Saturday, December 9, 2017

C-Vorheez ‎- Crowd Movers / Dreams (Wake Up) - 1999

C-Vorheez - Photo courtesy of Ozone Crew

Core member of the Crystal Lake Crew, Sheldon "Coz" Ellerby a.k.a C-Vorheez dropped his first debut single in 1999. The vinyl came out on Crystal Lake Entertainment, an independent record label based in Paterson NJ, headed by Sheldon and Mike Sisti : 

"I was half owner of Crystal Lake Entertainment L.L.C with C Vorheez AKA Coz. Crystal Lake studio was located in my basement during the production of some great Hip Hop produced by Coz and Bless One.
We started about 1998 after Low Budget Butta was produced by Ultra in 1997 and dissolved the label shortly because of creative differences.
I can say though my proudest moment of being a part of this CL thing was when me and Coz were leaving an MC battle in NYC and heading back to NJ in the snow. The radio was on Hot 97, DJ Premier who was filling in for Stretch Armstrong was cutting up our record "Crowd Movers". I had given him copies of the single the prior week at Tramps during an M.O.P. show that he DJ'd for." - Mike Sisti. 

The main single of this 12-Inch vinyl "Crowd Movers" was produced by B-Nice and features other Crystal Lake MCs : Master Poet of the group Mental Ward and Nook of the rap quartet F.O.D (Four One Dream).
 On the B-side, "Dreams (Wake Up)" produced by C-Vorheez himself, also features other members : Sludge Champ (Mental Ward) and Flex-man.

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