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Album Review : Poor Righteous Teachers - New World Order - 1996

LP - 1996 - Profile 

From The Source - November 1996 - scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Natives In Black - Can't Come Close LP - 2018

LP - 2018 - Back2DaSource Records 

A1 Boston's In The House
A2 Young With Soul
A3 Hip To The Game
A4 Dopastetics
A5 Rollin-Strong
A6 Little Ditty
B1 Can't Come Close
B2 Woman Beater
B3 Acts Of Violence
B4 Dope Stuff
B5 Shot Gun Blast
B6 Don't Look

Here is the official reissue on vinyl of the album "Can't Come Close" originally released by the Boston based group Natives In Black in 1992. 

300 copies only !

JAM DOT - Da Original Troopa / Da OOH! - Lost In Queens (CD) - 2018

CD - 2018 - Back2DaSource Records 

Da Original Troopa EP :
On Top 
Off To The Races 
On Point 
The Hustle 

Da Ooh! - Lost In Queens EP :
The Chemistry 
Watch Out 
The Chemistry (Instrumental) 
We Ah Dae (Unreleased Demo) 
This Is How (Unreleased Demo) 
Act Like You Know (Unreleased Demo)

Bonus Tracks :
Soul Searchin' 
Soul Searchin' (Remix) 
Time (Wastelandz Remix) 
Think (90's Unreleased)

"4 Bonus tracks are added to this cd format compared to the wax version, those tracks are from his previous 90's EP and never been released on cd format" - Back2DaSource Records

400 copies available

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Built To Last Mix : Built To Last Presents Brainsick Mob

New Built To Last Mix done by my man Corrado
The Show was aired on Campus FM Toulouse  on March 29th 2018. 

More Info : Conçu Pour Durer

Mixtape : FLY FISHING VOL 5 - Mixed by DJ Riz & DJ Eclipse

Cassette - 2018 - Chopped Herring Records 

1 Apes of Graf - Dissection of I [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz] 
2 Meyhem Lauren - Terminal Illness [Prod. TerminILL]
3 Hahyeem - Missing The Game [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz]
4 Doz Funky Baztardz ?– Frequency [Prod. Ernest Dimanche]
5 Shylow - Religious Sacrifice [Prod. Shylow]
6 Afiliashun - Tell Me If You're Open [Prod. Regi Ruckus]
7 Cenobites - Kick A Dope Verse feat. Bobbito [Re-Dux] [Prod. Godfather Don]
8 Junclassic - Jazz Baby [Prod. [Prod. Wun Two]
9 Von Love - Momentary Laps Of Reason [Prod. L.A. Kidd]
10 Class A Felony - Time To Make The Doughnuts [Prod. DJ Stitches]
11 Guy Grams - Tough Love [Prod. Fullscale]
12 Da Buze Bruvaz - Tango & Cash [Prod. Claymore]
13 Nomaads - Never Need A 9 feat. Mr. Wiggles, Phrase & Zulu Gremlin [Prod. Zulu Gremlin]
14 Manuel - Luv Luv [Prod. D. Marazzo]
15 Brothers G.R.Y.M. - Turtle Soup [Prod. Brothers G.R.Y.M.]
16 Da Steez Brothaz - Dias Grises [Prod. Truskull Zerokappa]
17 Wiseguys - In Tha Company Of Killaz (Remix) [Prod. Hangmen 3]
18 Malik Turner - Rap's A Joke [Prod. DJ Master Jam]
19 Shawn Lov – UNO [Prod. Raiden]
20 Horror City - Change The Game 
21 Mhorlocks - Tore Down (Ripped Open) [Prod. DJ Rad]
22 Jazz Spastiks feat. Warpath - Cirumstances [Prod. Jazz Spastiks] 
23 Beneficence - Hostyle Lifestyle [Prod. Beneficence]
24 Da Last Future - Fallen Diamonds [Prod. Su-Preme]
25 Masta Ace - One Two, One Two [Prod. Masta Ace]
26 5-Elementz - Searchin' [Prod. Jay Dee]
27 Big Tabb - Commerialized Music [Prod. Mentally Gifted]
28 Tha Roach Killaz - Wack MC's [Prod. Stranger Danger]

1 Apes of Graf - Until Then [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz] 
2 Mhorlocks - Wild Echoes [Prod. God's Child] 
3 Hahyeem - You Neva Know [Prod. Inna Attic Crookz] 
4 King Doe V - Knuckle Up [Prod. Su-Preme] 
5 Meyhem Lauren - Cash Is King [Prod. Shakim Allah] 
6 Beneficence - Contents Under Pressure [Prod. DJ Supa C] 
7 Junclassic - How Higher [Prod. Wun Two]
8 Da Buze Bruvaz - Tranzor Z [Prod. Lord Beatjitzu]
9 Class A Felony feat Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz - I Can't Take It No More [Prod. Diamond D]
10 Definite Vacation 4 Suckas - Sleepless Nightmares [Prod. Sean (Rhythm) Ross]
11 Speakeasy - Hi [Prod. K. Watters & T. Hardman]
12 Wiseguys - Face To Face [Prod. Hangmen 3]
13 Zigg Zagg - You Know My Style [Prod. Mighty Maestro]
14 Shawn Lov - Damn Tough [Prod. Custodian Of Records]
15 Shylow - From Parts Unknown Pt II [Prod. Beat Rapists]
16 Afiliashun - Bullet Scars [Prod. Regi Ruckus]
17 Jazz Spastiks feat. Rebels To The Grain - Unkutfresh [Prod. Jazz Spastiks]
18 Nomaads - Statistics [Prod. Groovy Lou]
19 Tha Roach Killaz - In My Shoes [Prod. Stranger Danger]
20 Thirstin Howl III - E-Dubb's Mixtape [Prod. Anger Bangers] 
21 Da Steez Brothaz feat El Da Sensei - Hip Hop Disciples [Prod. Truskull Zerokappa]
22 Manuel - Deep Waters [Prod. D. Marazzo]
23 5-Elementz - Sunflower [Prod. Jay Dee]
24 Brothers G.R.Y.M. - How Do Ya Do [Prod. Brothers G.R.Y.M.]
25 Da Last Future - Mental Combat [Prod. Su-Preme] 
26 Malik Turner - No More 9 To 5 [Prod. DJ Sean Ski]
27 Big Tabb - Laid Back [Prod. Mentally Gifted]
28 Hip City Swingers - HCS Invasion [Prod. Eric Freeman]
29 Too Poetic - Ruff Son of a Gun [Prod. Poetic Productions]

Artwork by Kista
Limited Cassette : 150 copies only 


The AK's - Laws of Attraction - 2018

"The AK's is a young duo from Queens, New York, formed by Izrl and Horus. With Laws of Attraction they give us a little peak into their world, hood and everyday life. With fresh instrumentals by some of Radio Juicy's best producers this EP will surely make your day. Sit back and enjoy. " - Radio Juicy

Digital Downloads 

Myschief - Anticipation - 1995

12" - 1995 - Epic  

Today let's talk about Myschief and his track named "Anticipation" released on the Epic Street Summer Jams sampler in 1995. Best song of the promo sampler, to me it is considered as a classic and has been on heavy rotation for a long time, but unfortunately it was his first and only song released officially.

Dontique Mangual a.k.a Myschief was a Brooklyn based Hip-Hop artist, born in Bushwick and raised in Brownsville. 

from Left to Right : Ikee, Dontique a.k.a Myschief & Skeem - 1995 - Photo courtesy of Dontique 

Myschief : "I changed my name to myschief in 94 because I couldn't use my tag name at the time (k-oz). We recorded a demo album and got a deal with Epic Records. Me, Roey Shamir, Angela Piva, Lord Jamar, Brice Wilson and Dj Skeam Beats all did tracks but when It was time to make new records for the actual album everyone thought their demo songs were good enough, not understanding the label wanted more songs to pick from so it never came out... I have a few songs on DAT tape somewhere but only two I would listen to now ... I was 14 at the time so my knowledge of the world and how to express myself had a limit.

Photo courtesy of Dontique 

Myschief : "I picked the samples for 'Anticipation' and Roey Shamir programmed the beat on the MPC witch made me want to learn how to program and still produce till this day, using some of the tricks him and Lord jamar showed me. The sample comes from a Miles Davis joint for the chiming sounds and the drums from the Biggie and Meth song 'The What' ".

The wax is pretty cheap and can be find easily, but this track is definitely the reason you should have it in your record collection.
Today Myschief is still an active artist and is known under the name of Dontique, member of the group BMR. 

Myschief :" We had a 3 man group called UN3 (United Nations), composed of Sire (RIP), Constant Flow and Me. But our brother Sire passed away so we renamed it BMR (Billion Man Rebellion). Me and CF still rock every and anywhere possible cuz the hunger don't die when your always writing and creating..."

Mad Props to Dontique Mangual.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Mischievous LQ and The Mad Mischief Crew

Wilmington, Delaware was the place where was formed the indie Hip-Hop group called The Mischievous LQ and The Mad Mischief Crew in 1996. 

The core member of the group was Terrance L. Bradshaw the smooth assassin a.k.a the mischievous LQ a.k.a Iller Nizer T9ner. The other members of the crew were Mr. ChillRa Dodge, Skip Diesel, the Phantom, Naughty and Slim The Warrior. All these cats weren't from the same neighborhood but were hand-picked from each side of the first city first state Wilmington Delaware 302 by the mischievous LQ himself

In 1996 , they dropped their first single "Mischief Night" on vinyl and tape on King Poet Records. This record is considered as a classic nowadays. The cassette single is a little bit different from the 12" with two more tracks on it, named "Live" and "Criminal Tactics". 

A promo album called "Nonsense: Volume One" composed of 15 tracks was pressed on CD as well in 1998, but only few copies exist  and are really hard to find. 

CD - 1998 - King Poet Records 

 LQ : "Basically we wanted an international ring, a worldwide Buzz so we all passed out the CD, the wax and the tapes. Basically I'm from the attic and the basement era and we didn't have a major, just independent. I was VP and co-owner of King Poet Records under Dennis Flowers a.k.a Godfather who was co-owner and president. But Dennis Flowers passed away in '99 and the ship sunk cuz of his family..."

Most of this stuff was reissued by the great record label from Milwaukee (WI), Dope Folks Records in 2013.

Props to Terrance L. Bradshaw and big thanks to Neil Andrew for the tape cover scan.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Special Ed in Rap Pages - 1995

From Rap Pages - October 1995 - Scans sourtesy of Max The Keeper

Wundrop & Kemastry - Frosty Raps - The Tales Of Huff Jenks & King Long - 2018

CD / Tape  - 2018 - Yogocop Records 

Debut collab album from Huff Jenks & King Long aka Kemastry & Wundrop on the Brighton based record label Yogocop Records. All tracks produced by Wundrop.
Album available on CD (100 copies) and Cassette (50 copies)

Album Review : Nas - It Was Written - 1996

LP - 1996 - Columbia  

From Hip Hop Connection - August 1996

From The Source - August 1996 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle

Monday, March 26, 2018

Unsigned Hype : Systahood

I was recently in contact with Kandi Kain, member of the well-known group Systahood with DJ Twista, and asked her if she could upload the demos they were talking about in the Unsigned Hype section of the Source magazine of September 1995. 

So here are the 3 demos, all produced by Mufi for DieHard Productions, the excellent track "Woman 2 Woman" featuring Sah-B, "Enjoy Yourself" and "Sh#@ Just Happens". 

Kandi Kain :"Sah-B and Kandi Kain link up to show how the Brick City and Illtown femme spitters can ignite a fire track. This was actually the foundation of a friendship that has spanned over two decades and have built a strong organization of girls and young women to take control of their destiny."

Kandi Kain : "As soon as Mufi let me hear this beat I instantly fell in love with it! It was four beats per minute ahead of its time and everybody wanted that track. But I put my dibs on it and everybody was curious as to what I would, or should I say, "could" do with it. Especially being the new chick "from up the hill" coming down the hill to rock on a 18th Street track. Well I just did what I do......"

Kandi Kain : "After hundreds of hours of perfecting my Illtown flow in the basement of Godfather Dee I was ready to step out on my own. I enlisted the production skills of Mufi from Die Hard Productions. This was one of the first songs I wrote, solely and wholly, about the criminalistics chronicles of a young woman trying to find herself in the concrete jungle. Learning the ropes of the streets from the most unethical sources. But how else could a gangsta b*%ch survive?"

In 2008 Kandi Kain wrote a book called "Hip Hop Holla-Backs: Systahood Edition".
Today, she's still active and works for H3B Radio .

Big thanks to Kandi Kain !

Nuttkase - Boombapathy - 2018

Contact : Nuttkase 

Album Review : Onyx - All We Got Iz Us - 1995

LP - 1995 - JMJ   

From The Source - November 1995 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Triple Darkness - The Heresy Presents Anathema (CD) - 2007

If you forgot to buy the debut Triple Darkness album when it came out in 2007, you need to know that some copies are back in stock in limited numbers on the Suspect Packages website.

"14 track LP from the once 3 man group Triple Darkness. This group originally started out as a two man crew called The Heresy, which consisted of Cyrus Malachi & Nasheron aka Crown Nectar. Only when the addition of Melanin 9 came into the picture the group then became Triple Darkness. This album is produced entirely by Chemo & BeatButcha and has features from Blasphemy  Amen Noir and Ex Terra Firma members Kyza Sayso & Skriblah Dan Gogh."


Phalo Pantoja - Cursed Traxx & Essential Selection - 2018

LP - 2018 - Crooked Cat Records 

LP - 2018 - Crooked Cat Records

The German label Crooked-Cat Records is back with two brand new instrumental projects produced by the French producer Phalo Pantoja. 
Both records come in full color picture sleeve and are limited to 350 copies. You can order directly the double bundle and also combine your orders with the last Gentleman's Relief Record's releases (Nick Wiz Cellar Selections Vol.8 & Sons Of Light).

Orders :

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Sons of Light - Sons of Light - 2LP - 2018

2xLP - 2018 - GRR / Heavy Jewelz 

"From the archives of legendary Queens producer Jae Supreme comes this 2LP from QB trio Sons of Light. This release contains the 3 tracks from their impossible-to-find 1996 12", plus 16 more demos and unreleased tracks, mainly from '95-'97. Pressed on black 2LP vinyl and housed in a picture cover. Already pressed and shipping from Germany! Released in association with Heavy Jewelz Records." - Gentleman's Relief Records

300 copies only ... Don't Sleep !!

The album is also available on CD and Tape