Tuesday, February 27, 2024

De La Soul : The Death of the Daisy Age - The Source, June 1991


From The Source, June 1991 - Scans courtesy of Babylon Falling

PFM & Iron Ora - Pomegranate Sunset - 2023


Originally released digitally in 2012, the album "Pomegranate Sunset" delivered by PFM (MC) and Iron Ora (MC/Producer) from Miami, Florida, is now available on CD & Cassette with the help of the New York-based label Mad Good Records. 

"Real life can extinguish a rap career in the blink of an eye and that is exactly what happened in 2012 to PFM and Iron Ora’s criminally overlooked release. Originally released on Miami based label Hoverock Records, Pomegranate Sunset is a South Florida classic that lost steam shortly after its release as families began to grow and other “life” obstacles took over. This project harkens back to a time when the selling points weren’t the guest spots or outside production credits and focused more on the in-house talents of the crew. The entire project is produced by Iron Ora with the exception of one track (I Came To Kill The Babysitter by DJ Manipulator) and the whole album only features two other MC’s (Mr. Christopher and Lumin) each of which are part of the Hoverock family. 

The lazy journalist will classify this as some classic boom bap and while it is certainly rooted in that ethos, Pomegranate Sunset is the signature document from PFM & Iron Ora which takes those original principles and expands on them as only the finest from the 305 and 954 can. This is an extremely well-crafted mélange of to the point and abstract lyricism accompanied by Iron Ora’s jazzy sample palette and hard hitting drum patterns." - courtesy of Mad Good Records


HYPE : Lee Ramsay - HHC November 1996


From Hip Hop Connection - November 1996 

New Joint : Genovese - This Thing Won't Last - 2024

Genovese from Yonkers, NY is back with a brand new single entitled "This Thing Won't Last", produced by Wojavelli from Philly, PA.

Monday, February 26, 2024

LEX & Buck - Real Estate - 2024

LEX & Buck's collaborative album is now available exclusively on Bandcamp. It's a strong 17-Track album featuring Debonair P, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Tone Spliff, Aye Wun... just to name a few. Give it a listen asap !

Mad Human Presents Rare Random Rap & Demo's 1993


Another bunch of indie hip-hop joints recorded or released in 1993 delivered by Mad Human on his youtube channel. 

Massive Ring - Middle East 

The Ruggedness Madd Drama - Big Boyz

Black Saturday - Three Deez 

Soul Party - Swing Da Bat 2 Da Right 

Aladdin - Jack Move

Homicide - WetCha Pants

D Law & The Bounty Hunters - The Gutta

Lord Dakim & The Mellow One - Hit Da Mic 

Die Hard - When The Going Ger Tough

New England Hip Hop Massive - The Line Up 

Lord Manafesss - Flip A Maad Scrip

TY Wizah - Bust The Context

Triffln Pac - Fi It Up 

Lord Aaqil - Kid What’s Ya Name

Fugitives From Hell - Nuthin But The Bluz

King Rasean - Powerful Impact (remix)

Nation Of Riot - Swung With The Numb Vibe 

Triffln Pac - Thang

Genesis - Lyrical Professor (DEMO)

Secret Recipe - Sleep Walkin (DEMO)

Rough Luxury Crew - Pandemonium 

39 Stepz - All In Na Style 

Triffln Pac - Smooth As They Come 

Raw Material - Teen Scream 

Artie Dime - You Got It Going On 

Tasc4ourse - Takin No Shorts No More 

Da N Credible Nigga Naquan - Da N Credible Nigga Naquan (DEMO)

Legion Of Doom - Dope Dealin 

Poppa Doo & Da Mass Murderers - Master Plan

Nitebreed - 22 Quick & EZ Was To Cook 

MC E Rock - Designed To Make U Swing 

Young Guns Of Harlem - 2 To The Head 

Fly Chase - Flip Da Script

Harlem Knights - Getting Money

308 - Setup 

Undaworld - F**k Work 

Black Nation - Pump It Up (DEMO)

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Phoniks - The Cashmere Tape - 2024


Portland-based producer Phoniks delivers a full remix version of Jay-Z's 1996 "Reasonable Doubt" debut album. Better than the original version, in my opinion !!!

Video : BAD FX - Precious Remix - 2024


Remix version of "Precious" produced by Evil Ed featuring Anyway Tha God & DJ Robert SmithOriginal version appears on "Evil Meets Bad" by Evil Ed & Bad FX released on Tape & CD in December 2023.

Video : Nef feat. Rasheed Chappell & XP the Marxman - Light Prisms - 2024


"Light Prisms" featuring Rasheed Chappell & XP the Marxman from the forthcoming Nef album "The Gentleman’s Board", which will be available on Vinyl & Cassettes on March 1st 2024 via Pristine Original Records.

Friday, February 23, 2024

New Joint : LEX & Buck - Bill Nye Tho ft. Debonair P - 2024


It's a real pleasure to begin the day with the latest single dropped by LEX & Buck, from their album "Real Estate" dropping next week. "Bill Nye Tho" is fully produced by Buck featuring my man Debonair P on the Cuts. Enjoy ! 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Microphone Check - The Source, March 1993


From The Source - March 1993 - Scans courtesy of Fred Thecle 

Video : Skyzoo x The Other Guys - Give You Anything - 2024

Skyzoo & The Other Guys deliver the visuals for "Give You Anything", taken from the Deluxe Edition of their dope collabo album "The Mind of a Saint" which includes 7 extra songs. Vinyl (2xLP/Gatefold) is available to Pre-Order. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

DJ Premier - So Wassup? Episode 55


DJ Premier is back with the 55th episode of So Wassup?, dedicated to the process of how the track "The Militia" from Gang Starr was created.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Walkin' Large - Riverside Pictures - 2024

3xLP - 2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV  

"Originally released in 1995, "Riverside Pictures" marked the debut album by Walkin' Large creating buzz far beyond Germany. O.N.O.'s lyrical talent paired with DJ Ara as well as Roe Beardie behind the boards still remains timeless, same goes for the features by Fabe and Jeru The Damaja." - courtesy of 90's Tapes 

Available in a limited run on 3LP (500 copies), extra 7" of "Reachin' (For My People) / When I Flow" in original artwork sleeve (300 copies), 2CD in jewel case (300 copies) & double cassette (100 copies). 


Stereotype - Through The Speaker LP - 2024

LP - 2024 - Chopped Herring Records  

300 copies on Black Wax in trad Herring sticker jacket & 50 copies on White Label in the spectacular season-only jackets designed by Swerve-One. 

Break Addicts - ill Wid Da Skillz - 2024


Breaks Addicts presents a few tracks from their upcoming compilation beat tape entitled "ill Wid Da Skillz".

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Remix Session : Da Youngsta's - Bloodshed & War (Karbine Remix) Ft. Mobb Deep


NYC-based producer Karbine delivers his remix version of the excellent "Bloodshed & War" released by Da Youngsta's in 1995. 

Mixtape : Truck Jewls - Back 2 Da Future (25th Anniversary Mixtape)

In celebration of 25 years in the mixtape game, NY-based DJ Bazooka Joe presents his latest addition to the Truck Jewls catalog.... Mixtape #1 features some classic throwbacks and demo rarities with a couple devious acapella blend remixes. Mixtapes #2 features all new joints dropped between 2022 and 2023.

Physical copies available on Discogs directly from DJ Bazooka Joe. Bandcamp Link coming soon...

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Pawz One & DJ Dister - Watch & Learn - 2024


LP - 2024 - Below System Records 

Originally released digitally in 2020, Pawz One & DJ Dister's collaborative album "Watch & Learn" is now available on vinyl with the help of Below System Records. The album was well received at that time, so the vinyl treatment is deserved. 

Order : Vinyl (300 copies) / CD (100 copies) 

I9ON and DJ M-1 - Iron vs Steel EP - 2024

Boston-based emcee I9ON a.k.a Slim Pickens and Dublin-based Producer/DJ M-1 present their collaborative EP entitled "Iron vs Steel'". The EP is available on limited edition silver vinyl on Expanded Art Records (7 tracks + all instrumentals / 200 copies only).

Order : Bandcamp / Discogs (via coast2coast record shop)

New Joint : Corto Pablo & Jazzquarterz - Big Lebowski - 2024


My man Big.C a.k.a Corto Pablo from Baden, Switzerland teams up with DJ/Producer Jazzquarterz to drop the single "Big Lebowski" which is available digitally via Krekpek Records. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Emskee X MiLKCRATE - The Dumb Bummer - 2024


Brand new 7-Track EP delivered by Emskee and MiLKCRATE crew. It features Tone Spliff, Mista Sinista and DJ Jon Doe.

Heavy Metal Konnect - Yeah Yeah! - 1998


12" - 1998 - Southpaw Records  

Here is the first and only 12" released by HMK a.k.a Heavy Metal Konnect. It came out on Southpaw Records in 1998. HMK was a group from Canarsie, Brooklyn comprised of Willi Baize, Reeks, Sunny Bo, Capital Show & Dillinger.

No more info about those cats... all I know is that Lorenzo "Breadwinna" Hightower from Brooklyn, who was the manager and the executive producer, had a distribution deal with Southpaw Records so he put out the record. Southpaw Records was a small indie record label based in Los Angeles which was managed by Orlando Aguillen. Orlando Aguillen began his career DJing for Lyor Cohen in Los Angeles, prior to Cohen’s relocation to New York to run Def Jam Records. He went on to serve as VP of A&R at Delicious Vinyl. Lorenzo Hightower declared in a recent talk that HMK was a great group that got overlooked and never really got a chance. The single didn’t pick as expected so the deal never transformed into anything unfortunately.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Thunder Jam Alliance - Underground Hip Hop Power Move 1

3 years ago, I had the chance to talk with Tacoma-based producer DJ Shaggy C and I brought some details/infos about the Thunder Jam Alliance crew. Today, their unreleased material is seeing the light of day with the help of my man Bob Lipitch and Chopped Herring Records. Here is the Volume 1, Enjoy Fellas !

"Here we have  a STUNNING 10 tracker from Tacoma-based producer DJ Shaggy C & his extended crew of different acts collectively known as Thunder Jam Alliance. There is loads of info in the biography/interview but what you really need to hear are the snippets.
A small number of the TJA demos are floating around on the net courtesy of a variety of demo tape collectors but nothing has been formally released, so here is an introduction to this mid-90s Tacoma crew's output. And hot damn, is this stuff special...


Big shout out to my man Hakan Dougpark for the connect and Unikone for his posts on the excellent Hip Hop The Golden Era Blog - 1L " - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records

Available on Black vinyl in trad Herring sticker jacket (300 copies) & on White Label in the spectacular season-only jackets designed by Swerve-One (50 copies)

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Blu & Roy Royal - Royal Blu - 2024


L.A.-based emcee Blu and Producer Roy Royal deliver their collaborative 8-Track EP entitled "Royal Blu". It's only available digitally for now !