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Who are the Desert Dwellas ?

 This dope remix of the song "Microphone Reign" recorded in the mid-late 90s by the group called Mass Confusion is a good way to introduce one of the best crews from Nevada...called Desert Dwellas 

Mass Confusion was comprised of Majid & The Human Lymric from Las Vegas, NV. It was also part of the famous Desert Dwellas, a collective of emcees and producers which was I could say like the West Coast version of Wu-Tang Clan. It was formed by multiple groups or solo artists named Melo Track Maniacs (Episodic Plot and ButtaCrumb), JHF a.k.a Jeckyl Hyde Flippas (Episodic Plot, Ray Charlie, Coop and Crum), 4th Element, Destroy, Len Stern, Froganaut and many more... 

The Human Lymric : "We formed Mass Confusion in early 1995, we lived in Lynwood California at the time and were signed to a sub label under MCA records called J-Men Records. I moved back to Vegas in 1996 then Majid followed, that's when we joined Desert Dwellas. 

I moved to California in 1993 from Vegas living with my cousin in LA. I met Majid dealing with this girl I moved to California for thought I got her pregnant. I was kicked out of my cousins place and ended up living with Majid's family. I always loved hip-hop but I never really rocked as an MC. Majid's brother was doing music at the time messing around one day freestylin me and Majid discovered we had a Ying and Yang vibe. We were out somewhere one day freestyling and hooked up with this crew call the Nut House, about 7 MC's the crew never released an Album. I can't remember exactly how it happened but we met a representative of J-Men Records I think at a party who heard us. We signed a 2 year contract at the time I was called DET (Deadly Extensive Tactics) and Majib was called Dubb. Later I changed to the Human Lymric and Dubb to Majid.

J-Men Records was subsidiary of MCA records and didn't have a big budget and blew about 20k of our production budget so our contract had an extension clause of an additional 2 years if they put out an EP. They were trying to rush us on some music and we wanted out so we didn't release anything with then we waited out our contract in the meantime I had reconnected with Zac and Mass Confusion started doing music as Desert Dwellas."

- Who were the members of Desert Dwellas exactly ?


Majid : "The Desert Dwellas was Zac Brown (Episodic Plot), Me (Majid), The Human Lymric, Ray Charlie, Nathan Fade-A-Nigga, Len Stern, Some Individual, Watts, Nightmare, D-Stroy, CJ, Nemesis, Chauncey, Butta Crumb, Spank, and Coop, XXX (Jaxx)."

The Human Lymric : "It all started with Melo Trak Maniacs Zac Brown aka Episodic Plot and Dj ButtaCrumb. Then the crew grew from JHF to Desert Dwellas. The original members were Zac, Cochise, Ces One, Spank, American Nightmare."


- How did everything start for the group ?


Majid : "Melo Trak Maniacs became a group in the fall of 1991 and were being taking their ideas and concepts to ATG to create music.  However, Zac purchased his own Ensoniq EPS sampler in 1992 so that the group could start producing their own music. Once both members started to get the hang of it they began producing other people. In 1995, Zac officially named the entire group of people Desert Dwellas."


- How did the connection happen between all the members ?


Majid : "The founders of the crew Zac Brown and Butta Crumb knew each other from church.  Zac’s Godparents are Crumb’s aunt and uncle. Also, when Zac started a solo career,  Trell (aka Some Individual who is also Crum’s cousin) asked Zac to work with Crum.

Ray Charlie and Butta Crumb are brothers and Some Individual is their cousin. Coop a.k.a 4th Element, Chauncey and Crumb were roommates. Zac and The Human Lymric went to school together. Watts, Len Stern, Trell all went to school together. Nate and Jaxxx went to school together... and pretty much everyone knew each other from sports and parties."


- Where does the name of Desert Dwellas come from ?


Majid : "It came from Spank (The Froganaut’s) song “Internal Injuries” where the term was first used. After the group started to expand, the name was used to classify all members."


- Being from Las Vegas, what were your hip-hop music influences at that time ?


Majid : "The musical influences of the time were westcoast of course given the geographical closeness with Los Angeles. So NWA, Dr. Dre, Hieroglyphics, Ice Cube but we were mostly influenced by east coast jazz rap ...Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Public Enemy, Boot Camp Click, Leaders of the New School, Wu-Tang Clan, etc..."


- Who was behind Head Stimulata Productions exaclty ? What's the story of this production team ? 


Majid : "The brain child behind Head Stimulata Productions is Zac Brown. Zac established Headstim in 1992. Originally it was both he and DJ Butta Crumb who were the in house producer’s for Desert Dwellas. Once the group split up, Zac continued to produce under the name of Head Stimulata Productions. "


- Why was there nothing else released officially by Desert Dwellas after the tape "Headbanger's Ball" in 1996 ? What happened ? 


The Human Lymric : "The various crews started focusing on their own projects, there was a lot crew joints done that didn't make it to market that's why Zac started creating Head Stimulata Greatest Misses.

There was an album released called “Killah Fish which feature Zac and Charlie Ray with various members of the Dwellas on the album."

Majid : "We released “The Killa Fish Prauject” in 1998. It was a 21 track album which included a remix for the song “Violatas” from the “Headbanger’s Ball” album. Not long after that the group members disbanded and pursued other opportunities."

Mad props to Majid and The Human Lymric. Thanks for your time !

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