Friday, January 31, 2020

The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1 - 1995

12" - 1995 - Skunk Ent. Inc 

Here is the comp "The Ultimate Reign Of Musical Assassins Vol. 1" which was released in 1995 on Skunk Entertainment Inc, a record label based in the Bronx, NY and owned by Andy Landers (RIP) and Master Dee (member of the legendary group Jazzy 5 MC). 
On the A-side of the wax, you can listen to 4 tracks performed by various groups from NYC like Props, Pashun 'N ' Da Loonatik, 3rd Degree and B Supa, and fully produced by Edgardo Vargas aka DJ E-Man. The flip side is the instrumental side. 

E-Man : "There were 4 songs on it. "Props (Bring It On)" performed by Props. Props was B.Original and Storm... Storm passed away in 96, but me and B.Original stayed in touch, he's living in ATL now. "Lyrical High" performed by Pashun 'N ' Da Loonatik... they don't rap no more. "Many Styles" performed by 3rd Degree, a duo consisted of Sinister Cee and Stonewall. Stonewall passed away 3 years ago. Me and Sinister Cee stayed in touch, he's in Virginia now. "Destined" performed by B Supa, who was a kid from Queens, NY .. I ain't heard from him since 96 and I dont know nothing bout him...
We did these songs in my home studio, then we went to like three studios to mix them down, finally after 3 months we got em mix at Chung King Studios in NYC ...We were working on volume 2 but it did not happen... everybody went their ways ..."

The Original SKUNK SQUAD - 1995 (Master Dee (Jazzy Five),  Rennetta, Andy Landers (RIP), Storm, Marlon, B.Original, DJ Eman, Sinista Cee...) at Powerplay Studio - Long Island City, NY

Mad Props to E-Man 


  1. Ha, I just put 2 and 2 together on something. I've had an ill phone freestyle from some kid that I had down as "B Super" recorded off WNYU (not sure what show) in 1999(?), but it sounds like it might be earlier than that. It was from a block of call-in freestyles somebody posted somewhere many years ago. Most of them sucked, but this one was nice. Kid says he's from Queens, pretty sure it's the same cat featured on this record.

    Peep it

  2. Peace.. this blog put me in a time bubble to a place I never thought I'd visit again, I'm Bsupa, the artist that recorded Destined for this project. I was a kid when I met this cool group of people from The Bronx, all I knew is that I loved to rap and they gave me an opportunity. It just sucks for me that I started facing a lot of personal challenges at the time that overcame me for several years. I appreciate the opportunity they provided me and sad to hear that Big Andy passed away, it was a great experience. And as far as that freestyle mentioned in the other post, that was 1995/96, much appreciated, I don't even remember writing that rhyme.