc loops and ill horns and he can cut up a storm too, DD was the one that actually coined the term “best Producer on the mic”
Diamond got his first break (pun intended lol) carrying record crates for the legendary DJ Jazzy Jay and DJing in local spots but first came to prominence as a producer with Ultimate Force’s classic “I’m Not Playing” single way back in 1989.
This 3 ½ hour tribute mix (over 50 tracks deep) showcases his production, microphone techniques & remix steez. Massive salutes to Diamond-D & The DITC crew." - Dj Jazzywhut!

0 Phyl.Pro – The Eaze Up Show Theme 1 (2019)
1 Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics – Best Kept Secret (1992)
2 Ultimate Force – I Gotta Go (1988)
3 Red Hot Lover Tone – Give It Up (Diamond D Remix) (1992)
4 Sir Menelik – S.I.R. (Prod. Diamond D) (1998)
5 KRS One Feat. Busta Rhymes – Build Ya Skillz (Prod. Diamond D) (1995)
6 Fat Joe Feat. Big Pun, Armageddon & Keith Nut – Watch Out (Prod. Diamond D) (1995)
7 Freestyle Professors – Think About It (Prod. Diamond D) (2009)
8 Diamond D Feat. Pete Rock – Only Way to Go (2019)
9 Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – Sally Got A One Track Mind (1992)
10 Total Devastation – Wonderful World of Skins (Remix)(1993)
11 Mondo Grosso - Do You See What I See (Diamond D Remix)(1996)
12 The Pharcyde – Groupie Therapy (Prod. Diamond D)(1995)
13 Ultimate Force – Girlz (1988)
14 Neferititi – Family Tree (Prod. Diamond D) (1993)
15 Apache Feat. Nikki-D – Who Freaked Who? (Prod. Diamond D) (1993)
16 Lord Finesse – Funky Technician (Prod. Diamond D) (1990)
17 House of Pain Feat. Diamond D – Word Is Bond (Remix) (1994)
18 Justice System – Dedication To Bambaata (Diamond D Remix) (1994) 
19 A.D.O.R. – The Kid Is Crazy (Prod. Diamond D) (1994)
20 Diamond District – Erything (Remix) (2014)
21 Diamond-D Feat. Pete Rock & Phife Dawg – Painz & Strife (1997)
22 Terror Tongue – lyrical Threat (Prod. Diamond-D) (Unreleased) (1994)
23 The Funk League- The Boogie Down Bombers (Feat. Diamond D & Sadat X) (2012)
24 Southpaw Chop Feat. Diamond-D – No Love Lost (2017)
25 Diamond-D – No Wonduh (1997)
26 Illegal Feat. Diamond-D – Crumbsnatchers (1993)
27 Scientifik Feat. Diamond D – I Got Planz (1992)
28 Brand Nubian – Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Prod. Diamond D) (1992)
29 Lord Finesse & Diamond D – Do Your Thing Kid (1995)
30 Beneficence – Heavy Hitters (Prod. Diamond D) (2010)
31 Ras Kass – Soul On Ice (Diamond D Remix) (1996)
32 Sadat-X- Head Shot (Prod. Diamond D) (2016) 
33 Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics – Step To Me (1992)
34 J-Rawls Feat. Diamond D, Oh, No, Kev Brown & Best Producer On The Mic (2014)
35 Tha Alkaholiks Feat. Diamond D – The Next Level (1995)
36 EDO.G & Da Bulldogs – I Thought You Knew (Prod. Diamond D) (1993)
37 Leaders Of The New School – Classic Material (Remix) (1993)
38 Percee P Feat. Diamond-D – 2 Brothers From The Gutter (Madlib Remix) (2008)
39 Shadz of Lingo- Think I Give A F About That! (Prod. Diamond D) (1993)
40 Dilated Peoples – Let Your Thoughts Fly Away (Prod. Diamond D) (2014)
41 Bumpy Knuckles Feat. M.O.P. – Bumpy Bring it Home (Prod. Diamond D) (2000)
42 Dana Barros & Cedric Ceballos Feat. Sadat-X, Grand Puba & AG - You Don’t Stop (Prod. Diamond D) (1994)
43 UTD – Manifest Destiny (Diamond’s Dirty Version)(1995)
44 DITC – Put In Your System (Prod. Showbiz) (1998)
45 The Fantastic 4 – You’re In The Wrong Place (Prod. Diamond D) (1998)
46 Fu-Schnickens – Ahhh Ohhh (Prod. Diamond D) (1994)
47 D.I.T.C. – Time To Get This Money (1999)
48 DITC – Day One (Prod. Diamond D) (1997)
49 A Tribe Called Quest feat. Diamond D & Lord Jamar – Show Business (1991)
50 Diamond D Feat. Cru – Hiatus (Remix) (1998)
51 Ronnie Foster - Summer Song (Remix) (1996)
52 Celph Titled x Buckwild Feat. Diamond D, Sadat-X, AG, OC & Grand Puba – There Will Be Blood (Remix) (2011)
53 Cannonball Adderley – Bohemia After Dark (Diamond D Remix) (2006)
54 EDO.G & Da Bulldogs – Love Comes and Goes (Prod. Diamond D) (1994)

New Jax : Double XX Posse - 1992

LP - 1992 - Big Beat  

From Rap Pages - December 1992 - Scan courtesy of  Tim Burton

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Real II Reel ‎- Flip Off The Vibe / Let The Words Do The Talkin' - 1993

12" - 1993 - Phatheadz Records 

This wax was released in 1993 on Phatheadz Records by the New Jersey-Based duo Real II Reel. The duo was formed in 1990 by Ed Gledhill aka Ease and Nick D'Amato aka Nick Nice, 2 high school friends from Pennsauken NJ, located 10 min outside of Philadelphia. During a little tchat with Ease, He told me that they quickly changed the name to Phatheadz a few months after this release. You can find the song "Sureshot" by Phatheadz on youtube as well. Many songs were recorded and they almost inked a deal with Ruff House (Columbia) Records in Philly back in 93-94 but it fell apart... 

The 12" is composed of two tracks "Flip Off The Vibe" and "Let The Words Do The Talkin' " available in their Radio/Vocal and Instrumental versions, everything produced by Ease who also managed Phatheadz Records. 

Good news for the record collectors, a reissue is dropping this year with unreleased tracks on an indie record label... more info coming soon Fellas ! 

Mad Props to Ease 

Propo'88 X Kamy X DJ Suspect - Straight Up - 2020

7" - 2020 - Soul Dynamite 

New 7" available on Soul Dynamite released by Propo’88, Kamy and Dj Suspect. 
According to the Keep It Dusty Blog, Kamy and Propo met up for the first time during a mini tour in Lithuania, when Propo’88 & BlabberMouf were playing alongside by Dee & Kamy in 2013.Years after that, Propo and the very funky DJ Suspect from Paris became friends through the internet and this project spontaneously came to life.

A - Straight Up  
B - Straight Up (Instrumental) 

Available on Black or Orange vinyl... 

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Jussummen From The Underground

From Rap Pages - December 1992 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Ugly Mac Beer Feat F.Stokes - NY PARIGO 7" - 2020

7" - 2020 - Beatsqueeze Records 

Beatsqueeze Records are back with a brand new single "NY Parigo", which is a collaboration between the Chicago-based emcee F.Stokes and the Parisian Beatmaker Ugly Mac Beer. 

A - NY PARIGO Feat F.Stokes
B - NY PARIGO instrumental 

150 copies only ...

RIP Jahleel - Too Raw EP - 2020

"Too Raw" is the latest project released by RIP Jahleel hailing from New Jersey. This is a 9-track EP produced by Noise System, B. Young, Khronos Beats, KRT, Tuamie, 7 Keys and Yondo Music. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Gotham Kidz -Tha Coming - 1996

12" - 1996 - Atch Records 

"Tha Coming" EP came out in 1996 on Atch Records, a Record Label based in Houston, Texas and managed by Charles "Atch" Atchison who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. 
The wax was released by a group named Gotham Kidz, comprised of Eric Segue aka Quickhands Expands aka Eazy and Everall Jackson aka The Real E Love, who both came from New Orleans, Louisiana.

 In 1994, they released their first single "Here I Come /What It Is Gonna Be" under the name of Premier. It also came out on Atch Records and the tracks were produced by him, Quickhands Expands and DJ Razor Cut. 

12" - 1994 - Atch Records 

Razor Cut : "Everol, Eazy and Me grew up together but in different hoods, we were always into music... I was a DJ, Eazy was a DJ also and Everol was always rapping.  I started a group called PMW and put out a song called "Spliffed Out" with one of my home boys and it got big then started to do songs and Eazy would scratch to them in his garage then Everol would rap to them." ... that's how everything started for the group. 

After Premier's 12-inch, Dj Razor Cut went in a separate way doing his things but still kept in touch with them. The Real E Love and Quickhands Expands formed Gotham Kidz and released "Tha Coming" EP which was the first batch of tracks from the album "Back To the Essence" which unfortunately never saw the light of day... 

Masta Ace Incorporated in Elements Magazine - 1995

From Elements - Issue #1 - May 1995 - Scans courtesy of UBC 

The Halftime Show w/DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse - May 13, 1998 - WNYU

The Halftime Show w/DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse 89.1FM WNYU May 13, 1998

The High & Mighty - Mighty Mi For Your Stereo System
Basement Khemist - Vibrate
Dynasty - Poisonous Youth Instrumental
Dynasty - Wildcat
Big Punisher - You Came Up 
Cocoa Brovaz - Dry Snitch
Gang Starr feat Hannibal - Itz A Set Up
All City - The Actual
Talk Break
Mood Interview
Mood Freestyle
Instrumental / DJ Jahson 
Mood - Karma
Reflection Eternal - The Manifesto 
A Tribe Called Quest - Buggin' Out
Mantronix - Get Stupid "Fresh" Pt 1
Instrumental / Dj Jahson
Saukrates - Action 
108 Dragons - Loose Talk in the Lab
Gang Starr feat Inspectah Deck - Above The Clouds 
Defari - Never Lose Touch
Black Moon - War Zone 
Company Flow - End to End Burners Remix
Talk Break
Siah & Yeshua DapoED Interview
Siah & Yeshua DapoED Freestyle
Non Phixion feat Necro - I Shot Reagan 
Lootpack feat Defari & Tha Alkaholiks - Likwit fusion 
Siah & Yeshua DapoED - The Head Bop
Talk Break
Fat Cat Kareem Interview
Fat Cat Kareem Freestyle
Fat Cat Kareem - Fugazi
Big Punisher - The Dream Shatterer
Street Smartz - F-It-Less
Mic Vandalz & Jane Blaze - Love & Hate
Talk Break
Sunz Of Man Interview
Sunz Of Man Freestyle
Sunz Of Man - Natural High
Talk Break

Props to DJ Eclipse for the upload 

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dolomight The Lyrical Genius - Keep It Live Remix - 1996

12" - 1996 - Chozen Few Ent. 

This 12" was released by Dolomight The Lyrical Genius aka Dolo (RIP) from Norwalk, CT. It came out in 1996 on Chozen Few Entertainment, a record label managed by Dolo himself. 

Dolomight R.I.P - Photo courtesy of Ralow Mont

The wax is composed of the single "Keep It Live" available in different versions (Radio Edit, Raw Version, Instrumental, Acapella, Remix, Remix Raw, Remix Instrumental & Remix Acapella). Everything is produced by Dolomight except the Remix version which is produced by Rao-Low Montgomery aka Ralow Mont from Bridgeport, CT. 
To me, the remix version on the B-side is the best version of the 12" without a doubt !

Grown Man Rap Show - Episode 247 - Celebrating Debut Singles

Hosted by veteran DJ Toast and broadcast live every Sunday night 10pm-12 midnight (ET) from 91.5 WRPI (Troy/Albany NY), Toast brings you 2 hours of the best in vintage & contemporary true school Hip Hop.  
This is Episode 247 - Celebrating debut singles - DJ Toast - originally aired on January 19, 2020

Slick Rick “Teenage Love” (1988)
Ace & Action “Together” (1989)
Camp Lo “Coolie High” (1995)
Dilated Peoples “Third Degree” (1997)
King Sun & D Moet “Hey Love” (1987)
Ghostface Killah “All That I Got is You” (1996)
Artifacts “Wrong Side of the Tracks” (1994)
Fat Joe “Flow Joe” (1993)
Jay-Z “In My Lifetime” (1994)
Jeru the Damaja “Come Clean” (1993)
2Pac “Trapped” (1991)
Cormega “Dead Man Walking” (1997)
Smif N Wessun “Bucktown” (1994)
Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce “It’s My Beat” (1986)
Craig Mack “Flava In Ya Ear” (1994)
J-Live “Longevity” (1995)
The Pharcyde “Ya Mama” (1992)
AZ “Sugar Hill” (1995)
Big L “Devil’s Son” (1993)
Group Home “Supa Star” (1994)
Mobb Deep “Peer Pressure” (1992)
MC Lyte “I Cram to Understand U” (1986)
Fu-Schnickens “Ring the Alarm” (1991)
Nas “Halftime” (1992)
O.C. “Born 2 Live” (1993)
The Beatnuts “Reign of the Tec” (1993)
Ultramagnetic MC’s “To Give You Love” (1985)
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs “I Got to Have It” (1991)
Queen Latifah “Wrath of My Madness” (1988)
Beanie Sigel “What a Thug About” (1999)
Jungle Brothers “Jimbrowski” (1987)
Big Punisher “I’m Not a Player” (1997)
Dana Dane “Nightmares” (1985)
Gang Starr “Positivity” (1989)
De La Soul “Plug Tunin’ (Are You Ready for This)” (1988)
M.O.P. “How About Some Hardcore” (1993)
Organized Konfusion “Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken” (1991)
Special Ed “I Got It Made” (1989)
Diamond D “Best Kept Secret” (1992)
Redman “Blow Your Mind” (1992)
Tha Alkaholiks “Make Room” (1993)
Black Sheep “Flavor of the Month” (1991)
Eric B & Rakim “Eric B is President” (1986)
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth “Baby, You Nasty” (1989)

Video : Jazz Spastiks & People Without Shoes - One/Two - 2020

Video for "One/Two", single from the Jazz Spastiks & People Without Shoes's album "Green Street" released in 2019. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

SicknessMP & The Genius Men LP - 2020

LP - 2020 - Postpartum Records 

The Indonesian Beatmaker SicknessMP is back soon with his new project titled "SicknessMP & The Genius Men". The Genius Men are represented by Beatmakers like DJ Obsolete, Soulmade, Devaloop, Karmawin Beats, RAW Mentalitee... just to name a few. It will be available on January 26th 2020 on vinyl and on all digital platforms ... Stay Tuned !

The Monkey Shines - Going Uptown With Kurious

From Rap Pages - June 1994 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton

Reel Drama - Who Stole The Soul / I Gotcha - 2020

12" - 2020 - Dope Cut Records  

New 12" release on Dope Cut Records by the Boston-based producer Reel Drama featuring the Juice Crew member Craig G and the Gang Starr Foundation member Big Shug.

A1. Reel Drama feat. Craig G - Who Stole The Soul (Main)
A2. Reel Drama feat. Craig G - Who Stole The Soul (Instrumental)
A3. Reel Drama feat. Craig G - Who Stole The Soul (Acapella)
B1. Reel Drama feat. Big Shug - I Gotcha (Main)
B2. Reel Drama feat. Big Shug - I Gotcha (Instrumental)
B3. Reel Drama feat. Big Shug - I Gotcha (Raw Mix)

Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies (150 White Vinyl, 150 Black Vinyl  & 4 Test Pressings)