Saturday, July 8, 2023

Militant Vinylist Presents Canada 90's Hip Hop Mixtape - Canada Dry


New Militant Vinylist Mix dedicated to Canadian Hip-Hop from the 90s. The tracklist includes joints from Sic Sense, Maestro Fresh Wes, Saukrates, Ghetto Concept, Choclair, Peach Tha 5ft Trooper, Down To Erf, Citizen Kane, Brass Tacks, Thrust, Godd Boddies... and many more... 

Shades of Culture - Eye Out Remix

Apple & Orange - I Kick Da Flava

Kish - Undercover

Endangered Elements - Next To The Norm

Maestro Fresh Wes - Make It For The Ruff

Shades Of Culture - Mowin Lawns

Rascalz - Soul Obligation

Maestro Fresh Wes - Dats My Nigga

Ghetto Concept - Certified

Dream Warriors - California Dreamin’

Choclair - 21 years

The Incredible Ease - All Praises Due

Maestro Fresh Wes - Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn

Ghetto Concept - EZ On The Motion

Da Grassroots - Living Underwater

Thrust - Do You Understand ? Remix

Peach Tha 5ft Trooper - Mc’s Step Up

Nas-T Howie - Attic

Maestro Fresh Wes - Pray To Da East part 2

Delphi Oracle - The Roughtalk

Saukrates - Play Dis 99’

Down To Erf - Learn To Earn

Citizen Kane - Black Rain

Maestro Fresh Wes - Pushin’ Wiggz Back

Kardinal Offishall - On Wid Da Show

Frankenstein - The Pain

Concrete Mob - Boiling Point

Citizen Kane - Raisin’ Kane

Citizen Kane - Structure/Foundation

Tara Chase - Autonomy

Sic Sense - Positional Bypass

Saukrates - Father Time

Redlife - Who’s Talking Weight Remix

K-OS - Rise Like The Sun

Furee - Lights Out

Diemen X - Ninety Sixness

Da Grassroots - Price Of Livin’

Da Grassroots - Last Days

Cipher - Relax

Checkmate - The Longshot

Brass Tacks - East Division Section

Thrust - Season In The Sun

Saukrates - Still Caught Up Remix

Saukrates - Hate Runs Deep Remix

Rascalz - Funky Migraine

Mathematik - My Enemy

Godd Boddies - I Know Myself

Frankenstein - Quiet Storm

Frankenstein - So I

Dan E-O - Dear Hip-Hop

Cipher - How It Go

Citizen Kane - Soul Survivor

Saukrates - Body Language

Brass Tacks - Hidden Sight

Pillosnatchaz - Neva Rest

Kardinal Offishall - King Of Da Hill

Rascalz - Away Wit Words

Yaseen - The Brook

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