Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Arashigenki - Bad FX - Noel IS - DJ Robert Smith - Got The Message? - 2023

"Got The Message?" is the brand new project dropped by Arashigenki, Bad FX, Noel IS & DJ Robert Smith on the London,UK-based label 369Recordings. I think that this album is really good and it's worth listening to it ! I don't know if a vinyl release is planned, but it's available now on limited CD (40 copies only) & Cassette (10 copies only).

"From start to finish, “Got The Message?” is woven seamlessly with the beautiful sounds and interludes of ArashiGenki, with Bad FX and Noel IS on mic duties. The two go back to back on this 13 track filled project with just one vocal guest feature from Emcee “Torchbearer” on the track “Destiny Manifest”. 

There are also 2 Bonus Remix tracks just for added measure towards the end of the LP to make it into a massive 15 track project. This international release is spanning across three countries within Europe: Germany (Noel IS & DJ Robert Smith), Netherlands (Arashigenki) and U.K. (Bad FX). 

The clean cut sonics and delivery from this trio is also filled with lots of jazz, boombap and underground elements throughout. Plenty of cuts and scratches provided by the award winning DJ Robert Smith. Especially on the track “Art of Expression” which is just ArashiGenki on the beat and Robert on the 1’s and 2’s. 

Noel IS and Bad FX rhyme styles are like chalk and cheese, complimenting each other as they weave in and out with strong conviction." - courtesy of 369 Recordings


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