Saturday, October 16, 2021

Mix : Rob Pursey Presents Dedicated Vol. 1 - Underground/Jazzy 90s Hip Hop


1. Everybody - Basement Khemist

2. Detour To The Left - Ghetto Chilldren

3. Dedicated - Digable Planets

4. The Ultimate - Nomaads

5. Say Word - Boogiemonsters feat. Bahmadia

6. Illuminated Sunlight - Mood

7. And Justice For All - Circle Of Native Vibes

8. MCs - World Renown

9. Mothership - A.D.A.N.T. Foundation

10. Caught Up - Kinship

11. Markd4death - Deda

12. Rhyme Trainin' (Remix) - Mathematik

13. Life To The MC (Remix) - Mass Influence

14. Nonoxynol Rhymin - Blaque Spurm feat. Fyne

15. Explanations - Homeliss Derelix

16. Trilogy - E.C. Illa

17. Onementality - Sic Sense

18. Wonderlust - Rob-O

Hiero Day - Hip Hop Slam /Soul Beat TV - Sept 18 1993

"The first Hiero Day took place on 9/3/2012 in Oakland but two decades earlier on 9/18/93 on Hip Hop Slam TV on Soul Beat in Oakland when the Hieroglyphics collective, including Del The Funkee Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Extra Prolific, Shamen and Domino, stopped by the live weekly four hour TV show to be interviewed by Turntable T. Video executive produced by Billy Jam with graphics by Geoff/Dawg Eat Dawg and camera by Raymond Ulibarri + later additional editing/production by DJ ALF. Additional contributions from C-Note and Robin Young." - courtesy of Billy Jam

King Kashmere - In The Hour Of Chaos - 2021

High Focus Records will be back soon with a reissue on physical format of King Kashmere's album "In The Hour Of Chaos", originally released by Receptor Records in 2006.

"My debut album “In The Hour Of Chaos” was released in the winter of 2006 on Receptor Records, a few years after the release of Technical Illness/Backhand Slap Talk (Lowlife Records) with my brother Verb T. Receptor Records is a label that was created by myself, DJ Krooked Fingaz and Thomas Browne (RIP) in the year 2000 after being given a lot of game by Peter Bond aka Pete Real who ran the original Deal Real Records in the Westend (Noel St.) Not to be confused with the revamped Carnaby street store later on. The knowledge he gave me was the lifeblood of our label. Initially set up to release my first record “The Raw Styles EP”, we decided to carry on and it became not only home for two more subsequent Kashmere releases (Raw Styles v2.0 and in the hour of chaos) but home to my whole Ill Breed family, particularly Combined Mentalz who released “The Fundamentalz” which was mixed by legendary engineer No Sleep Nigel and featured production from group member Baron SynBack and Ghost. 

In The Hour Of Chaos was a passion project for me and Thomas Browne. Being my best friend, he had always had an extreme belief in my potential and was my biggest supporter. We wanted to put together something special! Our ambition was to be in the league of the people we looked up to. The Dr Octagon album was a huge influence on us growing up so it made sense that we wanted to do something highly conceptualised. At that time I started to get interested in the occult but through the lens of the John Constantine hell blazer comics (DC/VERTIGO) and various other sources. This clearly informed the direction of the album. I played a Constantine-Esque character maneuvering through the minefield of the physical realm and the other side, battling demons both externally and within. I stumbled across the concept of chaos magic and was very intrigued. We went as far as to design a chaos medallion and have it forged from pure silver. The man that did this for us had his workshop which was built by Loch Ness! We shot a video for 'Playing With Fire' in rural Ireland and a video for 'The Ark' deep inside Chislehurst caves. These are memories that I will cherish forever. 

Unfortunately, in 2014, my best friend, my brother from another mother, passed away. He was a man that was loved by all. It's something I'll never get over but for every move I make, I often ask myself “what would Tom think of this?”. So with great pleasure, I along with the good people at High Focus Records present to you the re-release of this album. Some of you may be familiar and some of you may not be. All I’ll say is, sit back, relax, close your eyes and let this album ride. Peace." - courtesy of King Kashmere

For now, the full album is only available Digitally

AG of D.I.T.C. - The 5th Beattle (DJ Spinna Remix) - 2021


7" - 2021 - F5 Records 

"This 7″ is DJ Spinna’s Remix to the “The 5th Beattle” By AG of D.I.T.C. Spinna takes this track to the next level as only he can. The original version is on the B-Side produced by DJ Crucial. Both tracks have bonus beat instrumentals." - courtesy of F5 Records 

300 copies only ...


Cracker Jon & Violentlyill - Bought Off and Silenced By Gizmos and Toys - 2021

LP - 2021 - Ill Records   

UK emcee Cracker Jon teams up with the Northern Ireland-based producer Violentlyill to drop this 14-track LP entitled "Bought Off and Silenced By Gizmos and Toys". The album is available on limited edition 12" Black vinyl ( 250 copies only).

 Shipping Date : December 2021

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Ill Treats & Glad2Mecha - Make It Happen feat. Grand Puba (Mac McRaw Remix)


7" - 2021 - AE Productions 

"Originally featured on the Ill Treats & Glad2Mecha - The Return album released by HHV Records back in 2019, Make It Happen featuring the legendary Grand Puba (of Brand Nubian and before that Masters Of Ceremony), gets a great new chunky SP1200 fueled remix by Mac McRaw (Vinyl Veterans/Cold Rock Stuff/Puma Strut). Anyone that copped Mac McRaw's 60 Raw Ones beat tape release from AE in 2020 will be well aware of his mastery of the SP1200 which is utilised again here for his friend and fellow Brightonian Ill Treats, now residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. " - courtesy of AE Productions


Honor Society - Breaking & Entering / Red Dawn - 1996

12" - 1996 - Society Entertainment 

Here is another rare 12" coming from Maryland, Gaithersburg Area... released in 1996 by a group named Honor Society consisted of Intrigue Garcia, R. Ham, J. Minor, P. Hale, C. Allen, E. Jalloh, K. Kokolakis and maybe DJ Accel... no info about them to be honest except what it's written on the label. 
I've talked to Bill Source (of Massive Rings) who worked on the mix session at records studio, but he doesn't remember anything about the group except that Intrigue Garcia was his former partner and he started his own group which was Honor Society... He lost contact with him unfortunately. 

The 12" contains the song "Breaking & Entering" available in its Album, Radio and instrumental versions, produced DJ Accel and the song "Red Dawn (Album Version)", but no info about this one for the production part. 

Video : Up 2 Know Good - Normally Different - 2021


Video of lead single "Normally Different" dropped by the UK group Up 2 Know Good (BroomMan, Dot.I & BadFX), off the self-titled album which will be released on vinyl via the German-based label Dezi-Belle Records on October 17th (50 copies only)... stay tuned !

Monday, October 11, 2021

The Wicked Takeover Ep#22 - October 08th 2021

22nd episode of The Wicked Takeover aired on October 08, 2021 hosted by DJ Wicked on WRAPfm.

"The Wicked Takeover brings you deep into the Vinyl crates of Wicked. Expect to hear everything from album cuts to b-sides, remixes, white labels, bootlegs, etc. You'll also hear Hip-Hop from the Golden Era of 1988 to the Mid-90's all the way to current times. A large focus will be on 2k Hip-Hop, especially 2010 to current. Fridays 9pm EST | 6pm PST"


VHS : The Bomb Volume 1 - 1994


60 minutes of film from a live show in California featuring Tha Alkaholiks, Pete Nice & Daddy Rich, Ultramagnetic MC's and the Rock Steady DJs. VHS tape courtesy of Jimmy Hunter. 

Landlords of the Morgue - Welcome to the Morgue EP - 2021


"Landlords of the Morgue was an obscure three man crew from Texas consisting of One Son, Dot Nice & Madd Scripts. They met while serving in the army at Ford Hood but all came from different states originally. One Son from Alabama, Dot Nice was from Queens, NY and Madd Scripts from Chicago. They hooked up with producer Ashton “DJ Cassanova” Irons (Papa Chuk/Project Crew) in Killeen, Texas after a showcase Cass attended. He was working with them individually and finally decided to put them together to form Landlords. What we have here are seven tracks that originally appeared on a very obscure homemade cassette that was effectively used as their demo tape – good luck finding that. Currently there is no info on the net about them and no Discogs listing, yet!" - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records

350 copies available (120 copies on Green/Black Vinyl & 230 copies on trad Black Wax)


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Phil Tyler - Classic Material - 2021


Here is the Beat Tape entitled "Classic Material" released by the German producer Phil Tyler on Rattlehood Records, composed of 10 classic boom bap instrumentals inspired by the golden era of Hip-Hop. The album is only available digitally for now unfortunately. Give it a listen ! 

Shawty Pimp - Tha Substance - 2021

K7 - 2021 - Trill Hill Tapes  


The tape originally released in 1996 on Big Pimping Productions by Malik a.k.a Shawty Pimp from Memphis,TN is now re-issued by Trill Hill Tapes. 220 copies are available !

A1 - Intro

A2 - Trapped Inside

A3 - Underground Music

A4 - Only a State of Mind

A5 - You know what I mean

A6 - Outro

B1 - Scale of Reality

B2 - Frustrated

 B3 - Ashes of Dust

B4 - Discourage

B5 - Feeling up tight

B6 - Substance



Body Bag Ben x J Scienide - Enough to Plague a Saint - 2021

J Scienide from Washington, DC and Body Bag Ben from Oxnard,Ca drop their collaborative album entitled "Enough to Plague a Saint" on Static King Record / Fatbeats. This 13-track project features the emcees Rome Streetz, Rasheed Chappell, Napoleon Da Legend, Wordsworth and Ill Conscious.  


Saturday, October 9, 2021

Demo : GOS - Whatever it Takes

Highlight on this unreleased track titled "Whatever it Takes" featuring GOS a.k.a Gift Of Speech & DJ Jay-Ski, and produced by my man OMNE. If you do remember, OMNE is the Philly-based producer affiliated with the group P.H.A. also known as Power Hittin' Artists, comprised of Granz, Prince Lord Naeem & Wise KABAR (RIP) who dropped a few singles in the mid/late-90s. OMNE is really cool, he sent me a batch of unreleased tracks recently and the song "Whatever It Takes" is one of them.

OMNE : "There's a studio in Philly (Larry Gold's) that has basically been the main studio people who are serious about music record in for the past 20 years now... such as The Roots and many other, major and independent artists, mostly Hip-Hop and R'n'B.

GOS and I connected through working at the studio. GOS (Gift of Speech) is an engineer there. I would book time after midnight in the B room cause that's what we could barely afford. I recorded there (mostly in the B room) with Aphillyation, PHA, Maylay Sparks, Kamachi, Last Emperor, and Jay-Ski.

GOS would end up being our engineer. So we clicked and eventually and I got to hear some of his tracks. After a little while we ended up working on some stuff together. My personal favorite being "Whatever It Takes" with Jay-Ski on the cuts.

One night after midnight I came in and payed the beat down, GOS proceeded to lay his vocals and lastly Jay-Ski came through, he had no idea what he was gonna be cutting on the track and had never even heard the track before.

Regardless it takes him no time at all to lay his cuts. I had all the stuff picked out already for him to cut. He cues it up runs through a couple times and he's ready to record. Every session with Jay was always like that. He can save you plenty of doe in the studio. He knows what he's doing.. Unfortunately the track was never released, which sucks because I think it was the best track I ever had something to do with.. "

GOS only officially released a single sometime around 2001 called "Roll with the Punches". It was released on 12" via Soulspazm Records. OMNE put out an EP around 2004 that no one ever really heard named "Aratone Epidemic". It has GOS, Maylay Sparks, Kamachi, Aphillyation featuring on it...

Mad Props to OMNE. 

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Cru p.ka. Rhythm Blunt Cru – The Early 90’s Pre-Demos - 2021

"Pretty crazy this one!! My man Brian Kayser [Chopped Herring Interviews] hit up MC Chadio with a book idea. He happened to mention Herring and the rest is history. These are the demos that attracted Violator Ent impresario ‘Baby’ Chris Lighty [R.I.P.]. Lighty hooked up the deal with Def Jam through a second set of demos, but these beauties are what started the ball rolling on the career of three man outfit Cru previously known as Rhythm Blunt Cru. The name was shorted by Russell Simmons who I can only assume thought the word ‘blunt’ in the name of a group was a negative [when we all know that it’s a huge positive!!!]. There’s not much more to say here – just take a listen to the snippets and dig that lost early 90’s NY flava that we feen for. Massive Fish!!!!" - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records

350 copies only... (120 copies on Cru Yellow Vinyl & 230 copies on Black Wax)

Nightbreed - 2 Roads Out The Ghetto - 1998


12" - 1998 - Fortress Ent.  

Here is the debut 12" released in 1998 by Nightbreed, a rap duo from Brownsville, Brooklyn. Former member of the legendary group Natural Elements, K.A. a.k.a KA the Verbal Swordsman founded this duo with his friend Kev (RIP) a.k.a Oddbrawl The Lyrical Juggernaut. Their 12" came out on Fortress Entertainment, a record label created in 1993 by Charlemagne, well-known for being affiliated with Natural Elements and who also produced all the tracks of the wax.

A full album was recorded by Nightbreed between 1996 and 1998, but according to my man Chris (Dust & Dope Recordings), due to too many different reasons it will never be released...

At least you can listen to a few Nightbreed demos recorded in the mid 90s which have been uploaded on Bandcamp. 

Video : Black Josh - The Birds - 2021

Video of the latest single dropped by the Manchester-based MC Black Josh. "The Birds" is produced by Hyroglifics & Jack Chard and taken from the album entitled "Heartbreak Hostel" which will be available Digitally on October 29th 2021.


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Joint Ventures - 1991​-​1992 DEMOS - 2021

CD - 2021 - Fat Flava Records   

Fat Flava Records is back once again with a brand new Demo album recorded between 1991 and 1992 by the Boston Rap Duo Joint Ventures, comprised of Incredible Marc T and Fly Ty (RIP) who also produced the full 8-track project. 

350 copies only... Shipping Date : 21.10.2021



DJ Premier So Wassup? Episode 8


DJ Premier presents the brand new series: 'So Wassup?' a salute to the floppy disk. Throughout this series, DJ Premier explores his most classic productions, and how the technology of the time influenced the sound. Here is the episode 8 about the process of how the track "It's Been A Long Time" was created. 

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Poetic Souls - Too Much TV / 31 Flavors - 1992


12" - 2013 - Lost Records  

Here is the re-issue of the original 12" dropped by Poetic Souls in 1992 on Wyze Move Records. It came out in 2013 on Lost Records and is composed of the tracks "Too Much TV" and  "31 Flavors".

Poetic Souls was a rap duo from Houston, Tx comprised of Snap & GT. Snap also known as Red Cess Da Blak Destro and G.T. also known as Guerilla Terrorist were also members of the Psyko Ward Crew with Smokee Da Bandit, Beholda', T-Wrekz Da Phonetical, D-ology Da Blaka Ax Paka, Fliponya Da Bladerunna, Savere Da Butcha, and Tabu Da Rekka. They dropped their demo "Nine Circles of Rek" around 1994. 

Flyer courtesy of Garza Carlos &  Houston Hip Hop Research Collection

Photo courtesy of DJ Cipher 

Poetic Souls single "Too Much TV" is pressed on the A-side called the Poetic Side. The song is available in its Hard and Instrumental versions produced by Doc Doom and in its Bugged version produced by DJ Cipher (of Example). At that time, G.T. and Cipher worked together and ran the underground Hip-Hop radio show on 90.1 KPFT named "The Bridge". 

"31 Flavors" is pressed on the B-side called the Soul side, available in its Vocal and Instrumental versions produced by DJ Cipher as well.

Snap, GT & Cipher - Photo courtesy of DJ Cipher

The re-issue from Lost Records is a good way to catch this Poetic Souls 12" at a very nice price... and if you want to grab the OG absolutely... well you'll have to break your Piggy Bank !

Sway & King Tech - The Anthem (Azaia unrealized remix)

The French Beatmaker Azaia (Brain Connection 1978) drops a dope remix of the single "The Anthem" originally released in 1999 which features Chino XL, Eminem, Jayo Felony, KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Pharoahe Monch, RZA, Tek N9ne & Xzibit. 

Godfather Don - That's How I'm Going Out - 2021

7" - 2021 - HHV Boombap 45s

A1 - That's How I'm Going Out
B1 - That's How I'm Going Out Instrumental

300 copies only...

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - October 01st 2021


Here is the latest episode of No TV Raps Radio Show aired on October 01, 2021 on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany).

Friday, October 1, 2021

EPMD Television Interview - 1988

Early EPMD television interview discussing their beginnings in Video Soul, a music video program hosted by Donnie Simpson and aired weekdays on the Black Entertainment Television network.

Unda' Ground Asiaticz - Co-Lab Series #04

LP - 1999 - Co-Lab Ent. 

This Co-Lab Series EP volume 04 released in 1999 brings you some indie Hip-Hop material from the West Coast. I found this wax last year at the Flea Market dedicated to vinyl named "Le Marché Dauphine" in Paris, France. 
The A-side contains tracks from artists named The Nothing and Profound... but to be honest not really my kind of shit ! The most interesting side is the B-side which contains tracks from U.A'z a.k.a Unda' Ground Asiaticz, a group from Compton, Los Angeles, produced by DJ Kally Boom Shabazz and Beats 2 Bam.

 I don't really know the name of all the members but all I can say is that the core members of the crew were DJ Kally Boom Shabazz, a West Coast DJ / Producer from Compton Ca, owner of Jess Junk N Jazz Music Group and Whole WH8 Productions, and DJ Zoom a.k.a Kally Zoom a.k.a Zoom Lenz from the Bronx, NY. 

Video : Guillotine Shark - Guillotine Shark - 2021

Guillotine Shark is a hip-hop collective from Durham Region, Canada consisting of  Le Zeppo, Detales, BeatWyze & Shy The BeatYoda. They drop the visuals of their latest single "Guillotine Shark" produced by Shy The BeatYoda who also directed the video (Filmed by Sound Marauder). 

Revenge of the Truence & Jack Diggs - Pathway 2 Zion - 2021

7" - 2021 - 369 Recordings  

Jack Diggs and New York Rap duo Revenge Of The Truence (R.O.T) comprised of Tay Dayne & MuGGzOnDruGz team up with the British based label 369 Recordings to drop on 7" the singles "Pathway 2 Zion" & "Right or Wrong" Featuring UK rappers Efeks & Gee Bag, taken from their latest album "Fire In The Sky".


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sam Krats - Culture - 2021

12" - 2021 - Revorg Records 

The Beatmaker Sam Krats from Bristol,UK delivers his latest single "Culture" featuring Craig G, Ramson Badbonez, Mysdiggi, Gee Bag, Phoenix Da Icefire & Jazz T. , with remix from the legendary Beatminerz.