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Slade Savage - Good Son / War Stories - 1998


12" - 1998 - Hydra Entertainment

Here is the wax dropped by Slade Savage on Hydra Entertainment in 1998. This is the kind of 12" which is good, cheap and really easy to find, so don't hesitate to add it to your record collection. It contains the song "Good Son" (Radio, Main, Instrumental) on the A-side and the song "War stories" (Radio, Main, Instrumental) on the B-side, both tracks produced by Bezo.

What do you know about Slade Savage ? ... nothing I bet because there is nothing about him on the internet... that's why I hit him to get some infos and I was lucky to talk to him : 


Slade Savage :I was born in Harlem but I was raised in Queens. The first time I heard "Sucka MC’s" by RUN DMC is when I fell in love with hip-hop. My first name is Slade and at first I just used that but a friend of mine heard something that I did and was like 'yo you’re a savage with that mic', so I just adopted the name and made it mine but originally I went by Mr Sinister but I figured that I would get sued by Marvel, so I used my name instead.

If you know anything about NYC in the 80’s and 90’s, it was a great time for hip-hop and I had a front row seat, I saw the greats from the golden era and I knew I wanted to be a part of it somehow. I held on to my dream even though Tony Montana and Vito Corleone influenced me as well, with that being said, I did my thing in the street as well. It wasn’t until I started losing friends to prison and the cemetery was when I said to myself let’s give this music a go. That was 1995, three years later I was signed to an independent label. I really enjoyed the grind of it you know self promotion... I covered NYC with promo stickers, I passed out CDs... I honestly miss making music and I’m always gonna be a fan. "

circa '98 - Photo courtesy of Slade Savage

Slade Savage's first official appearance was on a track entitled "Money Matters" released in 1997 by Buddah Tye on Double Down Records. In the late 90s, he was introduced by a mutual friend to the Hydra Entertainment owner, Gerald Famolari.

Slade Savage wasn't affiliated with a crew, he was always a solo artist but he had strong ties to the group Screwball outta Queensbridge tho. He used to basically live in the studio at that time and recorded a lot of material produced by Bezo and Mike Heron, but nothing came out after this 12" unfortunately and everything still remains unreleased nowadays. This 12" is his first and last one... 

Slade Savage : " I became disgruntled at the label for not promoting the project like I feel they could have, they were happy with the buzz we were getting but I felt it could have been a bigger push but it was a small indie label... 

I didn't stop after that, but that whole ordeal wore me out plus my girlfriend at the time was pregnant with my first child so I had really focus on providing for her and the music wasn’t really paying. "

Mad Props to Slade Savage, thanks for your time. 

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