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Thunder Jam Productions


Big thanks to S.K.I. for leaving a comment on the Thunder Jam Alliance article originally blogged in January 2021. He brings us some unreleased Thunder Jam demos featuring Dem Kidz (Duk, Jaz & "Cal-S.K.I"), Will Flo, Zac, Heiko, Magnum Black, HUD and Lee. All the tracks were recorded between 1994 and 1995.

Check the demos HERE 

Remix Session : Organized Konfusion - Somehow, Someway DJ M-1 REMIX

DJ M-1drops his remix version of "Somehow, Someway", the single originally released by Prince Po & Pharoahe Monch in 1997 on Priority Records. 

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show - August 6th 1998 - WKCR


Here is a the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show uploaded by Dailey Maddawg, which was aired on August 6th 1998 on WKCR. The guests that night were Moodswingaz and Saafir. 

J-Treds – Praise Due

Heltah Skeltah – Worldwide

Black Rob – I Dare You

Prince Po – Long Distance ft. QB

Jigmastas – Original

A Tribe Called Quest – Steppin' It Up

Suz of Man – Intellectuals ft. Raekwon & U-God

Diezzle Don & Gov Mattic – Ghetto Red Hot ft. Redman

Masta Ace – Cars

MC Shan – The Bridge 2000 ft. Imam Thug & Tragedy Khadafi

Dynasty – Poisonous Youth

Ras Kass – H20 Proof

Black Star – Respiration ft. Common

Talk Break

Moodswingaz – '98 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle

Talk Break

Paula Perry – Extra Extra

Missin' Linx – Lock'd D

Lord Digga – High Like a Bird

D.I.T.C. – Dignified Soliders

Slum Village – Players

Talk Break

Saafir – '98 Stretch & Bobbito Interview & Freestyle

Talk Break

High & Mighty – Mighty Mi for Your Stereo System

Brand Nubian – Brand Nubian

O.C. – Down 4 Whateva ft. M.O.P.

Pharoahe Monch – Queens

Heltah Skeltah – Caca Gosa Vixen

Buckshot & Rock – Eye of the Scorpio

A Tribe Called Quest – Rock Rock Y'all ft. Punch & Words & Jane Doe

Sauce Money – Pre-Game ft. Jay-Z

Kid Capri – Block Party ft. Noreaga & Big Punisher

Kid Capri – Hot This Year ft. Brand Nubian & Diamond D

Da F.E.N.C.E. Men – Action

Barron Ricks – Harlem River Drive

Johnny Blanco – Live From Queens

Canibus – Get Retarded

Pitch Black – Show & Prove

Non-Phixion – I Shot Reagan

Talk Break / Krunchtime

Check the Stretch&Bobbito Archives for more shows !

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In 2020, two good EPs entitled "The Producer Project Vol.1 & Vol.2" and dedicated to the producer Russ Prez from Coney Island, Brooklyn came out on Chopped Herring Records.

For the history and for those who don't know much about him, in addition of being a famous 90s indie hip-hop producer Russ Prez is also known as being half of the duo called Citi Heet in the 80s: Russ Prez a.k.a Swift (rapper) and Steven Flagg a.k.a Automatic (Beat  Box). In the mid-late 80s, they dropped a few 12" on In Your Face Records.

Both Russ Prez's EPs dropped on Chopped Herring Records contain unreleased material recorded during the 90s by MCs or groups like Lac Tha Rippa, The Massive, Madame Star, Born-God and the legendary Coney Island-based group KGB. I think those KGB tracks are the most interesting material. 

Although there was no info about KGB in hip-hop Magazines printed in the 90s, this group means a lot to me because I used to spin their singles when they were signed with Wu-Tang Management. I was a huge Wu-tang fan and I hunted all the records from the wu-affiliates at that time. I've been waiting for KGB official album for years but it never came out unfortunately...

KGB was formed around 1987 and was originally comprised of Ill Knob a.k.a Knowledge, Asiatic and DJ Kenny Kenn who was also a member of the Leave Alone Crew from Coney Island.

Asiatic - DJ Kenny Kenn & Ill Knob a.k.a Knowledge - Photo courtesy of Asiatic

The group released a bunch of 12" between 1990 and 1996. The first one entitled "The Big Payback" came out on Select Records and was produced by Darren "Rough Cut" Jeffers and co-produced by KGB.

12" - 1990 - Select Records 

It was followed by three 12" released on the NY-based label Mascot Records : "Pick Up The Pace / Crack the Brew" dropped in 1993 and produced by Russ Prez & Steven Flagg, "Freek Tha Flo" dropped in 1994 and produced by Storm, KGB, Russ Prez & Steven Flagg, and "Bless Ya Life" dropped in 1995 and produced by 4th Disciple for Wu-Tang Productions.

12" - 1993 - Mascot Records 

12" - 1994 - Mascot Records  

12" - 1995 - Mascot Records 

Their last wax "Yeah You / Heads On" came out in 1996 on Protect Ya Neck Records, a record label affiliated with Wu-Tang Management. It was John "Mook" Gibbons's imprint. "Yeah You" is produced by Storm and "Heads On" is produced by Russ Press, with Scratches handled by Storm.

I was tired of reading fake biographies and seeing photos that have nothing to do with the group on the internet... so the best way to get the real info was to interview the group members... that's what I did !

How did the connection happen between all the original members ?

Ill Knob : "Asiatic is my cousin and we formed the group at home. We lived together in Coney Island at that time, we were teenagers and lived with my mom. Kenn was the best DJ in Coney Island. Asiatic met him at a house party and we clicked."

Asiatic : "Ken was throwing a party in a notoriously dangerous block called 23rd Street in Coney Island. The party was for Betty a female I dated at the time so she invited me and KNO. We got to the party and KNO went to another floor in the building because he was dealing with a female in that building as well. 

I asked Betty and her big brother Carlos if Me and KNO could perform at the party. She took me to the back room where the DJ set up was and introduced me to a dude they called Finesse. He was DJ Kenny Ken's relief DJ at the time. I asked him if me and KNO could rock the mic when KNO got back to the party. He said Hellllllll Yeaaa...You gotta meet my man Ken, he’s the DJ . He asked to hear me rap. I dropped a verse and he went and found Ken and brought him back to me."

KGB & The Leave Alone Crew : Asiatic, Raheem, Knowledge aka Ill Knob, DJ Kenny Ken, Finesse & Gee - 1988

Photo courtesy fo Asiatic

Asiatic : "Ken said Oh you rap lil' bro and I said Helll Yea. I remember going in my pocket and pulling out a stack of paper, folded in half like it was money (laugh). I showed it to him and he took me in the bathroom so he could hear some of my raps, because the house party music was loud as fuck. Ken had a boomin system and his parties were always lit. I mean turnt.

So, he said we gotta link up and I want you and your partner at my next house party. He said I sounded good and had potential. I remember this made me more confident as a MC. We exchanged home numbers thats how far back this story goes (laugh). No cell...No beepers as yet.

I remember him calling the house on West 33rd Street in a hood called Searise where we lived then. I told KNO about him after we met at the party but KNO didn’t meet him or Finesse that night because he was bangin' shorty on the staircase (laugh)... You know the vibes in that era.

So we went to his next house party and ripped the mic and every-time he threw a house party or park Jam ever since that day we went. We didn’t always rap but we did carry this heavy ass speakers and became part of his crew. He was running with the “Leave Alone Crew” heavy back then. So, we ran with him and the Leave Alone Crew. A lot of the crew lived in O'Dwyer Houses which was Kenny Ken's hood."

Knowledge a.k.a Ill Knob - DJ Kenny Ken & Raheem

Asiatic : "I want to add that my cousin KNO persuaded me to write my 1st rap. He gave me song writing structure. He taught me to count my bars and told me it should be a hot 16 bars per verse. And we’d each do 8 bars on the last verse of a song. He gave us a format.

We called ourselves “The Unique MCS” at first. That was made up out of respect for a female crew in CI called “Unique Females”. They liked us and we liked them. Later KNO, Ken and myself formed the rap group KGB. It stood for “Kold Gettin Busy” at first. That was like 86-87."

Sophia - Asiatic - Knowledge aka Ill Knob & Raheem - @ the Red Parrot NYC

Asiatic : "When I came up with the concept, hook and 1st verse to “Bless Ya Life” we renamed what it stood for. In my verse I say “Klickgabowz the sound in my grounds another caught, blood drops, tear drops, all sought of triflin thoughts.” It’s then we become KGB-KLICKGABOW. Ken and KNO always said I had a way with words and came up with dope names for songs and saying to add to our bars and verses. Some of the best times of my life have been with Knowledge and then Ken."

Asiatic & Ill Knob - Photo courtesy of Asiatic

Could you tell me how you were signed by Select Records ?

Ill Knob : "That’s a crazy story Asiatic will probably tell in great detail but here’s the short version. Me and Asiatic took the F train to 23rd street in Manhattan with a small boom box (with 1 working and 1 broken speaker) and a cassette demo with 3 unfinished songs. We just walked in the Select Records reception and told the receptionist we came to talk to an A&R, she of course told us that it doesn’t work like that and no one would see us so we played songs for her. I think she was annoyed but we didn’t care (laugh). A guy came out of the office and asked who’s music was playing she pointed to us. His name was Omar Santana he was a producer and he liked all 3 songs we had and was really kicking it with us very excitedly. The receptionist went and got an A&R named Jose Bonilla, he took the tape asked Omar did he vouch Omar said hell yeah. Jose played it at an A&R meeting and the owner Fred Munao loved it and they called us. It was crazy (laugh)...We were just kids that loved hip hop."

Asiatic : "To add onto that the woman at the front desk actually liked a demo called “Big Pay Back” and she called someone out to listen to it as well. We got fortunate as fuck with that one (laugh). Those days were some real please listen to my demo shit."

How did you sign with Mascot Records after the first 12" ?

Ill Knob : "We asked Select to be released from our contract which I now know wasn’t a very good idea. We starting working with Russ Prezz and Kojak, they made a record called Begging Billy. They were producing us and a group called Sham & The Professor. Russ got us in Mic Mac/Mascot."

How did the connection happen with Russ Prez exactly ?

Ill Knob : "We grew up with him in Coney Island. Those songs on his projects are songs we did for MCA records later in our career. We were signed there when MCA was acquired by Seagrams and transformed into Universal Records. We got signed by Jeff Trotter, Daddy-O from Stetsasonic and Hank Shocklee... But that was later in '95."

What happened with the KGB album ?  Why was a full album never released by the group ?

Ill Knob : "Something always happened that was not in our power of control at the labels who planned on releasing a KGB album. The two labels with KGB album release plans were MCA, and Protect Ya Neck. But due to circumstances beyond our control it never materialized."

ok I understand. I wish it could be released officially one day...

Ill Knob : "Naw all the producers have the songs and some have been leaking them on their own projects. Storm and Smokin’ Joeh may have unreleased tracks but we don’t have it. We can always take that old stuff and make new stuff maybe you never know, but right now I’m focusing on my solo effort. We’ve been all talking about Shooting a music video for Bless Ya LifeOnce we do that I’m sure we’ll do more."

About Raheem, did he joined the group in the mid-90s ?

Ill Knob : "Raheem is my cousin, he's Asiatic's brother, he was never in the group... I don't know who invented this (laugh). A lot of the information on us is wrong... You're the only one who attempted to get the info and you’ll be the first to have it !"

How did the connection happen with 4th Disciple for the single "Bless Ya Life" ?

Ill Knob : "Through RZA... RZA was originally going to produce the song but he was mad busy. He thought it would be dope if we went in the studio with 4th, he told me he was trying to get 4th out there more and I’m glad he suggested it. 4th disciple is brilliant... he is a great producer."

Did RZA take you under his wings via Protect Ya Neck Records ?

Ill Knob : "Mascot records asked us for a single, we were already doing shows with Wu-Tang and Lords Of The Underground through Peter Schwartz who was Cara Lewis assistant at that time at William Morris Agency. So we were always with Wu-Tang because we knew some of them already and they was just like how we was we clicked. We told Mascot to let RZA do the next single they agreed. RZA sent us to Mook for management after that because we didn’t have any management. Mook signed us to Wu-Tang Management. RZA gave us a Wu-Tang production contract. We didn’t sign with Wu-Tang production though."


"Yeah You" released on Protect Ya Neck in 1996, makes me think that it was produced by Storm. Could you give me more info about him ?

Ill Knob : "Storm is my brother. He started with a group named Positively Black, we were label mates at Select. We all ran together they was like our brothers. He then started deejaying for the Double XX Posse. I introduced him to Mook when KGB signed to Wu-Tang management in ‘94 around the time we recorded Bless Ya Life”."

There is an unreleased KGB track uploaded on youtube entitled "The Zonez" but I think the original title is "Win, Lose or Draw". Could you give me more info about this track ? 

Ill Knob : "Infra Red who is on Bless Ya Life is my younger brother and we added him to the group after his Bless Ya Life feature. Asiatic left the group before Bless Ya Life was released, and it was just me and Red. We actually signed with MCA before Bless Ya Life dropped. Jeff Trotter wanted a three man group but it was only two of us so I added our homie Hip Hop to the group. Hip used to dance for us at shows when we were on Select and he was very close to us.Win Lose Or Draw was being made for the Protect Ya Neck compilation album. Red, Hip, Pro Fed (honorary KGB member) and Champ MC was working on that track. I originally didn’t like the beat so I wasn’t going to be on it but when I heard what they did to it I asked them if I could do the hook. That was one of our hottest tracks produced by Smokin’ Joeh.

So the group after Bless Ya Life was ILL KNOB, Infrared, Hip Hop and occasionally Pro Fed. That was the Protect Ya Neck KGB !

The reason it ended up like that was because the energy the three of us had putting the MCA album together was phenomenal and when MCA folded we just took that energy to Protect Ya Neck Records. Shit was lit."

Ill Knob - Red & Hip Hop - Promo Photo courtesy of Ill Knob

Mad Props to Ill Knob & Asiatic. Thanks for your time fellas ! Peace 

Radio Show : NO TV RAPS - July 07th 2023


Episode of the No TV Raps Radio Show aired on July 07th 2023 on Radio FSK, Hamburg (Germany). DJ Rug's selection includes joints from Mr Voodoo, Maintain, Tha Beggas, King Tee, Sound Of Rage, Adagio, Mass Kunfusion, Big O and many more...

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Video : Verbz, Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz - Starting 5 Feat. Renelle 893, NuphZed & King Kashmere


Latest single dropped by Verbz, Nelson Dialect & Mr Slipz featuring Renelle 893, NuphZed & King Kashmere, taken from their new collaborative LP titled "Sight Beyond Sight" which is now available on vinyl on High Focus Records.

Da Flyy Hooligan & Kong The Artisan - FOMA - 2023


Da Flyy Hooligan and Kong The Artisan drop their collaborative album titled "FOMA" (Fundamentals Of Musical Art) on the London-based label Noel & Poland Records. The album will be released on September 4th 2023 on Limited vinyl (300 copies) and Cassettes (50 copies).


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Arashigenki - Bad FX - Noel IS - DJ Robert Smith - Got The Message? - 2023

"Got The Message?" is the brand new project dropped by Arashigenki, Bad FX, Noel IS & DJ Robert Smith on the London,UK-based label 369Recordings. I think that this album is really good and it's worth listening to it ! I don't know if a vinyl release is planned, but it's available now on limited CD (40 copies only) & Cassette (10 copies only).

"From start to finish, “Got The Message?” is woven seamlessly with the beautiful sounds and interludes of ArashiGenki, with Bad FX and Noel IS on mic duties. The two go back to back on this 13 track filled project with just one vocal guest feature from Emcee “Torchbearer” on the track “Destiny Manifest”. 

There are also 2 Bonus Remix tracks just for added measure towards the end of the LP to make it into a massive 15 track project. This international release is spanning across three countries within Europe: Germany (Noel IS & DJ Robert Smith), Netherlands (Arashigenki) and U.K. (Bad FX). 

The clean cut sonics and delivery from this trio is also filled with lots of jazz, boombap and underground elements throughout. Plenty of cuts and scratches provided by the award winning DJ Robert Smith. Especially on the track “Art of Expression” which is just ArashiGenki on the beat and Robert on the 1’s and 2’s. 

Noel IS and Bad FX rhyme styles are like chalk and cheese, complimenting each other as they weave in and out with strong conviction." - courtesy of 369 Recordings


MiLKCRATE - My Craft Volume One - 2023


MiLKCRATE drop "My Craft Volume One", a batch of new remixes from tracks originally released by Statik Selektah & Nems, Realio Sparkzwell & Tone Spliff, Gang Starr, Big Sproxx & Grand Puba, Recognize Ali & DirtyDiggs. 

Goomson & Broke/ - Heavy Wreck - 2023


LP - 2023 - Jitney Music 

"JITNEY MUSIC & THE INNER REALMZ are proud to present this breakthrough split LP from California's GOOMSON and BROKE/. Built around jazz infused hip hop with razor sharp precision, this project is focused on pushing the envelope of rhythm and texture while preserving the classic analog sound." - courtesy of Jitney Music

Order : US : Bandcamp  -  International : HHV / Juno / Groovedis

Prose & Concepts - Everything Is Nice - 2023


2xLP - 2023 - 90's Tapes / HHV

"Originally released in 1997 on CD only, the sophomore album "Everything Is Nice" by Prose & Concepts finally gets the full reissue treatment. The group comprised of MC Dope, SharkE, Mic Dub, Beatnik, DJ Ace and Rawi were sporting the Seattle underground sound of heavy drums and dusty loops paired with cuts back and forth. 

In addition, the album includes the "Bass Camp Demo" version of "Higher Places". The original track might be known to diggers from the excellent "14 Fathoms Deep" compilation released on Loosegroove Records in 1996 showcasing the vivid Seattle Hip-Hop scene in the mid-90's." - courtesy of 90's Tapes 

Available on 2xLP (500 copies in Gatefold Sleeve), CD (Jewel Case - 300 copies) & Cassette (100 copies)

New Videos :

Hey Fellas... I'm back !!!  Here are the best new videos which were dropped while I was on vacation in Northern Italy. Peace. 

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King Ra-Sean - Powerful Impact / Cool - 1993

12" - 1993 - Stomp Records Inc.  

Here is the first and only 12" released by King Ra-Sean (RIP), an MC from Freehold, New Jersey. "Powerful Impact / Cool" came out in 1993 on Stomp Records Inc, a record label based in Freehold, New Jersey and founded by Daquawn a.k.a DJ Big K, King Ra-Sean and D-Soul who also managed all the productions. From what I know they also formed a group named The God Squad.

Daquawn (Left) - King Ra-Sean (Center) & D-Soul (Right)

The wax contains several versions of the song "Powerful Impact" : Video Mix, Only For Da'Blunted Remix, X-Rated Mix and Only For Da'Blunted Instrumental. Scratches on the Remix version are handled by Kyshon Tucker a.k.a DJ Finesse from Elizabeth, NJ who was a member of the Point Blank MC's in the late 80s. The single "Cool", which is the last track of the wax, features Cool Noel with scratches handled by Kevin (Big Dad) Crippen... but no info about both of them unfortunately. 

Sadly, King Ra-Sean passed away a few years ago when he was based in ATL. If you 're enough lucky to find his debut 12", don't hesitate to grab it ... I think that it's a good one !