Monday, February 28, 2022

Da' Enna C - 365° - 2022

2xLP - 2022 - Hipnotech Records  

"Detroit based hip hop group Da'Enna C aka Da Enna Cirkle formed in 1991 consisted of P. Gruv, Sleeepy D aka 3E, Boog Woog and DJ Dez(Andres) the group has released  6-12 inch ep's, 1-maxi cassette(1994) and 1-full length CD 365 degrees(1998). Da' Enna C is known for being the first group to release a Dilla production the song was "Now" included on the You Can't Use My Pen EP (1994) released on the UpTop Entertainment Record Label. In 1999 the group went into hiatus, focusing more on production for other artist an entities, producing a string of beat records for Hipnotech which included releasing three Enna C songs on the Beats & Rhyme 12 inch Series and another previously unreleased song recorded in 1994 - True to Rap produced by J Dilla and DJ Dez HR-018 (2010). " - courtesy of Hipnotech Records

Limited vinyl & CD (Digipack) release ... Order your copy HERE 

K-Hill - Peanut Butter Whiskey feat Chant and V8ga - 2022


North Carolina-based emcee K-Hill drops his new single "Peanut Butter Whiskey" featuring Chant and V8ga. Official video coming soon... 

Boogie & The Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - March 24th 1996 - WQHT

Here is another episode of Boogie & The Barber with Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito uploaded by Dailey Maddawg 76 and originally uploaded on Dirty Waters Blog in 2015 by my man DJ Nes.The show was aired on March 24, 1996 on Hot.97 WQHT. 

Lace Da Booms - Cut that Weak

Crimedanch Cartel - Realism (rugged version)

45 King - How You Like It

Large Professor - Spacey (w/Vandimator)

Arsonists - Halloween

Talk Break / Commercials

Mop Top - Forever (Verbal Assault)

Sadat X - Hang Em High

Ak Skills - Nights of Fear

Powerule - Rock Ya Knot Quick

Smoothe Da Hustler - Hustler's Theme

Talk Break

Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigga Da Gambler, DV Alias Khrist & Rhyme Recca - Freestyle & Interview


Saukrates - Father Time

Camp Lo - Coolie High (Paradise Remix)

Erick Sermon - Fat Gold Chain

Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black on Black Crime

Mytee G Poetic - Com'n Wit Nuff Ruffness

Doo Dirty - Live By The Gun

Natural Elements - Shine

Jay Z - Stretch Promo

Busta Rhymes - Stretch Promo

CNN / Tragedy - Stretch Promo

Large Professor - Ijustwannachill

Fab 5 - Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Part 2)

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Mix : DJ SEIJI (SPC) - FT (90's Underground) Beat Emotion Library


Mixed CD - 2011 - Street Knowledge 

FT (90's Underground) Beat Emotion Library is a mix uploaded by DJ SEIJI from Japan which was originally released on CD on Street Knowledge in 2011. Dope indie joints selection as usual !!

DJ Seiji - Intro

B.O.$. - Da-Bona (DJ Ran's Rugged Remix)

J Rock - Drug Dealer (Gettin Paid Remix)

Maestro Fresh Wes - I'm Drinkin' Milk Now

Big Joe Krash - Break The Chain!

Bro-N X - Who You Be ?

Rapmaster Rob - Kick The Flavor (TNT Bass Mix)

Controversy - 2 Da Beat Y'all

PHD - Keep It Real (Sha's Remix)

Dred Scott - Nuttin 'ta Lose

Prince Ikey C - The Doobie

Niro Clippse - Step Ta This

Kaliphz - Bop Ya Head

HL Rock (The Sly Fox) - Put You On Lockdown

Ebony Broadcast System - Funkey-Rye-Men

Undaground Flava - Git Down (Wit Da Undaground)

Lord Aaqil - Check It Out

Dope And A Gun Feat. Kool Chip & Body God - Who Got The Flava?

King Of Swing - The Blunted 

The Troubleneck Brothers - Troubleneck Wreck

Ace C Ducey - Pop Ya Trunks

M.C. Class - Hope You're Listening

Ruff, Rugged & Raw - Jump, Wiggle It (Hardcore Mix)

Intelligent Hoodlum - At Large (Marley Mix)

Gashouse - Smell Smoke Yet ?

Gunrunners - Consequences

2 Deep 2 Sleep - Badlands

Low End - Where Ya At ?

Video : G.S. ADVANCE - Cobwebs - 2022

Visuals for "Cobwebs", the brand new single dropped by the Queens,NY-based MC/Producer G.S Advance, taken from his upcoming album "The Fly In Silk". 

El Da Sensei - Signature Funk / DJ Crucial Remix - 2022

7" - 2022 - Jim's Pool Room Records  

Saint Louis, Missouri-based record label named Jim's Pool Room Records drops El Da Sensei's new joint on 7inch, "Signature Funk" produced by Capo and "Signature Funk Remix" produced by DJ Crucial (F5 Records).

A - Signature Funk
B - Signature Funk Remix


Layman X Pandamonium - The Fresh Take EP - 2022


Layman and Pandamonium team up once again to drop "The Fresh Take EP", which is a 9-Track EP composed of 5 joints + 4 instrumentals. 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Truth - For All Intents and Purposes - 2022

LP - 2021/ 2022 - Animal Military Records / Get On Down  

"Truth continues his verbal onslaught with his 3rd album, “For All Intents and Purposes.” Truth teams up with the legendary production duo Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt and DJ Evil Dee) (who also featured production on Truth’s 1st two LP’s - From Ashes to Kingdom Come [2016] and The Fight for Survival [2019]) , who produce the entirety of the LP. Truth’s sound remains consistent once again throughout giving the listener banger after banger. With lines, like “You get O love like the back of a Cleveland jersey” and “Violently respond conflict endorsing pen scorching / I give even the greatest a problem like Ken Norton,” further displays Truth’s verbal dexterity matched perfectly to Beatminerz production.

The Queens emcee displays rugged lyrical content, heavily scratched based hooks (DJ JS-1, DJ Evil Dee and PF Cuttin), over incredible Beatminerz Boombap! The album features Tragedy Khadafi, Ras Kass, Large Professor, Treach and Joe Fatal. Longtime collaborator PF Cuttin mixed and mastered the album. Truth is looking to leave his mark giving true hip hop heads exactly want they want!

This is a must get LP for true Hip Hop heads! Just like Truth’s first two albums, it definitely does not disappoint!" - courtesy of Get On Down

A1. Power of Truth

A2. Let's Do It (Cuts By DJ Evil Dee)

A3. Duck Dodge Hide (Cuts By DJ Evil Dee)

A4. Where You At (Cuts By PF Cuttin)

A5. Listen Up (Cuts By DJ JS-1)

A6. Aim for the Kill (Cuts By DJ JS-1)

A7. Fistory in the Making (Cuts By PF Cuttin)

B1. Stomped Out (Cuts By DJ JS-1)

B2. Brutality (Cuts By DJ Evil Dee)

B3. Attack (feat. Large Professor) (Cuts By DJ Evil Dee)

B4. Take Em' Down (Cuts By PF Cuttin)

B5. Entourage (feat. Ras Kass, Tragedy Khadafi, Large Professor, Treach and Joe Fatal)

B6. Pardon the Disruption

B7. The Eternal Force (Cuts By DJ JS-1)

Available on Super Limited Maple Green Vinyl (50 copies only).

Standard Black vinyl coming soon...Stay tuned !

Prohibited By Law Regiment - Armed & Dangerous / Marked For Death - 2022

LP - 2022 - Diggers Factory  

Prohibited By Law Regiment was a rap group from Anchorage, Alaska. The group released their debut album entitled "Armed And Dangerous" in 1990 through Black Emerald Records. The album has been remastered and is available on vinyl now, for the first and last time (150 copies only) via Diggers Factory.

Shipping Date : September 2022


A reissue of their second album "Marked For Death" released in 1992 on Cassette is also available via hip-Hop Enterprise, but only on CD for now (300 copies) ... The vinyl version has been delayed due to the fucking Record Store Day, but it will come in a few months.

CD - 2022 - HHE  

Shipping Date : March 10th 2022

DFACE DXA - Don't Want It With Us - 2022

DXA Records and KicDrumProducts combine forces on this new joint from DFACE DXA featuring DoamPeace, Llingo Apt, and Walt Sicknin (RIP). "Don't Want It With Us" is produced by IceRocks.

Drumat!c remix version coming soon... stay tuned ... 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Video : Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz - Oxford Scholars - 2022

Visuals for the brand new joint "Oxford Scholars" dropped on High Focus Records by Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz featuring Vitamin G & Verbz. Cuts by DJ P. 



Big Up to the Hip-Hop Headz in Ghent, Belgium... Aster Borgonjon, Korneel Hoebeke, Djani Michielsen and Wolf Belien, I see you fellas !! Here is the Grimy Tapes Vol. 2 in which they continue to express their love and involvement in the old school Hip-Hop culture. Full Support !

Jazzscapez - Slip into Insanity - 2022

7" - 2022 - MASSacre Music Group 

Here is the latest 7-inch released by MASSacre Music Group in honor of the late great Jazzscapez. This is a Limited Edition, hand-numbered,  dual cover art. 

90 copies only...

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

ILLCROOK - Illcrook - 1997


12" - 1994 - After Dark Records 

ILLCROOK was born from the association of the emcee Black Caesar from ILLtown, NJ and DJ 3D from CROOKlyn, NYC. In 1994, they released this 12" on After Dark Records, a record label managed by Carlos "After Dark" Berrios. 

DJ 3D : " We decided on the name "Illcrook" around 93-94. So we formed the group around that time. Black Caesar was my brother in law. He married my sister. I found out that he made beats and rapped... You can hear that Jersey flavor !

We were signed by After Dark Records by the legendary Carlos Berrios. He asked me to add some samples to his freestyle music. And I also released some house music on his label as well. So in discussion, Carlos wanted to give it a shot. Carlos is a long time friend."

Only one track titled "Illcrook" is pressed on this 12". The joint is available in its Vocal, Stripped Down and Instrumental versions with all the Scratches done by DJ A.vee. 

DJ 3D : " I remember "Illcrook" was released in a bunch of stores. I don't remember the number of copies, but I know it made it over seas. So there must have been decent amount."

If you're looking for more info about Black Caesar (RIP) and DJ 3D, you need to know that they had already dropped a debut 12" in 1993 on Rap Baby Records entitled "Black Caesar / I Can't Believe How Dope I Am ". It was produced by DJ 3D & Dean Landew (owner of Rap Baby Records) who formed Kings of Beats at the time, and Black Caesar. Another wax to grab without hesitation if you haven't had it in your collection yet...

12" - 1993 - Rap Baby Records 

For the VHS tapes collectors, you need to know that an official video of "Black Caesar" exists... I've never seen it online and even DJ 3D doesn't have a copy... the video seems to be totally lost but the hunt is opened !

There will be no more release from ILLCROOK after that... and their album never came out unfortunately...

DJ 3D : "It was very difficult for studio time back in the day... and Black Caesar's work ethic wasn't great. On top of that, Carlos was releasing tons of music back then. So, as I mentioned earlier, Studio time was hard to get... it was expensive. There are a bunch of unreleased material. The styles have changed, so they are sitting on my hard drive..."

Mad Props to DJ 3D, thanks for your time.  

SmooVth - Red Dot Plot - 2022

LP - 2022 - Copenhagen Crates  


Originally released in 2011 by SmooVth (of Tha Connection) on Digi Crates Records, the album "Red Dot Plot" is now available on vinyl with the help of Copenhagen Crates. The productions are handled by DJ Qvali, KVZE, M Padrum, DJ Kryptonite, DJ Excellence, Sero, AGQ, Fresh Sly & Pawel G. 












B6. SPEED KILLS (Feat. Asia J a.k.a SEPKA NITAH)

225 copies only ...


Monday, February 21, 2022

Video : Dango Forlaine - MAZMANADIUM - 2022


Pump up the volume and watch the latest video titled "MAZMANADIUM" dropped by the Detroit-based MC Dango Forlaine a.k.a The Swan and produced by SWAB... It's new and it's good !

The Wicked Takeover Ep#28 : 1990-1999 - Feb 18th 2022


28th episode of The Wicked Takeover aired on February 18, 2022 on WRAPfm and hosted by DJ Wicked.

"The Wicked Takeover brings you deep into the Vinyl crates of Wicked. Expect to hear everything from album cuts to b-sides, remixes, white labels, bootlegs, etc. You'll also hear Hip-Hop from the Golden Era of 1988 to the Mid-90's all the way to current times. A large focus will be on 2k Hip-Hop, especially 2010 to current. Fridays 9pm EST | 6pm PST"

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Street Vibes Vol. 1 - 1994


LP - 1994 - Street Vibes Compilations - Photo courtesy of Joseph Rizzuto

Here is a compilation album that I'm still looking for ... It's called Street Vibes Vol.1 and it was released in 1994 and distributed by Poisoned Ivy Entertainment Inc. from Hoboken, New Jersey (the same crew who produced the Punk Barbarians album "Sex, Props, Cream... And The Drama In Between" in 1996). 

The members of Poisoned Ivy Ent. met at Princeton University in the early 90s. The crew was also a DJs collective known under the name of FOPO and some of the members (D. Groovy, Seyfu & J) hosted the infamous Vibes and Vapors Show on the Princeton University's student-run community radio station 103.3 WPRBThe Street Vibes compilation is an album of demos sent by the listeners to this radio show and most of them are recorded by artists who came from New Jersey.

D.Groovy : "Poisoned Ivy Entertainment was myself, Mark Hines, Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, J Weaver, and Greg Battle. We all met at Princeton University over a number of years. Street Vibes was born out of necessity, as a way to pay the bills at our home made studio on 20 Nassau St. We were into digital recording far before anyone else in hip-hop. That's what happens to put Princeton nerds together... We innovate. The connection was immediate. We were friends first, then J and I noticed we both brought turntables to school. Mark and Greg started a production team together. We later joined forces with Selwyn, after he got back from Desert Storm. We formed Voltron, and the rest is history."

D.Groovy : "The artist connection happened through advertisement on our radio show. We were able to guarantee radio play on our own show, and we were able to send it out to record labels and other radio shows in our network. This was before the Internet became commercial, and home bandwidth was nonexistent or hard-to-find.   This was all proof of concept taken to the nth degree. Apparently it worked !"

Street Vibes Vol.1 features groups or MCs named Logic, Dogheart, V, D1, Da Wick, Dubside Collective, Bizear Intellectual, The Muck Men, Infinite Cypher, Only B & DJ Swoop. There are no info about those artists online (not even on Discogs for now)... so let me give you some about them and more about the productions : 

First artist featuring on the comp is called LOGIC. LOGIC was an MC born in the Bronx, NY and raised in Ewing Township, NJ near Trenton. He was the producer of his own demo "Bust a Funky Rhyme" which is definitely the best joint of the album.


 LOGIC was a member of The BUMS (Black Unique Musical Style) a local group out of Princeton, New Jersey formed in the early 90s (not to be confused with The B.U.M.S from Oakland,Ca)

The BUMS - 1993

They were friends of Vibes And Vapors Radio Show and friends in production as well. You will hear a couple of freestyles from LOGIC and some of the BUMS on Vibes and Vapors archives. 

LOGIC was always around his cousin Derek a.k.a DJ Scratch so he started to DJ also. It just took off from there. He started rhyming, then after that started making beats. Hip-Hop was definitely his first love. "Bust a Funky Rhyme" was Logic's first foray as a soloist. According to D Groovy, "Bust a Funky Rhyme" came out of Logic's need to say that line whenever he freestyled to buy time for his next line so it was an inside joke for them. He was gifted and what a pity that he didn't release something else officially after that...

Sadly, Eddie Fennell a.k.a LOGIC passed away March 8, 2014 at the age of 40. Rest In Peace Mr Bust a Funky Rhyme...

LOGIC - Ewing High School 1991 - Photo courtesy of X. Powell

DOGHEART was a crew from Vineland, NJ comprised of Snively, KuKubyrd, Brownmon & Jolly. Their demo "Sleepin'" was produced by Mario Claudio, DJ Cruz and Chris Orazi. The third track of the album "Wanna Wah Kay Why" was recorded by V from Upper Montclair, NJ and was produced Madgroove Productions and the Next one "Fakes" was recorded by D1 a duo consisting of DJ Puerto Rico & Pistol Pete from Princeton,NJ. 

DA WICK was from Delair, NJ and recorded the last demo of the A-side of the wax. The track is titled "If Ya Can't Maintain..." and is produced by D.J. Jr.

DUBSIDE COLLECTIVE was a crew from Philly, PA  consisting of 3 groups named Soulcraft, Official Drama and Double-Speak a.k.a Doublespeek, and 3 soloists named Malice, Brainiak the Overlord and Subconscious. Their track "Souls Of The Streets" which is the first track of the B-side was produced by Stoupe a.k.a Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind. A few members of this crew will become Jedi Mind Trick after that. 

BIZEAR INTELLECTUAL a.k.a Bize Intellect was originally from Princeton. Based in Philly afterwards, he became a member of the AIF Crew (All In the Family) with Jay Meeks, Jinx Trilogy & DJ CratezHis track "Silent Attack" was produced by 2 Heads From The Left.

Bizear Intellectual is now known under the name of Stoneface. For the story, I've read in a Hip-Hop DX article that in 1999, he was shot in the head at close range, died twice on the operating table and came back to life without his sight, an incident detailed by Stoneface on A&E's I Survived … Beyond and Back series.

Next track of the wax "Monkey Say, Monkey Do" is produced and performed by THE MUCK MEN which was a duo from Mt Holly, NJ. It is followed by INFINITE CYPHER and their joint titled "Step Into the Cipher" produced by Red Devil and Blase for Bowl O' Soul. The Compilation ends with the joint "Lusty Love" performed by ONLY B & DJ SWOOP, but no info about them sorry. 

A second volume of the Street Vibes compilation series was supposed to come out after this one... but unfortunately it never saw the light of day...

D.Groovy : "Later that summer we moved our studio to Hoboken. We got into bigger and better production projects. Plans for a second volume strictly fell by the wayside. So it never happened. Plus to ask people from Princeton and South Jersey and Philly to come to Hoboken, to record just didn't make any sense. Very few people could do what we can do digitally and for little cost. We did most of the songs in our studio except for four of them. Dubside Collective became Jedi Mind Tricks. Bizear Intellectual went on to become Stoneface. We were planning on releasing at least one of our Punk Barbarians outtakes on the second volume. Along with Ace Slaughter and MelQuan. We had a whole stable of acts that we could have kept your volumes afloat for awhile."

Mad Props to D.Groovy, Seyfu, Derek & Ace Slaughter, thanks for your time. 

Phil Tyler & Stasevich - Wit Da Skillz - 2022


"Wit Da Skillz" is a dope 12-track instrumental project born from the association of the Beatmakers Phil Tyler from Germany and Stasevich from Ukraine. If you're looking for some dope Boom Bap instrumentals, this album is definitely for you and I think that it really deserves a vinyl release. Enjoy.

By the way, you also need to know that Phil Tyler and Stasevich have also done some productions for the forthcoming Onyx's album "1993", dropping March 04, 2022. Now available to Pre-Order (CD format).