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Hardwe're ‎- Comin' From Da Hood / Intimidation - 1995

Photo courtesy of James BigSeven Stokes

Everyone knows that Brick City was full of good Hip-Hop artists in the early 90s, and Hardwe're is the good example ! Hardwe're was a group composed of Kmack, Little 7 and Hahz the Rippa from Newark, NJ (Forest Hill). 
The crew was formed in 1992, Kmack and Little 7 were childhood friends and they met Hahz at a contest at Club 88. Hahz came in 1st place and Little 7 came in 2nd ! 
They were active during that period but no trace of a physical release until 1995, except maybe Little 7's Demo Tape from 1993 which has been recently uploaded on youtube. 

Nick Wiz also hit us recently with some unreleased Hardwe’re joints on his Cellar Sounds compilations. Tracks like "The Bricks" or "Fill In The Blanks" were recorded in 1994 but never came out.
"I met Nick thru Marc Ecko the big clothing designer. He wanted me on his free mixtape he used to give out with his Ecko shirt. So he hooked up with Nick" - Little 7

Photo courtesy of James Stewart

12" - 1995 - Tough Tool Ent.

In 1995, came out their first 12-Inches "Comin' From Da Hood / Intimidation" which is considered as a classic and the most interesting record from their full discography.
The wax came out on Tough Tool Entertainment. and was produced by Hahz the Rippa, Phlex Dog and the well-known Clark Kent. 

We're lucky because the video of the Single "Comin' From Da Hood" was uploaded earlier this year by Wayne J. Keeley,  the guy who produced and directed the video.

After that, the group dropped few other 12" on the label Non-stop Entertainment and one track on Mark Ecko's tape "Reborn - Underground Airplay Vol. 5" but unfortunately an album never came out. 

"We kept breaking up. Our last deal was went Jay-Z gave us a deal with Rocafella Records. He actually make us get back together in order to do the deal. Unfortunately we still broke up 3 months into the deal. This is why a Hardwe're album never came out." - Little 7

Props to James BigSeven Stokes

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