Thursday, August 31, 2017

5 Elementz - Yester Years EP - 2017

A1 Searchin' 
A2 Feedback 
A3 Janet Jacme  
B1 Don't Stop 
B2 Sunflower 
B3 Clear (Previously Unreleased)

"5-Elementz formed in Detroit in 1992. The group met while attending Osborn High School on 7 Mile. The original members consisted of Thyme, Proof, Mudd, Jay Dee & DJ head. They recorded the "Yester Years" EP in 1993-1994 and dropped it on Cassette in 1996. There was also a very limited Test Pressing version. We have had access to the original studio DATs and we bring to you the original EP plus an extra, previously unreleased Jay Dee heater." 
Chopped Herring Records

PMD - Busine$$ Mentality (CD) - 2017

CD (Digipack) - 2017 - Goon MuSick 

01. Intro
02. Prodigy Tribute ft Agallah & Charlie Marotta Guitar
03. Mic Doc
04. Trans
05. Slow Your Roll ft Ace Brav & RJ Da Realst
06. Gimme The Mic ft Ace Brav & RJ Da Realst
07. The Real Is Gone ft Erick Sermon (EPMD)
08. One
09. Take Notes ft Ace Brav & RJ Da Realst
10. All I Got ft Cashino
11. Belly Of The Beast ft Ace Brav & Leek
12. Moment Of Truth ft Ace Brav & Leek
13. Spirit ft RJ Da Realst, John Jiggs & Dinco D
14. How Many Times ft RJ Da Realst
15. You Know Who The Best Be ft RJ Da Realst, Nocturnal & Agallah
16. Good To Go
17. Outro 2020

Release Date : October 6th 2017

Interview : Mental Giants

Mental Giants (P-Lee & Akbar) - Photo courtesy of Parker Lee

From Caught In The Middle - Vol.1 Issue #2 - 1995

Atmosphere - Overcast (3xLP) - 2017

3xLP - 2017 - Fifth Element 

01 - 1597
02 - Brief Description
03 - Current Status
04 - Complications feat. Beyond
05 - 4:30AM
06 - Adjust feat. Beyond
07 - Clay
08 - @
09 - Sound Is Vibration
10 - Multiples
11 - Scapegoat 
12 - Ode To The Modern Man (Lightning Blend) 
13 - WND
14 - Multiples (Reprise) 
15 - Caved In
16 - Cuando Limpia El Humo
17 - The Outernet
18 - Untitled
19 - Broken Rewind Button feat. Beyond
20 - Bus Benches 
21 - Pea King

"Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Overcast, the full album is remastered and available on vinyl for the first time!
20 years ago, while building a buzz on the Twin Cities scene playing countless local shows, recording demos and endless freestyle sessions, Atmosphere released a milestone record that set the trajectory for a career that is still evolving and pushing forward to this day.
In the late 90's, for a brand new independent label, pressing a vinyl LP was an expensive venture. At the time, the focus of the young entrepreneurs was set more on expanding the foundation they had built in Minneapolis, so they invested their time and money into networking nationally by doing shows, MC/DJ battles, and sometimes traveling from coast to coast just to give CDs away, all in order to grow the fanbase. As a result of an ambitious plan gone right, Overcast will now, finally, see its way onto vinyl!
For this special 20-year anniversary vinyl edition, all the original recording sessions were transferred from the reel-to-reel tapes and mixed especially for vinyl by Joe Mabbot, long-time engineer for Atmosphere, dating back to God Loves Ugly. The album is pressed on triple white color vinyl and packaged in a custom built case-wrapped and debossed jacket, and includes three previously unreleased songs from the original reel-to-reel tapes!" Fifth Element 

Shipping Date : October 23rd 2017

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Album Review : Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Reflection Eternal - 2000

From The Source - December 2000

From Billboard - September 30, 2000

From Vibe - January 2001

Teknical Development.IS - The 8: Vol​​.​​Three - 2017

2017 - Dezi-Belle 

All tracks produced by AK420.
CD (50 copies) & 12" Vinyl (100 copies) are available for Pre-Order, out September 15th 2017.


Monday, August 28, 2017

DJ Obsolete - Reminiscence LP - 2017

LP - 2017 - Postpartum 

Originally released on cassette in january this year through E1K Records,  Dj Obsolete 's beat tape "Reminiscence" will be available soon on Vinyl.

Limited to 250 splattered vinyl (white/black/red) .
Shipping date : September 1st 2017

More Info coming soon on Postpartum and Vinyl Digital ,

Stay tuned !

Laster - Liberal Art - 2017

CD - 2017 - Back2DaSource Record 

01 - One on One (Prod by Dialek) 
02 - Hardknocks (Prod by Dialek) 
03 - Clueless (Prod by Madsol Desar) 
04 - Elbow Room (Prod by Dialek) 
05 - Open House (Prod by Laster) 
06 - Gone With The Wind (Prod by Dialek) 
07 - Backstabbers (Prod by Dialek) 
08 - Flattery (Prod by Madsol Desar) 
09 - Step Up Front (Prod by Dialek) 
10 - Off Balance (Prod by Madsol Desar) 
11 - Bare Witness (Prod by Madsol Desar)
12 - Bare Witness (Instrumental)

Big Up to Madsol Desar, Bee Jay a.k.a Beatjunkie82 and Back2DaSource Records for unearthing that unreleased Laster album.
After two excellent 12" Singles "Off Balance" and " Searching for Meaning" released respectively in 1997 and 1998, the unreleased 90s album produced by Laster, Dialek and Madsol Desar who both formed the production team K.O.M (Knightz Of Muzik), is now available on CD format. Vinyl LP will be out soon in September. 

"With such great heats put out at the time, we had to put out this 90s unreleased album called Liberal Art, produced by Madsol Desar & Dialek. Soulful samples, jazzy &melodic samples, but also inspired by classical music with crazy dope strings samples, this album has a lot of incredible and different kind of prods but they all always on point/DOPE boom Bap and brings different sort of vibes, you def cant sleep on this Classic Hip Hop Album from Boston, this is HISTORY. On the lyrics side, Laster brings his best, serious topics, dope flows and poetry, zodiac expert in action"

Friday, August 25, 2017

Es - We Are Only Getting Older 2xLP - 2017

2xLP - 2017 - Diggers Factory 

" "We Are Only Getting Older" is a reflective album that explores the mindset of a 40 year old in today's youth driven landscape. With the landscape being both hiphop and life, I speak on the joys and pains of both from the perspective of a proud family man and hiphop enthusiast.This 17 track offering is 68 min of thought provoking content complemented by soulful hard hitting production dedicated to fans of mature hiphop content with substance"

Originally released on CD in April 2017 , the last project "We Are Only Getting Older " of the Toronto based artist Es is now available for Pre-orders (Double Vinyl LP) via Diggers Factory (150 orders needed). 

Shipping Date : November 12 2017

Order your copy now ! 

HHC 1995 : Slick Rick - The Inside Story

From Hip-Hop Connection - March 1995 

Mix : Dj Olz - Charm City HipHop - Baltimore Set

Photo courtesy of Patrick Joust

The Annexx Click Feat. Silouette - The Duet (Jealous Niggas)
The Annexx Click - Blessin Me
Silouette - Tru 2 What We Do (ft. K-Mack)
Circle Of Native Vibes - Striking From Da' East (Instrumental)
Circle Of Native Vibes - Striking From Da' East (LP Version)
Starvin Art Clique - Poetry
Silouette - Tryin Ta Get Live (Alternate Instrumental)
Mr. Ruckuz - Chump Change (Edit)
Starvin Art Clique - Slackin
The Annexx Click - Tryin Ta Get Live (Remix)
Sparrow - On And On
The Annexx Click - In Baltimore
Nappy Head Guerilla - Phat Enlightenment
The Annexx Click - Bring It On
The Annexx Click - Concrete Foundation Meets Annexx
Global Platoon - Dai In Life
Starvin Art Clique - Charm City
Starvin Art Clique - Shiesty
S.C.U. - 123... (Instrumental)
S.C.U. - 123... (Dirty Version)
Afiliashun - Who's This
olz - Launchpad 2000 Times Up (olz extended)

Mixtape : Vinylangelo - The 90s Mutant Digga Turtle - 2017

Tape - 2017 - LabOhr 

Side A:
(Shadowz intro)
Bladerunna & Flawless - Stranded
Slasher - Cutthroat island
Bobby Grey, Mr Skurge, K.O., Johnny Dills - Sunshowers
Stezo - Time to Blow ya Mind
Ill Behaviour - Put Ya Guards Up
Nick Wiz & Dizaster - Infiltrate
Militant Mind State - N****z Come Alive for 95
Bee Why - the Boros
Da Ghetto Connect & K Mack - Keep It Street
Various Blends - Vb's in the House
People Without Shoes - Evil for Eternity Rmx
People Without Shoes & Crimson - Vinylangelo Interlude

Side B:
(Horsebrain intro)
Mista Meaner - A Thru Z
Don Scavone - the Force
Mental Dimension - Represent Your Residence
AKP - Respect
Mood - Mr Everything
Citizen Kane - Blackrain
Soul Kid Klik - Mortal Combat
Pauly Yams & Dj Jazz - Hustle Trap
Rascalz - Soul Obligation
Storm the Unpredictable & Dj D'salaam - Verbal Expressions
Ak420 & Dj Fine - Vinylangelo Outro

Dr peter hempman aka Vinylangelo is back with a brand new mixtape "The 90s Mutant Digga Turtle"
60 copies available only (in all 4 ninja turtle colors, 15 of each) 
Only 1 per customer and will ship random colors.
Shipping Date :  late september / early october 2017 

Coming Soon on LabOhr 
Stay tuned !!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mix : Surge HandsOfTime - Prologue - 2017

01 DJ Skizz - Hidden Persuader ft Your Old Droog
02 Mayhem Lauren - Sidewalk Etiquette ft Nems
03 Masta Ace - Brooklyn Battles
04 Square One - Paradise Lost
05 Vesper - Da phuck (u thought)
06 Ghostface Killah - Motherless Child ft Raekwon
07 One Deep - Crime Stories
08 Artifacts & K-Def - Left In My Dust
09 Debonair P - God Praise ft OC
10 Pete Flux & Parental- Science
11 Trybal Men - Money To Make
12 MC Gels - Keep Ya Head Up
13 The AbSoulJah - Ninety Something
14 Rise - Make Sure (That We Win) prod Da Beatminerz
15 Roc Marciano - Snow ft Sean Price
16 Truth - Right What I Write ft OC & AG
17 FatNice - This (Remix) prod Shane Great
18 Manuel – Clientele
19 The Gifted One - Brooklyn Kids
20 HDM - Real MCs
21 Onyx - Last Dayz
22 Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Fuck You Man
23 Bas Blasta - The Rhythm ft. Godfather Don, Juju, Finesse, Fat Joe
24 Gee Rock & J-Force - Underground Ikonz
25 Black Sheep - North South East West (Remix) prod Buckwild
26 Royal Flush - Makin' Moves ft Mic Geronimo prod by Buckwild
27 Lord Finesse - Vibe Out
28 Craig G - This Man (That Aint Cool)
29 Omniscence - Amazing

Contact : Surge HandsOfTime