Friday, March 1, 2024

Manage - Constellations - 2024


London-based producer Manage drops "Constellations", his new album which is now available digitally on Bandcamp, featuring Fidel Cutstro, Ric Branson, Flowtecs, Ogre Drool, Menace Mendoza, Respek BA, Conflix, Apex Zero, Airklipz, Skirmish, C.O.N-Verse, Kemetstry, Valour Falcons, King Kakarot, Mylo Stone, Amos, Bxrbarian, Ray Vendetta, Jaydar & Chris LeHat.

"Renowned UK Hip Hop luminary, Manage, proudly unveils his highly anticipated album "Constellations," set to release on March 4th, marking a pivotal moment for the artist and his Lab79 label. 

A true pillar of UK Hip Hop, Manage's legacy spans from his solo endeavors to his integral role in the rap supergroup "Caxton Press." Renowned for his masterful storytelling and gritty delivery, Manage has crafted some of the most captivating boom bap tracks to emerge from British soil. His collaborations extend across borders, working alongside esteemed voices in both UK and US Hip Hop scenes. As a founding member of the iconic hip hop night "Speakers Corner" at Brixton Jamm, Manage's influence echoes through the culture, earning accolades from legends like Chuck D and sharing stages with icons such as Wu Tang, Immortal Technique, Styles P, Jedi Mind Tricks, and more. 

"Constellations" signifies a transformative chapter for the New Cross native, showcasing his evolution as a producer while maintaining his lyrical prowess. With a meticulous honing of production skills, Manage has curated a sonic tapestry ripe for the talents of esteemed lyricists including Conflix, C.o.N-Vers, Ric Branson, Respek BA, Skirmish, and others. 

For aficionados of unapologetically hardcore, lyrical boom bap, "Constellations" promises an electrifying journey that transcends musical boundaries." - courtesy of Lab79

Listen to the full album HERE  

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