Monday, February 12, 2024

Thunder Jam Alliance - Underground Hip Hop Power Move 1

3 years ago, I had the chance to talk with Tacoma-based producer DJ Shaggy C and I brought some details/infos about the Thunder Jam Alliance crew. Today, their unreleased material is seeing the light of day with the help of my man Bob Lipitch and Chopped Herring Records. Here is the Volume 1, Enjoy Fellas !

"Here we have  a STUNNING 10 tracker from Tacoma-based producer DJ Shaggy C & his extended crew of different acts collectively known as Thunder Jam Alliance. There is loads of info in the biography/interview but what you really need to hear are the snippets.
A small number of the TJA demos are floating around on the net courtesy of a variety of demo tape collectors but nothing has been formally released, so here is an introduction to this mid-90s Tacoma crew's output. And hot damn, is this stuff special...


Big shout out to my man Hakan Dougpark for the connect and Unikone for his posts on the excellent Hip Hop The Golden Era Blog - 1L " - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records

Available on Black vinyl in trad Herring sticker jacket (300 copies) & on White Label in the spectacular season-only jackets designed by Swerve-One (50 copies)

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