Saturday, December 30, 2017

Unsigned & Hella Hustlin' - Mystik Journeymen - 1996

From Rap Pages Vol 5 #10 - Nov 1996 

Artifacts - That's Them Lost Files 1989-1992 - 2018

It seems 2018 will be hot ! The german label Smoke On Records will begin the year with a brand new Artifacts release, made of demos recorded between 1989 and 1992.  It will be available on limited Vinyl, CD and Tape. 
More info coming soon ... stay tuned fellas !

Cover The Child Of Destruction - Underground Flow - 1995

Scan courtesy of Babylon Falling

Back in '95 with this 12" released by Cover The Child Of Destruction hailing from the Bronx and member of the C.O.D crew (Children Of Destruction). The record came out on Mad Dog Records & Productions, an indy label directed by Manny "Mad Dog" Ayala, and is composed of one song "Underground Flow" with its original and remix version. 
Everything was produced by the ex-Graffiti artist Michelob a.k.a Michelo, the founder member of the C.O.D crew, who also features on the track. 
The original version of "Underground Flow" which uses a sample of "The Look Of Love" performed by Isaac Hayes is good but the best version is the B-side remix.  

Friday, December 29, 2017

Album Review : Heather B - Takin Mine - 1996

Scan courtesy of Engin Emir

LP - 1996 - EMI / Pendulum Records 

From The Source - June 1996 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle

Mix : 12 FINGER DAN Best of Series Vol. 69 (MF DOOM)

Mix : Serch4Beatz Presents Slight Untempo Heat

01 - Da Funk - Lifestyle
02 - Choclair - What It Takes Remix
03 - The Incredible Ease - All Praises Due
04 - Complete Unit ‎– The Game
05 - Mercenaries - Bounce
06 - 499 ‎– Still Waitin
07 - Get Open ‎– Here & Now (Remix)
08 - Jaheem Sadaam - Lords Of Orbit
09 - Wolfe D.O.M-Nation - Da Stash
10 - Tryadz - T-r-y-a-d-z
11 - Tha Lowa - Never Give Up
12 - Priest - Realizm
13. Da Bul Nate - Hazardous
14 - Datbu - Non Believers
15 - Double Action, Warchild & Renegayd - Shaolin Style
16 - Gunrunnerz - Darkside

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Video : Devaloop & Warpath - Nightshift - 2017

Video of the Single "Nightshift" taken from the album "From The Bits To The Cosmos" released by the Austrian Beatmaker Devaloop.

Jon Doe & Rumble Town ‎- Do What I Gotta Do / Ease Back - 1993

12" - 1993 - Rumblin' Records 

This wax came out in 1993 on Rumblin' Records. 3 tracks performed by the Philly based emcee Jon Doe featuring Black Anthem and Thorobredz. 
"Do what I Gotta Do" produced by DJ Destro and "Is Yoo Wit It" produced by Dj Jazz on the A-Side. On the other side, the excellent "Ease Back" also produced by DJ Jazz. By the way, this song has been reissued on 7-Inches vinyl in 2014 by the english label aeproductions 

For those who don't remember Dj Jazz, it's the same producer who worked with Pauly Yamz in 1995. No more info about Black Anthem and Thorobredz and I don't know exactly what or who is "Rumble Town"... maybe it was the name of the crew composed of all the artists featuring on the B-side... 

Album Review : Boogiemonsters - God Sound - 1997

From Rap Pages Vol6 #4 May 1997  - Scan courtesy of Max The Keeper

From The Source - July 1997 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle

Evidence in URB magazine - 2008

From URB - Issue #156 - Nov-Dec 2008

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tape : Pruven - Blood From Ancestors - 2017

Tape - 2017 - Ill Catz Records

"Modern society inspired with aggressive lyrics touching topics of injustice, history, war and a pursuit for equality. Acquainted with hip hop production that fits well with the journey of this project. The change must start inside of us and then questions start to form so we take actions needed for change. There is no time for Uncle Tom's or for white supremacy. Respect all first, until otherwise."

Tracks produced by Iron Feather and Jak Progresso.
 100 copies Only (85 red & 15 gold/red glitter Handnumbered)

Order your copy !

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Hardwe're ‎- Comin' From Da Hood / Intimidation - 1995

Photo courtesy of James BigSeven Stokes

Everyone knows that Brick City was full of good Hip-Hop artists in the early 90s, and Hardwe're is the good example ! Hardwe're was a group composed of Kmack, Little 7 and Hahz the Rippa from Newark, NJ (Forest Hill). 
The crew was formed in 1992, Kmack and Little 7 were childhood friends and they met Hahz at a contest at Club 88. Hahz came in 1st place and Little 7 came in 2nd ! 
They were active during that period but no trace of a physical release until 1995, except maybe Little 7's Demo Tape from 1993 which has been recently uploaded on youtube. 

Nick Wiz also hit us recently with some unreleased Hardwe’re joints on his Cellar Sounds compilations. Tracks like "The Bricks" or "Fill In The Blanks" were recorded in 1994 but never came out.
"I met Nick thru Marc Ecko the big clothing designer. He wanted me on his free mixtape he used to give out with his Ecko shirt. So he hooked up with Nick" - Little 7

Photo courtesy of James Stewart

12" - 1995 - Tough Tool Ent.

In 1995, came out their first 12-Inches "Comin' From Da Hood / Intimidation" which is considered as a classic and the most interesting record from their full discography.
The wax came out on Tough Tool Entertainment. and was produced by Hahz the Rippa, Phlex Dog and the well-known Clark Kent. 

We're lucky because the video of the Single "Comin' From Da Hood" was uploaded earlier this year by Wayne J. Keeley,  the guy who produced and directed the video.

After that, the group dropped few other 12" on the label Non-stop Entertainment and one track on Mark Ecko's tape "Reborn - Underground Airplay Vol. 5" but unfortunately an album never came out. 

"We kept breaking up. Our last deal was went Jay-Z gave us a deal with Rocafella Records. He actually make us get back together in order to do the deal. Unfortunately we still broke up 3 months into the deal. This is why a Hardwe're album never came out." - Little 7

Props to James BigSeven Stokes

Album Review : Hyenas In The Desert - Die Laughing - 1995

From The Source - August 1996 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dred Scott - Breakin' Combs 2xLP - 2017

2xLP - 2017 Reissue - Vinyl Digital

A1 - Back In The Day
A2 - Duck Ya Head
A3 - Can't Hold It Back
A4 - Check The Vibe Featuring - Adriana Evans
A5 - Dirty Old Man Skit
B1 - The Story
B2 - To Da Old School Featuring - Tragedy
B3 - Funky Rhythms Featuring - Tragedy
B4 - Swingin' From The Tree Featuring - Adriana Evans
C1 - Intro
C2 - Nutin' Ta Lose
C3 - Liar
C4 - Rough E Nuff
D1 - My Mind Is Driftin'
D2 - They Don't Know
D3 - Frankie's Groove

2xLP vinyl reissue of the classic album "Breakin' Combs" originally dropped by Dred Scott in 1994.

Release date : December 22nd 2017

From The Source - May 1994