Sunday, March 31, 2024

EPMD in The Source, Feb 1991


From The Source , February 1991 - Scans courtesy of Fred Thecle 

Video : Apathy - Around the Planet - 2024

Apathy's new single "Around The Planet" produced by Playa Haze, from the forthcoming album "Connecticut Casual: Chapter 2", dropping April 12th. 

Friday, March 29, 2024

Video : Black Josh x Wino Willy - Today's The Day - 2024


 Black Josh from Manchester,UK and Wino Willy from New Orleans,LA  present the visuals for "Today's The Day", the title track from their brand new collaborative project. 

Vega7 The Ronin & Body Bag Ben - Kawasaki Killers - 2024


LP - 2024 - FXCK RXP 

Oxnard California Producer / Emcee Body Bag Ben teams up with Queens,NY-based emcee Vega7 The Ronin to drop the 10-Track album entitled "Kawasaki Killers". The album is available on Black vinyl (200 copies), Blood Red with Black vinyl (150 copies), Trans with Black vinyl (100 copies) and Trans vinyl (50 copies).

Listen to the full album HERE and Order your copy HERE 

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Various - Fugitive Records 1995 Preview Sampler - 1995



I've been in contact with a few persons involved in this compilation album, but they were definitely not really talkative or they simply didn't want to talk about it, so I won't give you some great details unfortunately... but this various compilation album released in 1995 by Fugitive Records from Virginia Beach,VA is something that I'd like to see reissued on vinyl.

LP - 1995 - Fugitive Records 

This comp includes some interesting tracks from unknown artists such as the female emcee Szuga, Dreadlock, Nutbuster : Lord Sha, Mr X, Da Koffenmakkah and The General Sekwan who is the only one who released a debut 12" officially on the same record label in 1994

All those emcees are from Norfolk,VA ,Virginia Beach,VA, Pittsburgh, PA and Brooklyn, NY. The productions were handled by Deshon Wilson who was also the owner of the record label, Bink Dog, J. Mitchel, Wayne Cooke and D. Brooks.

Macapella & Hus Kingpin - The Kingpin Remixes - 2024

Here is a batch of Hus Kingpin's joints remixed by the Scottish producer Macapella.

AK420 - The Power of Failing - 2024


Brand new 4-Track instrumental EP dropped by the German producer AK420

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Slade Savage - Good Son / War Stories - 1998


12" - 1998 - Hydra Entertainment

Here is the wax dropped by Slade Savage on Hydra Entertainment in 1998. This is the kind of 12" which is good, cheap and really easy to find, so don't hesitate to add it to your record collection. It contains the song "Good Son" (Radio, Main, Instrumental) on the A-side and the song "War stories" (Radio, Main, Instrumental) on the B-side, both tracks produced by Bezo.

What do you know about Slade Savage ? ... nothing I bet because there is nothing about him on the internet... that's why I hit him to get some infos and I was lucky to talk to him : 


Slade Savage :I was born in Harlem but I was raised in Queens. The first time I heard "Sucka MC’s" by RUN DMC is when I fell in love with hip-hop. My first name is Slade and at first I just used that but a friend of mine heard something that I did and was like 'yo you’re a savage with that mic', so I just adopted the name and made it mine but originally I went by Mr Sinister but I figured that I would get sued by Marvel, so I used my name instead.

If you know anything about NYC in the 80’s and 90’s, it was a great time for hip-hop and I had a front row seat, I saw the greats from the golden era and I knew I wanted to be a part of it somehow. I held on to my dream even though Tony Montana and Vito Corleone influenced me as well, with that being said, I did my thing in the street as well. It wasn’t until I started losing friends to prison and the cemetery was when I said to myself let’s give this music a go. That was 1995, three years later I was signed to an independent label. I really enjoyed the grind of it you know self promotion... I covered NYC with promo stickers, I passed out CDs... I honestly miss making music and I’m always gonna be a fan. "

circa '98 - Photo courtesy of Slade Savage

Slade Savage's first official appearance was on a track entitled "Money Matters" released in 1997 by Buddah Tye on Double Down Records. In the late 90s, he was introduced by a mutual friend to the Hydra Entertainment owner, Gerald Famolari.

Slade Savage wasn't affiliated with a crew, he was always a solo artist but he had strong ties to the group Screwball outta Queensbridge tho. He used to basically live in the studio at that time and recorded a lot of material produced by Bezo and Mike Heron, but nothing came out after this 12" unfortunately and everything still remains unreleased nowadays. This 12" is his first and last one... 

Slade Savage : " I became disgruntled at the label for not promoting the project like I feel they could have, they were happy with the buzz we were getting but I felt it could have been a bigger push but it was a small indie label... 

I didn't stop after that, but that whole ordeal wore me out plus my girlfriend at the time was pregnant with my first child so I had really focus on providing for her and the music wasn’t really paying. "

Mad Props to Slade Savage, thanks for your time. 

Saturday, March 23, 2024

New Joint : Mic Bles X Level 13 - Raised On - 2024


Level 13 & Mic Bles 's first single featuring ethemadassassin, DRE Colombian RAW and DJ Romes, taken from their collaborative album "Still No Halos" out April 14, 2024.

Ol' Burger Beats - For The Family Feat Awon - 2023


"For The Family" is a single dropped by the Norwegian DJ/Producer Ol' Burger Beats and Awon in 2023, taken from the album "74: Out of Time" which is now available in vinyl format on Coalmine Records. This is a 17-Track album made of sublime jazzy productions featuring Awon, Quelle Chris, Ill Camille, Lojii, Vic Spencer, Fly Anakin , among several others... order your copy HERE !

Friday, March 22, 2024

Channel Live - Station Identification - 2024

2024 - 90's Tapes / HHV 

"Station Identification" marked the 1995 debut album by Channel Live with productions mostly handled by KRS-One next to Salaam Remi and Rheji Burrell. The duo comprised of Hakim Green and Tuffy created a certain impact on the scene with tracks like "Mad Izm" or "Sex For The Sport", and also remixes by the likes of Buckwild and Easy Mo Bee made the release a fan favorite amongst Hip Hop heads worldwide. " - courtesy of 90's Tapes 

Available in a limited run on 2LP+7" in gatefold sleeve (500 copies), extra 7" of "Mad Izm b/w Reprogram (Remix)" in original sticker sleeve (300 copies), CD in jewel case (300 copies) and Cassette (100 copies).


Video : Kooley High & Tuamie - All Infinite - 2024


North Carolina Hip-Hop collective Kooley High and ATL-bred Producer Tuamie drop the visuals for "All Infinite", second single off of their collaborative album dropping April 19, 2024 on vinyl via FatBeats

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Video : Cookin Soul & The Musalini - 92 OLYMPICS - 2024

Cooking Soul and The Musalini drop "92 Olympics" featuring Tha God Fahim, new single taken from the forthcoming project entitled "Mackaroni" which will be released on April 4, 2024.  

Es - Tribute To Tribe - 2024


Canadian emcee Es delivers a new single which is a tribute to one of his favorite groups, A Tribe Called Quest. The song is produced by MC Till and is available on 7" vinyl picture disc. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Emapea & Phil Tyler - Lazy Afternoon EP - 2024


Emapea and Phil Tyler deliver a good 4-Track instrumental EP, cooked with Jazzy vibes combined with classic boom bap drums. 

Monday, March 18, 2024

Now Born Click - Now Born Soldiers Remix - 1995

Now Born click was a group from New Brighton, Staten Island which was originally formed in the early 90s by Ill God, Born God (RIP), Solger & Bombay. They released their first 12" (Now Born Soldiers / Mad Sick) in 1993 on Phat Wax Records, an indie record label managed by Steve Rosen.

12" - 1993 - Phat Wax Records  

2 years later... in 1995, the group signed with Stepsun Records and dropped their second 12" which is a remix version of the first single "Now Born Soldiers". In my opinion, this version is better than the original.

12" - 1995 - Stepsun Music Ent.

According to their official biography, delays in the release schedule forced a frustrated Now Born Click to leave Stepsun Music Entertainment within a year, and internal tensions and personal tragedies led the original group to break up in 1995. 

Gang Starr in The Desert Sun - 2001


From The Desert Sun - Apr 27, 2001 

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Prince Po, Chubb Rock, El Da Sensei, Craig G, Tufkut - BIP015 - 2024

12" - 2024 - BeatsinProgress  

" Prince Po, Chubb Rock, El da Sensei and Craig G drop heavy tracks each one after another on this limited edition single sided 12". Golden Era Giants lace the vocals with Tufkut producing the backing tracks including remixes of tracks previously released on BIP012 and BIP014. " - courtesy of BeatsinProgress

100 copies only ... Pre-Order  

Friday, March 15, 2024

Mix : Spek the Architek - Low Pro - 2017


Due to the lack of good releases those last days ... let's get back to the fundamentals with a mix dropped by Spek The Architek in 2017, including indie hip-hop joints from Kinetic, Revolutionary Suicide, Amar, Horror City, Dark Skinned Assassin, Droopy Eye Crew, Diemen X, Pitch Black, Shadez Of Brooklyn, Da Minds Of Sol, Finsta Bundy, Aiello Wilson and many more...

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Omniscence - Stage Presence feat. Toz Torcha - 1996

Here is a previously unreleased track dropped by Omniscence and Below System Records, entitled "Stage Presence" featuring Toz Torcha. It was produced by Fanatic and was recorded slightly after "The Raw Factor" but was scheduled as a B-Side for an upcoming single. It's now part of the unreleased tracks featuring on the album reissue which will be delivered in June. Don't sleep ! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Video : Pruven & ILL Sugi - Combined Talents Sought - 2024


Bronx-based emcee Pruven and Japan producer ILL Sugi drop the visuals for "Combined Talents Sought" featuring Breeze Brewin (of The Juggaknots), off their collaborative album "Black Pyramid" which was released in CD format earlier this year. 

Mix : DJ Filthy Rich : Gang Starr - Hard To Earn 30th Anniversary Tribute

DJ Filthy Rich's 25th Anniversary tribute of Gang Starr's classic "Hard To Earn" got taken down, so to celebrate the 30 years he revamped it. RIP Guru

Sperrow & DJ STR - Smashin' Bricks 7" - 2024

7" - 2024 - Vinyl Digital  

Delve into the legacy of the brand new EP "Smashin' Bricks”, a nod to the iconic 7-inch records from the golden era of hip-hop. Sperrow from the legendary Tru Comers and DJ STR, collaborators from the past, now present their official release, marking a premiere on 45 records. This homage pays tribute to legends such as 45 King and Kenny Dope. Across 4 beats, Sperrow and DJ STR meticulously intertwine elements of Jazz, Soul, and Funk. Limited to just 200 copies, this enchanting release is now available on a lovely 7" Vinyl, adding a touch of analog warmth to your collection. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity – grab your copy now! " - courtesy of Vinyl Digital

Monday, March 11, 2024

Video : Milez Grimez & Bombdrop - Timeless - 2024


Visuals for Milez Grimez & Bombdrop first single, taken from their collaborative album entitled "13K" which is now available to pre-order (Vinyl & CD).