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Low Budget Butta' - 1997

Few days ago I blogged something about C-Vorheez and I realized that I had never blogged about this various artists compilation called "Low Budget Butta' " released in 1997 on The Low Budget Brothers label. The comp is dope from the beginning to the end... but unfortunately really hard to find it. A lot of cats are looking for that wax but the price puts a damper on their enthusiasm.

LP - 1997 - Low Budget Brothers - Photo courtesy of Gabriel Chev

 The Label was created by the association of 3 producers : Ra Hanna a.k.a Ultra , Sheldon Ellerby a.k.a Coz or C-Vorheez and Kyle Monroe a.k.a Dj A.C.L .
Coz hailed from Paterson NJ, Ultra and A.C.L were both from Passaic, NJ. The name of Ultra may not speak to you but you should already know him ... in the Mid-90s he produced records for X-Clan and Dark Sun Riders under the name of UltraMan.
At that time, Dj A.C.L acronym for All Cuts Lethal from Marley Marl Future Flavors Radio, worked with his cousin Keith Shawn Williams a.k.a Seven Shawn formerly of World Renown.
"Ultra and I grew up together in the city of Passaic, NJ. He is a mentor to me in djing and producing. I met Coz after Ultra move to Paterson, NJ. Ultra introduced me to him." 

The album is composed of 12 tracks featuring different New Jersey based artists like Mystro Enerjetic, Flexman who is also a DJ from Paterson, Mad African, Seven Shawn (World Renown), C-Voorheez, Flip Da Scrip or the mysterious Kinetic, an emcee who met for the first time Ultra at Smack Studios in Englewood NJ. According to Dj A.C.L "Kinetic was introduced to me through Ultra I believe. When we met he was based out of Hackensack, NJ." 

It also features groups like The Chozen Ones a.k.a Da Chozen, a crew from Paterson NJ who consisted of Eshawn, T-Smooth, Big Bunk, B-Hop, Shortcutt (R.I.P) and Dj Tab DiBiassi.

or Crooked Anglez and Mental Ward (Sludge Champion, Slo-Flo, Les Jah, Master Poet & The Sandman), two groups who were both affiliated to the Crystal Lake crew.

Photos courtesy of Ozone Crew 

About productions, all the tracks were made by Ultra, ACL and Coz with pure indie Hip-Hop style. Four instrumentals for each producer :

A1. C-Voorheez - Dreams - Produced by Coz
A2. Crooked Anglez, Mental Ward, Kinetic, C-Voorheez - The Six Mcees Vs The ACL Death - Produced by ACL
A3. Mystro Enerjetic - Problem Child - Produced by Ultra
A4. Flexman - Blowin Out Ya Speakers - Produced by Coz
A5. Mad African - Funk Zone - Produced by Ultra
A6. Mental Ward - Choose Ya Fate - Produced by Coz
B1. Kinetic - Mom's Is The Ghetto - Produced by ACL
B2. Chozen Ones - Type Niggazz - Produced by Ultra
B3. Kinetic, Flip Da Scrip - Root To All Evil - Produced by Ultra
B4. Seven Shawn - Relic For A Lost Place - Produced by ACL
B5. Crooked Anglez - War - Produced by Coz
B6. Kinetic - T2 - Produced by ACL

Unfortunately this album was the only project released by the label :
"We only did one project because I funded it all... we did pre production at coz's studio and recorded in NY . It was just us tired of listening to wack artists so we banded together to prove we could do it. I have other songs that didn't make the album. It was a dope experience." - Ultra

Photo courtesy of Kyle ACL Monroe

Me : "The comp is really appreciated by the record collectors nowadays, do you think there will be a reissue one day ?"
ACL : "Really? I mean I've heard rumors but never looked into it. That's cool. There was so many tracks that didn't make the cut. Hence the title. There may be one day with bonus instrumental tracks and songs."
Ultra : "Never"

well... I hope Dj ACL will manage to change Ultra's mind, fingers crossed !! Peace

Props to Ra Hanna & Kyle ACL Monroe  

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