Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tha Tribezmen - Peep Into The Mind / Who Got The Vibes - 1995

Although this Brooklyn based group existed between 1992 and 1995, this 12" is the first and only single released by Tha Tribezmen also known as The Vibe Tribe. The crew consisted of Dor Luva, SPADEone The Menace, L.O Real and Juice Jihad (The Holy Warrior).  

Photo courtesy of SPADEone

The Record came out in 1995 on Mystique Records / Redrum Recordz and the tracks "Peep Into The Mind / Who Got The Vibes" were both produced by the legendary Easy Mo Bee
If you pay attention to the vinyl sticker, it is written that a forthcoming full length album called "F.A.U.N" is planned ... so we could hope that an unreleased album exist... 

The only unrealesed track I know from Tha Tribezmen is a song called "DangerZone" produced by Apostle14 for The Hellafyde Sounkamittee. It comes from the various artists compilation "RedRum: ThaFlipSideOvReality" recorded circa '95. You can also find on it the original version of "Peep Into The Mind" and a small radio interview of the group.

That's all I know ... 


  1. Holy research Batman!!! I had no idea this RedRum compilation existed, dope as fuck! Thanks for all the info. I have no idea how you manage to get in touch with all these artists but it's much appreciated.

  2. WOW!!..Good looks on the page UniKone!... If anyone is interested our home site is .... we have been rocking for years... come take a listen to our muzikal journey... much more still to come!

    xxx SPADEone aka REDD*OMEGGa