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Various - Fugitive Records 1995 Preview Sampler - 1995



I've been in contact with a few persons involved in this compilation album, but they were definitely not really talkative or they simply didn't want to talk about it, so I won't give you some great details unfortunately... but this various compilation album released in 1995 by Fugitive Records from Virginia Beach,VA is something that I'd like to see reissued on vinyl.

LP - 1995 - Fugitive Records 

This comp includes some interesting tracks from unknown artists such as the female emcee Szuga, Dreadlock, Nutbuster : Lord Sha, Mr X, Da Koffenmakkah and The General Sekwan who is the only one who released a debut 12" officially on the same record label in 1994

All those emcees are from Norfolk,VA ,Virginia Beach,VA, Pittsburgh, PA and Brooklyn, NY. The productions were handled by Deshon Wilson who was also the owner of the record label, Bink Dog, J. Mitchel, Wayne Cooke and D. Brooks.

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