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Shaolin Style - Shaolin Style - 1995

Back in 1995 with this Shaolin Style compilation album released on J.D.I.R Productions, which stands for "Just Doin It Right" Productions a record label managed by Leo Batista, Ivan Duran, Joseph Parnell, Priya Wick, Danny Coston and Irish Joe Merced.

According to the promo sheet written by J.D.I.R Productions management, "Shaolin Style is a compilation album showcasing the best of what many critics consider to be the freshest, most innovative school of Hip-Hop, the "Shaolin Style" coming outa Staten Island, New York.

 LP - 1995 - J.D.I.R Productions  

The comp came out originally on Vinyl, CD and Tape.  

The Staten Island-based groups or solo artists who feature on this album are The Rugged Assasinz (Peace Shahiyd, Melv Da Hell-Razor), Redrum Tha Bodycatcha, The Lowlifes (Booya, Striketerror, Ravage & DJ Nonstop), Double Action (Mo Diggy & Scalp a.k.a yo-yo), The Zone (Mayday & Laa), E.G, Gifted, Hasstyle (RIP), Warchild and Renagade aka Renagayd who changed his name spelling because of the JEEP RENEGADE automobile company copyright. The project was fully produced by Louie Lake for Louie Lake Productions.

" "Mortal Kombat", the album's first cut, sets the tone as the Rugged Assasinz's raw, hardcore lyrics are kicked over contrasting melodic beats. Group member Shahiyd explains, « the music reflects who I am, it's real ». Melv Da Hell-Razor further explains that « Hardcore Street Knowledge must be addressed! » Redrum Da Bodycatcha makes an appearance on this track. His death scene lyrics are haunting. Redrum proclaims that « My style goes back the essence of the lyrical battle. No guns ! Just my words, it's Mortal Kombat of the mind »"

"The hardcore emotion is also captured by the Lowlifes as they perform the street rap "Big Up". Group members Booya, Ravage, Striketerror, and Nonstop describe their sounds as "Underground Roughness". These beats are not for the weak-of-heart!"

"The group Double Action offers a song that combines riveting beats and hardcore verses in "Do or Die". The duo Mo Diggy and Scalp have been together for several years as is evidenced by their smooth delivery. The two anticipate one another's style. The result is lyrical hypeness!"

"The cut, "Darkside Of Life", is reflective. The Zone, featuring Hasstyle, gets minds open ! this single can be described as "Dungeon Hardcore" with meaning. The Zone members Laa and Mayday agree that there must be "knowledge and Science behind the music." A beat and lyrics without purpose are a waste of their time!!"

"Life In The Ghetto" is a break from the albums hardcore feel. Soothing West Coasts beats flava'd by powerhouse R&B vocals courtesy of heather "Ciara" Mangus and Sonya Mason. A musical interlude delivered with sheer smoothness by Shane "Gifted" Nembhard adds the finishing touch to this already mighty mix as Double Action kick their lyrics with their East Coast vibe. But it's all good!

Another surprising departure is the Reggae song "Wave Your Gun" by E.G. E.G offers soul-stirring, compelling Reggae beats. E.G describes his music as "Reggae Hip-Hop coming real". He explains « My music is about what goes on in real life, straight from the heart, about things I go through. »

Hasstyle settles the listeners securely back into the shaolin groove with "Road to Success". His militant style produces lyrics that flow as he raps about his hopes and dreams, about making it in this chaos-ridden world."

"The Hood becomes the focus once again. Rapper Renaygayd blends soft melodies with lyrics that produce realisctic images of life' round the way. Renagayd's music concentrates on Street Mentality & Reality. This is in keeping with the lessons learned from his musical mentor, Mad Lion. This straight-up style can also be seen in Renagayd's delivery when he hosts the music, interview program "Video Posse"."

"The album’s final cut is the glue that binds this collaborative musical effort together. The sounds of the title cut "Shaolin Style" defines the album's progressive musical, social, and emotional direction. Double Action, War-Child, and Renagayd bring their unique styles together, accompanied by smooth beats, to offer music lovers a taste of the Shaolin School's varied styles. These soldiers take no prisoners!!"

"Album producer, Louie Lake makes a complete musical statement. He embraces several different musical reflections flava’d with distinctive "Shaolin Isle" vibe. Under the skillful directions of Leo Batista, Ivan Duran, Joseph Parnell, Priya Wick and Danny Coston- the Just Doin’ It Right Management / Production team, Shaolin Style is proof positive that hip-hop is alive and Kickin' on the Isle of Staten."  - courtesy of J.D.I.R Management promo sheet

Like many groups from the 90s, life goes on and some of the group members declared that they were not really interested in speaking about that project... except Renagayd and Warchild who made themselves available for answering a few questions. 

Could you tell me how the connection happened between you and J.D.I.R. Productions ?

Renagayd : "Through the producer Louie Lake… He was my main producer at the time. He produced every song on the project from start to finish... JDIR wanted to put together a compilation album, they went to Louie for the artists..."

Warchild : "We're all from the same hood, I grew up with Double Action from the block, and those guys were older dudes who would see us rhymin on the street corner. Back then we just lived to spit, a handfull of us would all battle each other for beats that were made by the local DJs at the time .. It was all fun back then... We were teenagers in a very rough neighborhood. 

JDIR noticed our hunger and love for the art and decided to manage us. They were some neighborhood guys that were chill, they were living legal life styles with no drama. We looked up to them. They influenced us to stay outta trouble, and focus on music and positive shit... and we did our best to listen to them, they were like big brothers to us... well at least to me anyway."

Which part of Staten Island were you from exactly and how did everything start for you as an emcee ?

Renagayd : "I'm from Stapleton Projects... everything began for me at Junior High School, in cyphers in the lunch room..."

Warchild : "I'm from New Brighton, north shore, also known as NowBorn back then... I started when I was in junior high, back in 91... listening to NWA, Tribe Called Quest, Eric B and Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and KRS1. I used to battle dudes in the hallway at school, all the way through high school, I lived for the battle, even if it was a friendly cypher..."

Renagayd, were you the only artist featuring on this comp to get a solo deal ? 

Renagayd : "I was actually the main feature artist and landed a deal with Monopolize Records after that compilation album. If you noticed, I'm the first voice you hear and last voice you hear... from opening intro to closing final 2 tracks... I wasn't the best lyricist, but had the best work ethic. I branched out and did other things besides music... I was even discovered by Reggae Legends Mad Lion & Rayvon...

Every tour, every show... I stole the show... Management attempted to give Rugged Assasinz the bigger push but I won the people over... If we formed like Wu-Tang Clan, I was the Method Man !!  First and only solo deal, Indy Movie scripts, hosted my own show named Shaolin After Dark... I also won two Staten Island competitions... I was on verge of landing another deal, but the label folded before hand..."

Warchild, did you record unreleased material after the Shaolin Style compilation album ?

Warchild : "I did here and there, but it was many years ago, and I was young ...  who knows where that music is now... I still write sometimes and I dabble in some music production now... but hip-hop has changed so much... I just do it for myself now. But most of the stuff I did back then were basement joints, and the dudes I recorded with are either dead or in jail ... But word, I miss that old boom bap style with real lyrics and verses !"

R.I.P Hasstyle.

Mad Props to Ranagayd & Warchild, thanks for your time. 

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #378


Here is the latest episode of the Track Side Burners Radio Show (Episode #378) hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM. 

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Down For The Count - Count Bass-D in Elemental Magazine


From Elemental Magazine - Issue #18 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 

Nejma Nefertiti - The Valley of the Queens 7″ EP - 2021


7" - 2021 - Chopped Herring Records  

A1 - The Valley of the Queens

A2 - Mary Magdalene

B1 - Pasta Sauce

B2 - 5 Element Ninja ft. Napoleon Da Legend   

Available on Crystal Clear Vinyl, 350 copies only...


The Good People x MiLKCRATE - Frost Writtens EP - 2021


The Toronto-based producer teams up with Emskee & Saint aka The Good People to drop the 6-Track EP "Frost Writtens" . 

New Joint : SageInfinite - Survive - 2021


New Jersey-based emcee SageInfinite is back with a brand new single "Survive" produced by Intifada Beats (Razors Waves Records) from Switzerland. 

Video : Cornerstore Connoisseurs - No Stunt Doubles - 2021


The Philly-based duo Cornerstore Connoisseurs (Grand Scheme & Buddy Leezle) drops the visuals for their latest single "No Stunt Doubles" produced by Stretch The Mad Scientist. 

Sunday, February 28, 2021

AK420 - One Night Stand With Mary Jane - 2021

2xLP - 2021 - Vinyl-Digital 

"One Night Stand With Mary Jane" is the new instrumental project (22 beats / 63 minutes) released by the Düsseldorf-based producer AK420.

300 copies only...

Mix : DJ SEIJI - The Treasure Chest Vol.3


DJ Seiji - Intro 

Fanat - My Style

Emanon - Move Step

Half A Mill - Any Day Can Be Ya Last

The Outfit - 3 Mics, 2 Marks, 1 Jas

Born Talent - For All The Heads

M-Slash - Good Timez

Powerule - Bright Lights Big City

MHZ - Rocket Science

AK Skills - East Ta West

Kromozomes Projekt feat Infared - Biggathanthat

Kombo - I Don’t Stop 

Verbal Anatomy - Anthem

Ghetto Concept - Ez On the Motion

Stezo - Shining Star

Erule - Milestones

Clas - Rap sheet

Rescue - I Doubt That’s You’re Ready

Ruph Headz - Home Of The Crooked Men

World-N-San - Unity 

Low End - Five Broke 

Madman Shawn - Walk Thru Hell

S.K.U.N.K Militia - Turn It Up 

Mardi Gra - Chips and The Whips

Bladerunna & Flawless - Stranded


AMAZING MAZE - No Comp feat. Cella Dwellas & Ran Reed - 2021


7" - 2021 - Street Symphony Records  

The German producer Amazing Maze is back with a brand new single featuring the legendary Cella Dwellas and Ran Reed. This is a limited edition 7" single (250 hand-numbered copies), which will be dropped on march 5th. Stay tuned ! 

Video : Strange U - Maybe - 2021

Video of "Maybe" directed by Zygote, off Strange U's limited edition 7" available to pre-order on High Focus Records.

More info on High Focus Records  

Video : Kev Brown & J Scienide - Orange Julius Landover Mall - 2021

Visuals for "Orange Julius Landover Mall", off Kev Brown & J Scienide's latest project "Stray From The Pack". 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mix : DJ SEIJI - The Treasure Chest Vol.2


DJ Seiji - Intro

Finsta Bundy - Sunnyside

Powerule - P.R.I.S.M.

K B Dub - Watcha Back

Mop Top - Move Ya Body

Hillfiguz - Up On Prospect

Born Talent - Underground Tribute Pt. 1

Chris Styles - Rich Girl

The Outfit - Beauty Of The Week

Big Red & Diamond D - Created A Monster

Mos Desh - Cops & Crackrocks

Scientifik - Jungles Of The East

J-Force - For All Thoze

Sparrow - Inheritance

Lao Fai - Black Vegas

Mykill Myers - Soul Searchin'

Sparrow - Listen (To The Rhyme)

L The Head Toucha - It's Your Life

Nomad - Blessed 2 Mic Check

T Cole - Chi-Town

Virtuoso - Slicin' Your Wrists

Dr. Becket - Creativity Ft. El Da Sensei And K-Skills

Ten Thieves - Straight From The Slums

Finsta Bundy - Don't Stress Tomorrow

BEATS IN PROGESS - Keep On Diggin EP - 2021

"After setting up BeatsinProgress in 1997 with Rob Life many moons ago, Tufkut with his trusty Akais950 and stack of breaks, thought for the 20th anniversary it’d be worth making something special. So with a delay due to adding the extra ingredients, here is the ‘Keep on Diggin’ EP.

Alongside accomplished MC Chrome (DefTex, Chrome & Ill Inspired) for the title track, with a certified Remix by Producer extraordinaire SirBeansOBE (Parlour Talk, Transcript Carriers, MC Kelz) we have some auditory feasts for our music family.

Craig G (Juice Crew, Queensbridge Finest) laces ‘Kill the Nonsense’ rhyming with deadly intent; with an instant flip with a BIP remix too, in case you didn’t catch it the first time.

Percee P (Legendary Lyricist, Rhyme Inspector) fires off ‘Beastin’with his trademark delivery at battle speed and keyboards by Simon Vincent (DefTex, The Occasional Trio) to bring a flair to an rhythmic track designed to get the heads bopping.

A extra bonus track, is the unreleased ‘I Will Not Stop’ from Kashmere (KingKashmere, Strange U, the Iguana man) recorded at the time of his ‘Raw Styles’ records. Performed live with the Receptor records artists but never released on vinyl until now!

All of these tracks plus some select instrumentals are finally available through Burning Anger on beautiful vinyl.

The Artwork is also celebratory of BeatsinProgress reaching 20years.

Tufkut wanted something special and collaborative, so he asked Design friends to do their own versions of the BeatsinProgress logo.

Dan Lish designed the full colour front cover, using his signature style of intricate pen work.

The rear cover has Mark Bode with his characteristic style boldly above the artist credits.

To add the broadly talented Paul Subtwo, with his beautiful version of the logo on the label.

The whole package of Production, Musicians and design Artistry, we hope will be high on your list of collectables and provide some inflections of more to come.

All on limited vinyl released by Burning Anger it’s a timeless record – it won’t be around for long, so buy a copy …or two!. A celebration of our culture and Tufkuts devotion in bringing you something you’ll remember." - courtesy of Britcore Romance / Burning Anger

Available on Black vinyl (100 copies), Green vinyl (100 copies) and Test Press copies (25 copies) handnumbered with stickered labels and alternative cover artwork. 

Orders : Black vinyl / Green vinyl  

Video : Him Lo x Giallo Point - Retaliation - 2021

Video of the latest single "Retaliation", off the upcoming Him Lo & Giallo Point album titled "UGONMAKEMEKILLYOAZZ".


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Tek-Nological Revolution - Hi-Tek Blazes His Own Trail

From Elemental Magazine - Issue #29 - Scans courtesy of Tim Burton 


Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - February 19th 2021


Here is the latest episode of No TV Raps Radio Show aired on February 19th 2021 on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany), including tracks from 215 Asasinz, Bandits, Time Bomb All Stars, Wiseguys, Gee Rock & Tha CND Coalition, Planet Asia and more ... enjoy

Friday, February 19, 2021

Universal Species ‎- Southern Special Agents - 1997

12" - 1997 - Strik 9 Records 

 I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of good indie 12" coming from Louisiana reviewed on my blog. This 12" released by Universal Species in 1997 is now definitely one of them. 

Universal Species was a crew from New Orleans comprised of Charlie V, Serp, Southstar, Z' Comma, Pistola, DJ Troubleman & Rupo the Don Capochino. 

Universal Species - Photo courtesy of Charlie V 

This rare wax is composed of 3 tracks titled "Infamous Thoughts Vocals", "Southern Special Agents" & "Zone Gazin" on the A-Side and all the instrumentals on the B-side, all produced by Pistola. After listening to all the tracks, you'll understand that their style had nothing to compare with New Orleans Hip-Hop at that time.

Charlie V : "Off the top of my head, the story of the actual group Universal Species crew forming came into bring I’m guessing was around 1995 .... the various members were joined together. 

You had the DJ Trublman and Z’comma, they were childhood friends from Hollygrove and Gert Town area in Uptown New Orleans. The Caucasian cousins, Serp & Southstar from Metairie, La who were well studied emcees of Nas & Mobb Deep. Both were technically sharp with lyrics! There was the producer / beat maker Pistola from Gentilly area along with the overseer Rupo keeping business in order. 

I myself came on as the Hype Man / Emcee / BBOY and I knew Dj Trublman from High School and the local record store in Hollygrove named Odyssey Records in which I was working."

Charlie V - Photo courtesy of Charlie V

Charlie V : "I was approached to join the group in sessions, I didn’t know how it would work being that, we all loved Hip-Hop but were surrounded by a heavy Bounce Culture in which the lyrics where not the focus ... and we were the opposite !

We began meeting up in Metairie and had writing and beat sessions ...

Our first gig was in Slidell at a firecracker store ...we rocked it ... began doing more shows. We opened up for then local acts such as  Juvenile & Ms.Tee, and we eventually did radio promos for WTUL & Q 93. We finally had enough change and time, we went to Festival Studios and bargain recording the Universal Species crew EP."

Like most of the groups during the 90s, their first 12" was their only one record released. The group members went separate ways after that... 

Charlie V : "Pretty much after the members had kids and other obligations.... everyone moved into other areas like tv production, car sales, etc... I still did TV, some radio and hosted a weekly poetry show from 1998- 2005. First show was Nubian TV 1994-97 then 1997-2003

and 2nd show was called W.R.E.C TV."

Mad Props to Charlie V, thanks for your time. 

DJ Quicksilver Cooley Presents 'Things Will Be' feat. Black A.G.


CD - 2021 - Dust & Dope Recordings  

"The long lost debut by DJ Quicksilver Cooley & Black A.G. "Things Will Be". Originally recorded in the early 1990's and scheduled for release in 1992 on Darn Good Records, the album tragically never saw the light of day... until now. Sourced from the original master tapes and remastered by Jee Van Cleef, we have included all tracks intended for the original release, plus two bonus tracks "No Typa Drugdeala (1992 Remix)" and "She's The One" (sourced from the 1990 cassette single)." - courtesy of Dust & Dope Recordings 

01 - There It Is 

02 - Oh By The Way 

03 - Fame Goes To Your Head 

04 - No Typa Drugdeala (OG Mix) 

05 - Straight Gangsta Mac 

06 - Concrete Jungle 

07 - My Revenge 

08 - Honey Hamma 

09 - Things Will Be 

10 - This Typa Shit 

11 - Choose To Be A Gangsta 

12 - No Typa Drugdeala (1992 Remix) 

13 - She’s The One

 400 copies only...(Professionally pressed CD in jewel case packaging, 4-page booklet)

Order (coming soon)

Wojavelli - The Backpack Mix - Built To Last


01. Q Tip-Ill Vibe / Da Nuthouse-Luv Supreme Blend

02. Gemini The Gifted One-Funk Soul Sensation (Godfather Don Mix)

03. L Swift-How Itz Goin Down

04. Company Flow-Juvenile Technique

05. Saukrates-Hate Runs Deep (Remix)

06. Finsta Bundy-Feel The High

07. Buckshot-Follow My Lead (Remix)

08. Grand Puba-I Like It / Black Moon I Gotcha Opin Blend

09. J Live-Braggin Writes

10. Jungle Brothers-How Ya Want It

11. Kuku Productions-The Prophecy

12. L The Head Toucha-Too Complex

13. Doo Dirty-Live By The Gun

14. G. Blass-Cock It Back

15. MF Grimm-Emotions

16. Pharoahe Monch-Metal Thangz / OC-Time's Up Blend

17. Gravediggaz-1800Suicide (Guillotine Mix)

18. Lo Down-Friday Nights

19. Hi Tech & J Treds-Weak Minds

20. Redman-I Can't Wait / Little Indian-One Little Indian Blend

21. Messiah-Survival Of The Fetus

22. NY Confidential-Why?

23. Natural Resources-Negro League Baseball

24. Ghetto Concept-Much Love

25. Q Ball & Curt Cazal-Rock The Spot

26. Artifacts-Wrong Side Of The Tracks / Funkdoobiest-Rock On (Buckwild Remix) Blend

27. Raekwon (Ghostface)-Criminology / East Flatbush Project-Tried By 12 Blend

28. Biggie-Party & Bullshit / Ras T-Ill Nig Blend

29. Blaakarme-Low Budget Silencer

30. Siah & Yeshua Dapo Ed-Gravity

31. Kool Keith-Keep It Real...Represent

32. CHAOS-Death Stalks

33. Illa Ghee-5 Thug Thoughts

34. Killa Kidz-96 Phenomenon

35. Nas-The World Is Yours / Das EFX-Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock Remix) Blend

36. Splattahouse-Men Of War

37. Juggaknots-Trouble Man

38. World Renown-How Nice I Am

39. Big L-MVP / Yvette Michelle-Everyday Blend

40. Hyperdermic Needlz-Always

Mad Props to my man Corrado 

Imperial x K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Awon - Something From Nothing - 2021

"Whether you believe that Hip Hop started at a party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue or literally out in the park, there's no doubt that the culture has surpassed fad status to becoming an international phenomenon. We still find that decades later, her infinite power helps oppressed people and brings more them together with communal camaraderie.
After much anticipation and many Soundcloud comments from fans inquiring about a collaboration, Awon connects from the US with the UK's own Imperial and Kinetik on Something From Nothing - which is another testament to the unifying power of Hip Hop. Awon's verse details how rocking the microphone has allowed him to provide for his family, and he does so with gratitude and humility. Kinetik addresses how jotting his thoughts on loose-leaf sheets helped him navigate the playground hierarchy and stake a claim in his hood. Imperial's production has that timeless feel and evokes fond memories of the two turntables and a mic philosophy and park jam shenanigans." - courtesy of Illect Recordings

Video : Him Lo ft. MarQ Spekt & Roc Marciano - Bullseye (G-Mix) - 2021

Video of the single "Bullseye (G-Mix)" released by Him Lo featuting MarQ Spekt & Roc Marciano, off the upcoming Him Lo & Giallo Point album titled "UGONMAKEMEKILLYOAZZ". Animation and direction courtesy of Shane Ingersoll.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Da Bush Babees - Ambushed / Gravity - 2021

The Brooklyn trio Da Bush Babees comprised of Kaos, Y-Tee and Mr. Man is back with a reissue treatment of their debut album "Ambushed" originally released in 1994 and their sophomore album "Gravity" originally released in 1996, both album now available on limited 2LP+7", Cassette & CD.

2xLP - 2021 - 90s Tapes / HHV

Limited edition of 1000 copies in gatefold sleeve with bonus 7" ("We Run Things" b/w "Remember We Salaam Remi Remix") plus sticker and inlay card. 

Orders : 2xLP + 7" (1000 copies) / CD (300 copies) / Tape (100 copies)

2xLP - 2021 - 90s Tapes / HHV 

Limited edition of 1000 copies in gatefold sleeve with bonus 7" ("The Love Song Feat. Mos Def" b/w "The Love Song Extended Remix Feat. Mos Def & De La Soul") plus sticker.

Orders : 2xLP + 7" (1000 copies) / CD (300 copies) / Tape (100 copies)