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One Nation Massive - 1514 The EP - 1995

EP - 1995 - O.N Musik Recordings 

Let's talk about the San Diego Hip-Hop scene with this dope "1514" EP released in 1995 by the group named One Nation Massive, consisted of Nickodemus Rex, Jimbo Wicked, Cruz Control & Mysta Jinx, all from the South Town. 

1995 - Photo courtesy of Cruz Control

This is an 8-track EP (6 songs + 2 instrumentals) dropped on O.N. Musik Recordings (One Nation Musik Recordings) a record label managed by Jimbo Wicked. The title of the EP "1514" corresponds to the rank of the letters "O" and "N" in the alphabet. A that time, It came out on vinyl and on cassette only. All the tracks were produced by Shysti (of Straight to the Point) with cuts by DJ Steven Flex (of L.P.S.D a.k.a Lyrical Prophets Strictly Dope).

About the history of the group, you need to know that the group was founded in the late 80s. The original members were Cruz Control Original, Nicodemus Rex, Jimbo Wicked, Steel Vicious and the legendary Kutfather who unfortunately passed away in 2020 ... Rest In Peace.

One Nation Massive - 1990 - Photo courtesy of Cruz Control 

Cruz, when did you form the crew ? 

Cruz Control : "During 89 summer. Nicodemus Rex, Jimbo Wicked and I were already One Nation. I met Kutfather at Southwestern College (Southwestern College Recording Techniques with Professor Papageorge) and he brought Steve Vicious to join us and record my solo song "Logician of Philosophy". They recorded me on the strength that my song would be dope. After that Steel Vicious produced all our solo and groups songs. One Nation Massive members are first Generation HipHop Pioneers."

One Nation Massive - 1990 - Photo courtesy of Jimbo Wicked

Jimbo Wicked, how and when did you decide to create O.N Musik Recordings ?

Jimbo Wicked : "So, back then we would look at the credits on album covers and on videos by others in the art form. Cats would come up with something fly for their recording group or label name. We just thought of who we were One Nation Massive, ONM. One Nation Music. We wrote it in graffiti ...O.N. Musik! ...On and poppin'! We came up with it around '93 - '94.

It didn't become real though until Jynx came through with an investor around early '95 who believed in us, and kicked in a few grand to get us into the Papageorge recording studio with Shysti and DJ Steven Flex. From there, Cruz put in the work to get us a bar code and find a company we could afford to press vinyl and make cassettes for us to sell. I used my typewriter and creativity to go to Kinko's and print out flyers and labels to cover those blanks on the records with."

Photo courtesy of Jimbo Wicked

How did the connection happen between you and the other members of the group ?

Jimbo Wicked : "I was a solo emcee, but down with the Legion of Doom--TLOD Posse, 1-5-1 Klan.  I think DJ Mikeski put me in contact with Cruz and we started hanging together in late 1990.  

I remember I used to roll over to his crib in the South Town. He had some turntables and a microphone... everything we needed to get down.  We would get irie, hang out rock rhymes, DJ a bit and talk about putting a crew together. Cruz was a hustler in many ways and he had already been out talking with other cats; sizing up their microphone skills, and pitching the idea of a group with some of them.  Turned out two of those cats were Kutfather and Steve Vicious. A couple other dudes Cruz knew were Jack (Mr. Jinx) and Niqo (Q), who were well-known dancers up and down the coast. Niqo also had skills on a microphone, in addition to being able to rock crazy hip hop styles on the dance floor. 

I remember one day I came over to Cruz's crib and Kutather, Steve vicious, Jack and Niqo were there. We all made introductions, Cruz broke out of fat spliff and we blazed it up. Then I think Cruz dropped an instrumental track and we all started bustin. When I first heard Kutfather on the mic I was amazed ! ...Man I mean blown away! You want to talk about a dude who was dope on the microphone ...Kutfather! Then the homie got on the turntable and started mixin, cuttin and scratchin to the beat! ...God bless his soul ...My brother was so nice! ...Rest in Paradise, Kutfather. 

Niqo got on the mic (at the time he was known as "Q,"). Niqo had a super fly style and delivery all his own on the microphone. I hadn't heard anybody else rhyme the way he did. Steve Vicious got on the mic and brought mad flavor! The kid was vicious with his rhymes. I got on the mic and started doing my thang, mad lyrical wit the descriptive destruction and homies was like, Ohhhhh!!  And of course Cruz Control, got on the mic and vandalized it, just like he be doing to this day. Jack and Nico started bustin their dance routines and homies was trippin.  We all just clicked together like a multicultural West Coast Leaders of the New School, Dago Flavor Unit, SD Native Tongues... Man, we used to have some dope freestyle sessions!

At some point we got to talk about a name, reflecting on the multicultural aspect each one of us brought to the crew.  Cruz is Guamanian and Mexican; Nico is Hawaiian and Puerto Rican; Kutfather was Samoan; Steve Vicious is black, Mr Jinx is Italian, and me black and white.  We definitely had a one world vibe going on, and I think somebody said (might have been Niqo) we're like one nation. So, One Nation came first as a name for the group. 

Later, during our first recording session together at Cruz's garage, we were working our first track called "Boom!" Kutfather dropped a cut in the break from Cool J's Booming System, "...listen to the bass go boom!"  Both Kutfather and my artistic styles were influenced by Reggae, specifically Dancehall. Kutfather was cuttin up this dancehall joint. I forgot who it was, but the cut was "...nuff respect to di uptown massive (scratchin) ...nuff respect to di downtown massive" and that got mixed into break too.  

Man I wish I had a copy of that track today !...Such good memories !  It was very raw. Recorded on cassette with a little 8 track, complete with hiss, pops and clicks, and reverb. I can remember listening to the difference between our early stuff and how much better we got together with time. If we had had the resources back then, we could have really done some big things in the game!  

Anyway, we were vibin to the track (Boom!) and I remember listening to what Kutfather did and I said, "nuff respect to di one nation massive".  "...'Nuff respect to this and every nation's massive, respect!"  Homies was like that's it! ...One Nation Massive!  There were already enough posses, crews, clicks and boys, etc.  We went with massive ...One Nation Massive!

One Nation Massive and crew was: Q (who later became Nicodemus Rex), Cruz Control,  Kutfather, Stevicious, and myself Jimbo Wyked.  We had some of the dopest dancers in SD: Mr Jinx, Gumby, Pokey, Charlie Rock and Flash Boogie. Later, Kutfather and Steve Vicious left the group, but we still remained cool with each other."

Cruz Control : "Our group split in 2 directions after Kutfather's sister started management. Shysti stepped in and began producing us."

Could you give me more info about the producer Shysti ? 

Jimbo Wicked : "We were in need of a new producer after DJ Johnny Juice left SD.  Cruz was the one who introduced us to Shysti, and got us to collaborate artistically.  Shysti was a super dope producer and really brought some great ideas to our sound.  His beats were a great fit for us.  I wish we had met and started working with him earlier.  I think we would have completed a lot more work together. I didn't get to know him all that well... I wish I had. "

A lot of unreleased material was recorded by both generations of emcees between 1990 and 1995.  Why did nothing come out before the 1514 EP in 1995 ?

Cruz Control : " yes nothing came out officially... It was only cassettes Tracking recorder ... and nobody has any copies unfortunately... "

Jimbo Wicked : "The answer is cashflow.  It wasn't as easy back then to do things as it is now.  I was the only one with a steady job.  The rest of the homies were all hustling one thing or another to eat, but nobody could get enough saved up on their own, let alone together to get studio time and press records and cassettes.  There were good quality recordings we had made with Steve Vicious on DAT, that we used to make our demos to shop around for a deal.  There were also something like mixtapes that we had done over the years ...gave them away at shows and stuff.  I learned several years back that Steve suffered a fire at his studio and all of the masters burned... Broke my heart.  There's got to be someone out there with some of those other early tracks though..."

Mad Props to Cruz Control and Jimbo Wicked, thank you both for your time. This slice of San Diego hip-hop history is dedicated to the memory of Marcus Kutfather Tufono. R.I.P

DJ O-Dub ‎– Incognitos Vol. 1 - 1999


Solemanne Intro
De La Soul - Baby Huey Skit
Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill a Man (Blunted remix)
Aceyalone - Mic Check (Labrats remix)
Triple-header Interlude
Pete Rock and CL Smooth - We Specialize
Saukrates - Still Caught Up (remix)
Grand Puba - Mind Your Business
Too Short - In the Trunk (DJ Premier Glove Compartment remix)
A Tribe Called Quest - Mr. Incognito
Out the Front Door Interlude
KMD - Black Bastards
Show and AG - Under Pressure
Masta Ace Inc. - Top Ten List
Tsunami Interlude
Souls of Mischief - Cabfare
Ill Germs Outro
Monk With The Fonk Intro
Biggie, Pudgee, Lord Tariq - Think Big 
Red Hot Lover Tone - DIYM
The Roots - Distortion to Static (Freestyle Mix)
Easter Sunrise Interlude
Common Sense w/ Y Not - Can-I-Bust?
Motion Man - ’93 Swing (remix)
Positive K - Nightshift (remix)
Toffee Bar Interlude
KRS One: Ah Yeah (Diamond D remix)
Jemini - Story of My Life
Soopaman Interlude
Redman - Tonite’s the Night (remix)
Erule - Listen Up 
DJ Shadow feat. Blackalicious - Count and Estimate
It’s a Hit Outro

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Microphone Check - The Source, October 1996


From The Source - October 1996 - Scans courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

DJ Philly & 210Presents - Trackside Burners Radio Show #388



Here is the latest episode of the Trackside Burners Radio Show (Episode #388) hosted by DJ Philly & 210Presents and aired on the London-based radio ITCH FM.

More info on 

Devaloop & Ryler Smith - Eternal Dreams - 2021


LP - 2021 - Krekpek Records  

Devaloop teams up with Ryler Smith from Switzerland to drop the 15-Track album "Eternal Dreams". 

Shipping Date : June 18th 2021


Penpals - II: The True Sequel - 2021

LP - 2021 - HHV  

Rapswell, Bobby Noble and Squires deliver a brand new album titled "II: The True Sequel" featuring emcees like Quelle Chris, Billy Woods, ANKHLEJOHN, just to name a few...

Limited Edition 12" Color Vinyl, 300 copies only...
Release Date : May 28th 2021

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Various - Foundation Entertainment [1996-2000] EP


EP - 2021 - Chopped Herring Records   

A1 Pretty Fella – Things You Do

A2 D Skinner – Da Realest

A3 Foundation Ent. ft Big Yu - The Gatez

A4 Da 4 Horsemen – Josie, Cisco, Billy & Sundance

B1 Jhunippuz – 2000 Complex

B2 Coalition ft. J Black – 360

B3 Stratagee Real – Foreva Real

B4 Jhunippuz – Da Gauntlet (Demo)

Produced by Stratagee Real and DJ Strez. 350 copies only... (120 copies on Clear Gold Coloured Vinyl & 230 copies on trad Black Wax).


CM Famalam Show - 09-21-2000 (w/Guru & Mendoza) - WKCR

DJ Nes is back with a new episode of the CM Famalam Show hosted by Bobbito and DJ Lord Sear. He chopped up portions of the show from his tape which was aired on September 21st 2000. It includes a freestyle session with Guru (RIP), Enjoy !


Shabazz The Disciple - Built To Last Mix


Latest episode of the Built To Last Mix dedicated to the legendary Shabazz The Disciple. 

1/ Street Parables (ft Lord Jamar) 

2/ Art of Raw (ft Freestyle & D-Stroy) 

3/ Organized Rime 

4/ Retrophin (Gravediggaz remix - ft Solomon Childs & Frukwan) 

5/ Party Wit a Tec 

6/ I'm Breathing For You 

7/ Scan the Fields (ft Freestyle & D-Stroy) 

8/ Death Be The Penalty (Je$u$ remix) 

9/ Preme 

10/ Scarlett Robe (prisoner) 

11/ Diary of a Madman (ft Gravediggaz & Killah Priest) 

12/ Thieves in Da Night (Heist - Q Unique Mix) 

13/ Five Arch Angels (ft Sunz Of Man) 

14/ Ya Exodust 

15/ Ghetto Apostles (Frankensteeno remix) 

16/ Crime Saga (Skeletor remix) 

17/ Save Yourself (ft Gravediggaz) 

18/ Blow Em Up Bazz 

19/ Hop Pop 

20/ U Don't Want That (ft Nine)

21/ Celestial Soldiers (ft Freestyle – Arsonits)

22/ Writing Rhymes With a Liquid Pen (Ft. Sunz of Man)

23/ Disciples Of Armageddon - Hold This Planet

24/ Conscious of Sin "alternative version"

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DJ Emskee - Pen Joints Show #211 - May 07th 2021


This is the Pen Joints Show #211 aired on Bushwick Radio ( The Show can be heard every Friday evening for the Rush Hour from 5PM to 6PM, where DJ Emskee plays the best in raw, underground/independant Hip-Hop.  

The Wicked Takeover Ep#011 - May 7th 2021


11th episode of The Wicked Takeover aired on May 07, 2021 hosted by DJ Wicked on WRAPfm.

"The Wicked Takeover brings you deep into the Vinyl crates of Wicked. Expect to hear everything from album cuts to b-sides, remixes, white labels, bootlegs, etc. You'll also hear Hip-Hop from the Golden Era of 1988 to the Mid-90's all the way to current times. A large focus will be on 2k Hip-Hop, especially 2010 to current. Fridays 9pm EST | 6pm PST

Real Bad Man (feat. Crimeapple) – Chicken Scratch 
KLIM Beats – Street Children (Instrumental)
Intro with Wicked 
Mr. Lif & Stu Bangas (Scratches by Tone Spliff) – The New Normal
Kid Abstrakt & Emapea (feat. Innate, Predominance & DJ Million Faces) – Drop It
Trevor J & Loop.Holes – Head Up
Vel The Wonder – Anonymous
Syrup – Sherman Klump
Pseudo Intellectuals – Social Justice, Warrior
MC Shinobi (feat. Masta Lenn) – Six Million Ways
Kev Brown & J Scienide (feat. DJ Jon Doe) – The Set Up 
Recognize Ali (feat. Vinnie Paz & DJ TMB) – Holy War
Real Bad Man (feat. Mooch, Rigz & Flee Lord) – Weighing It Wrong
Cyrus Malachi – Icicles
Ryler Smith x MZ Boom Bap – Pulla Kimono X
Epik1 (feat. Akbar) – Strangers In Space
Da Steez Brothaz (feat. Teknical Development & DJ Ecks One) – Reality 
T-Sow of La Base – Combinaison
McGyver – Omega
Emskee – Supernatural Force
Tab-One – Balancing Act 
Pawz One aka Thomas Posthumous – Out Of Reach
Meeco (feat. Masta Ace) – Pardon Me
Hus Kingpin & Rozewood (feat. SmooVth) – The Purge
Darkim Be Allah x Endemic Emerald (feat. Tragedy Khadafi) – You Know The Gravity
Jamil Honesty & DJ Grazzhoppa as The Fix (feat. Cayoz & Ill Conscious) – The Lesson
Craig G, Large Professor, Don Black & DJ Cooler Ruler – Legendary
Recognize Ali (feat. Spit Gemz, Napoleon Da Legend & Tone Spliff) – Understand Jewlery
S-Ky The Cookinjax & Pawz One – Take Your Shot
Coops – Laws Of Nature
Numskulls – Never Let A Foe
BlabberMouf (feat. Mad Rev) – Give Em More (Remix)
Mark Ski (feat. H3RO) – Rhyme After Rhyme
Phyba – Unexpected Encounters
Raw Poetic & Damu The Fudgemunk – Nappy Heads 
Kool Taj The Gr8 x Pete Rock – Llayers
Burgundy Blood (feat. Jehst) – Curtains
Cut Beetlez (feat. The Good People) – Good
Lord Beatjitzu – Untitled (Instrumental)
Outro with Wicked
Digital Underground – Packet Man
Sway & King Tech (feat. Money B & Shock-G of Digital Underground and Paris) – Time For Peace (Hip Hop Version)

KoOL A BeAtZ And ReCoRdS - Load From Disk - 2021

LP - 2021  

The French DJ/Beatmaker KoOL A BeAtZ And ReCoRdS has just dropped his new instrumental Project "Load From Disk" on limited edition vinyl. If you want to order your copy, message him here or here... don't sleep, 100 copies only !

B.L.A.C.C Heart - Take It Back To The Essence - 1997

The group B.L.A.C.C Heart is releasing his 5th album untitled "The Legacy", so it's the good time to talk about their classic "Take It Back To The essence" released in 1997 on Pitch B.L.A.C.C Records

The 12" consists of the single "Take It Back To The Essence" available in its Street, Radio Edit, Alternative Mix and Instrumental versions, everything produced by Dwayne Buckle a.k.a 3Sixdy. The wax is very very rare, only 10 copies were pressed in 1997... you are lucky if you have it in your collection !

For those who aren't familiar with B.L.A.C.C Heart, acronym for Beats, Lyrics, And Creativity Combined with Heart, you need to know that the group is from RW, the great Ravenswood Projects in Long Island City, Queens, and consists of 3Sixdy, Shambo, Laky-Don, Bo-Ballintine, Mystery & P. Long.

3Sixdy, could you tell me who were the original members of the group  in 1997 ?

3Sixdy : "With Gods grace, the members of 97 are still the members today, which are Shambo, Laky-Don, Bo-Ballintine, Mystery & P. Long and me."

How did the connection happen between all the members ? 

3Sixdy : "We're from the same neighborhood... Me, Shambo, Laky-Don, Mystery & P. Long are all from Ravenswood, we've been knowing each other since we was like 12, I built a studio inside my apartment in Ravenswood when I was 18 and we made the bulk of the albums inside that apartment, Bo-Ballintine lived Jamaica Queens, but he always came to Ravenswood to rhyme with us."

How and when did you fall into hip-hop productions ?

3Sixdy : "I always loved hiphop, my grandmother used to play records and she bought me a radio when I was 8, I also started watching video music box around that time, I started making loops on cassette when I was 12, starting buying turntables at 14, at 16 brought my first drum machine and sampler, also ran away from home and lived on my own about that time, prior to the studio in Ravenswood, I rented a small studio apt in Brooklyn 2 years prior that's when we did some early demos like The Knotty Head stuff, but when I got that crib in Ravenswood we took it more seriously and started making better songs."

What were your music influences as a producer ?

3Sixdy : "I used to like EMPD, Main Source, G.Rap & Rakim a lot when I was real young, and a lot of the conscious stuff like Poor Righteous Teachers, Black Sheep, etc... and I was heavy into Gang Starr, so DJ premier is a big influence, also RZA was a big inspiration, also Mobb Deep, Tribe Called Quest, I was also heavy into Black Moon & Smif-N-Wesson and Nervous records stuff, so my biggest influence on production is Premier, Rza, Beat Miners, Havoc, Large P... and Qtip.

Who did manage Pitch B.L.A.C.C. Records  ?

3Sixdy : "Everything was in house, recording, distribution, management... I created Pitch B.L.A.C.C in like 95, as just a way to get our stuff out locally, I have always been the CEO of operations at the label which includes management. We had some other people help out in the early days but it was mostly just me as it became my lives work, and everybody was really into the street life I was always into books and stuff, and not just management into music, also at life too, we all became better people from the B.LA.C.C Heart philosophy."

Three 12-inches were released in 1997, what happened with the album at that time ?

3Sixdy : "We pressed up "Once Upon A Time" at 300 units and the intention was to give it to the best DJs which I did, Kayslay got copies, Evil Dee got copies, Tony Touch and many other Top DJs, but it was hard to get through and some said they would spin it or put in on mixtapes but I don't think anybody ever did, we did some small shows but nothing really happened, I started taking matters in my own hand and invested in a street marketing campaign across NYC, we got featured in STRESS magazine in 98 and the article was a good article but nothing ever happened, so I decided to put some cassettes in local bodegas on consignment, when I came back to check on the tapes...they was always sold out ! So I knew we had something good but it was hard to get play in the industry ! We kept on going the indie route until much of the industry changed to the Jiggy era and we kinda faded out."

Why did you decide to press 10 copies of "Take Back to the Essence" only ?

3Sixdy : "We needed more records to give to some DJs, and 10 is a lot cheaper than the $2000 it cost to press 300 at the time, it took me a long time to pay that debt down from the first pressing of 300... my man gave me a few hundred dollars for the "Once Upon A Time" pressing, that's why his name is on the record... R. Croker."

Mad Props to Dwayne Buckle, thanks for your time bro.

Dateknician - Mist In The Basement - 2021


New instrumental project dropped on vinyl by the Paris-based hip-hop record label Brain Connection 1978. The album is untitled "Mist In The Basement" and is fully produced by Dateknician, a young producer from the suburb of Paris.

LEX - Do It For Y'all - 2021


Queens-based emcee LEX drops his new single "Do It For Y'all" produced by the DITC's affiliated member Milano Constantine.

Video : Montener The Menace - Take It Back ft. Craig G & Edo. G - 2021


Montener The Menace is back with the video of his third single "Take It Back" featuring Craig G and Edo. G, off his forthcoming album "Anyone Home?" available to pre order now on Vinyl & CD. "Take It Back" is produced by Roccwell with cuts by Jabba Tha Kut. Video by Hausriot Studios.

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Circle Of Native Vibes - Against All Odds - 2021


LP - 2021 - Back2DaSource Records 

"Sup y'all !?  We back at it with another Gem from B-More !  Circle Of Native Vibes AKA Cee Now Victory was  a group originally consisted of 4 members named Born, Blak, Kalife and Ali.  This Against All Odds Album was supposed to drop late 90's only a couple of cds were pressed, almost impossible to find. In 1999 they dropped their  12" (only 3 titles + instr) But the whole album contained many mid 90's Bangas so we  had to press this for the 1st time on vinyl. Not exactly the same tracklisting as the OG cd album, names can vary for some tracks, but very solid album. CD format will be available too of course. 11 songs of melodious jazzy beats mixed with pure Knowledge & Great Flows too. Time to reveal the Truth my friends. The track called Nam has been added too, this one appears on their Holy Grail Tape from 94." - courtesy of Bee Lapointe (Back2DaSource Records)

Pre-Order : Bundle / Vinyl (300 copies) / CD (300 copies)

Shipping Date : End of May/ Early June.

Shrlock Da Madman - 90's Unreleased + All Comp. Slide Back - 2021

2xLP - 2021 - Back2DaSource Records  

"Sup y'all ?! Proud to announce we got Shrlock AKA Shrlok Da Madman & his producer Chip Fab in the house !  We joined forces to reissue their 12" Holy Grail from 96 called All Comp / Slide Back with nothing less than SEVEN DOPE 90s unreleased tracks as bonuses, produced by Chip Fab  and never heard before ! Ill shit ! Full rap version of Slide Back  & many other Gems included. The 12" tracks have been remastered, slighly different than the OG 12'' sound but trust me you wont be disappointed with the sound quality wait until you spin it, I'd say it even sounds better than the OG, but yo lets say different haha. We did our best to bring you that crazy high audio quality experience, with that analog Mastering (Big Dé as always) Comes with Shrlok Da Madman Logo Insert ... DOPE Boom Bap from Richmond, VA !! " - courtesy of Bee Lapointe (Back2DaSource Records)


Where did you come from exactly ?

Shrlock : "I was born and raised in Richmond Virginia."

When did you fall into hip-hop ?

Shrlock : "I fell in love with Hip Hip at 15yrs old. Spending the summer at my cousin Leonard's house. He showed me breakdancing, rapping, everything. From that moment I was hooked."

How did the connection happen between you and Chip Fabolous ?

Shrlock : "Chip Fabolous and I connected in Highschool. He started making beats and asked to produce for me."

Where does the name of SHRLOCK Da Madman come from ? 

Shrlock : "The name Shrlok was a nickname they called me in school, for being smart. Da madman represented the other side of my personality, which was more aggressive."

What were your Hip-Hop influences at that time ? 

Shrlock : "When I first started rapping, the artist that influenced me the most was LL Cool J."

How did you originally hook up with Rolling Records ?

Shrlock : "I hooked up with Rolling Records through Chip Fabolous. He introduced me to the opportunity and I ran with it."

Why was there nothing else released after the 12" in 1996 ?

Shrlock : "The reason there was never any follow up after we released the 12" in 1996 was due to creative differences."

Is Shrlock still in the game nowadays ?

Shrlock : "Yes I'm still active in Hip-Hop. My name is no longer Shrlok. My name now is Big Sty. I've been releasing music under that name since 2004. I signed a major record deal in 2004. Had a single called "It's a problem" that did very well. My new single is called "Hands Up" featuring Spade. I can be contacted on social media. @bigsty804 is my instagram. My facebook page is Sty Lynch. "

Extra limited Tape edition of this project will be released on Ill Catz Records, only 50 Cassettes pressed. 

Pre-Order : Bundle / Vinyl (300 copies) / CD (300 copies)

Shipping Date : End of May/ Early June.