Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mix : Back in 1989

Tracklisting :

Black Rock & Ron : Intro

Public Enemy : Fight The Power (prod Bomb Squad)

Low Profile : Funky Song (prod DJ Alladin)

Breeze : LA Posse (prod LA Posse)

Ice T : You Played Yourself (prod Afrika Islam)

Tone Loc : Loc-ed After Dark (prod Dust Brothers)

Def Jef : God Made Me Funky (prod Dust Brothers)

Mellow Man Ace : Hip-Hop Creature (prod Dust Brothers)

Young MC : Know How (prod Dust Brothers)

Beastie Boys : What Goes Around (prod Dust Brothers)

Louie Louie : Funky Mix (prod Louie Vegas)

Queen Latifah : Latifah's Law (prod Louie vega)

MC Lyte : Cha Cha Cha (prod King Of Chill)

Positive K : A Good Combination (prod Audio II)

Too Short : Life Is Too Short (prod Too Short)

Nemesis : Pusherman (prod Nemesis)

DOC : Is It Funky Enough (prod Dr Dre)

Twin Hype : Lyrical Rundown (prod Hollywood Impact)

DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool
Chip : No Holding Back (prod Chuck Chillout & Rob Lewis)

Doctor Ice : Nobody Move (prod Full Force)

Special Ed : I Got It Made (prod Howie Tee)

King Sun : Fat Tape (prod 45 King)

EJM : Nous Vivons Tous (prod Peter Brada)

Chill Rob Gee : Court Is Now In Session (prod 45 King)

Nice & Smooth : Funky For You (prod Nice & Smooth)

3rd Bass : Gas Face (prod Prince Paul)

Stezo : It's My Turn (prod Steve Williams)

EPMD : So Watcha Sayin (prod EPMD)

Stop The Violence Movement : Self Destruction (prod KRS One & D Nice)

Sweet Tee : As The Beat Goes On (prod Hurby Luv Bug)
esse West : Free James Brown (prod Jesse West)

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo : Poison (prod Marley Marl)

Schoolly D : Livin In The Jungle (prod Schoolly D & Code Money)

Donald D : FBI (prod Afrika Islam)

Brand Nubian : Feel So Good (prod Brand Nubian)

De La Soul, Jungle Brothers & Tribe Called Quest : Buddy remix (prod Prince Paul)

Jungle Brothers & Q-Tip : Promo Number 2 (prod Jungle Brothers)

A Tribe Called Quest : Description Of A Fool (prod Jungle Brothers & A Tribe Called Quest)

Rapsonic : Vas-y Mets La Dose

LL Cool J : Jingling Baby (prod Dwayne Simon)

Divine Styler : Ain't Sayin Nothing (prod Bilal Bashir)

Paris : Break The Grip Of Shame (prod Paris)

Big Daddy Kane : Warm It Up Kane (prod Big Daddy Kane)

Uzi Bros : We Got Mo' Soul (prod Will Roc)

Beatmaster Clay Dee : Pullit All The Way Down (Prod Beatmaster Clay Dee)

Run DMC : Ghostbusters (prod Davy D, Jam Master Jay & Shep Pettibone)

Gucci Crew II : Who's Cadillac (prod Davis - Stone - Klein)

     D.J. Magic Mike : Drop The Bass (prod Magic Mike)

 Gangstarr : DJ Premier In Deep Concentration (prod DJ Premier)

The Godfather Don Trilogy - G.O.D Father Pt 1 by Max Glazer