Thursday, December 21, 2017

Native Trinity ‎- Laws Of The Land / Check It Out - 1994

12" - 1994 - D.M.S Recordings 

Native Trinity was a Hip-Hop group from Orange (NJ), formed in 1992 and originally composed of 2 members Abry a.k.a Capital A and R.J a.k.a T18L. Their names changed later to become Braby Face and R-Sun. A third member called Moziah X was added in the 90s but for a short time. 

R-Sun, Braby Face, Moziah X - Photo courtesy of Stoney X-el

Their debut single "Laws Of The Land / Check It Out" was released in 1994 on D.M.S Recordings and produced by Immortal Production Co. Inc, a Beatmaker team composed of three of their friends who did beats for them : Mercel "xcel" Stephens, Duane "Czar" Dennis and Sedrick "Bruce Banner" Crawley, all from Orange, NJ.

According to Braby Face ""Laws of land" was debut on Hot 97 around that time by KRS One on Future Flavas Radio Show which lead to us doing a few show with him.
You can listen to this show aired in 1994 here , their track is the first one played by KRS !

The group also worked with the legendary Gee Rock in the early 90s but according to Gee Rock the masters were lost : "I only found the beats... those songs were recorded on 4 track which I threw those cassette masters out decades ago... didn’t know the internet was coming

Braby Face : "Gee Rock used to have a studio on Valley Rd and we grew up in the valley. We would always hear music upstairs so we went to him for a show we were doin' at Club 88 and he flipped the big Daddy Kane sample ... we killed the show, 1st place ! and been kool with G ever since that day."

Props to Braby Face and Gee Rock !

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