Tuesday, February 27, 2024

PFM & Iron Ora - Pomegranate Sunset - 2023


Originally released digitally in 2012, the album "Pomegranate Sunset" delivered by PFM (MC) and Iron Ora (MC/Producer) from Miami, Florida, is now available on CD & Cassette with the help of the New York-based label Mad Good Records. 

"Real life can extinguish a rap career in the blink of an eye and that is exactly what happened in 2012 to PFM and Iron Ora’s criminally overlooked release. Originally released on Miami based label Hoverock Records, Pomegranate Sunset is a South Florida classic that lost steam shortly after its release as families began to grow and other “life” obstacles took over. This project harkens back to a time when the selling points weren’t the guest spots or outside production credits and focused more on the in-house talents of the crew. The entire project is produced by Iron Ora with the exception of one track (I Came To Kill The Babysitter by DJ Manipulator) and the whole album only features two other MC’s (Mr. Christopher and Lumin) each of which are part of the Hoverock family. 

The lazy journalist will classify this as some classic boom bap and while it is certainly rooted in that ethos, Pomegranate Sunset is the signature document from PFM & Iron Ora which takes those original principles and expands on them as only the finest from the 305 and 954 can. This is an extremely well-crafted mélange of to the point and abstract lyricism accompanied by Iron Ora’s jazzy sample palette and hard hitting drum patterns." - courtesy of Mad Good Records


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