Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mix : Drasar & Planet Rocka Presents Vendetta Vinyl Broadcast #7

My man Drasar Monumental and his cuso Planet Rocka are back with a brand new mix : the Vendetta Vinyl Broadcast #7. Rare cuts, doubles, blends, acapella flips, remixes ... More than an hour of hardcore avalanche.  Enjoy ! 

Drasar Side :
1.Moe Love - "Mad Man Theme" Inst.
2.Smiley - Accapella Flip - "Legend"
3.Mic Geronimo - Accapella Flip - "Wherever You Are"
4.Council - "On Top Of Things" Inst.
5.Freestyle Professors - "Grime Time"
6.P Brothers with Roc Marciano - "Outta Control"
7.Gangreen - "Overdose"
8.Large Pro - "Here We Go" Remix
9.Boxcutter Brothers Feat Hogon Plus - "Twinz"
10.UN - "D.O.A." Drasar Remix
11.Boxcutter Brothers Feat Drasar Monumental - "Born Bozo"
12.Teflon - "FU"
13.MF Grimm -"I Remember"- Drasar Remix
14.Kufu Onerz - "Compressed Gun Smoke"

Planet Rocka Side : 
15.Planet Rocka - "A Man Barely Alive" (Intro)
16.Baby Cham - "No Soundboy"
17.Burro Banton - "Washington Sessions"
18.Whitey Don - "Artical" (Dub Version)
19.Blvd Mosse - "U Can't Escape The Hypeness" 
20.Shaggy - "Gunshot"
21.Jamal-Ski - "A Piece Of Reality" (Shit-Mix)
22.Lady Saw - "Some DJ's" (Mona Mix)
23.Screechy Dan - "Boomin In Ya Jeep" 
24.Daddy Freddy - "Raggamuffin Hip-Hop"
25.Special Ed featuring Bounty Killer - "Just A Killa" (P. Rocka Rocket Launcher Blend)
26.Red Fox - "Hay Mr. Rude Boy"

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